Hunted Part II – Revenge

Hunted Part II – Revenge

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(Music) It looks like Joe Craig really wasn’t unstoppable. You probably don’t remember me, Craig. But why does it matter? You’ll be dead in five minutes. And what can you do about it? Who do you think you are? I’m a nobody, but tomorrow, I will be California’s top-rated detective. I’ll say this young man killed Joe Craig. Your services are no longer required. You did your job. Now scram! Not…so…fast… Don’t even think about tattling. Or you will pay. (Whispers) Meet me at the tent in 72 hours. Now, now, I’ve said enough. Let’s make this fast. (Car door slam) What the… (Gunshot) Hi, Joe. Hello, sheriff. Thanks for coming. I wanted to say thank you for saving me the other day. No problem. It’s my job. So, why was I called in? I wanted to talk about this crime case, and what the plan is. I’ve come up with a plan that may
help us stop the little orphan boy… …and his partner, Emily Masterson. What is it? Well, I’ve been doing some research. My sources say that the orphan is hiding in the last place we’d look. I need you to capture him for me, because in 24 hours… …he is meeting Masterson at their base. I understand, Joe. When should I capture the orphan? The orphan’s name is Will James. And you are going to hunt him down in an hour. Can you handle that? Yes. So, where is this base they’re meeting at? It’s a tent at the back of an open field. After you capture Will, I want you to bring
him to the base tomorrow at 3:42 PM. Force him to approach the tent… …and make him ask Masterson to come out of the tent. I will be far away, and when Masterson emerges… …I will shoot her on the spot. Got it. I guess I’ll be on my way. This is it. Officer: Freeze!
Boy: What do you want from me! -Put your hands up!
-No! (Gunshot)
Boy: Aaah! Okay! Okay! Hey. Come on in. Have a seat. Nice to see you all again. So, how is he doing? He’s doing good. He’s making great progress. I agree. He’s quickly adjusting back to his normal life. That’s great! Congratulations! Um, I need to speak to the nurses privately for a moment. Could you please step out of the room? Okay. So, I have something to tell you both. With this case involving the patient, um, what’s his name? Thomas James. Thomas, right. So, Thomas’s little brother, Will, as we know,
teamed up with another criminal, Emily Masterson. But I know how we can stop them. What we’re going to do is use Will as bait. What that means is that he can help us kill Masterson. She’s too dangerous to be left alive. Interesting. How can we help? I was wondering if you knew any hypnotists. I’d like them to hypnotize Will, so he’ll do what we say. We do know one, and we’ll send you his contact information. No one messes with my brother and gets away with it. Shoot. (Gunshot) (Music) Do you think killing her was the right call? I don’t know. But, I didn’t think keeping her alive was the right call. So, I just trusted my gut and went for the kill. Interesting. I can see where you’re coming from. So, Masterson is dead, but what’s going on with the orphan siblings? Well, Thomas, the older one, is still recovering from the poison incident. And we don’t know what to do with Will. Is everyone thinking about putting him in jail? The poisoning, in my opinion, was just an act of self-defense. If my opinion means anything. That’s a good point. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve announced my unofficial retirement. It’ll be all over the news tomorrow. It’s disappointing to hear you say that. But I’m not surprised you’re stepping down. You’ve been at this detective thing for a long time. Yes, I have, officer. Yes, I have.

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