Il Gladiatore Di Roma – Film Completo Ita Full Movie English sub by Film&Clips

Il Gladiatore Di Roma – Film Completo Ita Full Movie English sub by Film&Clips

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THE GLADIATOR OF ROME English subtitles by David Blake (2013) Under the rule of the cruel
Emperor Caracalla, the City of Rome, more intoxicated than ever with power,
became the centre of many intrigues that threatened the integrity of
the mighty Roman Empire. Frastus! How good to see you!
– Greetings, Astarte. Have you brought me news?
– Yes. This evening we are to meet a man
who has information for us. He’s devious, but he knows
the secrets of half of Rome. Do you think he’ll speak true?
– It takes gold to make such men truthful. You are the only person I can count on.
Since I met you as legionnaires in Silesia. Come and sit in the tavern with me. We’ll refresh ourselves with a cup of wine,
and talk about old times. Bring us some wine! Happy days – when we served
on the Eastern Frontier. That’s when Uras
was only a tribal chieftain. I remember the time he said to me… But, tell me, Astarte, why are you
trying to find the Princess Nisa? Are you in love with her? No… Because you are like a brother to me,
I will trust you. I have to kill her!
– Kill her? Yes, by order of King Uras.
I was the one who helped him take the throne from King Arculeus.
And now, I am rewarded like this – Either the head of Princess Nisa!
Or, it’s my own! – That’s terrible. You can count on me for anything. How beautiful Nisa was!…
I can still see her, there with Arculeus. We murdered all of the royal family.
Except for Nisa. She managed to escape. Today, Uras is afraid his enemies might
restore her to power. I cannot return to Silesia, unless
I can take him that woman’s head. But how did Nisa manage to get away?
– With a slave loyal to Arculeus. A real giant – Marcus. It was a miracle
he didn’t crush us with his bare hands. Drink up… And don’t worry.
You’re about to complete your mission. What is it?
– Everything is in order. The fodder has arrived, and the
blacksmith has finished his work. Very well. Valerius is leaving for Rome.
Is his horse ready for him? – Yes. Have it brought around to the front. Also bring the chariot with the white
horses. The Senator has to go out. How are you, Marcus?
– While I can work in peace, I’m well. The master is pleased with your work.
I heard him say he wants to reward you. Reward me, why? – Because you cleared
out the cellars in short order, removing those enormous barrels
that no-one else was able to budge. That was nothing. For me, it was easy. Do you ever get homesick for Silesia?
– No, I couldn’t feel safe there now. Nisa. She is of noble birth, isn’t she?
– One’s status in life is changeable. Today she’s a slave like myself. But
I swore to her father I would protect her. Well, Fate is kind to her now. And, if
the Gods will, it will soon be kinder. Thanks to the noble heart of our
young master, Valerius. And I love you, Valerius… But I’m afraid. Your parents will
never consent to our marriage. You are the only son of one of the
most illustrious families of Rome. And I am only a slave-girl your
mother bought in the slave market. They won’t ever let us marry.
I will lose you forever. No, we won’t lose each other.
My mother and father are kind people. They will understand not to
forbid our happiness. And, when I return to you here…
– You are leaving? You’re going to abandon us – again.
– I must return to Rome immediately. From there, I have to proceed
to Brindisi with my legion. When will you return?
– I don’t know. But I promise I’ll speak to my parents
of our love as soon as I return, and I’ll ask them to give you freedom,
and to consent to our marriage. Publius!
– Here comes your father. I hope your visit to Macrinus will
serve our purpose. – I trust it will. Has the chariot been brought round? It’s time for you to go. May the Gods watch over you,
and now I have to leave you. But first, I would like to speak…
– Leaving so soon? My son, who knows when I’ll see you.
– Soon, I hope. This parting is not like the others.
– Your father and I are most upset. Who knows what is to become of us?
– What do you mean, Mother? We are accused of embracing Christianity.
We face the threat of persecution. Vezius Rufus has always envied our family.
Now he is Praefectus of the Praetorians, his spite may give way to unbridled fury.
– But the Emperor would never allow an act as unjust as that, against the family that has contributed so greatly to Rome! Caracalla only listens to Vezius Rufus, and
the more he does, the worse he becomes. Rome’s best, accused of imaginary crimes,
now fall beneath the feet of the Preaetorians. And now they dare accuse even us,
of embracing Christianity! It’s inconceivable that Caracalla believes this.
– It seems that he does, my son. I can’t believe that the Emperor is as
utterly blind and cruel as you say. Now, don’t worry. How are you, Nisa?
– I’ve never been so happy. You tell me everything in Rome.
Now I too must be on my way. In Rome?! You’ll be there?
– Tomorrow I will see the Emperor, and refute these absurd accusations.
At least I’ll make every attempt to, but I’m not very hopeful.
– Will the Senate give their support. Certainly, but today I seek good counsel
from Marcus Macrinus, at his villa nearby. The Senators will oppose the merciless
policies of Caracalla. But Marcus Macrinus is the only Senator who can command the
fear of that lunatic pack about Caracalla. Here is the place. There he is now! Greetings, Frastus.
– This is Septimius, the man we seek. Let’s sit, why don’t we?
We can talk more easily. There. Two pitchers of the best Palermo! Let’s hear it.
– I found where you can find the girl. Where is she?
– In one of the patrician’s villas. Where?
– Not far, not more than a mile or so. Take us there immediately!
– But it’s almost dark now. Better to wait until daybreak.
– I’m losing my patience. Over two years now I’ve hunted
for that miserable slave girl! I sympathise. But after two years,
you can wait a few hours longer. If you knew what an effort, and cash,
it cost me to get this information! Do I take it you’re not sure?
You’ve not seen her with your own eyes? No – but I trust the person who has.
I’ll lead you to her if… you’ll agree to another 100 sesterces. 100 sesterces. You already gave him 100?
– Yes, I did give them to him. Come on now, what’s a mere 100 sesterces
to a General from Silesia! Very well, finish the business quickly,
and I’ll give you another 100 sesterces. But only when I have Nisa within my power!
– Agreed. And now, let’s drink to the success
of our little enterprise! Stop, I say! What are you’re doing!? This is the home of a true Roman…! Who gave the order for this? Vezius Rufus, I warn you!
Answer me now! You will pay for this outrage! How dare you! Call off your men! Marcus! Marcus, help! Don’t let that one get away! Help me! Help me! Restrain that man! Marcus! Marcus! Stop, you fools! That giant of a
man is worth his weight in gold! I want him alive. Take him away. Destroy everything, and remove
everyone. The slaves are confiscated, and now
they belong to the State. Move along, quickly! Marcus Macrinus, why are you here? I have come to witness your vengeance
on Valerius and his family. As Praefectus of the Praetorians, I’ve
acted solely on orders from the Emperor. I’m sure that Caracalla never ordered
the death of these two. Valerius and his wife were guilty of
endorsing the outlawed sect of Christians. I refuse to believe either was guilty of
such an offence. They honoured the Gods! Marcus Macrinus, you may bury the dead,
but I advise you not to argue with me. The Emperor knows well your rebellious
spirit, and your words of hostility. My words now protest this infamy.
Recall to your Master’s attention that tyrants like him always have proved
short-lived in Rome. Now it’s a flock of sheep!
We’ll never get there! A little more patience! The villa is not far
– no more than my 100 sesterces. Let me pass – let me pass!
I am Valerius the Younger. No-one is allowed to enter here!
– Out of my way! Criminals! Murderers! Barbarians! What is your explanation for this?
– Leave this place at once, Valerius. I sympathise with your feelings,
but I am forced to obey orders. I want to bury my parent’s bodies.
No power on Earth can prevent my doing so! Senator Macrinus has arranged
for their burial. – Murderous dogs! You killed two innocent people savagely.
Animals! Both you and your Commander! But I’ll take my revenge out on you!
– Control yourself! Assassins! My father was the truest
and most faithful of Romans! What you did here was butchery!
– There is no point in shouting at me. I’ll shout in front of the Emperor, then!
I refuse to serve in this army of cut-throats! Stop it, Valerius. Get out of here before
I’m forced to put you under arrest. You and your pitchers of Palermo…
If we’d started when I wanted to yesterday, we’d have had the slave-girl!
– But my information was correct, wasn’t it? Don’t blame me if the Emperor decided to
confiscate all of Valerius’s belongings. And my 100 sesterces?
– Be off with you! Astarte, there is still hope for you.
You’re the General of a friendly monarch. Make an application to the Praefectus,
asking to buy Nisa for yourself. The Emperor wouldn’t grant me an audience.
He referred my complaint to the Praefectus. What did you say to Vezius Rufus?
– That it’s simple justice I ask for! That I won’t serve in an Army that
destroyed my entire family. Imprudent. But with the best intentions.
Yet, in practice, it’s an ineffective weapon in overthrowing a tyranny.
He who tramples on the freedom of Rome, won’t find much time to vent his fury
upon his free-born citizens. The best men amongst us,
even at the cost of their own lives, will soon put an end
to this Emperor’s reign of terror. Macrinus, will you help me recover one
of the slave-girls taken with the others? This is hardly the moment to lose
your head over love for a slave-girl. Nisa isn’t a slave-girl in that sense.
She’s very refined, and has won my heart. If the Gods hadn’t treated us so cruelly,
I would’ve asked my parents to free her, and to give their consent and
blessing to our marriage. But she is simply a slave-girl and you are
a patrician of Rome, albeit in difficulty. I’m aware of it. I thank you for your
wise counsel, Macrinus. Tomorrow my household is leaving Rome,
for a few days sojourn in my villa at Cumae. I want to breathe air purer than the City.
The Emperor will also breathe freely, knowing that I’m out of town. Is this as far as you have got?
– Forgive us, master. The cart is heavily loaded,
and the horses are really exhausted… I had to rest and water them,
we can’t maintain the same pace you do. How cool this water is…
– Would you like to try it, Lord? I don’t believe I’ve ever tasted better.
– It comes from those mountains. It’s said it soothes the pangs of love.
– Perfect. Fill a couple of jars of it. We will
meet at the villa of Anius Quadrius. Give me the reins.
I want to drive awhile. Nisa, lean on me if you are tired.
– It wouldn’t make any difference. Where are we going now?
– To Minturnus, to work on a new road. How far away is it?
– It shouldn’t be very far from here. Minturnus isn’t far now,
I know this area. What brought you here with us?
– I was put out to work by my master. He said I robbed him, but I stole nothing! Help me!
– Halt! Help me! Help! Help! Was it you who saved me?
– Yes. Tell me your name?
– Marcus. I am grateful to you.
And I won’t forget you. Put him back in line,
and tie him again. You, come here. The Emperor grants your request. His
decree of freedom for the slave Nisa. King Uras, my sovereign lord, will be
grateful for the clemency of the Emperor. Divine Caracalla approves of your Lord’s
actions in bringing peace to Silesia, restoring freedom and respect to
this daughter of his predecessor. How can I find the girl? Valerius’s
slaves are now property of the State. They are assigned to Public Works – one
is in the quarries of Tarquinia, the other – building a road at Minturnus.
– But Nisa is with which group? Slaves do not have records kept
but, with your sealed edict, it won’t be difficult to trace the girl
and have her assigned to you. I’m grateful to you, Rufus. My friends, I have enjoyed your
hospitality more than I can tell you. I thank you for this banquet.
Above all, Prisca, for this wine, which I would happily drink all my life.
– We drink to your recovery, Macrinus. And to your permanent good health. Now, Macrinus, would you like to
visit my gladiator school? Even in Rome, you may have heard of it.
– It’s famous, I know, but I must leave it for another time.
At Cumae, my overseer waits for me. You, Anius, are interested in gladiators;
and I, in breeding bullocks. And which, in times of crisis, are more
use – more swords, or bullocks? I think, today, too many swords are
drawn against respectable citizens. The Emperor does nothing to stop them.
Perhaps he even orders them. You don’t doubt Caracalla?
I would like to trust in him, but I can’t. It is my conviction is that any good
judgment he once had no longer exists. To tell the truth, I’m grief-stricken about
what happened to the family of Valerius. But Christians must not be shown mercy.
– We cannot make exceptions. When I think of the crimes committed
in the Emperor’s name… Christians represent a threat to the Empire.
For that reason, they should be destroyed. I don’t agree, and Valerius wasn’t a Christian.
In any case, it’s better to be kind and tolerant. Christians have never resorted to violence.
I wish to thank you once again. Not at all. It’s you who have honoured us.
– You will come back soon? At the end of the season,
when I’m on my way to Rome. I would like to help that slave,
who came to my rescue in the water. Anius, would you help me to trace him? There are many slaves engaged on
Public Works, you know. It won’t be easy.
– Do your best, I beg you. I shall be forever in your debt.
– You can rely on me, Macrinus. Till we meet again.
– Farewell. Will you really search for that slave? Not for a moment. Macrinus doesn’t
count in Rome anymore. He is in disgrace. And it wouldn’t be
wise to be compromised with him. Beyond those pines, the ground is marshy.
– We’ll have to double the road depth, and make good in places by sinking pilings.
– Yes, but if they don’t send more slaves, the work will increasingly fall behind schedule.
– It can’t be helped… Water… Give me some water…
– Back to work there! Keep moving! Get along! Keep working! He’s a Hercules!
– He’s too big for you.. Better keep an eye on him.
– I agree. Get on with your work.
– That Marcus is amazing. It’s extraordinary what that man can do.
He is as strong as a bullock. With ten men like him, we could progress
ahead of schedule, I’m sure of that. Do you have a permit to be here?
– Oh, what a stickler for rules! As if this were the first time you’d seen
me bring wine for your soldiers! Oh, it’s you, always a nuisance… Aglaea. – Marcus, my dear, I couldn’t
come these last few days. There was so much work at the tavern.
I was beside myself. Tomorrow we are working near the river.
– I’ll come at any cost. I’ll find some excuse to satisfy my master.
– Enough chatter, pour out the wine. See you tomorrow, Marcus.
– Move on! You too, Marcus! Cease work! Fall in line! Are you tired, Nisa? This work is too heavy. It’s inhuman… Forward! Get a move on! You wait for word from me at
the place we agreed upon. Imagine what a life it was –
three years in Bithynia. You’re lucky! Three years without
a wife nagging you! What can I offer you?
– A pitcher of your Palermo. Tell me, are there lodgings at this inn?
– Yes, indeed. A pitcher of Palermo. There’s someone wants a night’s lodging.
– Let him have a look at the room upstairs. Tell me, do you know of any slaves around
here, assigned to work on the new road? There’s one group,
containing both men and women. Have you noticed a tall man? Very strong.
His name is Marcus. I’ve seen him.
And I know where to find him. Where is the room I wanted?
– This way. Seven for me… Believe me, she was
something you see once in a lifetime. You never got the chance to see her.
But she was the prettiest in all Bithynia! You’d be dazzled by any old crone
in Hades! My throw. Twelve!
Now it’s your throw! Does this suit you?
– Yes. Why are you so interested in that slave?
– I’m very fond of him. He once belonged to my family.
Have you also noticed a girl with green eyes and beautiful blonde hair,
whose name is Nisa? Oh, I understand. You’re in love with her!
It’s she you want to rescue… Would you be kind enough to help me?
I’d see that you were well-paid. No, I don’t want anything.
And you can trust me completely. Why?
Because I’m in love with Marcus. What is the name of this man?
– Jesus, he is called Christ. His followers are beyond counting.
They spread throughout the world. You. Do you believe this nonsense?
– Christ is our only hope of salvation. The day will come when there’ll be
no slaves, or masters either. Our chains will be broken, and removed
from our hands and feet. Are we supposed to forgive even the
overseer who…? Of course, we must forgive even our
enemies, my child. Only through forgiveness may we enter
the Kingdom of Heaven and sit on the right hand of the One who
is the only King in existence, God! Listen, listen! Over there! Get away from there!
If not, I’ll whip you! Hear me, I have important news.
Let me speak to the overseer. Yes? Go on! You must eat something,
if you want to survive. You must keep up your strength. Alas… Valerius has forgotten me. A slave girl does wrong to raise her eyes
to those of her own master. I should have expected it.
– Valerius will keep his word. And, if I am holding back,
it’s because I’m awaiting his orders. Believe me! What do you want?
– I overheard them plotting as Christians. The old ones said their God would return,
but in place of the Emperor, no less. His soldiers are supposed to be these dogs?
A pack of slaves in chains?! But they say there are Christians even among
the gladiators. And they have weapons! If you are imagining all this, I’ll have your
tongue burnt out with red-hot pincers! I swear it’s only what I’ve heard!
– I’ll tell the Quaestor, then. Eight. Eleven!
– Tomorrow, you’ll buy the wine at the tavern. We’re not finished yet… That’s the only outside window. You wait
here and I’ll draw the sentinel away. Aglaea, where are you off to?
– My master at the inn has sent wine. It’s a gift from your Centurion, in fact.
– Give me a taste of it. First I must deliver it to the guardhouse.
If you want any, come along. I can’t do that. I’m on duty.
– Don’t let it worry you. Those bars are stronger than any arm.
Come on, why don’t you? You wait here… Aglaea!
– I’ve brought you some wine! It’s a present from your Commander.
– He must’ve heard what we were saying. Wonderful! – I never refuse free wine!
– Where’s mine? You deserve it… Valerius! I’d almost given up hope…
– My darling! I’ve come to get you out of here. Call Marcus. Marcus, we haven’t a moment to spare!
I have two men keeping watch for us. Aglaea has been able to draw
away the sentinel. And, you know, the Centurion ordered me to
bring him five whole pitchers of wine! The first one he poured down
in honour of Mars. The last, in Marcia’s embrace,
in honour of Venus. Will you sacrifice us in honour of Venus,
Aglaea? No-one sacrifices to Venus with me, unless
he first delivers me from that foul inn-keeper. Listen, my turtle dove, Venus herself
wouldn’t cost us so much! Escape! Escape! Hurry! After them! Valerius! Valerius! Put him back in the cell,
and chain him to the wall! Be quick!
Don’t stand there! I’ll cure you of trying to run away, dogs!
You’ll pay for this! Move! Pull those chains more tightly,
so he cannot move at all. You’re also going pay for this night’s work.
That beast cannot help you now. I’ll cure you both of wanting to run away! When a slave rebels the way you did,
he should be nailed to a cross. But to crucify a brute with the strength
of a hundred would be too wasteful. We can do something, however, to make you
docile – without affecting your strength. A lion without eyesight is no longer wild. Nothing to worry about. You’ll be on your feet
in a few days. The wound isn’t serious. The soldiers evidently didn’t know you,
else they would have been here by now. I’m alright now.
It’s for Nisa that I’m upset. Now she’s back with those butchers,
they’ll be more vicious than ever. Don’t worry about Nisa.
Our friend Marcus will protect her even now. The iron is white hot. It’s just right… Look straight into my eyes,
they’ll be the last thing you’ll see. Desist! What are you doing?
– The slave was trying to escape. The man is a constant threat to us,
with his superhuman strength. Why destroy such a treasure?
He could be a magnificent gladiator. What is your name?
– My name is Marcus. I’ll take you into my service. If you show as much strength and spirit
when you fight in the arena, I might even grant you your liberty.
– I am willing to fight as a gladiator, if you will let her come with me. Who is this woman? Is she yours? No, but I am pledged to protect
and defend her. Conduct this slave under close escort
to my gladiator school. And have the girl taken to my villa.
She can serve my wife. The Gods protect you more than
any mortal deserves. You, release this slave at once! Attack! Good, that’s right! Parry! Closer… Stay inside! Attack! Raise your shield! Respond! If I had your muscles,
and you had my brain, who knows what we’d be!
Emperors, at least! What would you do as Emperor,
Pompilius? – I’d run away. Because here, there’s no future.
– But Emperors can’t run away. That’s what you think… Yesterday I saw Aglaea asking a guard
to help her get inside. She was like a pussy cat in the moonlight.
Miaow-miaow. Help her, if you can. Listen. I told her to hoot like an owl, and
bring wine. Otherwise, she won’t get in! Drink, drink – keep up your spirits! Stronger! Faster! Enough! Your turn, Marcus.
The rest of you out of the ring. You can be the first to try him out. See what you can do. Hail, Marcus! – Hail, Marcus! He’s Hercules! He’s a sensation! He’s…
– Hold your tongue, we’re not at the Circus! Easy there, or you’ll be sorry. You’ve made excellent progress. Bravo! When you get to fight in Rome,
no gladiator will be able to match you! When do we go to Rome?
– That’s for the Master to say. You – you – practise – get your helmets on! Don’t wash too much,
or your muscles will get a chill in them.. Why all the attention?
– I’ve bet all my money on your first fight! Of course I’m taking good care of you! Marcus! Now, keep yourself dry! Nisa, finally!
– I’ve tried often to come here, but the sentinels sent me away.
Today, I was luckier. Pompilius brings me news of you.
How does your mistress treat you? Fairly, I have to say. Serving Prisca is
easier than toiling on the road. But I still feel ill-at-ease with her.
If I had perished in that prison cell, Valerius would not have been wounded.
– Never fear. If his wounds were serious,
Aglaea would have let me know. Oh, Marcus.
If only I could be near him now. I am sure, Nisa, that we’ll have news
of Valerius very soon. I must go, or my mistress will look for me.
– Remember, if ever you need me, just tell Pompilius.
– Thank you. I am leaving for Rome.
I must speak with the Emperor at once. I’ve discovered Christians even here.
– This will convince Caracalla of your loyalty. But I’m afraid it will avail you nothing
– you and your weak character! We’ll remain here, forever rotting away
in this dreary wilderness. While men of less capacity are raised
to the highest positions in Court! You’ll see. This time, Caracalla will listen
to my report. If only because of his hatred for Christians.
– Tell him also what we heard from Macrinus. I shall tell him.
– Beg him, promise him, but please… do something to get us out of this
provincial trap! It’s so suffocating! I’ll do my best. But, stay calm… The same old promises as usual……
– No! Believe me, Prisca… This time I will be successful!
Your wish will be granted. Don’t be afraid of him! Coward, you don’t have the back-bone
to be a good fighter! Arrest those two gladiators,
they are Christians. Eight guards with me. Step forward! They are Christians, you say?
– Yes, I have proof. Be watchful. These fanatics are known
to be infiltrating everywhere. Marcus, I hear great things about you.
– He’s better than the trainer, he is! When I return from Rome,
you shall have your reward! Your first fight in the arena
will be to the death. You are still very fresh, but
I have great confidence in you. Inside! Please take a seat, Valerius. To what do I owe the honour
of your welcome visit? I have come to seek the kindness
of Quaestor Anius Quadrius. My husband has gone to Rome for
a meeting with the Emperor. But you may speak freely with me.
If I can be of use, I shall be delighted. I wish to thank you, Prisca.
– I have heard, of course, of how you lost all your family.
I am distressed beyond words. A young man like you, so gifted.
We’ll see that the Emperor is told… No don’t, it is out of the question.
I wish to redeem two of your slaves, who formerly belonged to us.
I wish to free them. – Who are they? Their names are Nisa and Marcus.
– I understand about Marcus. As a slave he is invaluable.
He might at any moment be sold and bring you a fortune.
– That is not my intention. I feel for him like a brother.
– And what about the girl? She was a cherished member of
our home. My Mother loved her well. Valerius, don’t think I don’t appreciate
your tenderness for this young woman. but I find it hard to believe that a slave
is worth as much attention as you are showing…
– Don’t ask me to explain, I beg of you. I count on your understanding in this,
and I shall be grateful for your help. Very well, Valerius. When Anius returns,
I shall speak with him. Now, why don’t you call on me again?
– I’ll be happy to. Valerius… Nisa! It seems impossible to me,
after all we went through that night. And that horrid cell for the slaves. How I have longed for you to come.
And you were wounded? It’s healed now. I was lucky for once.
Aglaea hid me out of danger. Don’t let’s be seen together.
It could be dangerous for you. I’m past caring. If I can be near you,
I am willing to feel the overseer’s lash. I’ve just told your Mistress that I mean
to redeem you and Marcus from Anius. Are you sure it’s not a hopeless dream?…
– It’s not hopeless. I’ve persuaded Prisca to use all her
influence with the Quaestor. I pray Heaven is willing
that we can all be happy. My parents are gone now.
They can’t share in our happiness. I shall try to give you all my love
to make up for them… I shall always be with you. Is Prisca kind to you?
– Well, she’s rather demanding. I enjoy a small degree of liberty,
But I’m not with you… And that’s worse than
chains and iron fetters. It will soon be over… Don’t worry – I’ll never leave you here. Pompilius! Hurry up! Open the gate! Between the two of you, I’ll get into trouble… Quiet!
– I’ll let you drink wine for free for a week. That’s a good idea! Now, be careful! Stop worrying, Who is going to know?
– No-one, I hope… In you go. May Luck be with us! Wait… Go ahead! They’ll be kissing; and I’ll probably
get thrashed! There’s no justice… What are you doing here? Who are you?
– Don’t you recognise her? She’s a special friend of Marcus!
Keep on going! Be good. There’ll be free wine for you! They’re so much in love. Ever been in love?
Well, then… Watch! Valerius has spoken with Prisca, about
buying your and Nisa’s freedom. I was sure he wouldn’t desert us.
– He promised to do the same thing for me. We’ll all be so happy. Why do you think Valerius is so anxious
to buy your redemption? I don’t know. He was once my master.
– There must be a very strong motive. Did the family of Valerius have any reason
to feel indebted towards you? On the contrary, I owe them for
my comfort – until that day when… Ah, now I understand!
Valerius seeks to redeem his mistress! I was never his mistress!
Our love has always been pure and honest. A slave girl like you has only one use
– as a plaything for her young master. For as long as she pleases him.
But, when it’s over,… Oh no, he wouldn’t do that, Mistress!
I know Valerius loves me! You thought you knew it, but perhaps
you’ll find him changed towards you. Don’t say that, Mistress.
Please accept his offer of redemption. Have pity on me. I beg you… I beg you… Come in. There’s a slave girl here from the Quaestor.
– Show her in. Were you sent by Prisca, the wife of Anius? You?!
– For a Valerian, this is a miserable hovel. You don’t even have an attendant.
Now I understand your anxiety to buy Nisa. Have you come to agree to the redemption?
– I have come to give you some good advice. Instead of wasting time with a slave girl,
why not socialise with fellow Romans. Such friendships may well help you
to regain your rightful position. I must confess the truth.
Nisa is the girl I love with all my heart. That’s why I want to redeem her.
– How low you have fallen! Even in your sensibilities!
I do well in refusing to sell her to you. Whatever the cost, I intend to have that girl!
– Don’t you think it imprudent to speak thus to the mistress
of the slave girl you desire? Please, Prisca.
Listen to me… I heard what she said.
Be careful, Valerius. I love Nisa; and I will save her.
Even if it costs me my life. Remember. A woman who enjoys cruelty
can torture her slaves anyway she wishes. On your feet! It’ll be alright, Nisa. You’ll not suffer much longer.
Valerius is seeking to redeem you. It won’t happen. My mistress is jealous.
That’s why she sent me to work here. Valerius will rescue you.
It won’t be very long now. Have faith in him. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.
Don’t play the spy, and keep your hands off these poor people. Did you listen carefully to Marcus, eh? Keep his words in mind; because you
never know when we might be back. Enough said. Don’t you forget now…. Get back to work there! What did you stop for?
– See what they are doing to Nisa? Prisca has decided Valerius can’t have her. Anyway, we gave those beasts a lesson! Nisa is now at the mercy of a mistress
who won’t agree to the redemption, because she is in love with Valerius herself.
– Valerius is a handsome man. If I were a girl,
I’d fall in love with him myself. Listen, we’re going to help Nisa escape.
– How do you mean, escape? We’ve got to rescue that poor girl.
We can’t leave her there. You’ve got to help me
get her out, if it costs our lives. Just a minute! Your life, not mine! You’re big and strong. You can use a sword.
You’re not afraid of anything… Look at me! One careless cuff from
your great paw, and I’d be broken in half. Even if your body is weak,
your heart is as strong as a lion. M-my h-heart… I-I tell you, this is going to end badly.
– Will you help me? Well, alright… Ambassador Asarte is on a mission
from the King of Silesia. He has a decree from the Emperor.
– How can I be of service to you? General Astarte is looking for
a Silesian slave girl named Nisa. There are many slaves on this project,
but I don’t recall that one. Are you quite sure? – Look for
yourselves, but I’m sure of it. Let’s go! Enough! Welcome home, Master. See they are shut in the dungeon
beneath the gladiators’ cells. I want you to ensure your soldiers
guard them day and night.. They are Christians.
– As you command, Quaestor. The slaves transferred from Public Works
will also be under your supervision. They will dig an eel pond on my estate.
Guard them closely. I’ll take care of the scum. Leave them to me. Who are they?
– They are the Christian slaves. Wait and see what happens to them.
After they finish digging the eel pond, they’ll be fed to the same eels for lunch!
He must have got the idea in Rome. Back at last, Anius! I have awaited you so anxiously.
Do you have good news for me? I believe I have.
– Then you are satisfied with your visit? Extremely.
The Emperor treated me like an old friend. He kept several dignitaries waiting,
while he talked with me. Caracalla has given me a free hand
in getting rid of the Christians. Before I started back, I arrested a lot of
them. It’s strange: they neither resist arrest nor even deny their beliefs. Quite incredible!
– Did you speak to him of your ambitions? Five years in Minturnus is really exile!
– Oh, if I can help exterminate the Christians, I’m sure I will given a high position at Court.
While in Rome, I spoke with Vezius Rufus. He was very encouraging. Who are these men?
– They want to speak to you on behalf of an Ambassador from Silesia. Health and prosperity to you, Anius Quadrius!
Astarte, Ambassador from Silesia, is eager to be known to you – in order
to discuss the affairs of his nation. The Ambassador of a King friendly to Rome
will always be most welcome in my house. Please ask him to dine here tomorrow.
– I am honoured. Accept my thanks, Anius Quadrius. The warm reception I had from Caracalla…
give me some wine… … has obviously increased my prestige. You see how the Ambassador from Silesia
wants to discuss his private affairs with me! I know your prestige won’t improve
until you have crushed the Christians. I’ll send them to the Emperor – as a
present – for the Games in the Circus. Only the jaws of a lion will crush
the spirit of these miserable rebels. Mistress, have you agreed to my redemption? You will find your redemption in the jaws
of the lions in the Circus of Rome. I don’t understand, Mistress…
– You are a Christian! You pray to their Cross, don’t you?
Don’t pretend otherwise. If praying to the one God, who asks
for love and forgiveness for all men, is a crime…
Then I can only confess to it. Throw her in the prison with the others. Marcus, have you heard the latest?
– What latest? Prisca has had Nisa thrown into prison.
– In prison? Yes, with the Christians.
– Why persecute her so! She is innocent! Nisa confessed she worships the Cross,
and wants to share the same… Enough! We can’t wait longer.
– What is it, Marcus? Nisa has been imprisoned as a Christian.
– Then she will be condemned. She will not be martyred! We will save her…
– But there are so few of us! Marcus is worth a hundred soldiers!
– If they capture us, we’ll all be killed! If we don’t try,
our comrades will face certain death. What is our fate anyway, but to die
in the Circus entertaining the mob? We must try this very night.
There are four of us. Five!
– And the others? You, speak to the other gladiators.
They love liberty as much as we. And you, secure the weapons.
– And me? Don’t move from here.
Keep a sharp watch on the sentinels. Leave it to me. Don’t be so high and mighty.
Don’t you know who I am? Aglaea! My profound respects, noble lord.
– I advise you not to be so aloof. We are the retinue
of the Ambassador from Silesia. Right now, he is dining with the Quaestor.
– I expect you are on an important mission? Wouldn’t you like to know, eh?
– It’s interesting to hear what’s going on. And I’m the one to tell you.
I’m here with a very important person, Ambassador Astarte. I drink to the health of King Uras and to
that of Astarte – his noble Ambassador! Tell me, what is the purpose of your visit? I am searching for a royal princess of Silesia,
taken as a slave to Rome two years ago. She is the youngest daughter
of King Arculeus, whom you probably recall.
Her name is Nisa. No girl in my staff has a name like that.
– Nisa was a slave of Valerius. She was subsequently assigned to
Public Works in this zone. Former slaves belonging to Valerius
are now property of the State. I can’t possibly…
– I have a decree from the Emperor. I am informed the slave girl is with you. Very well, Astarte, I will look for this girl. But there are thousands of slaves here.
I cannot say whether Nisa is here or not. May it please the Gods that she be found
in our possession. I should be delighted to set her free,
but I fear that your informers are mistaken. Astarte hopes to put Nisa to death,
by order of the King of Silesia. She is the only surviving princess of the
Royal Family driven from the throne. She is a danger to the King who usurped it.
– Nisa was born a princess of Silesia? I can believe it.
Stories told by a drunkard are often true. What are you going to do?
– We must act now, together with Marcus We must save her before it’s too late. I’m coming too. Hey, Pompilius, why are you out so late? I can’t sleep, that’s all… I envy you, I can’t keep my eyes open.
– That’s because you drink water. If you drank wine, like me,
you’d be more alert. You – You get your wine for nothing.
Special treatment from that tavern girl. Oh well, what do you expect,
I’m so attractive to women… Go ahead. Marcus! Valerius!
– We must save Nisa at once. Astarte has come here to kill her.
– Astarte here? That assassin… He’s dining with Anius. Where is Nisa?
– In prison, with the other Christians. We must get her out,
and far away from here. Come on! We’re ready to do what we can.
– We’re prepared to fight for you. Thank you. I thank all of you. Hurry! They are escaping! Don’t be afraid, Aglaea. I am here with you… Quickly! Hurry… Escaped… All of them?! Gladiators – and Christians! My huge investment swept away!
– The guards were taken by surprise. What good were your one hundred
legionnaires? And your, so-called, first-rate overseers! How did they escape their chains? With the aid of a slave of great power,
together with an outsider. Marcus! I should have known better
than to stop them from blinding him, when he rebelled on the road gang.
– Since Marcus enrolled in the school, discipline has been impossible.
– What did say was his name? Marcus. A Silesian.
– Was a slave girl with him, named Nisa? Yes. She was in the death cells
because she confessed she was Christian. And she too has run away.
– You had her, and you frankly denied it! You ignored an order of the Emperor!
– Astarte, we too have just learned… that the slave girl you wanted
was here. How could we know the names of
all the Christians we arrested? Now I’ll never get my hands on Nisa!
– No, you shall have your princess. And sooner than you think.
They can’t have gone very far. When I get my hands on Marcus,
he’ll get the punishment he deserves! If we stay here much longer,
they will be bound to capture us. For Nisa, it will mean the axe, but
for you, the cross. Don’t forget. We must try to make our way
to safety across the sea. My uncle is Proconsul in Iberia.
He can be counted on to save us. But how do we get there? I’ll go to Formia, and find a ship.
Once we get to Iberia, we’ll be safe. I’ll be back soon.
Formia isn’t a long way off. Marcus will take care of you.
– Don’t worry, she’s safe here with us. I bid you welcome, Vezius Rufus.
And you too, noble Astarte. May the Gods look with favour upon you.
– More so than on you, I trust. The Emperor is most perturbed at what
is happening in Minturnus. Why didn’t you turn over the slave girl
to Astarte, as required? He will have the girl as soon as
we can capture those rebels. A handful of slaves, badly armed. And
feeble Christians with no fight in them. But commanded by a patrician as
courageous as young Valerius! And with that Marcus! – I am taking
over full command of the military. I shall go with you. I have to deliver
Nisa to my King. – Agreed. You, Anius, are to follow my orders.
– Very well. What do you intend doing? I intend to comb the entire area,
and force the rebels to surrender. Then I shall punish them without mercy!
How soon can you muster your soldiers? I’ll see to it immediately.
– If you please, come inside. Here’s some water. – You’ll need it.
You’ll find none in the forest. When will you bring us wine again?
– Water makes tadpoles grow in your belly. Be thankful you have something to drink. Soon, I’ll have to bow to you
as a Roman patrician. Until Valerius gets back, I don’t dare hope.
– Oh, he’ll be back. Rest assured. There are better times ahead for us, too.
– Fair Aglaea, you have a good heart. Keep Nisa company and cheer her up,
won’t you? Let’s go. Good hunting!
– Good luck! Aren’t you coming with us, Pompilius?
– I always go hunting by myself. Ha-ha. Here is where we’ll separate.
Make a close search. Anius, take your men through the valley.
I’ll follow the river bank. You enter the forest with your cavalry only.
Leave the infantry at the wood’s edge. Very well.
– I’ll go with Anius. Yes. You, come with me. Well caught!
– See what a good hunter I am. Masterly. Less tiring and more to show.
– But he is sweet, isn’t he? Delicious.
– It breaks my heart… There’s nothing to be sorry about!
– Let’s say we let him go, huh?. Have you lost your mind!
With all of us famished! Let’s just let him run away… I’ll roast him on a spit, then you’ll see! Halt! Infantry, that way! Forward! Follow me! Halt!
Take the left! The rest, with me! Perhaps they’ve forgotten us.
– I wouldn’t be so sure. Why haven’t they tried to catch us?
– Maybe they will wait until Winter, in the hope that the cold
will drive us out into the lowlands. I hope you’re right… I wish I could bathe in warm milk,
like they do in Rome… Aglaea, be grateful for this clean water,
and for not having weals on your back. Today I’m pretending to be a real patrician. Nisa! The soldiers! Tell me where the others are hiding,
or I’ll have the lot of you killed! Capture those women before they get away! Well, did you find anything?
– No. I wonder where they can be hiding.
We must capture them… Rufus may be a great general,
but I don’t see the need for all this. It’s not Spartacus and his army.
Things needn’t be so complicated. What would you do instead?
– I would wait until hunger and cold… drove them out of the forest. March the prisoners away! Pompilius! Marcus, the soldiers – taken everyone.
– When? Just n…… We’ll attack, in spite of their numbers!
– Send for the others in the caves. It’s still difficult to beat them.
– I’m not eager to die, but I won’t abandon our friends!
Whoever wants to keep the freedom that I gave him can stay behind.
But I’m going! Come on! The majority have been re-captured.
A few are left. We’ll get them soon. That won’t be so easy.
– We still haven’t captured Marcus! We’ll get him too, don’t worry. Charge! Meet them head-on! You filthy traitor! Now you’ll pay for the murder of my King! Seize that man! Put him in chains, and take him along! Step forward! He’s as big as Hercules. Handsome, too.
– Just a mass of muscle… The slave girl is attractive. So the sheep have returned
to the fold. Little Nisa doesn’t look so pleased.
Where is your handsome Valerius now? A runaway slave and a confessed Christian.
One death is not enough to punish you. Your patrician lover
will come to the same end. How often I have regretted
saving your life that time. But now I will delight in watching you die
like a bull in a slaughter house. Why don’t you call on your God to free you? I heard of an old Christian who invoked
this God of theirs during the night, and he went flying through the air! Invoke your God, why don’t you?
Let’s see you fly, if you can! Show us this fantastic magic
of the Christians. Your punishment will serve
as an example to others. Take them away! When are we going to see
your famous dancing girls? I promised you a spectacle, but it’s
much more exciting than dancing girls. Some jugglers, then.
Or the gladiators you have no more? Something even rarer,
and far more exciting. The Christians! Wonderful!
– We’ll see if they die singing songs… A Centurion wishes to speak with you.
They believe in coming back from death. Praefectus!
– What do you want? Emperor Caracalla was killed yesterday
in a palace revolution. Who is proclaimed the new Emperor?
– The Legions, The Senate, the people are acclaiming many names, including yours.
Nothing has been decided so far. But the Senate will soon establish
who is to be the legitimate successor. I will accompany you with my legions.
– We must see the Christians first. We will leave immediately afterwards.
– May the Gods grant you Imperial Power. Don’t forget your old friends, Caesar.
– Let’s drink to our dear friend, Vezius Rufus! I offer the sacrifice of the rebels
to the Father of the Gods.. May He protect my interests!
– Glory to Rufus! They were taken prisoner,
and hauled to Minturnus in chains. They wounded and captured even Marcus.
– We fought as hard as we were able, but the Romans outnumbered us 10-to-1.
Don’t think that any of us ran away. Look, nearly all of us were killed or wounded.
Being brave isn’t enough against such odds. We managed to capture a few horses.
– The Gods again show no pity towards me.. I had found a ship
to take us to safety in Iberia. Why can’t I escape this curse
that hounds me with misfortune? Look there, Valerius.
Here comes a slave belonging to Anius. I’ve run away to warn you.
There is a great feast in honour of Rufus, who is going to Rome. As a spectacle,
they are going to crucify the Christians. While we stand here, they may be dying! Have mercy, I beg of you… Marcus, I don’t want either of us to die! Try to be brave, Aglaea… Oh dear God, give us strength… This is much more entertaining than
the usual dancing girls! There should be a long line stretching
to Rome, as a reminder of Spartacus. You should have ordered some musicians,
so we didn’t have to hear their screams. If you’d ever been a soldier,
you wouldn’t mind a few moans. Why don’t you show us your strength now?
Tear yourself loose, and come down! Show what you can do! Be brave, Aglaea. I’ll try. The woman you love should
show herself worthy of you. What a pity your beloved Valerius
isn’t here to admire you now! Well, little princess, you’ve
finally ascended to your throne! Oh Lord, forgive us our sins… Valerius! Guards! To me! Cease this fighting! In the name of
Macrinus, the new Emperor! Macrinus, I thank you for saving our lives.
We shall always be grateful to you. To have saved the life of the son
of my old friend, Valerius the Elder, is my first joyful achievement
as Emperor. But how did all this occur?
– Vezius Rufus condemned these… innocent people to die on the cross.
If you had not come, we would all have been slaughtered.
– You will see justice done, Valerius. You will have the property you
inherited re-instated to you. Why, that man is Marcus!
– Yes… You are the slave that once saved my life. I, the Emperor of Rome, owe you
an enormous debt of gratitude. I saved the life of a man without
thinking if he were a King or a slave. Take this man down from the cross
And all the other slaves. I want my reign as Emperor to begin
with this act of clemency. See that full honours are rendered to Anius
and that he is buried as befits a patrician. Aglaea has consented to be my wife.
She can’t find words to thank you. From this moment, you are both free. And, with Valerius and Nisa,
you will join my adherents in Rome. At my Court, you will find it easy to forget
all this, and to start a prosperous new life. I hereby declare you all –
free citizens of Rome! Hail, Caesar!


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