Hunted By The Evil Little Doll! – Witchkin Demo

Hunted By The Evil Little Doll! – Witchkin Demo

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all right um while since since my last scary game but I saw this game on Steam and thought it’d be worth trying out I don’t really know too much about it I know it’s kind of like hide-and-seek but yes I might as well just jump into it okay so a little tutorial oh boy okay so okay see flashlight what’s that that’s that’s something sharp okay okay I’m gonna we’re just gonna crawl under here and hide I guess might as well just find my safe place my flashlights off hangout is anything coming I don’t know all right I think I’m good looks like a nice guy oh okay I love that actually wasn’t a very scary jump scare but then the doll scared me I mean just seeing it okay alright let’s do better let’s do better I have a key watch out for patrolling dolls haha okay go go go go get out get out get out it won’t let me in am I good no not good oh boy okay come on come on let’s get a door open yes wait what’s going on okay all right dolls can’t open doors Hey what an idiot ana I can hear it what do I do ah it’s out there is it still out there no I think I’m good see here hello nope gosh I gotta find another key what’s going on oh my flashlight is it going out if my flashlight goes out I am uh uh okay okay she didn’t see me she didn’t see me she saw me wait what was that ow dang it I’m screwed I’m screwed I’m screwed I’m good I’m good I’m good is this the same room I don’t think it is okay hang out in here for a little bit so okay so the baby definitely can open doors which kind of sucks for me oh wait no I left this is the same room I left the door open isn’t it no it isn’t the same room there’s a key right here how do I pick it up really you’re not gonna let me I can’t pick up the key crap crap no I wasn’t under far enough ah like I know that’s a doll or whatever but like do we really mmm get away from me get away from me please come on I’m going solo why is it every door locked ah no no no no no no no no no am i walking around here barefoot by the way close the freaking door really [Laughter] screw you baby can’t get in here now what was that I don’t care you can’t get in here I got a key okay we’re going places we’re going places what’s in here um doctor’s note the staff has discovered that miss crane has been sneaking into my office I do not know how she obtained a key going through my work and stealing several writings of mine while staff had believed she was performing her chores we discovered several of my published papers hidden in her cell her cell all right uh I’m gonna let you read the rest I want to read the rest on that voice I think we’re good one more like okay what huh Kelly no didn’t did it dad what am I supposed to do honest all right all right touch this game really what why does it need to fall down honestly get me in here okay I did block it okay well that’s this is a terrifying room yes I’ll take that – that you’re gonna give me away freaking rocking horse oh yes shut up we actually aah all right heal myself like she’s out there where are you okay I’m gonna leave gosh she’s gonna be right out there again I’m gonna scared but cuz if if I if I just walk out there she’s gonna be right there there you are and like okay okay here we go seat clothes clothes and luck no I loved it I don’t want to talk about it game is giving me golf at levels of frustration oh she she was right there oh my gosh [Laughter] okay let’s try wait I can’t don’t sprint okay I’ll take this what if I just hide under here until she comes okay I’m just gonna route you everywhere hello no okay all right okay time to do the strategy if I hide under here will she see me I don’t think so oh yeah here she comes man she’s got some she’s got a little attitude walk okay okay Oh no you don’t look idiot oh man I should have called you an idiot I’m sorry go ahead and light that lamp is lit that amusing no iodine okay so keep running into this problem I’m gonna open the door she’s gonna be right there hello yep she’s out there so I’m just gonna have to like open the door and book it it sounded like she was to the left maybe if I just book it the other way I can okay I’m going for it just get as far away from that as possible okay we’re good we’re just gonna hide under here for a sec see if she’s on me except for I can’t see anything oh crap ah I don’t know how to do that wait I did not mean to lock unlock that lock broken Oh B ha we’re not expecting that okay there’s the nope no no no no no okay the other room was just right there come on go ahead and avoid that jack and just wrap back roads yep she’s still on me okay okay okay right here here we go here we go close it lock it ah it’s broken but she’s gonna pop up let’s see I’m just gonna hide cuz that’s been working so well oh man why are the locks broken I think I’m good got some flashlight batteries I’ll take those okay let’s liven this place up a bit give me that key I don’t really care about the papers hi okay she went she went left so I’m just gonna hurry and go right hopefully this doesn’t come back to screw me okay I think I’m good I’m good you piece of crap okay I think yes I can lock that one all right we’re getting somewhere give me that key yes I don’t cares scratch all you want I’m not letting you in we’re you going to do pop up again huh please don’t actually okay I’m going for it yeah and I’m gone I’m a ghost can’t catch what you can’t see okay I’ve open those to give me that more batteries I’ll take them and how about this story yes okay we’re back in the rocking horse room boo no okay there’s nothing in here hole oh that’s terrifying how did I not see this last time do I dare go up there nothing good is gonna be up here oh I did it Hey all right I did it that was kind of anticlimactic I’m sorry um let me know if you like this kind of a random game but I’ve been thinking about doing scary games it’s been a while so if you have any other suggestions leave them in the comments and I’ll see if if enough people want me to I’ll play a different game but as always I hope you enjoyed


  1. YES i love moo when he uploads these kinda vids
    Gta is a dead game
    So its good seeing brock change up his uploads
    And brock should definitely play other horror games

  2. Moo! You should play 'Little Nightmare' The game is really well made! (You don't have to if you don't wanna though.)

  3. Brock play some golf it oh wait you did and you raged quit because of nogla and terroriser those irish fucks

  4. I'll be honest when the door opened again after he thought he locked it, it caught me off gaurd. I almost dropped my phone and my dad laughed

  5. Every time that doll appears, it gave me big goosebumps. I don't watch horror but I still watched this till the end πŸ˜„

  6. Omg Moo your too funny every time I hear you rage or get scared this video is awesome you should play these games some more I love when you get scared then laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. We'll people won't find jumpscares like this its just to funny you gotta do more vids like this Brock Lol the way Moo said boo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. I'm praying that someone in the comments tells me every jump scare so I know when to hold my Shit in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

  9. So, since because you took out the Snuckel in Moo Snuckel, do we have to now refer to you as just Moo, or can we continue to call you Moo Snuckel?? I personally liked the name Moo Snuckel, even though it was unprofessional. Originality is always a good thing to keep. It's what makes someone or something unique. I am in no way bashing on the name change, I just want to know if calling you Moo Snuckel is now no longer accepted. Also, side note, if you do more Q and A's, you should use the #MooQuestions

  10. When a game gives him GOLF IT levels of anger that lets us know that the game creator just made this a triggering game and not a horror game πŸ˜‚

  11. I love Moos screams. They are hilarious. I've seen too many markiplier horror videos to be jump scared anymore tho.

  12. LoL this isn't scary but i know moo said previosly he gets scared easily but thats a good thing because if i had made this video i wouldn't be scared so i wouldn't be entertaining but moo is entertaining af because its funny when he gets scared~~~oh and hopefully he gets Good with nogla again πŸ™‚

  13. Seriously nothing scares me more than the "ding" sound when you see the doll. The amount of times I screamed "MOO RUN" and my family came to check on me is insane.

  14. he should play eyes at some point- it's not a greaaat game but kinda spooky
    ( you run from a floating ghost head girl thing collecting money bags

  15. OMG i legit jumped so many times and i love how you freak tf out Moo, your so awesome and funnyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚lol

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