I Wore A Haunted Necklace For A Week

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could a haunted necklace affect your wife absolutely hi I’m Lindsay I’m really into fashion and spooky stuff so I went on eBay and bought a haunted possessed necklace for one whole week I’m gonna wear this necklace and hopefully not die so here’s the deal I don’t know if this is true I’m very skeptical I don’t know if this necklace is possessed if it’s just a necklace or the crazy backstory so that’s why we’re gonna try it out I have the necklace I haven’t even opened it yet and I don’t wanna do it alone so I have my two best friends Joyce and jazz not the demons just the Hangout how do you feel about haunted things don’t like it’s Mickey teaming stuff but you believe of course I believe there’s a lot going on in this world and we’re always in retrograde we’re in retrograde right now when you will be wearing this necklace yes if a demons like egg you’ll be like no thank you all right but before we look at it and hey let’s read about it okay I’m a middle-aged female who recently inherited 1,300 acres of land for my grandfather it had been passed on to him from his father and he couldn’t bear sell it even though he had no use for it because my great-grandmother was scared of the land she had grown up hearing stories of witches or satanic cults using the land when she was a child so a couple of weeks ago three of my friends and I decided to go explore all the nature this land had to offer it started out like any normal hiking trip but a few strange sounds now thank you so much into it and continue – now is this her like profession telling stories she really needs to go on farmersonly.com after around three hours into the hike we came across an old ho is hiking for three hours you’ve never I would sell my lab especially when you know your great-grandmother thinks the place has demons right we came across an old wooden shack we found a few bones which we believe to be animals however there were a few things that we brought back home we found a few boxes excuse me so you see a dead body holding a box it’s started so this necklace is a piece of jewelry that she found in the shop okay this necklace is very elaborate with countless crystal stones it has proven extremely powerful lashing of lights that appear to be fire bursting and photo while we were taking photos both of our fully charged phone batteries were completely drained of energy no I was falling off earlier when God speaks I listen what God says move I move and God’s a good I don’t care that it was falling off before it fell right now I know but it’s been falling no no no llores it didn’t happen while y’all were setting up the lights that happened right now it’s gravity now that we’re back and the candles back up you ready to finish the story I guess oh this psychic warrant to keep it away from all children because she considered a harmful spiritual entity which may cause demonic position see I would take this necklace Rose it off the Titanic and just watch that if anything else happens on this set you cannot rationalize that I’m gonna sing some gospel open this mother sucker y’all can complain let’s do it the necklace is so alluring that once your eyes fixate on it you can feel it when you end have you ever felt that way the piece of jewelry you know I want to see it I don’t want to oh my gosh you have to wear that every day that’s tragic I feel like this looks very old Hollywood it definitely has a style it has a look it has bad energy who would have worn this you know I don’t feel anything right now I wouldn’t say I feel positive who’s my discuss the candles although probably but the candle fell because of this Memphis this could actually damage your wife are you gonna like trying to protect you at all like you guys are not concern for me but you’re just saying that you’re gonna leave no no how do you feel no thank you watch your moods watch your dreams I don’t want to tiptoe around my life like this shouldn’t affect my life okay you’re a very spiritual person I would say um do you feel any like vibes for me today I mean you’re giving me lots of whichis Sabrina vibes you’re wearing the necklace it’s like not your normal what accessory I know this is and I want to snow what if I told you it was haunted your necklace I’m wearing a haunted necklace but oh my god can I touch it I mean do you want to touch it touch it I’m a believer I like to believe in ghosts and stuff like that so I’m a skeptic the only tragic thing about it is that it doesn’t seem to go with your normal state no I mean you guys should dress it in such a cool way really I mean do you think this is a terrible idea I’m a little worried I’m losing friends listen Lindsey you are a good person and advocate for the people around you and just friendly I haven’t seen your bad side maybe this is gonna bring that out how you doing Jess I’m fine it is 11 p.m. ish still wearing the necklace baby I am what was that I haven’t felt any different I feel fine well tonight I cried watching American Idol auditions I don’t think that’s the demon or maybe it is the American Idol demon I need to stop talking now tonight is the first night I’m sleeping with this on I do dream a lot but I also don’t have too many nightmares so I don’t know if that’s gonna happen I’m not at a point where like I want to believe it or I don’t want to believe it like I still believe that candle falling over was pure gravity but unusual things start happening on a daily basis like I might have to believe it you know what I mean I’m gonna say a little prayer tonight and go to sleep a good night for me and the demon necklace good morning awake I’m alive so I did dream last night but I just dreamed that I was like doing someone’s hair nothing demonic about that all right when I’m here and you’re haunted you think I’m yeah you couldn’t find your lipstick this morning and look at you now having to scramble that’s the spirit we’re doing a photo shoot with the demons a lady on ebay said in photos like it’s really blurry and like it glows and if you know the battery dies all of a sudden stuff like that but we wouldn’t feel like a witchy vibe today and really wimpy iconic demonic oh yeah I’m not like a ball of fire you’re both geminis so how are y’all feeling just looking at the contact sheet and have not found any discrepancies so far yesterday because you are wearing that necklace I didn’t know you brought Instagram Facebook for the whole world I did not cause the Instagram outage of 2k 19 why I touched on that cuz I’m now sick and I’m not kidding I’m literally going right now it’s a button with my cat purse to go and buy some drugs because I feel like crap do you think it was me or it was like didn’t is the breathe don’t me really no oh my god alright so I want to say this I left work early I don’t know if this is anything to do with the necklace but I just like had like a sudden like mood change and I started feeling really overwhelmed I don’t know if has anything new with a necklace honestly but I just want to document it in case I did so I had to get ready for work really quickly today so I just throw on a t-shirt this doesn’t really match which I knew was gonna happen so I’m just gonna wear it under hopefully nothing happens to these boys inter life if so I’m sorry really expensive to some costume jewelry do you think this is costume jewelry I collect like a lot of gold jewellery there’s certain things that I look for like the links do the links look older do they look like something that’s very modern that I can get in like Santiago downtown do say something yeah yeah let’s look at her I knew her yeah yeah do you think I was scammed curly people can put things into items they can cast spells on things people do it all the time I mean magic can exist in 20 time to a new conclusion maybe she only made me sell em initially I was wearing a haunted Alexa is my necklace haunted me neither that pretty much sums it up this necklace emits a lot of the negative energy a lot of negativity can come to my life all I know is that all my friends hate me and no one wants to be around me that’s cool it’s the demon and he wants to say go to bed Lindsey hopefully I get through tonight if anything weird happens I’ll let you know okay the battery is dying hopefully that’s not the demon I think I finally figured out how to style this necklace and not look very confused here’s the dealio nothing out of the ordinary is happening like at all after talking to curly I’m kind of realizing holy maybe the necklace isn’t haunted maybe it’s just a scam which is also pretty scary if you ask me today a psychic is going to read this necklace and tell me anything she feels finds you’re on trial baby see what we find that’s like my Shane Dawson like conspiracy theory voice hey what’s up you guys welcome back we’re gonna see what we find that’s not how he talks I’m gonna stop recording now I love you Shane Dawson bye [Music] my name is Jennifer Schaeffer I am an intuitive everyone has intuition but the biggest thing is that they have to lose their fear regarding your very intuitive when it comes to your friends when it comes to people I think your friends actually get mad because you’re always right objects you know antiques you know things that have a lot of history like they kind of have this attachment to them yes so if you put on something that was somebody else’s for instance or you go to a thrift store you get a jacket if that person was going through let’s say disease you might feel sick wearing it today we’re going to be focusing in on an object and I didn’t want to tell you what the object was yet I don’t want to know for artifacts it’s called psychometry it’s being able to touch an object and get the energy from it do you feel any energies here vibes good bad I do can I just see if I can pick it up yeah right yeah I feel the fad being right there is a little bit interesting could it be the lamb it’s pretty interesting that a lot of these things in the set you find Maude yeah I want to know more but it’s actually this necklace oh it’s on yes I saw something that dealt with either you know the Indian Reservation or something that dealt with a crime boss Wow and I felt like there was a knife associated with this if that makes sense to you did this person kill people whatever they did they got away with it was it dealing with a certain tribe or a certain group of people yeah I don’t know I saw something in Hawaii or Hawaiian so it’s interesting it almost feels like a fake but if it’s fake I’m gonna find out still what the essence was what the intention was did they say that they were part of the family line of this person that part Israel the person selling it goes to a lot of thrift stores I feel like same the person that’s that sold it to her told her the story and I think she glamorized it but was it for 100 yeah yes if it was real it would have been way more Wow he could a haunted necklace effect your wife absolutely you would feel like a burning sensation almost really yeah Wow I know that you’re very intuitive if you’ve been wearing this and you’re not feeling it yes or no there’s a reason why but what it represents though it represents somebody getting away with something that’s what it feels like my money that’s what they got away with my money now the end of the week yeah are you scared of me anymore no no if you guys are still suss we’re gonna put it to the super test channeling it through a Ouija board I always feel like there’s one person lying yeah I agree yeah it’s not gonna be me you’re not gonna be me I don’t know why you’re a Libra yeah we most don’t lie okay let’s start if we’re putting the necklace down right in front here okay okay ask it a question I like you necklace are you wanted [Music] are there any spirits in this room thank you we’ve just touched it I did and I realize that I’m probably no Chuy’s are really serious Lindsey ready for love I mean I feel like all the evidence you’ve gotten over the past week shows that this is probably not I feel like I would have felt something if anything it felt more empty than normal yeah that candles I can literally rock to me I feel like there are haunted jewelry out there yeah I just think that this wasn’t it yeah yeah are you gonna put it in props are you gonna throw it away yeah what are we gonna do with this you can’t put in a prop you cannot put it in proper this is where the Haunted star yeah cuz now a spear it’s gonna be like oh that’s MD I’m gonna occupy that we could bury it I think yeah let’s bury it will you hang out with me now yeah after you put some Florida water on yourselves I don’t know where to get that Amazon [Music] [Music] that shot like 25 episodes it was fun but it’s not gonna start early please

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