Hunted – Around Dark Corners

Hunted – Around Dark Corners

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I enjoy making the sounds
for these things. Maybe it’s a bit of a
macabre career choice, but there’s always a new way
to make somebody die. That sounds horrible but it’s true. Hunted is about the sense of
being lost in the world. And not like literally lost
where you need a map, but just lost in the way
that you get overcome and you really believe
that you’re there. The goal for me is to
try and get the player to be excited about what’s
around the corner. You know, what’s happening next,
what can I find? What’s going to make the hairs on the
back of my neck tingle, you know? We talk about that a lot
with the music. The vibe of the score is powerful. I mean, if you look at the
main characters of the game, even the female,
she’s pretty with it, pretty brutish-looking,
very strong, powerful. So I wanted to convey that in the
music, so there’s a lot of choir, a lot of brass and a
lot of percussion. And as far as modern elements go, I have created a decent
amount of sounds for the score to help convey an uneasiness in the world and in the levels that they
traverse through in the game. I’m never going to say no to that. I mean there’s a lot of weaponry,
a lot spell casting and a lot of hyper crazy
kind of sound. But in general, the overall
approach is very ambient and kind of creepy, maybe a
little bit horror in places. I mean, I’m a big fan of bowing
anything, like a cello bow. Whether it be a metal tin, a gate, you know a pot from the kitchen. And you pitch them real low down and
you put some reverb and delay on it and it creates a decent
tension for the game. Every sound in the game
is designed. There’s nothing like a stock
library sound in this game. So every single sound, even
like the small impacts of the wood breaking
as a body falls into it. You know, a multi-layered
sound, of like crunchy stuff up top and
then this stuff up here. These things make
really great whooshes. For like the arrows as they
pass by your head. That’s how you make them. – Cutting it close there. Ooh, a good death rattle? I’ll take chocolate syrup
and tomato paste and corn syrup and I’ll
mix it all together and just like stick
a mic in there and [makes nasty, meaty sounds] You know, make some
really cool beefy sounds and then when that
stuff, like, splatters and you hear it after you kill,
that’s really satisfying. Because you want to hear, you want to
imagine the blood spattering on the ground. If you’re into that sort of thing. – He knows I don’t
think about that. – I never think about that. A lot of the nostalgia of the
old dungeon crawly games was all about the magic mouth
giving you the riddle, or you find the runes
written on the wall and you translate them into
some mysterious riddle. What we want to do is give
that same kind of fun like, “Ah! I figured it out!” Or, “I’ve been thinking
about it all night and I woke up in the morning
with the answer.” We wanted the puzzles of our game
to blend into the mythology and blend into the environments
and be true to where they are. You know, you may break
through a wall and find out there’s a huge other area behind it
that you didn’t know existed. And those are all over our world. The sense of discovery
and all of the emotions that walking down those
dark corridors invoke is really, to me, sort of the
essence of the foundation of what these games are built on. Because your responsibility is to give
people what they’re looking for. But once you’ve done that, then you’ve got
to give them some things they didn’t expect.


  1. You guys chanting Skyrim..are pretty stupid. inXile is creating this. Do they work on Skyrim? NO. Different development. Bethesda is the publisher to this title, they have an internal development team working on Skyrim. So yeah, SKYRIM is being worked on and it prolly will get delayed. So shut the traps and give the game a chance.

  2. @ShadyDevil99 this channels name is bethesdesoftworks and on this channel they have released two skyrim trailers, and im just waiting for the next trailer.

  3. @Nimbus326 its called marketing. They market the games that release first. Next they will start marketing the crap out of RAGE as that is the next title to release.

  4. Same publisher, different developers, get it together you Jimmys. Skyrim is coming don't worry. Rage? Another bland FPS = Sad Face.

  5. I'm really hoping you skyrimmers are aware that Bethesda Softworks is just the PUBLISHER not the developer. inXile is the Development team and they have about as much to do with the Elder Scrolls series as any of the other game studios they've published games for. Studios such as id Software, Splash Damage, or Obsidian Entertainment. In short you're barking up the wrong tree.

  6. do you people understand the difference between "publishing" and "developing"? Bethesda MAKES the elder scrolls and PAYS for these other games. Think Halo or Gears of War? Did micrsoft code those games? Did they right any part of the story? Did they contribute any art (other than their logo)? No. Bethesda is the same way for Brink, Hunted, and Rage. Even if they scrapped this game they couldn't release Skyrim any sooner because only so many people can EFFECTIVELY work on developing a game.

  7. Stop whining about Skyrim you insufferable fanboys. We all want Skyrim, whining and moaning to Bethesda won't get you it any faster.

  8. @MegaBlueZOMBIE Bethesda is just the publisher for this game… They are still working on Skyrim, this is from a different developer. In other words, this is being made by a different team, not the Skyrim team.

  9. Ok people, Bethesda is NOT working on this game. They are publishing it. Like they did with Brink. I'm sure they are working their asses off on Skyrim which will be the game of the century.

  10. Hmmm I wasn't greatly interested in this game at first but now I am really starting to like how it's looking!

  11. @JoKeRsObLiViOn420 Yeah because making an assumption is the same as knowing the difference between two things.

  12. @ITFNxSpartan If you have to compare it to another game, I would say a dark fantasy version of Gears of War.

  13. i wasnt that sure about this game but now, knowing its such a dark fantasy game it has definitely intrigued my curiosity

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