Hunted – Descent Into Mystery

Hunted – Descent Into Mystery

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It’s a great and desperate
adventure for all the players. It has elements of addiction,
it has elements of sacrifice. – You! You’re not part of
the King’s guard! The great thing about Hunted is that nobody is what they appear and
in fact, even our heroes don’t know themselves
until they’re pushed over the edge of reason. I became fascinated with the Mayans
and this concept of this race of people that were so powerful and so organized as a culture, that they were invading
all the outlying areas, rounding up all the people, dragging them back to their temples and sacrificing to their Gods. And so we took that concept and
put it into a Fantasy world. And you had your adventurers— if their goal was to try and
stop that from happening, that became very interesting. – They are interfering with my slaves. Because the Mayans didn’t
see themselves as evil, they saw themselves as doing what
was right to their own Gods. I mean, you think somebody’s
rotten to the core and then all of a sudden you relate
to them and understand them. That’s the beauty of Hunted. So the characters are being led
at the beginning of the game by Seraphine to try to
solve this mystery. – Let’s start with a favor. Seraphine is a spirit guide who sets our heroes off on their quest. She is asking for the help of Caddoc and E’lara to go on this mission,
essentially for her, and save the humans from a terrible demise. The people are being taken, there’s
a strange liquid in the world, there’s creatures addicted to it. And Seraphine is really
encouraging the players to figure out what’s going on and
try to stop it from happening. – My physical body is on the move and I fear many humans
will be slaughtered. – Time is not eternal. Seraphine is a spirit guide, but she’s also a physical presence. So she can appear and vanish
and they can hear her thoughts. – I know what you seek. She has a love-hate relationship
with Caddoc and E’lara. She loves Caddoc.
She hates E’lara. – There’s no need for your
snarky nature, huntress. Caddoc’s kind of like, “Seems
like she’s got good ideas, let’s kinda follow along.” And E’lara is kind of like,
“I don’t trust her, but I’m in for the action.” Seraphine has convinced
the characters to find these magic crystals
throughout the world and you use these crystals
and give them to Seraphine, and she in turn bestows magic skills and magic abilities on the players. – Now please… hand me the crystals. She desperately needs you to achieve certain quests for her. And she as a spirit guide is
relaying messages to you. You must get this done,
otherwise I will die. I’m afraid the danger
that lies ahead is graver than I had foreseen. When you do a video character you want to develop something
that’s going to make people feel and is going to really
bring the graphics alive. – You’ll grow accustomed to it in time. I want you to feel the danger. I want to put a chill
down your spine when she’s saying, “It’s cold,” you know, I want people
to feel that it’s cold. I want you to feel the terror. I want that quest to feel real to you. – Oh, you must trust me. – The sooner we can put an end
to this Anouvan, the better. The more you unravel the mystery, the more you get sort of
a different angle on what you were being
told to do and why. There’s plenty of clues along the way and we very delicately place
those throughout the world. They’ll get to the end of
a level and discover what they thought was true
was not quite true; it’s a little bit different. Caddoc and E’lara go through
many terrible travails and they’re terribly
sorry at some point that they ever began this quest, but there’s nothing for it now.
The die has been cast. – There. More prisoners. It’s kind of like a movie. Once you get to the end and you look
back at all the clues that you were given you going to go, “Oh, now this
makes complete sense. That’s what that was.” The end is literally soul-destroying
for somebody, I’m not going to say who. – And the cycle will continue!


  1. @SuprSlowMo top 2 would be Skyrim and Battlefield 3 for me, then
    2: Me3
    3: Brink
    4: Rage
    5: Duke Nukem
    6: Hunted
    7: The witcher
    8: Red Faction
    9: Deus Ex

  2. @bladex2056 Why not? It good graphics helps the game a lot. Not saying game play is not important, but why must people always bitch about one or the other? Why not go for both?

  3. The story might be interesting, but the characters and environment don't look as good as I expected so far. And the outfits, in my opinion they're awful. They should go more like Skyrim trailers showed us.

  4. I am very excited for Hunted, but after seeing this, I am a little turned off by the graphics
    I'll but it anyway though

  5. @jabbajubjub I know games aren't about graphics, like I said I'm still gonna get this, but i'm just saying the graphics aren't great

  6. why do most chicks have to have visible thongs now? that isn't sexy it looks like a fucking bike chain.

  7. @RandyMcDumpy It's sad… and a serious problem. You will need years of professional therapy.

    Or just meet the right girl.

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