Hunted – At War with Monsters

Hunted – At War with Monsters

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There’s nothing better than
encountering a monster and just having a hell of a time
trying to kill it. And you finally triumph and you
have that sense of accomplishment. You know, there may be ten ways
to defeat this enemy. One way is the best, and you figuring
that out is what makes that exciting. I think one of the challenges in
making a new fantasy world that’s unknown to players is it needs to feel familiar without being just a clone of
things that are done before. – Get it?
– Yep. – All right. We’ve sort of taken
a very dark spin on some of the classic creatures you
might expect to find in a Fantasy game. – As if we didn’t have
enough troubles. As an Animator, we have some
great creatures in the game that are super fun to hand key. We look at references:
spiders and alligators, reptiles, birds, all these things. And it’s going on the stage and
shooting all day in a motion capture. – Action! The studio here is great
to just fire it up. You can take an idea,
motion capture it, process it and put it in the game
on the same day. – Run for it! We’re trying to give the
player an experience of wanting to move through the areas and kill all the creatures
that are stopping them, not just for the sake of
killing the creatures but to find out what’s going on. – Somebody, please! Help me! We have a core creature,
which is the Wargar. Their race is kind of what
was underneath this town and somehow they got perverted.
Something happened. They’re kind of reptilian looking and we try to just kind of
creep them out a little bit so you’d look at tarantulas
and get that kind of feel. Their deepest desire is to
become like spiders. As you fight them, you know, you start to see more and more
strange variations on them until eventually you
come upon an infected. And an infected has
actual spider legs. You come up to him and
you start to realize, “Hey, this guy’s got magic and he’s also teleporting
all over the place.” So you’re like, “ah,” you’re
just about to shoot him and he goes off to another place. They’re fast, they’re threatening, super intense, kind of creepy.
Pretty effective. – Great. More bugs. I like the Minotaur because they
charge the crap out of you. They’re powerful figures, they
have big chests and arms but their heads are
a little emaciated, and they have some twisted,
vicious looking horns. What we wanted out of a
creature like this was something that was going to run
and smash into things and just send the players flying
if they weren’t too careful. I’m loving The Assassin right now. She’s very kind of sexy,
quick character that takes on the guys and pops
through different environments. Basically her head is on a staff and she also teleports
like the infected Wargar. What she does is she’ll
place this staff in the world and you’re like, “What
the hell is going on?” Next thing you know this staff is
fighting you and she’s fighting you. Anuvan is the dark force behind whatever badness is
happening throughout the land, but it’s not clear at all what it is
that he is really up to. And we reveal that to the players slowly
throughout the course of the game and ultimately you find out who he is,
what he is and what he’s up to. – Good for you. When you walk into an arena,
you have to take the time to look at the enemies that are there and
what their strengths and weaknesses are, and then figure out what is your
best strategy to go in there. It’s not going to be
the same every time; you are going to have to use some
tactics and some planning. Because the best combat
to me is one where I’m using my brain and I’m
thinking of the tradeoffs. Action, action, chaos.
Then you take a breather and you get a story moment and
it leads you on your path. I think overall it’s just
this really rich experience. It’s a great world to delve into.


  1. This seems like one of those games who wants to create a mega-hype and then turns it to be buggy and bad when it comes out.

  2. @the4saken92 Bethesda Softworks isn't working on this game, they are merely the publisher. The team at Bethesda are working on Skyrim right now, not these people.

  3. Please slow down Archery animation by 50%, double the damage, and make chars actually put an arrow on the bow :> The way it is now doesnt look believable at all.

  4. @Brynjolf70
    Hence "Fantasy RPG" — Yeah?
    Looking forward to this more and more. Miss champions of norrath and baldur's gate.

  5. @phlexonance Not all of us are complete morons, so please don't lump all Skyrim fans into one group. In fact I am quite looking forward to this game, certainly will kill the time I have to wait for Skyrim to release in November

    @the4saken92 Grow up, Beth Soft are not just developers but are also publishers now

  6. @Silvade14 No no haha, I'm looking forward to having my friend over for a weekend to just play this game and finish it. We did the same with a lord of the rings game, was an epic weekend.

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