IT Chapter 2 – The IT Experience Chapter 2 – Horror Haunted House Pop up – Hollywood

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In the center of Hollywood “IT EXPERIENCE” and “Neibolt” Streets have replace Hollywood & Vine Streets (Scary Laughter) Hahahahahaha It’s back, in
Derry Maine (spooky carnival music playing) the canal Days Festival and Fun house close your eyes and see we can’t let it happen again. we didn’t stop it (Carnival ferris wheel sounds and Carnival game sounds) (Voice Over) Welcome Home to Derry Canal Festival and Fun House it’s been 27 years since our last
encounter. we’re so excited you’re here Inside you’ll find a world filled with spooks and creeks around every corner. ARE YOU READY TO FLOAT? (Crowd cheering yes) spooky music playing No one wants to play anymore Play game with me, would you? On the count of three One, two…. (Glass Breaking) (Evil Laughter) Hahahahaha (glass shattering noises) (Spooky Music) (Child innocent laughter) SCREAMING (Knocking) It’s open. Let’s do it. Hello Mrs Gersh Come in and make yourselves at home. Here we have some family photos of Mrs Gersh. Here’s her father. I believe he started a circus. He became a clown or something along those lines (Voice in background) I was always Daddy’s little girl. What about you? Are you still his little girl? (Tea pot boiling) Anyone for some tea? English Breakfast maybe? I love this house. Things happen by themselves like the music just plays (record player music playing) (record player music playing) Are you still his little girl? ARE YOU? ARE YOU? (spooky music) Witness… Witness the end of it. The End of IT? COME ON LET’S GO. RUN. Witness the end of IT. IT knows we’re here. Get out! Get out!! (Steam and gutter noises) You’re much safer here I promise. there’s nothing
for you there. Stay with me. We’re just getting to know each other. Why are you leaving? It’s much better here. I promise It’s been nice getting to know you. I’ll miss you most of all. (bleachers shaking and rattling) Bye Bye my new friends I’m going to miss you I’ll miss you most of all (Evil Laughter)

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