Is the Adult Film Trend of Erotic Asphyxiation Dangerous?

Is the Adult Film Trend of Erotic Asphyxiation Dangerous?

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(audience clapping) Let’s jump into some headlines that are all about S-E-X. That is sex for the uninitiated, but let’s talk about an important element to this. A recent study found that nearly a quarter of adult women in the U.S. have felt scared during a sexual encounter. This comes with the rise and the sex trend of choking, or what’s also known as erotic asphyxiation that’s been popularized in pornography, as well as more mainstream television. In nonconsensual choking, that’s causing a lot of alarm in some partners, often wondering whether or not they’ve been assaulted. And they’ve even done studies at Indiana University. 347 response, 23 described feeling scared because they were unexpectedly choked by their partner. And, a lot of people are shaking their heads asking, “Why choking?” But, there is a trend in pornography. Yes. And we’ve talked about some television shows, where this is happening. And, we talked about informed consent earlier on the show. There’s such a thing as consensual, right? Yes. If that’s something that you and your partner want to do and do it safely, fine. But, this nonconsensual choking, to me, it is assault. Yeah, and it’s not just the– I mean, that could scare you. It’s not just adults, like, 13% of girls between 14 and 17 report that they’ve already been choked. Plus, with the rise in this, in pornography, we see young people thinking this is normal. Remember a lot of kids watching porn think this is representative of the actual sex people are having, and it’s not necessarily. It’s shows like Euphoria, on HBO, also very explicitly depicting this. And this is what young people are watching, so then they think, “Oh, I’ll just bring this in as if it’s something that should done without asking, without consent. And physiologically– If you don’t do it, you’re not doing it correctly, you’re not having sex correctly. Correct, that’s how it’s done. Physiologically, supposedly, if you are going through slight asphyxiation, less blood to the brain, that you may have a more intense orgasm is what they’re claiming, but. My issue with this is, choking is an aggressive action. Yes. People die from choking.
Yes. And asphyxiation is nothing to be joked around with, and choking someone out for sexual pleasure, you’re toeing a line that to me, as an ER doctor, is one that should not be toed. Is it a minute? That if you’re asphyxiated for a minute you can die, correct? With pressure on the larynx? It is, it obviously depends on the individual. If it’s someone with, who has low oxygen reserves, it doesn’t take much. And, you know, that’s physiology which we’re not going to get into. You can also damage the trachea. Yeah.
You press hard enough, you can fracture the trachea, then you’re in real trouble. But, parents, I mean that’s why it’s important to talk to your children because there are all of these porn websites, and they are ready. They are ready to educate your child, and tell your child all of the wrong things. So they’re saying, “Yes. Choke your partner, spank your partner, pull her hair out, she’ll like it, or pull his hair, they’ll like it.” And they’re thinking that that’s normal. They’re thinking that that’s what the other person actually wants. The other person is watching it and they’re saying, “Well I don’t know, maybe that’s what I’m supposed to want. They look like they’re having a good time and they’re doing it right,” so that’s how you… and so they’re walking away with bumps and bruises that they don’t want. That’s assault. If you don’t want it, it shouldn’t be happening. And I think maybe now, the conversation, (audience claps) when you talk about having the talk with your children, I think it now has to include all of these elements. Yes. About respecting your partner, quite frankly, consensual. Yes.
Informed consent. You know if you’re gonna do this stuff, hey, talk about it. And I think it goes back to the same theme we’ve had throughout this episode, of transparency and consent. And also realizing that all of this social media, the online information, in quotation marks, they’re getting most of the time is not education. It’s complete misinformation. Yes. So, when in doubt, even if they don’t feel comfortable talking to their parent, that they need to talk to a doctor. They need to talk to a school counselor. Someone who has the correct information, so that we’re not just propagating this, and also a culture of just violation and assault, rather than consent.


  1. My daughter is left behind with a 3yr old and a 7 yr old. My Son in law died 2 years ago doing this while she was at work. She came home and found him dead with the children asleep. This was absolutely horrible! He was only 29 years old. There is no safety in this. Doing it with someone or doing this alone can kill you.

  2. I don't know who came up with this devilish stuff being choked is not sexy and I will be fighting down if they put their hand around my neck we can do other things but that's a No-No a deal-breaker

  3. It’s your responsibility as a parent to have these discussions with your child about sex and consent. And explaining to them about how if they do decide to watch porn how it’s a fantasy and not real. It’s about to be 2020 if you that much of idiot to not realize how open the internet is about discussing sex and not just on porn websites but on fuckin Facebook then shame on you for avoiding the obvious!

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