Jaw-Dropping Horror Movies That Flew Under The Radar In 2018

Jaw-Dropping Horror Movies That Flew Under The Radar In 2018

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2018 has already delivered a number of standout
horror movies, many of them flying under the radars of most moviegoers. These are some of the very best that the year
has had to offer. Beautiful, awesome, restrained and challenging,
Annihilation is the best film of 2018 that you more than likely haven’t seen. The movie takes place in the aftermath of
a meteor strike that has given rise to an inexplicable phenomenon: an ever-expanding
shimmer that no human being has entered and left alive. When five female investigators enter the boundary
of the shimmer in an attempt to pin down exactly what’s going on, they find themselves deep
inside a disorienting and ever-changing pocket world. Here, they discover biological and geological
matter fused into impossible hybrids, and watch as living things combine with one another
in gorgeous, disturbing, and ultimately perilous ways. But Annihilation is also a deeply personal
story about its explorers, all of whom embark on their mission with detailed motivations
that are all quietly and effectively explored by the film’s script. Directed by Ex Machina’s Alex Garland, Annihilation
is a masterfully creepy movie that lingers in the minds of viewers long after they watch
it, which makes it such a shame that almost nobody did. The Strangers became something of a surprise
hit when it invaded theaters back in 2008, making back its production budget nine times
over by the time the final box office returns were tallied. Curiously, however, it took a full decade
for a follow-up to become reality. Unsurprisingly, enthusiasm for the franchise
had faded during the wait between releases, and the sequel landed in theaters with a much
more muted splash. Despite this, fans of the original Strangers
shouldn’t ignore this second go-around, which is just as strong as the original, if not
better. Moving the action from a couple’s home to
an empty trailer park, Prey at Night builds on the original’s premise of home invasions
characterized by pointless, random violence. “Leave us alone!” “But we’ve just started.” However, the sequel gains points over the
original for the victims’ tendency to fight back, making Prey at Night’s ensuing game
of cat-and-mouse far more of a level playing field than it was in the previous film. In many ways, this makes it even more of a
rewarding watch. Indie filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Scott
Moorhead have spent their careers putting together a respectable catalog of genre-bending
films, but The Endless might just be their best offering yet. Casting themselves in the lead roles, the
writer-directors tell a story of two brothers who, having fled a UFO cult as young men,
return years later to reevaluate the way of life they left behind. They soon discover that there may be real
magic at the heart of this hippie collective, as well as the machinations of a malevolent
and mysterious force. “Saying more would be like trying to explain
an impossible color.” Made on a shoestring budget, The Endless makes
artful use of CGI, careful framing and a range of other resources to come across as a bigger
production that it actually is. It’s also thoroughly engrossing, bringing
viewers into a strange and lived-in world that really shouldn’t feel as realistic as
it does. A pseudo-sequel to the duo’s directorial debut
Resolution, The Endless tells a heady story about time, choice and free will. Jump scare fans need not apply, this is horror
by way of H.P. Lovecraft. The Hellraiser franchise lost most of its
respectability some 20 years and five movies ago, so it’s no surprise that there wasn’t
much fan goodwill left with which to greet the series’ tenth installment. Against all expectations, however, the filmmakers
behind 2018’s Hellraiser: Judgment actually went out and made themselves a real movie. Anything would look good coming after the
completely abysmal Hellraiser: Revelations, which was the first movie in the series to
be bad enough that Pinhead actor Doug Bradley didn’t even want anything to do with it. But while the second movie also features a
non-Bradley Pinhead, there’s a lot going on here that warrants a closer look. Written and directed by Gary J. Tunnicliffe,
Hellraiser: Judgment was designed to work with or without the Hellraiser brand attached,
featuring a strong central premise that doesn’t rely on nine movies’ worth of franchise history. The plot of the movie is simple, examining
the dead and the damned as their sins are tallied and they head off to eternal torment. But what elevates this simple premise is the
care given to the set pieces, which are deeply surreal and truly sickening. A lot of thought clearly went into designing
the freaky netherworld between here and Hell, and the result is far, far more compelling
than it has any right to be. It’s not a great movie, but it is a legitimately
good one, and for the Hellraiser franchise, that’s practically a miracle. Mandy stars Nicolas Cage as a logger living
with his girlfriend, Mandy, in a strange, almost mythical version of 1983 America. The film initially devotes itself to exploring
their isolated, woodsy domestic life, with a particular focus on Mandy herself, played
to haunting perfection by Andrea Riseborough. That groundwork finds a violent pay-off at
the movie’s midpoint, however, when the couple faces a horrifying home invasion. “You think you’re so…in love…I’ll
show you love.” The devastating consequences of this encounter
set up a final act of vengeance, violence and horror, all presented in a hypnotic and
deeply atmospheric manner. Mandy is the second film from writer-director
Panos Cosmatos, whose previous film, Beyond the Black Rainbow, is a similarly challenging
and slow-moving trip. More than its predecessor, however, Mandy
is led by character and humor, most of which is capably provided by Cage in a highly self-aware
performance. It may not be for everyone, but if you can
get on its level, it’s bound to be a uniquely rewarding watch. Sometimes a horror fan wants something intellectual
and challenging, and sometimes they just want to watch innocent people get murdered by an
insane clown. A spinoff of the 2013 horror anthology All
Hallows’ Eve, Terrifier puts a feature spotlight on the killer Art the Clown, a one-note character
who exists only to torment others. Trashy, exploitative, and mean-spirited, Terrifier
is the sort of movie that’s meant to be discovered on a beat-up VHS tape, except instead of being
pumped out into dollar theaters in the ’80s, it was somehow released in 2018. They don’t make them like this anymore. Terrifier commits to its trashiness from every
angle, the rare grindhouse tribute that actually feels truly authentic. It’s simplistic, low-budget, and sometimes
questionably acted, which is not to say that it’s a bad movie, because it isn’t. While it’s certainly not for everybody, slasher
fans should feel confident giving this punchy, predatory thrill ride a late-night spin. Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare was a springtime-release
horror movie that got savaged by critics when it came out, with professional reviewers pointing
moviegoers toward A Quiet Place instead. The derivative movie notched only 15 percent
on Rotten Tomatoes by the time 104 reviews were in. But all the negative reviews took this movie
a little bit more seriously than was actually warranted. Sure, if you want interesting characters,
strong performances, and atmosphere, there are plenty of quality horror movies that provide
that. But if you want to just holler at a movie
with your friends, Truth or Dare was made just for you. All the common critiques are there, this movie
does rip off It Follows, and it’s not exactly top-notch horror, but it’s bad in the same
way most of the Friday the 13th movies are bad. Regardless, Truth or Dare is pretty fun to
watch, flaws included. Who can argue against some good, dumb fun? Filmed in quick and dirty fashion with an
iPhone camera, Unsane is the story of a supposedly well-adjusted woman who becomes involuntarily
committed to a psychiatric facility. Unfortunately, her stalker is on staff. The movie is much more than just a technical
show-off piece for director Steven Soderbergh, an expert movie craftsman who doesn’t need
gimmicks to be interesting. In fact, the “filmed-on-an-iPhone” conceit
actually enhances the movie, with the camera’s limitations amplifying the sense of being
trapped in a small space. A loopy, claustrophobia-inducing thriller,
Unsane takes a campy, simplistic concept and elevates it with technical mastery. Soderbergh acts as his own cinematographer
to make a movie that looks as good in theaters as it would on the device that filmed it. Netting south of $8 million in box office
returns in its first month of release, it’s a movie that many slept on, but it’s still
a ride worth taking for fans of psychological horror. If you missed out on it in theaters, use the
opportunity to take the project full circle by watching it on your own phone. We’re sure the director would appreciate that. Wildling isn’t just an underappreciated horror
movie, this unsung character study is one of the best movies of 2018. The story of a young woman raised in captivity
who enters the real world as a teenager, it’s a feral child story that takes its premise
very literally. Wildiing is a supernatural horror movie that
brings out its fantastical elements slowly, drawing you into its world of believable characters
well before it reveals what it really is. To boil it down to its core concept, it’s
a movie of adolescent self-discovery with a particularly wild twist. The film features a very good performance
by its lead, Bel Powley, as well as one from producer Liv Tyler, who makes an understated
turn as an inscrutable police officer. Together, they make Wildling something to
see. The movie speeds up quite dramatically in
its third act, but it’s an appropriate transformation, given the subject matter, resulting in a movie
that would work for lots of different viewers. Tilt is a movie that feels all too easy to
skip. Politics? No thank you, we’re trying to escape reality. But Tilt is much more than its hooky selling
point, telling the story of a man trying to make sense of the world, failing, and then
falling apart. The movie follows a documentary filmmaker
as he tries to put together a movie about the United States’ “golden age,” falling down
a rabbit hole as his pregnant wife indulges him. The creative process drives him more than
a little crazy. But rather than being for politics nerds,
Tilt is a movie for anyone who’s ever tried and failed to create something. The movie has flaws, but the story of a man
who feels like the secret to all life is right on the tip of his tongue will stay relevant
long after the current events the movie revels in are gone. Look past its most obvious touches, the Donald
Trump masks, convenient graffiti, and pointed archival clips, and you’ll find a story that’s
about something much bigger, and much scarier, than a mere political moment. It’s not often that you get to call a movie
“unhinged” and really mean it, but Ryan Prows’ remarkable directorial debut Lowlife more
than fits the bill. A violent, genre-bending near-farce that straddles
the border between horror, high comedy, and human drama, Lowlife is admirable for being
audaciously plotted and technically slick. Set in the scummy underbelly of Los Angeles,
Lowlife focuses on a number of small-time criminals whose stories all converge around
an organ-harvesting plot gone wrong. The movie feels like a nightmare inspired
by Pulp Fiction while still standing on its own. The movie is stylish at every turn, but nothing
comes across as being done just for the sake of being cool. Instead, every insane character feels like
they have a beating heart, from the gun-toting recovering addict, the legendary luchador,
and even the guy with the gigantic swastika on his face. The end result is intense, hilarious, and
gross, with effective moments of pure horror reminding you of the human stakes at the center
of the story. Despite feeling like it shouldn’t work at
all, Lowlife is one of the year’s best and most savage thrill rides.


  1. Idc what anyone says, truth or dare is a scary movie. Creepy faces and unexpected jumpscares kept me on my feet and was pretty unsettling. The plot on the hand was dog shite

  2. annihilation is good but unimportant despite its big budget, unsane is doooooope, hellraiser judgement was fun because i love hellraiser (but its not that good a film really), the endless was low budget but really fun, strangers 2 is slow but ok. mandy, truth or dare, lowlife, wildling, tilt and terrifier are all on my to do list, will return with reviews. maybe.

  3. 2018 an 19 all stupid people out there so there is non
    yet thers is check what back in in mind.

  4. Annihilation, isn’t a horror film. It’s a phenomenal movie, but not by any means a horror film…

  5. Mandy is a work of absolute art and art at its very very best. I saw many movies last year and many were good but none had the look,style and beauty that Mandy has….oh and the OST fits stunningly,in fact I'd say it fits better than any other OST in many many years.

  6. Annihilation is complete trash. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The characters are complete morons. The ending is garbage too. Do not watch it. It made me angry how terrible it was. What a wasted sci-fi idea. 3 seconds into the video and I'm shutting it off id you think that mess is good.

  7. Find and watch the movie CALIBRE!! Stuck with me for days!! I watch A LOT of HORROR and this movie got to me. As disturbing as it gets in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts.

  8. The guys who made The Endless: I couldn't get into that one, same with Resolution. But you have to see Spring.

  9. Strangers was so fucking terrifying that I'm still not over it. I have locks on my locks, plan b, escape plans, firearms, weapon at every door and hidden all over, huge vicious dogs, pet raccoons in case the dogs pussy out, alternate sleep nights, cameras, motion lights and sedatives. Lots of sedatives.

  10. I was very suspicious with Annihilation, because i thought they would just smear us with feminism with the all female cast, but it was perfectly reasonable, even a bit more compelling, avoiding the classical militar cliches of the "super merikan soldiers", and some how that made us even more open to empathyze with the ladies and feel more fear for them…gad the bear…that was such a beautyfully creepy scene…loved it.

  11. I know a jaw dropping horror film that should be in this list

    Hint: The jaw dropping part is the ending

  12. I adore Natalie Portman, so I watched "Annihilation." I was savagely disappointed by it. Far too many un-realistic actions and events through it….things that made absolutely no sense, and that any real person, even in an exact real-life situation. "A Quiet Place" isn't any better.

  13. Okay seriously … how did Wildling make this list? And how are they hailing it as "one of the best movies of 2018"? It was awfuuuuuul.

  14. Mandy has some kind of weird vibe but in a good way. This movie seems had reincarnated Nicolas Cage dull career.

  15. Steven Soderbergh, a director who doesn't have to use gimmicks to be interesting, yet every movie I've ever seen of his is a gimmick.

  16. Annihilation was horrible. It had some very good elements, but writing and direction were not among them, IMHO.

  17. Annahilation was… it was alright, Mandy is absolutely HORRIBLE boring as hell and just complete garbage, Unsane was actually quite a good film.

  18. It's weird…it's almost as if…no- but maybe…just maybe people have different tastes in movies/literally everything. How horrific. Thankfully, there are some people out there who can justify their own, PERSONAL OPINION about a film by providing a…what's the word for it…oh right: a REVIEW. Like the ones in this video.

    Thank you for making this, despite being in disagreement with some. Keep it up, Grunge.

  19. The Possession Diaries – The #1 horror movie on the internet – Watch it alone tonight! I dare you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdzKuBS5jNQ&t=27s

    The Possession Diaries (2019) Playing with an Ouija board is dangerous, and college student Rebecca Clarkson is now documenting the proof, as day by day a demon takes possession of her while a webcam audience watch the horrific event.

    Please, support independent filmmaking!

  20. Horrible narration…dude take a breath between movies so we can actually tell when you have moved on to discussing the next one

  21. Nice collection! I've seen most of these but a few. I havent watched the new hellraiser although ive watched everyone since. Might give it a go. I've seen all hollows eve but havent seen the one based on just the clown. Strangers part 2 was better than the first in my opinion. I really liked the wildling too! The endless was a mind freak for sure amazing idea and good story telling. Mandy was balls to the walls! Cage does a great job in this! Hes almost at the level of a good version of michael myers or the shinning lol. Cage was perfect for this roll! I wouldnt piss him off thats for sure! Lol good stuff!!

  22. Says Annihalation is the best movie of 2018. Immediately stopped the video.

    Sorry, but no. Not just no but heeeeellll no.

    That movie belongs with the crap I had to scrape off the bottom of my boot.

  23. Annihilation is – hands down – is the worst directed movie I've seen in a longtime. The amount of behavioral stupidity portrayed by the main characters (director) is ridiculous. The movie idea: 9. The implementation 3.

  24. after seeing terrifier on this list, im taking the list a whole lot less serious. terrifier is in all aspects a 1/10. Funny as fuck but god-fucking-awful.

  25. I think Annihilation is a bit similar to a game called Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl. The story of the game and the movie is completely different but the concept of mutation in fauna and flora and the laws of physics in a particular zone is the same. I loved both the movie and the game, though the game was released back in 2008 or 2007

  26. Hellraiser Judgement is better than Christopher Robin.
    Be my victim. Be my victim. That Slender Man and Mr. Babadook want Christopher Robin dead right now!

  27. YouTube and all of it's damn advertisements… we can't just have one, but now have to live with two at a time and multiple times through-out videos. Beginning to really hate this place…

  28. The Endless is a work of genius. If you watch it more than once, you realize you missed a bunch of stuff. I think Lovecraft would approve. I like their other two movies as well (Resolution and Spring), but The Endless was the best. I haven't seen Wildling yet, but it looks really good. I can't wait to see it.

  29. Need to work on the transition between film. It seems like one long description of the same movie. Hard to follow if you're not paying attention 110%

  30. Annhiliation is the greatest movie ive seen in so long… i was to engrossed to care about some of the plot details that were meh

  31. Annihilation was a beautiful film, but ultimately disappointing. The characters were so unbelievable in their choices. The message was so vague that one walked away feeling like they just watched a piece of abstract art. Maybe that was the point, but not what I look for in a sci-fi film.

  32. Terrifier is just trash/gore. Story-wise, it's… well, it's obvious it wasn't the main concern. There's actually one good scene in it, but that's about it.

  33. Title: Jaw Dropping Horror Films
    The description by the voiceover of half the movies: "It isn't a great movie, but…"
    Who writes this shit? These all look terrible, as noted by the monotone guy narrating it

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