HUNTED | Short movie

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What is it there? Some kind of factory Look at all of this No entry! Yeah no entry Look at this big building Lets go inside It looks scary There could be someone in there Why are we doing this? I dont know, we are just recording So people can see how it looks I dont know if I have guts to go inside Look at this entry Lets find the main doors Look how big it is Stories like this never end well WTF is this Im scared I dont want to go in There is no one inside Right or left? Go left This really looks like some horror movie Look around WTF RUN RUN Where are we going? He is over there! RUN! I cant run anymore Where is Mikey? I dont know. He was behind me. Follow me As if I knew something was going to happen MIKEY! Who is that guy? I dont know Where is the way out? Lets try and get on that roof? Where are we? WTF is going on? Lets go up Look at him How did you get up there? Come down here guys! MIKEY!

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