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Hello mates, my name is Risk and Welcome to “NightCry” Now NightCry is an obscure horror game on steam that I found from my buddy John Wolfe I saw he played the game, but he stopped and I was like, hey This game looks weird. I want to play it. So this is supposed to be remanence for the scissor man I believe there was a Kickstarter for this game I’m not entirely sure about that But it’s supposed to be like the scissor man from clock tower And I’m really excited about that because I never played clock tower but I always liked the figure of the scissor man and a guy just with big scissors walking like Raah! I’m gonna cut you. I think you get what I’m saying So I’m gonna click a new game and if it’s bad, I’m gonna refund it because it had quite bad reviews actually And also, it has quite a few death scenes quite a few like House of Velez, so If you enjoy that, that is also something that I enjoy wait, you have a loading between cutscenes? Okay I can clearly see he’s not looking to her eyes anyway Her name is Monica In my language, it literally means breastfeeding. now with that out of the way We can play the game I got it. Thank you for the operating. All right I want to hit on this guy who didn’t look at my eyes before How dare you I’m gonna smack It’s yours now, take it. Sorry My own jokes crack me up. I’m the only guy Thanks, I didn’t mean to get it back but thanks. I gave it to you as a gift you know anyway I’m like the only guy who laughs from my own jokes, so I’m not surprised Okay. I’m out of here. I’m gonna go over here, I think? What is that an interaction point? Indeed Okay What you wanna pick up the jacket? You want to get more information from the staff? What do you want to do Monica? Okay Just to establish something. Is that the only door in the room? Yep, that’s the only door that’s the only door in the room besides the one that I came from So it’s through that door, right? Yeah, I’m just making sure I don’t want to make any mistakes. Okay this is like the Ishimura It seems small from the outside, but it’s big in the inside. Have you ever played dead space? Oh that’s a nasty scar don’t itch that! Do something about its Monica! Wha? Go to him! Talk to him! Ask him is everything all right? All right in the eyes of a child everything looks scary, okay, she probably saw it’s probably a mosquito bite Yeah, but it makes me feel safe. Just see the fire extinguisher here It’s just like oh, well, I’m prepared just in case there is a fire on this All right. I think I actually need to get out of here. I like the way she’s a running she Like Monica, come on. Monica come on are you going for the best actor award? Come on Monica, come on. Well, there is a men over there. Come on Monica go hit on one. I know you have a a friend Harry Potter or something, but come on hit on this guy Interaction complete Okay, you’re literally behind their back, but I guess they’re whispering so I cannot hear what they’re saying I guess they’re whispering because you’re here I mean You literally try to you know pass by them and then you came back behind the guys are back And if you think they didn’t see that then you’re wrong. You’re like the only person in the hallway Anyway so far. I’m enjoying the game So guys if you want to see more of the NightCry Let you to the somewhere around 200 likes if we reach anywhere around that I’ll definitely continue play more of this game This game gets a lot more messy later on Okay, do you have anything to say? Do you have any more thing to say? Yeah. And also I think we gonna crash, I thought I saw the captain at the cocktail party He might had a little bit too much to drink. Yes? See the captain get drunk would give me nightmares. What is that? What is that over there? Is that a… I’m gonna take this light bulb if nobody’s gonna give me a lighter! You said there is something in the count. Oh, there is something on the counter! Item found! Matches. the nightmare begins just just You’ve never seen a prosthetic eye, you know, not everybody. Wait. How do I? Matches this guy no, DON’T BURN HIM!. You can’t use that here. Okay, I thought I’m gonna set him on fire The eye is literally on the… Oh sorry, my bad I didn’t see the eye was on the table. I’m just not used to people Boiling their sterilized eyes in front of me! You saved me in my eye, but we’re still gonna crash I’m sure that he said the captain taking a few shots He’s actually quite the chugger. Anyway, I’m outta here. I said I’m out of here. How am I back here? All right. Let’s flirt with this man. Oh that’s actually a menu, my bad I thought it was a man. Always mistaken people for menus. That’s why I always read them There is stairs up there should I try an attempt and… I should, shouldn’t I? Go Monica! Monica go. This is how Monica runs into battle guys When you see that running towards you, you know, you’re screwed. You know, you’re 100 Stairs are blocked. Okay What’s over here? Oh another another hallway let’s interact with that! Was about to make a racist joke where I laugh very hard with a French accent While brushing my moustache, but I realize how racist it is So I’m not gonna do it. I’m just gonna do a small version of it. Ah, ha ha ha Now imagine that version and intensify it. *French intensifies* Okay Back to video game. Is this my house? Yep interaction point Um, is that is that the guy that I’m looking for? Or… Are you? Am I supposed to do you on this floor? Just before I spasm Just before I spasm and she spasm out like crazy So she finished considering it. You gonna leave? Your also going to the basement? Okay How are you by the way noodle hair lady? ah, she’s dreaming about eating noodles She’s dreaming about eating noodles. Dreaming about eating noodles dude. I’m laughing at my own jokes. I can’t All right So Harry is in the basement, right? I like how I had no reason to go on it But I had to talk from Kelly to get a validation to go downstairs. Not a not an approve She’s not my mother, but just to be… What are you some kind of a model? Stop walking. She’s just walking while I’m talking Alright go investigate there Monica. So as I was saying She needed validation from Kelly like Kelly. Look what what I’m doing. I’m chasing a man! I need you to validate me Anyway stop walking like a stupid model and go I’ll stop because I think I might hear a cutscene. My hair! Just before I spasm Wow child She’s COMING RIGHT for me. Okay. Sorry. I just have a feel from children I once say this guy Which was a child He ended up being a great fighter in the UFC He created a strategy called the “Rhino” where he just puts his hands like this and run towards the opponent Just slams into the opponent with both hands like this. Honestly, if you run towards somebody full-speed with hands like this There’s nothing you can do. It’s called the Rhino Copyrighted by me. Hello there Harry Also I ate a frog, so I can’t speak properly. Deh? Dick bag! Smartass! a bag of dicks that you’re in it. There is a bag of dicks. And you’re in it showed him *Sassy Snapping* Get out of here Monica you showed him. Wait Monica what Monica What’s our next objective? I think we gotta go back. Well, this is a little embarrassing Harry I know I just dissed you but… Do you have an objective for me by any chance? Hold up maybe the chairs have. Dude, I’ll take an objective from a chair. Just somebody give me an objective already I would, I would, DUDE I need an objective so bad Come on Interaction point! OH Harry I’m thirsty and I left my everything in the room loading cutscene for a soft drink Okay Listen I’m not a game developer. I’m not gonna if you want to stick your loading screen In a conversation you do that you make yourself happy It’s the Babushka! Santa Claus! no! Why are you running away? That’s Okay Oh gosh, so like am I supposed to go somewhere? Oh gosh he’s after me guys I thought I thought the transaction completed. Well… I think I got to make it to the oh gosh, he’s right behind me, isn’t he? I think we gonna make it to some sort of a elevator perhaps? Oh over here interaction point Get in there! All right, we gotta hide Like now! Lady Under the bed now! Okay How do I stop my breath again left click? well, it’s fine Oh gosh Get fingered! put that away. You might get somebody’s eyes out! All right. Is that a closet? I might fit in that Shut 50% of your mouth for a second. Not 100% You’re gonna die Am I blocking my breath? Get outplayed dummy get out of here now go cry to your… Scissor mom And remember don’t run with scissors! Rock paper scissors great achievement makes me laugh every time that I see it Was this what is that? The suitcase is locked and I will not it will not budge Maybe I shouldn’t rob my neighbours You know. Don’t want to be arrested now. There’s a phone charger in the table, okay No, what is that? It’s same phone charger. Look at that drawer, okay? oh Ray William Johnson legally changed his name he couldn’t bear it anymore I’m out of here So video game saved, how does that function huh? Do I click return to the title screen? No! Huh! I can’t focus on the scissor man anymore. So I guess he’s gone Now, what do I do now? there is a guy running with scissors and I don’t know how I feel about that because my mother taught me not to run with scissors Okay, Monica you run until you tackle the wall now let’s go back to the crime scene Where the crime committed place. Oh This is not the crime scene. This is a… A washroom, isn’t it? Yeah Well, not very intriguing. I’m out of here. What if I go back here? What is that another apartment? I’ll need some kind of light source. I mean I was back at the… Okay So this is the house, right? So maybe I should look around here for some kind of a light source? Harry. Are you all right? What does it say? transaction complete well How could this happen? I don’t know but the transaction was complete, so are you gonna get your drink? You have high standards for a Monica that’s all I’m gonna say I think I’m gonna leave this area actually Where did I come from though? was the elevator over here? I did use an elevator, right Monica? Oh there is the elevator! I’m outta here then Huh Can I take it ah It died alongside with Harry because it was scared Phone batteries or phones don’t have strong hearts. So when they get jumpscared You bet you Monica that it’s gonna die. Do they have a phone charger? That’s my question. They don’t What do they have? Oh, there’s a phone charger Okay Cool, I guess I can break into anybody’s house and do that. Of course! If I can charge the phone… I can use the phone! Why didn’t I think about that? Battery fully charged? Steve Jobs, is that you? What is this technology? And it died Okay Do I need to get his fingerprint? Okay, so let’s try to charge in the saving feature Do I actually have to take my phone? Do I actually have to do this? How do I know for sure if you save the game like Save completely. Okay there you have a confirmation. That’s all I wanted. So I found this place Some kind of an elevator. I’m gonna look at this for a second Okay Okay So there was a room that needed light before. So now that we have a phone I assume we can get some light Oh Oh what is this blood? Oh I don’t like this one bit Is there probably a guy here that needed a card that has a card. Not needed a card. He’s dead probably Just checking to see if there is any interaction I can interact with the cashier or the cash register has been left open time to take my money Communism! Cool Any day now will be a good day Cool, I’m a thief What I interacted with something… over there Monica Monica! There is an interaction over there don’t make me mad! Come on go steal it. I guess I’m gonna steal that too Okay, seems like you were having a moment there with the pretzels my favorite shampoo brand Wait, what? Okay, maybe that’s the… maybe that’s how she got so slim I don’t know For a few quarters, I’ll be alive. Oh god damn GET OUT OF THE WAY MAN! Don’t get out of the way Right in the jewels Aah A rabbi I would not approve this That is not how we Jews do it! Thank you Scissorsman! Mr. Scissorsman Okay Ah… I declare you now Your… Your dick is now… Better. I don’t know how rabbis do it. Okay they’re supposed to do it when you’re a baby They’re not supposed to do it when you’re a grown man with a shopping cart It doesn’t work like that. Save complete. guys on the top right corner of the screen There is a card info click on it and it will take you to the next part of “NightCry” when it’s available Guys, I would love to play more of this game for you. I’m having a lot of fun playing through this game And again, if you want to see more of this game let’s shoot for around 200 likes and me and Monica we’ll see you in the next episode So, thank you so much for watching, subscribe if you’re new to the channel and I’ll see you guys in the next time buh-bye


  1. HOOOO BOI helo if u don't see me so much its because iam not so much to coment but i relly like ur channel soo… continue make videos ok :3

  2. Im pretty sure this game was going to be the reveille of the clocktower series but I guess they change into its own thing instend

  3. Do you guys miss riskrims old intro I have been whatching him for a while his video are not like his old ones #2016

  4. could you please do a full lets play off it? i didnt watch the video fully yet i o the start but just saying that id love if you did

  5. Its been weeks since the last time i watch u and I’ve been missing out so many great games. Its heart breaking when you said “lets shoot for around 200 likes” instead just saying 200 likes. And finally you cut out the intro and the outro which is pretty weird for me but you do you. I really support you risk although I can’t do much. Hope u doing great!

  6. Good playthrough, Risk! This game however…definitely one of the worst "horror" games I have ever seen. Who runs around and acts like Monica does? lol 😝😂

  7. "Lets flirt with this man….. oh its a menu"
    Yes, in my day, I flirted with men who turned out to be menus too!

  8. Hey look, is Clock Tower yacht edition! Cool! 😅 And remember kids, never hide under the bed! No seriously, if you got the option to hide under the bed and you could fit just don't do it, because if this game is like Clock Tower, you won't like it! 😓

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