If Thanksgiving Was a Horror Movie

If Thanksgiving Was a Horror Movie

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Do I have to go Dad, I really don’t want
to! Son I told you, you haven’t seen your family
in a while and they want to see you Yeah but they’re all so weird and I don’t
even- Jake! We’re going okay, there’s no way around
it Fine
Alright let’s get in the car we gotta go I always hate coming here dad
Calm down Jake, you’re making a big deal out of nothing
Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake! Oh sorry
It’s time to go inside, and be nice to everyone, okay? okay
Hey Aunt Gloria! Uncle Ted! Where is everyone? Oh there you are uncle Ted! Hey Jim! Hey ted… How’s the wife Jim? Uhhh, she’s fine? find a new job yet Jim? What Steve, uh I-
How’s the house Jim? Uh, wha-
Have you been keeping up with lawn maintenance? You look you’re starting to really let yourself
go Jim? How much money are you making? What, I- I don’t
DAD! what how did I-
Jake… come on, have some dinner with us No, no
How is this happening It’s dinner time Jake
C’mon Jake, time to eat It’s the only way Jake
You’re right it is the only way, the only way I can break this loop is to finish thanksgiving
dinner I’m glad you’ve come to your senses
it’s so dry, I can’t Eat it
I can’t, it’s- No! c’mon please open! There’s no escape
no, no How’s college Jake? Your studies coming along well? Are you making any new friends? C’mon Jake tell us about college
No, no, please stop no please stop! I can’t take this anymore! GET OUT OF MY HEAD
hey dad can you pass me the salt yeah of course son
Thanks dad see son, I told you had nothing to worry about,
we’re having a great time We sure are dad, we sure are


  1. I like the camera angles and the skit idea! Just like an actual horror movie! ?? most of our situations whenever we have to see family during the holidays! Thank you and happy thanksgiving

  2. HoW'S cOlLeGE jAkE? — the true horror right here xD okay i came here from reddit and i'm so glad i did! (also you had waaay too much fun playing the family members didn't you??)

  3. You can tell this is a really low budget movie because of the actors

    That’s obviously not a real family. They look nothing alike

  4. Great idea and concept. A ton of work went into this storyboard and shot wise. Did anybody help?? Cause if it was all you then that adds even more to it. I come from a large family on my dads side so this hits a lot of spots for sure. Great video

  5. Lmao (crying) this is GREAT! From the acting to the editing! This video needs more views! You're great at what you do, keep the videos coming. I needed a laugh, lol.

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