I Tried Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes So You Don’t Have To

I Tried Fashion Nova Halloween Costumes So You Don’t Have To

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  1. Can you please do a video trying on strictly plus sizes? I really think your followers would be pleased to see those sizes revised as well:)

  2. I have watched a lot of other youtubers try fashion nova and they thought they were good , but it could be your personal taste. I’m not trying to be rude but I think it’s fashion nova’s style to be “sexy” so I’m not trying to be rude by saying if you are not liking how high cut it is, that it’s more your fault for not liking the costumes. But I like you

  3. Cardi B costume was pretty cute. Loved the jacket. But wouldn't wear it for Halloween I just love the jacket save the fluff.

  4. 1 I don’t care how you pronounce a word and 2 21:04 is my favourite costume but where I live I could only ware it
    in summer time not in Halloween because it is ether snowing, raining or both or it is just really cold 🥶

  5. I've just found your channel and watched a few of your costume videos, and they are fun, but I feel you are too focused on tag size and not fit. They are often not fitting well because you generally have the wrong size on. No matter what size a person is, if they wear something too small it's not going to fit properly.

  6. The exercise outfit of course the bra isn't the best, it is a costume. And no you couldn't go down a size it looks good on you…..leg warmers are leg warmers…..not sure how they would fit differently.

  7. I think that the scarecrow costume seems to be very accurate to the photo though. It very clearly shows how it low on her tatas and very high up on her bum

  8. Fashion nova: We need the most sexy and scandalous costumes ever.
    Me walking in in my inflatable dinosaur costume: I think I may have misunderstood……

  9. girl just get bigger sizes, the number on the tag don’t matter, only you will see, the first one was truly too small as most of them were, you’d look bomb at it if it were your size!

    note: i’m not hating on her, it just seems a common theme that she often orders/buys a size that is clearly too small for her, but then again i’m not her, we have totally different bodies and i’m nowhere near her body size so i really don’t know, i’m just saying what it seems to me ❤️❤️❤️

    edit: the ones in which you chose the 1x fit you perfectly

  10. Um I’m really sorry to say, and please no shade at all but , when you put on the Barbie costume you could see your lady bits the outline and shape of it, I’m not trying to be pervy but you should know if you’re going to be wearing it. But other than that you look really cute in it

  11. I do have the robin hood, and incredible costumes. I do have to admit the robin hood costume does work better when you are shorter, I think that's why it was so high wasted on you. No shade trying to be thrown but… the Mrs. Incredible suit does look better on girls who have a more slimmed down waist.

  12. Love Sierra, and im plus size, and your body has changed over the years (I have binged watched alot of videos this week), you need to go up a size to plus size. you will be so much happier. Some places you will still be smaller sized at an xxl or 0x but its okay to be a 1x 2 x.

  13. It seems most holloween costume makers/ desingers think all women want super sexualused costumes some do some don't. I don't know whether to be happy us plus or close to plus size wemon/girls should be happy or like no. I guess it's up to the individual who is or wants to ware them.

  14. Weirdly I actually just went to a college Halloween costume party and all my friends went in sexy costumes( playboy bunny, Cher from clueless, and devil) and then there’s me………. i literally dressed up in a Hufflepuff uniform soooooooo…….. lol

  15. Costumes are almost always polyester or nylon. Both fabrics make you feel hot. 70 bucks for a costume is about 40 bucks more than most plus size costumes. Being in the XL – 1X sizes sucks. Some makers do carry a 0X, but not enough. The bra thing is a PITA. I think the model for this costume have boob jobs. Natural breasts that size do do pop up like that. Personal, I go up a size, and alter the thing with one of my own bras. Btw, That race car outfit looked good on you, but I understand the sweat thing. The same thing in a breathable lycra/ rayon or lycra/cotton blend would be perfect.

  16. I think that these costumes (and most of fashion nova clothes) is something you wear in the bedroom when you wanna feel sexy for your lover, you feel me? 😂😂

  17. Um…I’m sorry but girl you are beautiful but you are wearing the wrong size. The reason the top is falling in the first look is cause it’s to small and tight . If you went more plus size I have a feeling the clothes would fit you better. Maybe like a size 18 or so. I know people hate going up in clothing size but it would make you comfortable and you would fit your clothes. Js. Much love and you are funny. ❤️💜💕

  18. I feel like people who do hauls or a try on video they always complain about the fit when like do y’all expect to look like the models? The models they have are supposed to have a slim thick figure so don’t expect to look slim thick just cause the model is slim thick no hate but like come on it’s the truth

  19. OMG the Barbie looks like something from GLOW- Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and if you 80's up the hair, it could be a fun costume.

  20. I could probably fit in the cardi B costume cuz my chest stays the same small size no matter how much weight I gain or lose.

  21. Respectfully and lovingly, it wasnt fashion novas fault. I'm not sure the coshtumes were the right fit and thats why there were falling down.
    Love your work xx

  22. No one can make a video like this as funny as you, Sierra 😂 so many awful costumes.. didn’t really have high hopes either tho haha! Make your own 🙌🏼

  23. I agree with a lot of others here half your issue with these costumes is that you were wearing a size too small??
    For being someone so body positive you seem to run away from the “plus size” costumes on this one even though they’d actually fit you right….🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  24. Gurl, own it that you are a plus size! So cringy watching you fit into size xl clothes. Just because it fits you doesnt mean its the right size for you. Own it! You are fat, you are not curvy as you keep on saying in all your vids.

  25. Tbh i love her personality and her videos are very interesting but i will never subscribe cause they aren't ever executed correctly. She should've went a size up in almost everything. She isn't a mid-size 12 anymore. She's more like a 14-16. Fashion nova is both very size inclusive and curve friendly. Yes the costumes are scandalous but they would've been a lot more complimentary if she had gone a size or 2 up.

  26. So many people commented on how she should wear a bigger size. I think she likes the way the smaller size fits. A larger size might look better to other people, but she clearly prefers more form fitting clothes. I think her message is that what matters most is how we feel in what we are wearing. If she is comfortable and she feels hot or cute, that’s what matters.

  27. If I had to wear that Cruella costume I would just embrace the bra showing and wear a sexy red bra or something to match the gloves.

  28. I dressed as Judy Hopps from Zootopia one year, and her ears kept falling off, too. I think it just has to do with how tall and heavy the ears are!

  29. Look at .ore plus size since your in between. I thing it will fit better. But dont be so surprised when things dont fit. Its normal except it.

  30. Dude you are not standard size you look ridiculous and not given the right review if you don’t get the right size come on

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