Hunted in the Halls

Hunted in the Halls

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FRIEND #2: Aw, yeah. SYDNEY: Should we even be here? Like, are we even allowed? FRIEND #1: Well, of course not. FRIEND #2: That’s why we’re here. SYDNEY: Stop! FRIEND #1: You’re afraid of everything! FRIEND #2: Maybe you shouldn’t do that again. FRIEND #1: Wow, this is awesome. SYDNEY: This is creepy. FRIEND #2: Don’t be such a girl. SYDNEY: Wow, yeah, that’s great, because I am a girl. Can I have the camera? I’m in the back, I deserve it. FRIEND #2: Yeah. SYDNEY: Thanks. Hey, guys? Where’d you go? Is this a joke? Like, are you trying to scare me? Hello? FRIEND #1: Ah! FRIEND #2: Sydney? Sydney! Oh my god . . . CALEB: You always think the worst thing’s going to happen, Jared. JARED: Yeah, because I don’t – CALEB: You always think – You always think the worst thing’s going to happen, and it actually worries me, man. You’re so pessimistic about everything. Why can’t we just – CRAIG: That’s what I’m saying! He’s so negative. CALEB: Thank you, Craig. Why can’t we just go, and not have to worry about it? JARED: I just don’t feel like going to . . . whatever it’s called. CRAIG: Asbian Correctional Facility. CALEB: See, you don’t even know what it’s called. How can you be so afraid of something if you don’t even know what it is? JARED: You know what? Fine, let’s go. CALEB: Thank you, yes! CRAIG: Hey, guys, what’s that over there? CALEB: Over where? CRAIG: Over there. CALEB: I don’t know. JARED: Guys, let’s not. CALEB: Let’s do it, come. Let’s go. JARED: No. CALEB: Let’s do it! CRAIG: Okay! Come on. It’ll be an adventure, come on. JARED: Why can’t we just do what we came here to do? CALEB: Adventure. CRAIG: It’s an adventure. We’re going. CALEB: Adventure! Let’s go. JARED: Ah! So much . . . CRAIG: Ah! JARED: . . . nature. CALEB: Hey, guys, in here! CRAIG: What was that? Guys? JARED: Ew! Gross. Dude, that bathroom is disgusting. JARED: Hey, Craig. CRAIG: What? JARED: Sit down, take a seat. CALEB: Praise the Lord! JARED: You are in the house of God. CALEB: The house of God! JARED: The house of God! [JARED & CALEB preach] CRAIG: [laughs] Oh, god. You guys. Oh . . . CALEB: I can hear the death. JARED: Shut up. CRAIG: This looks a bit new, though. I wonder why. JARED: Dude, what’s that up there? CALEB: That looks . . . CRAIG: That is decay. JARED: It’s just . . . yeah. [laughs] CALEB: That almost broke. [laughs] CRAIG: [laughs] You guys ready to go over to the other building now? CALEB: Hell yeah. JARED: Let’s do it. CALEB: You ready? JARED: Sure, whatever. CRAIG: Alright. Let’s do it. JARED: Watch your step. CALEB: Geez. JARED: These pianos are pretty cool. CALEB: See, I told you this would be awesome. CRAIG: Hey, guys. What’s upstairs? CALEB: I don’t know. Let’s just wait to do downstairs first, and then go up. JARED: Yeah, let’s do all of around . . . down here. CRAIG: Alright. JARED: What’s down there? CALEB: Let’s find out. JARED: Sweet. Oh, man, it’s dark. This is really creepy, dude. [coughing from another room] JARED: Oh my god. CALEB: What the hell? CRAIG: Dude . . . CALEB: Are you okay? GIRL: I think so, but my arm, it hurts. It might be broken. JARED: No, I don’t think so. What’s your name? What happened? SYDNEY: Sydney . . . I fell. CRAIG: Sydney what? SYDNEY: Sydney Fairley. CALEB: Okay, well, uh . . . Come on, let’s get you out of here. JARED: Which way did we come from? CALEB: Um . . . That way, I think. CRAIG: I thought it was that way. SYDNEY: I’ve tried both. CALEB: What? SYDNEY: I’ve tried both ways, but I keep getting confused where I am. CALEB: Why were you here, anyways? SYDNEY: Same reason as you, I guess. I thought it would be cool. CALEB: Yeah, but why were you here alone? SYDNEY: I wasn’t. JARED: What? [loud noise] JARED: Did you guys hear that? CRAIG: Hear what? JARED: That . . . JARED: Oh, god! CRAIG: Where’s Caleb? And . . . where’s Jared? SYDNEY: They . . . they must have gone the other way. CRAIG: Are you kidding me? Guys? Jared! SYDNEY: Please . . . CRAIG: Cale- SYDNEY: Do not tell me we’re going after them. CRAIG: Of course we are, why wouldn’t we? SYDNEY: Because . . . CRAIG: We can’t leave them behind. SYDNEY: He . . . He might be there. CRAIG: He? Who’s he? There’s a man. He must live here or something. He looks like he hasn’t seen daylight in years. CRAIG: I’m not believing this. Come on, we’re going. SYDNEY: Gosh . . . Can I have the camera? Since I’m in the back? CRAIG: Sure. [coughing from another room] CRAIG: Caleb? Are you okay? CALEB: No. [coughs] There was a, uh . . . CRAIG: A man? CALEB: Yeah . . . Why? Have you guys seen him? SYDNEY: Yeah. Did he hurt you? CALEB: No, but . . . Where’s Jared? He took Jared! Sydney, are you okay? SYDNEY: Yeah, same as before. Why? CRAIG: Why wouldn’t she be? CALEB: I know how you are with girls, Craig. CRAIG: What do you mean by that? CALEB: You know what I mean. CRAIG: What do you mean? CALEB: I saw how you’ve been looking at her. CRAIG: Really? SYDNEY: Jared was too. I’m just saying. Like, guys, can we not? CALEB: Are we going to fight over her right now? CRAIG: If you think it’s necessary. SYDNEY: Guys! Let’s just go find Jared and get out of here, okay? CRAIG: No. Screw this, I’ll go look for him myself. CALEB: Craig! Great, now what? SYDNEY: We have to find them. CALEB: Do we have to? I mean, we could just . . . leave without them. SYDNEY: No, we can’t do that. Like, wow! CALEB: Look, you’re injured. I mean, we have to get out of here as soon as possible. SYDNEY: Okay, here, fine. Listen. This is a really big building. If we find them before we find the exit, then good. But, if we find the exit without them, good luck for them. Because they’re going to need it. We’ll just leave, okay? CALEB: Okay, yeah. Alright. SYDNEY: Maybe there’s stairs or something around here. CALEB: The stairs? SYDNEY: Yeah. CALEB: Upstairs, there would be more light, wouldn’t there? SYDNEY: You think they’d be up there? CALEB: It’s worth a shot. SYDNEY: Okay, let’s go look upstairs. CALEB: We made it upstairs, finally. SYDNEY: The more I look around, the more I hate this place. CALEB: Trust me, me too. It was my idea to come here in the first place. SYDNEY: Don’t think about that, okay? Everything’s going to be alright. CALEB: No, it’s not. There is a crazy man here, and he’s killing my friends! SYDNEY: It’s going to be okay. We are going to make it out alive. [loud noise] Woah, did you hear that? CALEB: Hear what? [loud noise] SYDNEY: That! [footsteps] SYDNEY: What?

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