Joey Graceffa | Horror Short Film | The Babysitter

Joey Graceffa | Horror Short Film | The Babysitter

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-(announcer) The last time Karen
watched Cameron Stover, the six-year-old caught
her and her boyfriend in his mother’s bed. Surprised to be hired again,
Karen was more than happy to return to a house where a good secret
can’t be kept. BlackBoxTV Presents:
The Babysitter. [radio transmission tuning] -(woman) Tragedy struck
in San Francisco last night. Once again,
a child and his family murdered. Their killer’s whereabouts
a mystery. [radio tuning] -(man) A neighbor discovered
the bodies of Sarah Moore and her
six-year-old daughter Jamie in their residence this morning. The neighbor mentioned hearing
screams late in the evening. [radio tunes off] [dog barking] -(woman) The third in a
string of home invasions, five-year-old Cindy Cruz
was found dead this morning. The victims of
all three incidents included children
under the age of six. [car passes by, dog barks] -[scoffs to herself]
Stupid. [doorbell rings] -(woman)
I know, Larry. I know. I’m on my way back right now. Okay, well, you can tell him that I am not happy about
having a 20-hour workday because he can’t
light a scene properly. I am so sorry, Karen.
-Oh, it’s not a problem. -They just called
me back to set. -Really, it’s not a problem.
Where’s Cameron? -Oh, he’s in the main room. He’s been watching this video
on YouTube over and over again. Okay, anyway, there’s food
in the fridge if you’re hungry and he needs to be in
bed by 20 minutes tops. Okay. Bye, sweetie! [door closes] [door locks] [children cheering] [cheering from tablet continues] [show’s theme music plays] -Hey, Cameron. -♪ Click and Blick,
Black and Blurn ♪ ♪ There is so much
you will learn ♪ ♪ Sunshine Bears,
no more cares ♪ ♪ We like fun everywhere! ♪ -Are you hungry? -All right, kids.
It’s almost Special Time! [children cheering] So, what’s your name?
-Cameron. [silence] -Wow! That’s a nice name. -[chuckles] [wacky music playing] -(man on phone) Come on,
Karen, let’s hang out later. -(Karen) Yeah,
I’m gonna be here all night. -I’ll just come over there.
-No, you can’t come over. Especially after
what happened last time. -Oh, yeah.
-Poor kid. Scarred for life. -It’s nothing he hasn’t seen
on the Internet already. -He’s five years old, Robert. -I’m six. -(Robert)
Kare? -I got to go.
-(Robert) What? -What are you doing up?
Oh, my goodness. You are six. You know what six-year-olds do? They go to bed. Come on. -(man 1) Oh sh…
-(man 2) Whoa! Whoa, whoa! -Is she hit?
Dude, we better call 911. -Oh, whoa, hey! Stop! Yo, yo, yo, yo,
wait, wait, wait, wait! Yo… no, stop!
[screaming] -It’s a prank, it’s a prank,
it’s a prank. -What the [bleep]? -[laughing]
It’s a prank. -[whispers]:
So fake. [Special Time theme
plays in other room] Cameron? [theme music continues] -(man) All right, kids.
It’s almost Special Time! So, what’s your name? -Cameron. [children cheering]
What are you doing? [music wavers]
-No! [high-pitched screams] [screams stop,
program continues] -You’re in big trouble, mister. [line rings] -(recording) No one is
available to take your call. Please leave a message.
[beep] -Hi, Mrs. Anderson?
This is Karen. There’s something
wrong with Cameron. Can you give me a
call back when you– [line beeps] [distorted speech] What the hell? [distorted noises] [screams] [squishy crackling] [backmasked message blaring] -[laughs devilishly] -Hi, Karen. -[snickers] [keys clattering] -Karen? Cameron? [door closes] Oh, my God. Karen. [Special Time playing]
-He’s fine, Mom. -You’ll be with us soon,
Cameron. -[angrily]:
What happened? -It’s almost Special Time. -(mother)
What? Captioned by -♪ Nothing particular we want ♪ ♪ We just get by
with what we’ve got ♪ ♪ And we never had very much ♪ ♪ Another day, another drink ♪ ♪ We sit here
learning not to think ♪ ♪ And we will never
be very much ♪ ♪ Down! Down! ♪ ♪ Down! Down! Down! ♪ ♪ Down! Down! ♪ -(announcer)
Question of the week: what do you think
Special Time is?


  1. Why do people type in a funny part of a video and get a massive amount of likes for it. They didnt even make it up themselves.

  2. I am the stupidest f**king person alive to watch this at 3 AM, full screen, and volume all the way up. Bye bye sleep. I'm drinking coffee.

  3. am I the only one who finds joey trying to be creepy just fucking adorable including the blood (or do I have a problem)

  4. It was creepy when I saw joey appear beside Meghan Joey: "Hi Karen" with a big evil smile on his face. To be completely honest though Joey has the perfect smile for this short

  5. This was actually scary, like it definitely kinda scared me. Children are horrorfying! They're creepy in all honesty. But I liked it. Joey's so cute though.

  6. This video had me shook. I’m watching in 2018 anyone else?

    Also I watched this at 2:37 am…not the best idea…

  7. Joey: Hi Karen
    Me: HI JOEY OKAY LET ME TELL U, I LOVE ESCAPE THE NIGHT, IT'S SO FRIKIN GOOD AND … (goes on for another 3 hours)

  8. I'm not sure what to make of this short. I personally think that the acting was just mediocre and the whole show was just meh to me. At this point, I'm not yet sure if I'm just being biased because I just came from CryptTV. I will definitely give this channel a shot though.

  9. What is the bear saying. I got a place like no other. We are sitting in the dark waiting for you little brother….little sister

  10. Also call me crazy but wasn't there a similar one with this same "kids show charater" however the baby sitter was the older brother and he learns why he should be nice to his little brother…

  11. Alright time to go to bed
    Why do I have all the lights on and I'm in bed with a gun in my hand and I'm shaking uncontrollably?

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