Hunted in the Hills

Hunted in the Hills

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CRAIG: Okay. Go. CALEB: My name is Caleb. You may recognize me from our documentations at a certain correctional facility. Craig and I, here, we . . . We had this friend. His name was Jared. We got lost in the halls of this . . . huge building. There was a man there, deep within the halls. We lost Jared. We lost him. I firmly believed that Jared was dead. But . . . Believe it or not, a few days ago, I got a text from Jared. We haven’t seen him since the events at Asbian. That was months ago. We have done out grieving. CRAIG: Tell them was the text said. CALEB: The text said . . . “Birthday party at my house, Saturday.” CRAIG: We have to go, Caleb. CALEB: We have to. CRAIG: But, what if it isn’t Jared? CALEB: I don’t know, we’ve got to take that chance. I mean, we have to find out . . . who that is. CRAIG: Yeah. We have to go. CRAIG: Battery’s dead. So . . . Looks like my car won’t start. We don’t really have any way to get there, so . . . Guess we’re walking it. CALEB: Adventure! CRAIG: Guess so . . . CRAIG: Alright. We’ve got a long walk ahead of us. It’s pretty cold out . . . but . . . we should get there by sundown. Hopefully. CALEB: Did you hear that? CRAIG: What? CALEB: There’s a guy over there, you see him? CRAIG: In here, in here, in here! CRAIG: Alright. I think we’re safe in here. I think we’re safe. CRAIG: Whoa . . . CALEB: Okay, maybe this isn’t the safest place. CRAIG: We can’t go back outside, though. We basically trapped ourselves in here. It’s the safest place we have. CALEB: [nervously] Okay . . . Okay. CRAIG: Okay. That’s unsettling. CALEB: Why does this always happen to us? CRAIG: Don’t know. Maybe we should really just stop trying to go on adventures. CALEB: Eh. CRAIG: Alright. I’m going to close the door. Let’s hide out in here until we think it’s safe. CRAIG: It’s about 9:00 PM now. Still just sitting here . . . in this abandoned house. Caleb went out to see if . . . the coast was clear, but that was about an hour ago. And he hasn’t been – he hasn’t . . . I haven’t seen him since. I don’t know where he could be. I’m scared to leave because what if . . . What if something got him? Just because he left this house . . . They could be watching. I don’t know. It seems like nothing bad has happened since I’ve come in here, though. So . . . Maybe I’ll just . . . call it a night, get some sleep, and hope that . . . it’ll be safe to leave tomorrow. CALEB: It’s me, it’s me! It’s me! It’s me. CRAIG: Oh my god! CALEB: [laughing] Oh my god. CRAIG: Why would you do that? Did you just get back? I’ve been sleeping all night. CALEB: You alright? CRAIG: Give me my camera. Give me my damn camera! CALEB: Are you mad at me? CRAIG: I mean, at least we can get out of here, now. CALEB: Yeah. CRAIG: It is clear, right? CALEB: Yeah. CRAIG: Where were you all night, anyway? CALEB: Where was I? I, uh . . . I wanted to be scared. Nothing’s been the same since Asbian. CRAIG: So . . . You just . . . went off on your own, in the woods, with a person who tried to shoot us and left me alone to spend the night in a random abandoned house? CALEB: Well, I didn’t . . . Yeah. I just, uh . . . I don’t know. Since that night, I mean . . . Fright is . . . happiness. CRAIG: Well . . . maybe once we find Jared, we can all go back to normal. We can hope. CRAIG: Alright. We’re almost there. CALEB: Let’s take a break. I’m tired. CRAIG: So . . . Are we not going to talk about the guy that tried to kill us last night? CALEB: After Asbian . . . I’ve learned not to question what’s happening, but why it’s happening, and how we survive it. CRAIG: Yeah. At this point, the only thing that really matters is getting to Jared. We need to see if he’s okay. CALEB: Yeah. Jared . . . CRAIG: There it is. We finally made it. CRAIG: I feel like it’s been years since I’ve seen this neighborhood. CALEB: Let’s put an end to this. CRAIG: Yep. CRAIG: Let’s go see Jared.

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