Hunted (English subtitles)

Hunted (English subtitles)

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Keep moving I cover you! Go go! Hurry Run! Faster! Keep moving! Are we still far away? Yes still ten kilometers left. Let’s rest, we haven’t seen them almost tre hours. I don’t know. Well only 20 minutes no more. Or they will catch up with us. Hurry Ok Let’s rest here i’m really tired. Ok it looks safe here. You rest and I will guard. I told you it was a bad idea to stay here. What is it? They found us hurry up let’s move. Quite Quite Hello i’m on the mark where? Where to? Ok i got it. Hello i think i found them. I don’t see the computer. I need to get closer. Come on, keep moving. Hmira look who I found. Look, forest wanderer. Keep moving. Stand still. Listen Hmira give me the cell phone I gonna call our boss. Look so that our friend doesn’t run away. Ey, who are you? Hello boss Ye Yes we are here on the location. No no we haven’t seen them yet but we just caught a strange figure here in the forest. I dont know, he is armed. Ey Humira take my rifle. He is armed like I said has a gun and i don’t know who he is. Who are you? What is your name? He doesn’t say anything so that do we do with him. Kill him. Ok Ok boss i understand. Here Hmira. Well student you were unlucky. So we gonna kill you now. Do you got any last wishes. Let me go. Letting you go, no this we cant do. Come on, on last wish. Like for the dying person i will make it come true. Give me a cigarette. No sorry I don’t smoke. Hmira do you smoke? No No sorry not gonna happen. I have some cigarettes in my pocket. Hmira we are in luck this guy have some cigarette. Perhaps here ? Yes Ok let’s do a perimeter defense. I think I can hear the chopper. Move it move it. Chopper Hello I have a problem. I almost got killed here. Woow I think i know where they are. Drop you weapon. Well Son of a bitch.


  1. Had to laugh when dude bent over to retrieve gun from guy down with slashed throat, guy pointed the weapon at his balls. Dude almost got shot in the balls. LOL

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