Hunted – LEGO NINJAGO – Official Season 9 Trailer

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We’re no longer in NINJAGO. It looks like we’re not the only ones on this realm… Lost… are we? It’s only been a week since Emperor Garmadon’s taken over and now everything’s upside down. Find my son. Garmadon’s forces are sweeping the entire block. Welcome to Ultra-Hunt! You are the hunted. You must endure. Their entire culture appears to be built around the hunting of dragons and exploiting their elemental powers. OPEN THE GATES! The sword. It attracts our power. And here I thought we were at rock bottom… This is so much worse. We’ll figure a way out of this, for us and the dragons. Lord Garmadon wants you to be afraid, but I need you to be brave… Buildings fall, but we raise. Bring them to me! The resistance never quits. Looks like you could use our help.

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