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*Altered Voice*
He heard screaming, moaning, sounds of torture. He put up dolls, to keep her spirit happy. Three times I’ve been to Xochimilco, Mexico City. All three of these times have been trying to find the elusive Doll Island which is one of the most haunted spots, they say, in Mexico. Each time I’ve failed. This is now our fourth time. I’m with Exploring with Cody and Exploring with Josh. I think we’ve nailed it down If you see this video… It means we have. So! Some mistakes I made in the past. Going to the wrong port. There’s three of them. Today we’re at one I haven’t tried before it’s called Cuemanco and you have to jump on these colorful boats. They’re called Trajineras. Each one has a cool name “El Cariñosa” which means like… cuddling? loving person? Yeah, Loving person. So! Jump on one of these. There’s a guy in the back Rolando. What’s up man? He’s gotta push with a stick for like two hours to get there. Ok! Adventure update! Right here you see a floating plant in the water that’s because this waterway is normally filled with them. They’re invasive from Spain. There’s a machine back there making a lot of noise, it’s harvesting it all up, and dumping it on this island. This island! If you look close…. has dolls. But! It’s not the real doll island. Even though there are signs that say, the truth, the real, the one and only, Doll Island it’s a fucking trick!
*Laughing* The trick i fell for last time! but not this time! We’re driving by them, to hopefully find the real Isla de las Munecas. Yeah so, we’ve been driving around and i’ve been showing you that the machine was cleaning out all the invasive plants and it’s really hard for the boat drivers were pushing with a stick to get through the plants. It adds extra friction, extra work and now you can see here… no plants We’re coming into a side alley full of plants. That tells me there’s not a lot of people to come this way. I’m pretty sure right here is the real Isla de las Munecas. – Man, My heart’s going a bit fast
– Dude, yeah, I can’t believe it. – This feels creepier than the haunted hotel.
– Can you see the signs? – Yeah, and you can see the dolls.
– Guys, we’ve made it. The legitimate Doll Island. I can’t believe we’re in Mexico doing this right now. We just talked to the caretaker. The Island is closed… It’s been closed for a few months but he is going to let us on for a small tip. So after 4 attemps, I’m finally going to be on Isla de las Munecas
– Are you happy? Let’s do it There was a man, and a woman broke his heart. so he decided to move far far away and forget about the heartbreak on a small island in Xochimilco, Mexico City. His first day he arrived, a girl fell in the river and she drowned. He tried to save her but she was lost and they never found her body. That night he heard screaming, moaning, sounds of torture, all night long. He believed that he had been haunted, the island had been haunted by the ghost of the little girl. So for the many years after he put up dolls to keep your spirit happy. The crazy thing is, his body was found after all that in the same exact spot where she had died herself too. This is supposed to be one of those haunted places in Mexico I can see why. Cempasúchil… the Mexican flower of dead. I saw these during Day the Dead last month. They put them on graves. They are everywhere here. *Background Voices*
– Have you seen the shrine?
– No where’s the shrine? – Directly behind you.
– In the house?
– Yeah We just found a cabin and it’s completely filled with dolls and it looks like that in the middle is a shrine. I’m assuming it would be the shrine to the girl who died this is Don Julian. he is the founder of this place, he’s passed away. You know that already and this it was his favorite doll and the only doll he named on this entire island of thousands of dolls her name is Augustinita, and here you can see offerings to the girl. Money, candy, other dolls, games…. All to keep the spirits away. I guess, I feel like coming from Canada, that this place is very very unique. An island like this would probably never exist in a country like Canada or United States but here in Mexico, there’s a lot of things… not like this, but similar ideas, similar stories, of somebody dying and people paying respects to the deceased with dolls or coins or candy a lot of different things That’s what I find so fascinating. The culture is very fixated on superstition and keeping away ghosts and bad vibes. I’m standing in the middle of the courtyard and I’m just amazed by how many dolls there are there’s thousands and thousands of dolls. It took him so many years, it was something like 20-30 years to be able to put all this together. To collect them all to keep the spirit away. Some of them are so ancient their hair is all rotting there’s moss growing on the dresses. These were all dolls from the forties fifties and sixties. Ancient ancient things, covered in spiderwebs. It’s pretty freaky here I think i can say, and I can speak for us all that we’re pretty stoked we got to go to the island today.
– Stoked and relieved!
– Very accomplished For half the day we didn’t think we’re gonna make it. We were told “No” when we got here, but anyway we’re so happy. We all wanted to go here for so long. Thank you little ghost girl for making it happen. We’ve been exploring all week this is like our fourth spot? Check out the videos also check out Exploring with Cody and Exploring with Josh they’re my homies, we’re having a good time this week. – Homies forever
– Forever and Ever Experience or possessions Kick the Grind. Hahaha those guys know the motto. We’ll catch you next week! Later!


  1. there is another version that says he was in love with this girl, they were married and she want to have baby but he dosen´t so one day she dies… and he start getting crazy, the leyend say that the man hear his wife talking to him so when he was really crazy he bught a doll, this doll was like his baby, he treate the doll just like a real baby. The time pass and his madness jut get worst he cover all the island with dolls saying they were his babys… but he dies. People like to say that at noght the dolls take life and search for the man that take care of them…
    because of this reason they create the fake one

    i really want to know this place. Thanks for making the video

  2. Just discovered your channel via Cody and Josh and I really really appreciated your video about the island. Nice work keep it going 😙

  3. Here from Joshs channel and i have to say you are very underrated. Watched a few of your videos and had to sub. You deserve way more. Keep it up bro

  4. I think many other peoples already said that, but im really surprised that you're "only" at about 25k subscribers. i really hope this channel get some more recognition, because the quality of your videos and the editing is on really really professional levels! One of very few channels on youtube with such a quality!
    I really hope you find some more interesting places in the future!

    Have fun and keep the good work up man! 🙂

  5. Hello!
    I'm intrigued by these videos, your really interesting to watch 🙂
    Have subbed, will definately watch some more 😀
    Keep it up x

  6. May I suggest you and the boys visit the beautiful city of Guanajuato in Central Mexico. They have the museo de las momias, the museum of torture devices, the caves, the underground street system, there's also that rich history being that it experienced its own gold rush…..All in all, a wonderful, eclectic, and spooky place. One of my favorites in Mexico!

  7. hola te acabo de descubrir
    tienes muy buenos videos
    ya que empiezas a tener audiencia mexicana no crees que sería bueno poner subtitulo para entenderte mejor ?

  8. I will share this so much! love to see this awesome videos! specially about my Mexico ♡ the most recent one is from where my dad was born! thank you!

  9. En Agosto del año pasado se hizo una visita nocturna, me parece que PlanetTravel Mx lo organizó, sería fantástico que pudieras grabar nuevamente, pero en la noche.

    Tu contenido es buenísimo, espero que pronto tus numeros sean más altos.


  10. Omg, this video showed la famosa leyenda de esa isla, seriously, I'd never have visited this porque soy bien miedoso hahaha sorry por el Spanglish 😂😂😂

  11. Wow: I'm mexican and I can dare to say that no reporter or TV channel has ever shown a tour on this legendary island the way you did!!! thumbs up!!!

  12. Hola Mike! muy buen video, yo te recomiendo que visites Parral, Chihuahua un lugar muy hermoso, saludos desde CDMX!

  13. You should go to the island of janitzio in patzcuaro michoacan the day of the dead and you will really remember the dead in mexico !! We wait for you here!
    please !!

  14. when julian santana is in the small island he found a woman drowning in the water and he pick a doll into his home and hanging one doll in the tree when he wake up at morning he founds all doll in a waters and hanging there in a tree now he has a thousand of doll hanging over the tree and at his home

  15. Omg I didn't know la isla de las muñecas really exist and I live in Mexico City. I love that kind of creepy places if you want to do a collab visiting hunted places in mexico city please contact me.

  16. That place is coursed! Exiting videos, you are awesome! Tons of hours of entretainment, good job, go to another cities in Mexico, you will find more stories, principally colonial towns.

  17. I'm sorry if this has been asked already. I'm visiting from Calgary this April… one of the reasons is Isla de las Munecas. Did he say why it was closed and if it will reopen?

  18. Hey Mike i admire you and Josh and Cody yours are awesome dudes,try subtitles on yours videos,so…saludos wey desde México

  19. I met the old men. He gave me a chilacayote (a round pumpkin) from his island and I eat it cooked with sugar. When he talked he jumped from one subject to another without noticing it.

  20. I Suggest to you to Watch The Film "MARIA CANDELARIA" stared by Dolores del Rio ↔The Mexican actress pionner of the hollywood Movie.You will for sure like the Plat.
    This Film was made there in XOCHIMILCO.

  21. The Ghost Adventures crew did an episode of this place! It's cool to see the island from a different perspective!

  22. Bro, I was hesitant to even view this video coz I don't know what to expect and I'm not into this kind of content but as always, you nailed it. Nice background scoring. Spontaneous as always. Kudos!

  23. The version I know is only that he moved there and the first day a little girl died in the river and the very next day he found a doll near there so he hung it up in respects to the young girl and for the new few years he hung one up as an anniversary to her death but then he realized he handy housed her spirit in the doll but instead it were demons festering in the dolls and they began to demand more and more dolls til finally he was found dead by the river in the same spot the little girl died at

  24. "They never found her body" yet "his body was found where she had died". Didnt her body get swept away in the river?

  25. you barely went into the whole story.

    The island was the man's. he brought it. He found the girl's body facing the water and floating on the river. He went to get her but it was already too late. To pay his respect, he hang one of the doll that was near the girl's floating body. Soon after he hanged it, he heard screams, voices and etc. The only one to quite them down was to hang a doll every once in a while. The dolls he hang couldve already been haunted or so but it kept getting worse by hearing more and more voices so he kept hanging the dolls for 50 years. The day he died was on the same spot as the girls.

    I dont think you shoul've touched the dolls nor have respect for this island since the reason they were hang were due to deaths of young girls or souls.

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