Hunted 2015 S02E01 8.1 HD by PakSat

Hunted 2015 S02E01 8.1 HD by PakSat

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  1. that is stange…they have not to surrender anything….and even not pieces of paper and this " passwort is kind of bullshit… if you are a soldier you use some more random combinations.

  2. LMAO guessing a password hint is not hacking absolutely laughable … root user FTW

    Also pretty much every "professional team member" on the Hunter team has extremely low skill sets and they keep claiming they're 'hacking' when they're not doing anything close to it, suppose it gives it the entertainment factor !

  3. I would love a crack at being a 'fugitive' on Hunted, just to test how evasive I could be – but when they start introducing bullshit clauses in the contract like "we can hear everything you say over the phone thanks to our ethical hacking" it just pisses me off because of how fake it is. They have a 30 minute head start; get to an ATM, withdraw the £250 during the head-start period, get out of the area via a Taxi, find a corner shop and buy a pay as you go sim and some essentials for cash, use the rest of your money to get out of the area further into the country and buy canned food to camp with in a rural area on foot for the remaining 26 days. Difficult but not impossible, until of course Channel 4 decide to say they put a GPS in your shoe just to fuck you out of 100k.

  4. How the fuck does putting up a tent correlate with oxygen masks on a plane and this is the same guy that wanted to prove he was smarter than average.

  5. I love hunted so much
    Because I could probably make it further than most of the fugitives

    you have to get lost in the woods and only come out for more food

  6. 1. I'd go straight out of the city/town and possibly to countryside
    2. I'd have several disguises.
    3. I would stay out of contact of others
    4. 2 different rides or use a train or other public transport.
    5. Have little info about me.
    6. Go light.

  7. They should’ve had a second vehicle to get into once they’re out of Birmingham.
    Leave with empty backpacks so that they don’t slow them down, leave the bags and clothing they left with in the first car
    and have bags with their stuff in in the second car.
    Obviously in an area without cameras, like the side of the motorway.
    Then, when they get into the second vehicle have two people with the same hair colour and wearing the same clothing they were wearing to take their place in the first car and drive in areas where there are many cameras and far away from them to lead the hunters away.

  8. I forgot this was a British show and I was like "how far are you allowed to drive?? can't you just book it from NY to California, nobody's gonna search that far in 28 days…" but nah they gotta stay inside the country lol rip

  9. Big mistake dyeing their hair yellow. I understand wanting to change their appearance, but that's the wrong way to do it. What they had before was brown / grey, nondescript, common. The new hair sticks out in a crowd. Very easy to follow.

  10. It would be alot easier taking nothing and stealing what you need are you allowed to break the law in this game/show they are fugitives lol

  11. so glad ive stumbled across this series, watched it on tv but for the life of me couldn't remember what it was called.. respeck Muhammad for the uploads

  12. 9:56 wtf he is so dumb they are tracking his phone and his family’s and friends he is using it if it is turned of they wouldn’t see his location lol he thinks he is smarter than an average lol a fucking 4 year old would know more than that dumbfuck

  13. What A Cack Program.. Ffs ,Channel 4 used to make Quality Content,Sadly these days are gone, Look at the sh.te that are on this Program.. From Hunters too Hunted…SH.TE

  14. This shows what power the Government has over the individual. We have NO privacy, and if you are being 'hunted', none of your associated have any privacy either. But the most telling thing here is how people say, 100,000 pounds would 'Change My Life". But the people that are allowing this access to your privacy are all earning well over that PER YEAR. SO: First thing I have to do is devise a password that would take them so long to hack, and then delete all my passwords from my computer. I might just be on someone elses contact list, and that makes me free game. But, I think I might just prepare for the day I may be investigated. I am going to put about 200 unknown phone numbers on my phone, and 200 unknown email addresses in my contacts lists.

  15. I wouldn't go anyway near camaras because you are screwed at that point.
    Also put your hood up poor tactics

  16. I don't understand why they call them elite and expect them to stop running when they say "stand still don't run" 😂😂😂

  17. I would
    -be in a disguise when leaving
    -car would be by a cash point get out like 150
    -get into a car that’s very recognisable
    -drive somewhere where there are no security camera
    -switch into a regular car
    -someone wherein the same disguise as me would swap out into the obvious car
    -take off my disguise to look normal/change clothes
    -go far away to my destination of choice
    -as I do that the obvious car with my disguised look a like would drive down past security camers to the other side of the country

    Boom the hunters would be going after the wrong person as it’s there only lead I’d even make a fake profile for them and give over the credit card to really throw them off when “I” take out money but really I’m on the other side of the county bitch😂

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