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Nerv! why are you running? I’m hunted by a giant monster! AAA! maybe I should call Kevin he knows things.. ..about monsters hey, I like that song wrong number sorry hello? Kevin! We’re hunted by a giant monster! Why? I don’t know wait I’ll ask Nerv Why Erm.. let me think for a second Er.. Nerv? just wait a second but Nerv! not now I’m thinking / He’s thinking? / Nerv! What now?! Er.. turn around AAA! anyway, Nerv doesn’t know either why not? just come over here why? okay, then we’ll come to you where are you? I’m just sitting in the graveyard don’t you mean backyard? no the graveyard run to the graveyard! ok, but where is it? ow. how come I never knew we lived next to a graveyard? that’s kind of cool there you are so where’s that monster of yours? AAA! don’t worry I am.. D.. d.. Disappear-man! Yay! bananas! Ok, we need to find a way to get rid of the monster you know otherwise it will get us and do things I don’t know if I’ll like ‘things’ maybe we could distract him or something? Hmm, maybe if I threw some coffee on him hey! where did you get that coffee from? Erm.. a portable.. coffee-machine did I miss something? maybe we could use Kevin as a shield!

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