IT’S MY DAY || New Telugu Horror Short Film 2018   || Directed by Rahul Singh || HR Productions

IT’S MY DAY || New Telugu Horror Short Film 2018 || Directed by Rahul Singh || HR Productions

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These days video journalism is much needed among all forms of journalism, Charan. Whether we want something to happen, or show something that happened – we need footage. You are getting that on time and our channel is telecasting that on time And so our time looks good these days True, sir. All this started when you shot that video where a wife was murdering her husband After that, the video where kids were being kidnapped Then the video in which an apartment crumbled down There are many like these Even when such atrocities are happening in front of you… …you shoot videos without reacting at all. I like that quality in you! A journalist needs to be like that. Thank you, sir. By the way… What happened to that woman who murdered her husband? It’s been a year since she died. It was a suicide. Hey! Shall we plan a program on that case? No, sir. Let’s concentrate on things at hand. Oh yeah, I forgot why I even called you. A few days ago, three girls were celebrating a birthday in a house… …and someone murdered them. On the same day, a patient from a mental asylum escaped. His body was found along with the dead bodies of the girls, in the same house. Keeping aside the fact that those murders remain a mystery… …every night people complain that they hear birthday celebrations from that house. So you should go there alone without anyone’s knowing Take a DSLR and a light along… …shoot the whole house and come. We’ll make a special story of it and telecast it for 2 weeks. Do you think people will watch? Apart from their house, if people know that ghosts exist in other houses… …they’ll watch it with utmost interest. One minute, sir. Yeah! what’s up, bro? Dude, isn’t it your birthday tomorrow? I found an amazing Farm House, let’s party tonight. Arey… Sorry bro, I can’t come. I got some work tonight. We’ll party some other time. Hmm? Okay then. *Curses under his breath* Oh yeah, Charan – you’re not afraid, are you? You don’t worry, sir. No matter how scared I am, I will come back after shooting what we need. By the way, where is that house? No one lives in this house… …then who changed it to today’s date? What is this…? I saw someone clearly the last time. But why am I scared? Whatever happens, I need to record all this. How did she do this? Anyway, it’s being recorded. If I stay a little longer, I can record many more like this. How many more will happen? Anyhow I have to shoot everything. Hey, happy birthday dude! Where are you? Happy birthday, dude! We found an amazing Farm House! Let’s throw all parties from today. How did you end up here? Are you that drunk already? Didn’t I pick you up? Eat some cake and you’ll be fine. Eat… pch! Eat, dude! Didn’t I tell you already, that his stamina (drinking capacity) is very low? See, how he’s staring now? See here, see here dude! “By the way, what happened to that woman who murdered her husband?” “It’s been a year since she died. It was a suicide.” You know, how much I like that house! How can you sell it without informing me? It was needed, so I sold it! Why do you care? What personal need do you have anyway? Was it for that girl? But still I left my family and came with you… I regret that now. Don’t be scared! Listen to me… When that murder happened, I was also there. My friend planned to kill his wife, to steal her property. But she was suspicious already. But still, I urged him to go kill her. The video you shot was out in a short while. It was her birthday that day. All the things she had planned… …she wanted to start from that day. But after all that happened that day, after you recorded it… …she decided to kill you one way or the other. She was arrested soon after. Exactly one year later, she committed suicide on her birthday. But what is the link between that and the murders in this house? This is her house. The reason she quarreled with her husband that day… …was because he sold this house. She was the one who scared me and turned me into a lunatic. She made me run away from the mental asylum and come here. The girl who celebrated her birthday that day, killed her friends. Then she killed me, before killing herself with the knife. All this was done by her. Do you know why she did all this? To lure you here! She is the one making me tell you all this. With today, it’s exactly been a year since Charan died. But still, we found zero clues about how he died!? Never assumed this would happen. There’s nothing to find here in this house. Come, let’s go! “With today, it’s exactly been a year since Charan died.”


  1. good camera work acting amazing editing simply & costumes super totally fantastic i like that video
    story is not satisfied good luck next time

  2. vayammo vayaboo yemi acting yemi screenplay yemi editing ???head phones pettukoni choostunte theatre lo choosinattundhi bhayya chala bhayamesindhi

  3. I've seen around two of your short films…. And i don't think they are less to know the wonders you've done…. The concepts and the play are just amazing….. This is the only set of short film which can reach up to the actual one…. Coz I feel the actions and the wordings are set perfect… Just loved them all… And keep going with more… They're just splendid ?

  4. Super bro,movie chala bagundi.editing,screen play,direction,hero action chala bagunnai.story kuda bagundi,ear phones pettukunte theatre experience vastundi,All the best for your further movies bro

  5. bro last lo year okata marcharu a year kina oka day akauvasthundhi so last lo 2018 may 14 'wed' and 2019 may 14 thus ga undali okna

  6. Wowwww enkaaaa chaala theeeyandi elaantivee enka enthakanna bhayankaranga unnavi theeeyandi IAM waiting for ur dangerous films

  7. Emmm teesavvvvv broo??? awesome,motham different thoughts???, Keep on brooo,,,,,, hats off to your dedication

  8. Bro superb ga testunaruu inka horror ga cheekati lo evaina real devil kanipiste cheyandi i want see the horror film pizzzz

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