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what’s up guys and welcome to another
porkchops adventure video now last video we completely finished off the game we
literally a hundred percent completed it and in today’s video we have some brand
new news about the upcoming porkchops horror show
yes that’s correct we have news on the upcoming game you know the full-on game
as you guys know porkchops Adventure is just a teaser for you know porkchops
Horror Show and we now have like a kind of gamejolt page for it and a bunch of
info a bunch of screenshots and it’s really really exciting but of course
we’re in that if you guys want to see more porkchops adventure videos or I
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more that is and anyways let’s going into this so like these update videos I
usually like to you know put screenshots of what I’m talking about on screen but
I think I’m gonna do this time around is just have some pork chops adventure
gameplay going on in the background and kind of just talk about it because I
don’t really see the point of showing you guys it if I’m talking about it you
know it doesn’t really make sense so I’m gonna include the screenshots cuz there
are some gameplay screenshots here which they look really cool I’m have those on
screen whenever I get to them but you know actual talking points I’m just
gonna talk about them and you know just kind of say my thoughts on them anyways
we’re gonna go in start at the beginning here and the first image we see here is
actually a jiff and it’s this one right here and it says pork chops horror show
it’s got pork chop on the right side and we’ve actually seen this before it was
actually at the end of pork chops adventure if you got the ending where
you plug in all the batteries he comes up behind you he kills you and then you
get like this whole sequence and then it eventually reveals a teaser for this
upcoming game anyways he goes on to say announcing pork chops horror show a new
huge horrifying and unique five nights at Freddy’s fan game two weeks of
passions to really support chops adventure and many of you have most
likely finished the game or watched someone else get the many endings it
offers a how do you guys watch me get the Ed Biggs anyways one of them was the
true ending and when she got to sneak you got a sneak peek at the game that PA
was made to tease Oh porkchop Adventure was made to tease with this page now
nearing 700 followers I feel comfortable in officially announcing the project to
everybody something that I’ve been working on for around a year or so a new
five nights at Freddy’s fan game being developed by me and composed by Nathan
Hanover pork chops horror show here are the details as well as some images and
he goes on to show this image right here and look at this this looks so freaky
I’ve looked in depth like into these pictures
I just kind of seen them and I was like alright I gotta wait for everyone else
we all got to look at it together and we got like this creepy star dropping down
from like the ceiling or bloating I can’t really tell I have to like zoom in
on these and I’ve recognized that star like I feel like we’ve seen it in
porkchops adventure but I might be wrong no now we haven’t seen one like that but
you can see behind it you know it’s got like doors that are numbered I’m one a
star door and then two now I’m curious though because you guys remember
porkchops adventure we found the Wonderland key and I’m assuming that’s
gonna come into play in this game so maybe that key will unlock that middle
door or we really don’t know I mean the door symbol is the same you know shape
as the star so I’m assuming you know maybe we have to defeat this star or do
something with it to actually get that door opened up but I love the overall
just setting of this game in the environment it looks really nice I
absolutely love porkchops adventure and to see it like this game being you know
to actually see it see actual gameplay screenshots of this one it looks
incredible anyways he goes on to say what’s the game about pork chops horror
show is a horror survival and point-and-click point-and-click
adventure game made for the fans of Finance at freddy’s you play as a
contestant for the horror themed game show
pork chops horror show water plague as i contested that’s awesome
I thought we’d be like an employee where you must survive against an old and
mount malfunctioning Oh live mascot character inside a haunted meat factory
for the promise of money prizes and fame so okay this is interesting though he
says we must survive against an old malfunctioning living mascot character
so there’s just one okay so it’s literally only pork chop I thought in
the full game it might be like a variety of characters but I mean from what we
see so far I mean I’m sure there would be other people but the main guy is
gonna be pork chop and he’s old and malfunctioning so that’s it’s creepy
though and it says we’re actually you know we’re here to win money prizes and
fame so I’m guessing throughout the game you know every night we might get like a
certain amount of prize money depending on if we do certain things we might be
able to spend that on certain stuff I have no idea just a thought but still
seems really really cool anyways he goes on to say play through three different
seasons each one with its own style with bigger and more dangerous challenges to
overcome each time as lawsuits begin to pile up and the staff of the show either
lose themselves in their work or mysteriously disappear altogether do you
have what it takes to beat pork chops horror show so okay there’s three two
seasons and it says you can each one has its own style which is awesome
bigger and more dangerous talent is every time RHD know each season and
lawsuits start piling up and staff start to lose themselves or disappear
oh man that’s gonna be awesome and then he shows this image right here which I’m
gonna go ahead and zoom in on this I can actually see it with you guys but it
looks like it’s porkchop’s hat or is that the is that like the little
porkchop you know the one from the game it looks like his little hat and it’s
kind of like on a hook it looks creepy though clearly like a meat locker wait a
second now those if you look on the right side doesn’t that look like bars
could that possibly be that room from porkchops adventure if you guys remember
there’s that barred up room not the door because we saw you know we saw him
behind that door but there was that part of room that we never actually saw
inside of and that might be this I don’t know though you can’t really tell by the
images because it looks like there’s bars on the right side but on the left
side it looks like there’s no bars so I don’t know but it would be interesting
to see if that’s what this room actually looks like it looks like there’s maybe a
chair right there in the middle or a table knocked over and then of course on
the hook the meat hook you’ve got you know a little pork chop hat right there
like a chef’s hat still a really cool-looking image though anyways he
goes on to say what can we expect from the game I’ve been a part of the fine
threads community for a long time ever since the first game while I’ve I have
enjoyed the stuff produced in both the main series and the fan game scene I’ve
never completely been satisfied by any particular game there was always
something missing either the game was to or was tied too heavily to the to the
original storyline it was too simplistic or repetitive or it was too rough around
the edges or simply got cancelled to cancel for various reasons for a while
now I wanted to throw my own hat on the ring and porkchops whore oh he literally
threw his hat on the on the you know the hook not really ring but still you get
the point and pork chops horror show is that attempt a finites a very style game
that can satisfy all the unreasonable expectations I’ve wanted to see come
true since there’s since the release of the second game so that’s really cool so
you know you said they’ve been here since the beginning
he’s always want to make a game you know like this and he’s finally done it and
it’s I don’t know him it’s got me hyped though anyways he goes on to say my past
to other games a shadow over Freddy’s were created for very specific purposes
a shadow refer to use was made to test the idea of proper click team for click
team free roam survival game and pa was made to test the viability of a proper
point-and-click adventure game and of course get people into the idea
porkchops Horror Show so even while being games on their own right these two
are made as a practice material for me porkchops Horror Show is something
different I wanted to be the best it can possibly be as a thank you to the
community for all the game to have experience I’ve acquired over these four
or so years so in short if you like the type of game play in my past games and
are craving for a full horrifying and complete fighter A’s game in that style
please look forward to the release of porkchops horror show and he goes on to
show this image which oh my god do that sounds insane like he’s hyping this up
so much and it’s like he’s saying you know if you were hyped if you enjoyed my
past games chat over Freddy’s if you enjoyed porkchops adventure this is
gonna be that but even better and it’s like what and then this image
is like it’s porkchops head which oh okay okay so there there’s definitely
got to be multiples of him that’s that light though that we saw in porkchop
Adventure that’s those things that we saw on the walls I’m confused I don’t
know so there’s definitely multiple versions
of them then like this proves it because this thing’s carrying around his head it
can’t be you know the actual porkchops head it’s probably another version of
him so that version that we saw behind that metal door that was a second
version of him I think I don’t know you can see was like a blood bag though or
an IV whatever that things called on the left side it looks like we’re in a
hospital though maybe this is like one of those different you know when the
seasons change or whatever that’s what this area looks like I have no idea but
it looks like it’s on some kind of some kind of like security
you know robot like that thing flies around clearly it’s got a giant red
light and then of course you can see that this is definitely animatronic this
pork chop thing do you see like the actual animatronic pieces hanging down
from the bottom of it and of course like the actual mask is kind of like falling
in words and it just looks really creepy I’m wondering though is that thing gonna
be like watching us or maybe that’s like a pork chop bot no son like if this
thing spots us then pork chop will come and kill us I don’t know I have a
feeling because it’s it did say this was like a game show so I’m assuming this is
this might be like how the viewers are watching at home or something I do not
know though but still really cool anyways he goes on to say because
they’re still this is the final like you know set of paragraphs and then we have
one more image and then we’re done but this last image is pretty cool it’s
actually aged if anybody says when is the game coming out slash what’s next at
the current time most assets needed for porkchops adventure have been made I
would announce a project like this if it weren’t
what if it weren’t a long ways in development already oh my god so it’s
already close to being done that’s insane how did he I don’t
understand because he said he’s not working on us for a year and in a year’s
time he created porkchops adventure added all those secrets all those
challenges all those Easter eggs all that kind of stuff and then he’s also
been working on this game at the same time this man’s a machine like how the
heck does he do this that’s insane so okay you guys have to say my plans
are this I want to I want to get a proper demo of the game out before the
end of the year somewhere around December’s possible oh
no not a dotted demo I’d rather go in like completely blind but I mean I guess
a demo would be cool so by the end of December or by the end of this year
hopefully a possible demo that it’s gonna be awesome he says this demo
should contain around one-fourth of the game or so with the full season of the
game completely playable just like my target release date in the past this may
slip into 2019 if college or other real-life obligations get in the way but
if that happens don’t expect the demo to be delayed any further than February I
guarantee you that Wow do you that’s exciting that is really exciting
February I mean I’m perfectly fine with that I just I’m
not a fan of the demo thing cuz like I feel like with the game like this just
like porkchops adventure you know you don’t want to be spoiled on a game like
that so I feel like I just want to go in you know what the full game and just
skip the whole demo but I know you guys are gonna want to see it so obviously
I’ll be sure to play it for you guys but that that’s still really exciting he
says I porkchop to our show game tool page will be up in December with a
proper game description gameplay screenshots and other goodies I’ll be
sure to make a dev vlog in this page linking you to it so you don’t miss it
when it happens which guys I’m also gonna be making a full video on that
when it comes out the game dough page is gonna be insane I’m definitely gonna be
covering it for you guys and seeing what happens with that because that’s gonna
be awesome he says you know new gameplay screenshots or he just says gameplay
screenshot so it might be these but I doubt it other goodies which I don’t
what he means by that and a proper game description which is awesome so we’re
gonna have like a full storyline for the game and everything like that it’s gonna
be insane anybody cents for the full release or for the release of the full
game taking a new account everything that needs to be finished I can set a
target date of June 2019 as a realistic expectation with August being the worst
case scenario okay so that’s that’s pretty far away but I mean that’s not
bad I mean for what we’re getting I think this is gonna be an awesome game I
know it’s gonna have you know it’s gonna have good scare
it’s gonna it’s gonna look good and I’m perfectly fine with waiting until then I
mean August that’s perfect with August being the worst-case scenario that it is
though once they get all pages out I’ll make sure to continually update you guys
on the progress of the game until it’s fully completed and then he says that’s
it for now if you’re excited for porkchops Horror Show please make sure
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of you guys it’d be a real help which guys of course if you are a fan of pork
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anybody says if you have any questions about the game that are spoiler free
enough to answer leave them below this post I don’t answer them as best as I
can and he says see you all soon and he shows this gift right here Jeff whatever
you want to call it and it’s that star thing again now I can’t zoom in on this
one because it’s a Jif but it looks ok there we go I was able to zoom in a
little bit oh so this is like the announcer look at that okay that Mane
that that framing in the background reminds me of something I don’t know it
runs here like a show stage I’m just zooming that’s what that is so it seems
to be like the shit the stage you got all the spotlights on whatever this
thing is it’s got a microphone so this thing is clearly gonna have a voice and
it’s gonna move around I don’t know that it’s really creepy though and awesome I
like this I mean I really like the fact that everything is kind of being hidden
at the moment like he’s not showing a lot which is what’s gonna worrying me
about the demo cuz I don’t know if it’s gonna show a bunch or not but I like the
fact that everything’s kind of being hidden put to put to the side and you’re
only seeing like small snippets and you know you’re gonna have to wait for the
full game told page or gotta wait for the demo or the full game to actually
see what this game is gonna be about cuz like I said that was my favorite part
about porkchops adventure is just like seeing this game and being like oh ok
it’s an arcade game yeah I’ll play that for it for you guys and I want to show
you guys some you know whatever this game is and then hopping into it and
just being like in a whole nother experience you know you know with this
giant Piggy animatronic trying to kill us and finding all the secrets you know
that kind of whole thing was just insane because it’s such a huge surprise so I’m
hoping that that surprise element kind of stays here with you know
porkchops Horror Show but I guess we have to wait and see but anyways guys
let me thoughts on this in the competition down
below you guys excited for porkchops warriors show what do you guys think
that wonderland key is gonna go to I think that’s my biggest question because
oh wait what if no I doubt he would do that cuz I’m wondering like in the full
game what if you need that key to even get into the show you know cuz it says
wonderland key so I don’t I don’t know I doubt he would do that though cuz I’d
cause a lot of people to be angry like the game comes out they’re like oh are
you kidding me I got to do all this random stuff in the past game to get
this key or or I mean maybe the key won’t even lead into the next game maybe
it’s in the game that we have now like maybe in porkchops adventure there is a
way of using this key and nobody’s found it yet that would be intriguing I’m
wondering or maybe he’s gonna update the game later on you know closer to the
release of the game and maybe this key will unlock something that’ll I don’t
know let us escape from this place or die or I don’t I don’t know it there’s
so many things that could be done here I’m just I’m overall really excited
about the game and I’d love to know your thoughts in the comment section down
below what do you guys think you know what’s gonna be happening in this game
what would be your ideal you know storyline for this game and you know
just let me know if your hype you’re not anyways guys I’m in this video here from
do the video hit that like button and hit that subscribe button in the bell
icon so you get videos early for anyone else I’ll see you guys in the next one
peace out guys


  1. WHY are you trying to avoid the spikes in the mini game if in another vid you read a comment that said the spikes don't hurt you .

  2. August? Really I just watched Fusion's gameplay of the Porkchop's Adventure and I thought the Horror Show (the full game) had been released already 😀 Now I'm kinda sad but partly happy that I saw this on July 2019 so the full release will be on August :'D Can't wait to see gameplay from Fusion :>

  3. I started laughing the whole time not screaming because there was an add before this video and it was of Blue’s Clues…. it was my childhood show

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