I Hunted Down Every Zombies Without Any Teammates (SOLO) | PUBG MOBILE

I Hunted Down Every Zombies Without Any Teammates (SOLO) | PUBG MOBILE

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what is going on guys welcome back to another
zombie mode gameplay so in my older zombie mode videos, people have been commenting lately
that the zombie mode has been nerfed down with the latest update means it is not tougher
anymore. So thats what im gonna check out right now
with this video. Usually i play zombie mode with my squad and
Im not bragging but i have won way over 90% of every match i have played in zombie mode
so far with my ggc squad. But since i think it may actually been made
easier, im gonna try to survive the zombie mode as solo. So lets see.. how it goes


  1. Thank you so much for smooth and extreme graphipcs i know you have s 10 + and your game don't lag but smooth graphipcs and very nice and please switch your recorder

    Edit= you and kinganbru and maxtern are good friends I know but why you don't join ES clan and play with them please bro my request

  2. Bro we had to do something not even 3k views till now.
    I am feeling really sad at this what has happened to people.
    I think the reason is "no hindi commentary"
    I think u should consult a trusty person for Hindi commentary like rishabh or Andrew btw i m vice executive in ggc's discord sever. 😍😍😍 But still sad

  3. Nice video I am a fan of you can you give me 1lakh rupees you are a famous YouTuber so pls donate it to me

  4. Bro you are absolutely correct zombie mode is extremely easy by the way I was not getting time to watch your videos before but now I'm free. Love your videos never and never stop YouTube and uploading Mini Militia and PUBG videos.

  5. We played zombie mode yesterday we killed 3 tyrants and 156 zombies without killing any player 😁😁😁

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