I’m Being Hunted… Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

I’m Being Hunted… Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

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Welcome back guys to something a little bit different but hopefully you guys like it Ghost Recon a Break point when I found out that John B was going to be in this and he has a dog I mean come on The Punisher in this game I had to give it a go and this is Sponsored by Ubisoft big shout out to them link at the top of the description if you guys want to check out Ghost Recon Break point and we’re gonna do this. We’re gonna do it like this we’re just gonna play through the first twenty or thirty minutes of this game raw uncut give you my first impressions and then if you guys want more videos on it You can let me know drop a like and here we go gear level your global gear level is aggregate of gear levels cool cool, cool They’re giving us hints During our loading screen. I’ve heard I’ve heard good things about this. I got pretty psyched when they did the Thing at e3 when they brought John out. I’m a huge fan of that guy All right, we can cycle through hints any with l2 to equip So much to learn when undercover up inside arrows now I have to I did all the settings before we started recording the video, but I am gonna have to change to Inverted. I know I know I play on inverted and probably what actually you know, what in the comments section Let me know if there are any other inverted players out there. I feel like I’m in a the biggest minority ever with that I get made fun of it I get made fun for it And I get flack and made fun of it by my friends all the time, but I feel like I’m not alone I feel like you guys Some of you are probably of the inverted Nature as well. Alright, here we go Excited for this Playing it on the ps4 pro in case anybody wanted to know Welcome to Aurora the incubator of world 2.0 My name’s Jay Skell, and we’ve been expecting you You’ve been invited here to innovate to invent and to create But we’re also asking you to do the most important thing with your lives that you can do here Away from the rest of the world we will build the tools to lead the planet into the future a completely sustainable economy a blossoming environment safe homes Security for your family and a community where innovations celebrating Sound like an aspiration info ever after I get a creepy vibe our relatives, but they will thrive because of the work we do here Thank you And then things went bad The USS CA is mysteriously sunk near the aurora Archipelago home of skill tech unable to establish contact with Aurora The CIA has launched Operation green stone as a leader of a spec ops team of 32 ghosts. Your objective is to restore Communication so we’re gonna jump right into the fire Hopefully, it’s some type of mission slash tutorial so I learned how to play on the fly We are the ghosts And we have to see if we are going to reach our breaking operation green stone The game looks amazing Hi Yeah, okay, this is me we can customize appearance We’re gonna go with the male. I mean That’s cool with everybody actually would it? Yeah. Yeah, we’re gonna go with a male. Okay face. I’m not gonna go too in depth with this I mean I want that scar I Definitely want that scar that generic scar Got blue eyes piercing piercing blue eyes Whoa I’m liking it. Oh There’s the jawed haircut I’m going with that Like I said, I won’t spend a lot of time on this but you can obviously customize this. However You want I kind of like the gray hair. I mean I am getting old anyway Oh Oh my goodness We’ve got some scars Oh Like that one yes, I would like to start with disappearance I think we look for middle menacing Fantastic And we crashed Have more scars No, I don’t want to skip Oh, I’m hung upside down Don’t break your neck It’s a rough way to start I didn’t see a pistol in my holster. He’s got a pistol though. We need to grab that I’m assuming Grab the gun, buddy All right, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon break police So far so cool Got a mag in my backpack it looks like as well. Okay. Now we need to do something Really quick? Okay. I’ve got the controls how I need them heal injury We’re hurting How do we heal? Nothing a little bandage can’t take care of Keep it going it’s down to a minor injury now Wow Okay, we are good to go Climb rocks Investigate the crash sites The controls are like when you get up against a rock, they’re really intuitive you just push up on it and That’s pretty cool sprint see what happens when we go behind a tree Yeah, see I didn’t have to do anything there it just automatically did it which is pretty cool I wonder if we’re supposed to avoid detection right now. I feel like we are pretty fast Do that’s pretty cool it dynamically switches back and forth on its own there’s something over there too My soldiers It’s automatically picked it up didn’t have to hit an action button. Hey our one Syringe self feels nice check No way to go See if there’s any better weapons in here a Whole baby ASR, how do you switch to it? You’ve got new gear ok loadout Yes, please Nice you can upgrade your gloves your operator vas boots all that good stuff edit in gunsmith I’m sure there’s nothing we do we can paint it You could modify it all kinds of passive bonuses Muzzle mag. Everything’s pretty standard right now. We don’t have any upgrades. Obviously. We’re just getting going Pretty cool though. Okay, how do we switch guns? There we go. Alright we are set It’s time to go to the second crash site Feeling pretty good so far. Should we go down there? No, Jimmy. Don’t get distracted We just picked up okay, we’re picking up ammo Frag grenade how do you use the grenade? I Just put on a silencer No, I took my suppressor off, okay put the suppressor back on All right Ha L12 through it, okay It’s a guard tower there we got a long way to go we are at least gonna try to Investigate all three these guys X is your action button And it technically engaged anybody yet feel like I’m taking that good path Yeah, we just run all day dude the game looks amazing All right, I feel like we need to take somebody out Hold on put that on Have you gonna rest? Okay Survivor here boys What you Can carry him. All right, we got some shotgun shells it looks like a lure you got a lure All right, where were those guys at I Love how it Otto Lutz. That was a default. Okay So far so good We’ve got one frag left the suppressor on the Gun made it where we didn’t notify anybody else I’m digging it so far. All right Dad okay Some of you have got to be alive I don’t believe in surrealism for okay Don’t clap and one one, this is Weaver come in over. This is Weaver come in over well gods Walker Zoe Weaver It’s John It’s the Punisher and he’s a bad guy Dangerous area Are you doing C tutorial enemy level dangerous a very dangerous another marker over their head Got it Equip new weapons and geared increased and so they’re not as dangerous. Got it. I Don’t have anything to equip. Wait. Well, we got here Do I have that gun? Okay. What is this? Ooh Can’t change it because I don’t have any other guns That’s cool PvP All right So I probably don’t want to go down here More of these guys. Yeah. I’m supposed to avoid these guys That’s obvious to me right now My level is not high enough. There’s a train up here Our mission is to investigate all three Let’s see if we can crawl through the water I’d like to get a stealth kill, but I don’t want to screw things up All right take the one that’s facing me first oh We just alerted more Some go in the woods Okay, I would like it to Auto equip the best gear I’m sure there’s a way to do that so I’m not like in the middle of a battle trying to auto equip but XP level to obtain new skills. All right See tutorial skill menu got it. Um Go assault, I’m gonna acquire that I Think that’s all I had okay Dude this suppressor is king. We’re okay on bullets Said that Didn’t sound like they were that player there. That’s a long one So it tells me if I’m about to get hit that’s pretty cool Always read He’ll heal oh, okay Come on Baby frags left. Yes, we do Feel like that was a waste of a friend Gun feels good. All right, we’re almost there He was talking to somebody though may in the environment too Alright, let’s get this last crash site Mayday Mayday, this is ghost lead. Does anyone read? Lead who is this a friend? I got the radio from a goes back this ghost still breathin We’ll run with the Red Queen Understood ghost Ledo All right, let’s check this okay, we found a gun last time oh We got a sniper rifle, okay, let me put that on Nice DMR, sorry Nice dude Puppets should be tested out. No, there’s that’s a bunch of guys Okay, guys We’re gonna call this the first video if you guys want to see another one from this point on drop a like show some love and I’ll bring it to you. This is this is pretty cool so far


  1. I used to play on inverted on certain games like Halo and stuff it was difficult to get used to not being on inverted but i was pretty good on inverted

  2. Always love the content jimmy but I'm kinda disappointed with the crazy p2w aspects with it. Time savers? More like time consumers how do they they think I get the cash to pay by working 😓

  3. I had to learn how to play with inverted in halo combat evolved on my first Xbox I didn’t know you could change it back then

  4. I play inverted. I blame the ace combat games from the ps1 lol. Ever since those I haven't been able to play any other way.

  5. I'd honestly love to see you do a full walk through of this game, but just all your other walk-throughs you never finish them so I won't get my hopes up, sorry but it's the truth

  6. I would love to win a PS4 because my daughter just broke my last ps by dumping a cup of juice into it. My Twitter account is @jbsiegfried. Thanks!

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