Hush Official Trailer #1 (2016) – John Gallagher Jr. Horror Movie HD

Hush Official Trailer #1 (2016) – John Gallagher Jr. Horror Movie HD

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*nature sound* *wind and birds chipring* *phone chimes* *click *rushing of air* *heavy breathing* *running* *door slam


  1. This movie would have been so much better if Maddie woke up, strapped in a bed in a mental institute, realizing everything that happened to her was all her imagination.

  2. i've seen this movie, and it ends with her killing the killer, but she is super injured. it ends with cop noises in the distance as her cat slowly walks over and sits on her lap.

  3. I'm confused can someone explain: her ex is named Craig and it would make sense if the guy in the mask is Craig but in the FaceTime picture Craig is black so who is the guy in the mask? Just some random guy? I mean he knows her name but he could've just gotten it from her phone…

  4. the only reason people are hating on hush is because its not really that scary due to the man taking his mask off very early in the film

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  6. Saw this on Netflix like everyone else bc you can’t find it anywhere else. First let me say it’s a good edge of your seat movie.The disappointment. They should have used a deaf actress to portray a deaf woman. You can tell this is a hearing person. Sign language was a plus even tho there wasn’t much.

    To those that have been commenting about deaf person should not be alone the woods/forest why not ?? Why wouldn’t be ok ? If the comments were towards both hearing and deaf I could understand but it’s not in most comments.

  7. I told my mom, little 13 year old me, that this movie was rated R. Discovered 1 month after me and her watched it together. After I said that, her famous words were "It was? Whoops:)" ? Again, I discovered that it is rated R like 3 minutes ago.

  8. SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Go down to see my comment of you've seen it V

    When the killer still didn't know she was deaf, he tapped on the door. Remember? When that happened I was scared ? My mom knows how to make me feel better and said "Hellloooo? Serial killer at the door?" ?

  9. Yes. Hi. Not saying it's a good movie or not since I haven't finished it. Just pointing out a little discrepancy that was bugging me. The trailer says she can't speak. In the movie, her friend said she got sick (went deaf) when she was 13. So she grew up hearing. Unless her parents barred her from all spoken language since birth (doubtful), she would be able to speak. Going deaf doesn't suddenly make a person mute unless the illness hurt her vocal chords as well.

    Anyway, that's just something I noticed that didn't match up. I could mention other stuff as well, but whatever

  10. OK he has her phone… But she hasn't got social media or Skype? (not a spoiler I haven't seen it but I got VOIP I'd be doxing myself and saying call for help!)

  11. I know Im late like 2 years late but just watched OMG I've never rooted for someone in a film in my life the movie is good like real good

  12. "hi, im a whamen and i cant hear nor talk. ill just go to the woods and get a cabin there with absolutely no people to help me if something bad happened." and this people, is why we should respect whamen.

  13. I loved this movie and I NEED THAT MASK!!! Can't find anywhere!
    Anyone who knows where I can get, reply with link, please!


  15. Loved this movie but one complaint is that the man in the mask reveals himself too quickly. It makes the idea of it all less scary because we see him as a normal looking man, rather than being intimidated by the mask he was wearing.

  16. it would have been helpful if she had some kind of weapon
    sees crossbow, kitchen knives
    oh well… a gun? machete? um…the elder wand?

  17. I can tell you why it's labeled a horror film. It's because you will be horrified at the repeated stupidity of the main character.

    "Oh no! A bad guy got my phone, and I've got a working computer. Better go gauge the situation before I try to use my computer to get help!"

    "Oh no! He shot a crossbow at me, missed, and has to reload. I better not run into the big dark woods where I can hid and he can't see me. Let's go back to the house where I'm a caged mouse!"

    "Wow, I've acquired a real weapon and the bad guy is dead in front of me. I don't think I'm going to use it though!"

    Uggh! Waste of a film.

  18. this movie is good n all but why would a deaf, mute woman decide to live out in the woods alone, and not even have a gun to protect herself?

  19. So let’s all pretend that we’re deaf and go live in the middle of the woods with no sign of HUMANITY

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