Jonathan Ross on the dangers of Joker & Movies like it

Jonathan Ross on the dangers of Joker & Movies like it

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There’s so many amazing films in the in the festival but one I wanted to touch on… I know you’re big into your comic books
have you seen (I saw it last night) have you seen The Joker yet, the new Joker movie?
I’m not looking forward to be honest with you. No I’m really not looking
forward to it because I have the feelings in all those movies that kind
of like encourages the impolite word for them is incels but it seems to me
there’s a certain kind of sub kind of not particularly well-educated young
white men who seem to think the world has done a great disservice. And the last
thing we need is another hero figure that’s basically a kind of like
psychopathic violent one for them to rally round. So I I’m not saying it’s
irresponsible filmmaking because I haven’t seen it yet but I’m not looking
forward to it. I mean you know I quite like Joaquin Phoenix I don’t know anyone
quite likes his performance as much as he does but I quite like seeing one screen.
But it’s not a film that’s exciting or looking forward to it. Be interesting to see Warner Bros. finally doing a superhero type movie that doesn’t suck
though. I mean she’s an was great I loved Shazam see that’s what I’d like to see
her personally as a superhero fan I love films like that, which capture the
innocence and the power that kind of like real magic of those early Superhero movies. Vic and Bob years ago once said to me when we talk about another TV
show “Dark is easy” And it is. To make kind of movies dark enough that’s
easy you just make them unpleasant. But to make them light and fun and buoyant and work for a big audience that’s hard and that’s why I really admire. And I
guess their new Scorsese is always exciting? Really looking for to
the new Scorsese I mean you say that I mean some of his
films have been hit and miss over the years. Hugo I didn’t care for much. I didn’t
really care for The Wolf of Wall Street that much. I thought it had
amazing moments in it but overall I thought it was messy and indulgent… some
great performances though. However I’m really for the Irishman I’ve heard
nothing but good things about it couldn’t have a better cast and I’m
falling in love recently with Stephen Graham’s work on screen and once again
we’re back to British talent there. What an amazing actor he is and he’s someone
really who kind of manages to do those big movies without ever losing integrity
so I’m we looking forward to that.


  1. So he is scared a of a clown in the clown world we currently live in?All the uppity lefty types seem to hate this movie so it must be amazing.I can see the rotten tomatoes scores now.

    He clearly has no idea what an incel is ,probably heard the term around one of these useless award shows.If he thinks the joker character as seen in the trailers is an incel, he is sadly mistaken.He does seem upset with the world and they way things are, but angry about not getting laid doesn't seem to be his one and only issue.

    I really hope anyone who finds some kinda enjoyment or therapy from this portrayal of the joker in this crazy world we live in enjoys themselves and the movie.

  2. Imagine thinking a movie about one of the most twisted and sadistic villains in comic books should be like 'Shazam' can't we have evil characters too instead of the boring 'ThIS cAuSeS ViOlEnCe' rhetoric. And trying to suppress creativity because of fear of some Retard not getting mental help

  3. There is nothing more infuriating than people criticising a film, and particularly accusing it of influencing violence, when they haven't even seen the film.

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