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Ssss remember to subscribe to BrianaGamez Subtitles subtitle subtitle Everybody doesn’t date we’re gonna be pranking the rents now i absolutely Love halloween and i love frank and my first thought was you know why not go with there’s a go to prank guy and prank Brian sways but boys often ellie right now so i had to find another target now if you guys don’t know the rents have been talking prank trash variety of whole a long time they’ve not only told wolfie watch his back but since i’ve been involved with almost every single one of the pair of pranks but for me to watch my back as well so i figure why not get a little bit of payback before i need to give payback before the inevitable happens before they come for me I’m sure they’re gonna come for me now the best defense is a great offense exactly but i like defense and yes The og? diy kitchen and you’re probably wondering well can’t they just hear you luckily they literally just left To go to a football game so we have about i’d say three and a half or four hours before they get back now we haven’t even supply shops yet we better start moving we should we should hurry up jim better not rat on us buddy hey i think you hit her right around this you’re one of us now time let’s go supply shopping, okay guys look at all of these good halloween room pranks and materials we get this just, like the milk you always grabbed in the back we got one big pumpkin Dude i if you do this third strike and i’m leaving oh i caught it you makan you are lucky i caught that one thing we’re gonna need for sure is some cobwebs okay no haunted house is the same without cobwebs where’s toby toby jack Here is probably one of the most important things for this prank look at this we got a fog machine we’re any Son of that fog do stuff what’s a fog do stuff called fog do stuff that was you said so let’s go get some fog Do stuff whoa i’m just i think that was english we just need one it’s a projector that’s gonna put skulls on the wall now good prank is always in the details look at these hands tako wrong with some ghosts it’s me thought it was a real joke still clueless now, i’m not sure about this one but coffee more yeah let’s get a coffin these are hands-down the absolute worst candies you can give out our molasses candies yeah yeah Think you’re slow oh? What do you mean it’s for the kids save it till halloween now, we didn’t actually show you guys every single supply we bought this box here is something really really special but i don’t want To show it to you guys until i actually unbox it okay grace you know the rents are really busy people but they keep a very op clean room what does the fox say Guys, comment down below what’s fox says somebody’s gonna get that and just like every other frank i’ve ever done oh it’s a memory foam you’re rude all right let’s get started reds have been pretty good To me so Even when i drank them i’ll be pretty good back i’m gonna cover their bed in this sheath first before i throw all the hay on their bed this is clearly a two-man job shawn i thought part of that job was filming yeah, yep yo hey what’s up oh That’s a brick no, no, hey hey hey oh? yeah, here we go facts of you can’t have a scary haunted house roommate if you don’t got cobwebs pablos the spiders always thought these were meant for spider rings but i’m kind of just realizing now maybe it’s so that the spiders can Grab, onto the web and they’re not meant to be spider rings look at that I would be very scared to see the spider that’s fun this will erase that sounds familiar say pound for pound a spider’s web is stronger than steel sorry hey i couldn’t resist is just like soap You make sure we gotta get the head mortise with a spooky bed right yup nice dustin’s in there Sure as it was coming down but as soon as i heard the like part about that sound i was like no way exception you thought you were pranking well guess what you got reverse practicin you’re dustin guess who’s back from la You know you may have had me with the ham but i know my boy wolfy i thought maybe you were his cousin Not, bad not bad so far but think it’s still missing something we have some bloody hands and crosses ah How might i just cut my little this is a gummy video and i didn’t even have to make gummy, oh Oh, god that’s so satisfying i like gummy life hack diy gummy life back that’s a ha ha in spooky oh, yeah what were the instructions you gotta put in the poles two three four five there Could be a real coffin now you guys know this would get just us to do it doesn’t duct tape we got our creepy skeleton man with us throwing up gang signs throwing up gang signs holy shit there you go Cheese all right he just increases volume you can stay there but we’re not done there morgause oh? more ghosts that’s 2 and that’s $3 forgot what’s a coffin without a zombie trying to escape hey man not bad Then you can’t have halloween without a jack-o’-lantern Now what’s a haunted house without a little light show here we go look at what we got skulls on the wall look at that We’re taking this right to the next level guys but we are not even close to done yet guys what’s in that box I have one more thing? Fog machine but our fog liquid right into the fog pool it’s called the fog will now you know that’s probably? enough we’re gonna keep going finally time for me to show you guys what we go out at the store this was really expensive Let’s just time lapse this and i’ll sure i’ll check in with you guys when it’s done oh, no i’m excited here we go cool monocoque isis he was mistake 10 minutes and literally took 10 seconds of phillips i don’t even know algorithm with time-lapse that was a bug damn okay help beat this thing is now that this thing’s up we just kind of rearrange a couple things clean up and put the finishing touches on Halloween haunted house room is finally complete except from the fog machine it’s not working for some reason but come check it out but wait look at this okay we got the jack-o’-lantern we got our i peacock with the hands out the bloodstains a-plus things on the wall we got it go speak out another skeleton ghost we got cobwebs everywhere haunted house rooms have real hey we got big big grim reaper ha but he’s really not that grim guys k don’t judge a book by it’s cover this is my homie right here here we go yeah, huh appreciate that alright yeah i mean real economic words That’s pretty brave they should be home in about twenty or thirty minutes it took us about three hours so all we gotta do is wait all right guys the car just pulled in they’re finally here the pastor here is your stress your stress Hold on let’s see if we can see the door we film all the time in here for nothing we’re gonna be suspicious yeah man years he always comes right upstairs after chicago we’re just gonna wait 12 seconds later Come on in look around you’re supposed, to say trick or treat anyone? trick-or-treating yeah start with the f and m look at you what do you mean you can sleep in a coffin holy holy imagine waking up and seeing that over top of you it’s your bed is gonna be made this hands in the coffin So we’re gonna go See you guys You, know people used to sleep on straw back in the bed Chris is going the cock hole put him in a cup there we go nice vampire chris You, know i really thought they were going to be a lot more mad but Thank you just happy to get an instagram photo for you guys i have my favorite everybody everybody nobody likes you you gave your parents of giving these out but sit down and have a serious talk with them they’re mainly razor blades yeah i like the scrolls on the wall you guys like the fog machine it’s really yeah yeah i’m not working i know That’s how you guys know their actual youtubers because as moderately i’m soon as they are they can appreciate a good prank nice dress Do this prank with 1 out of 10 you mean a 1 to 10 i wanted to give it a 1 that attack where do you think they were it wasn’t a football game they were head jerk i’m gonna be number one channel pop it on youtube right now or at least it could be if you go over exam you slash you guys think about what games are The rents are us So happy how will we make sure you guys go subscribe oh man thank you boys the two rents over there both of their links will be in the description down below my two latest videos are bam bam right there make sure you guys go check them out and you guys know how i usually like To leave right usually and hopefully always like, to leave on a high note you guys, even join me on this fun


  1. The noise a fox makes is actually similar to what they say in the song.. and omg I want my room to look like that during Halloween 😭😩😩

  2. xanmsfjkdbvshewqjhdbfhcdsbcfhvcybdhfjrdsuergnmfkdhfvutiyjygvhtgjuthrfdurhgtrufhdrtjfr

  3. The fox says " Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning, N-Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning Ning!"

  4. A fox says multiple different types of animal sayings are you meeting calling out enemies and others like a whale

  5. You should’ve bought a skeleton and put it in the coffin and put the coffin against the wall and it’s slightly open like if someone died.

  6. You say to tell you what the fox says, but as a Perley Fox, we always said "We are sly and better than those weasels"

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