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Eat the noodles
I have cooked for you. Don’t look that side.
I said don’t look! Why do you always tell me not
to look at this ground every day.. ..when we cross this place, mom? Don’t talk and come. Oh! No! Yes, dear. Rekha, what happened?
Tell me. Why did you shout like that? I dreamt some person dragging
me to the ground and killing me. Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I tell you
not to go to the ground.. ..and bring the half-sari
that fell there? Did you listen to me? These kinds of things will happen.. ..as long as that
half-sari is in the house. Where is it? Hey! Are you driving
by closing your eyes? Hey! Hey! I too came for playing. Betting!
Betting match! Will you play? What is it? This is not a regular
match to play 10 overs. Betting match! You should hit two
sixes in three balls. If you bet 2,000,
you will get 4,000.. ..and if you bet 5,000,
you will get 10,000. Buddy, we will get
4,000 if we bet 2,000. How much? 2,000. Lost your eye on the first ball! Next! It is me! Hey! Is anybody left? Nobody is left, boss! Entire money is ours! Yes, guys. How did you get injured? What happened to you? Betting match, buddy!
Only three balls and two sixes. Betting match? If you bet 2,000,
you will get 4,000.. ..and if you bet 5,000,
you will get 10,000. We couldn’t win it, buddy. It is good. If you bet 2,000,
you will get 4,000.. ..and if you bet 5,000,
you will get 10,000. So how much it will be for 22,500. 45,000 buddy. – Crap! 50,000. You are weak in mathematics.
That’s why you lost. Who is the guy who is betting?
– It is me! You? Hey! I am ready! Are you ready? I am always ready! Gold! Gold! Gold! Is everything betting or setting? Batting! Hitting!
All sixes! Cutting for you all! Sixer! Sixer! Sixer! How is my batting style? Hey! Hey! Remove the hand! Yes, this is what surprised me. How
come the bike is going so smoothly? Do you want action? Hey! Will you beat! Will you beat? Beat! Let me see! Beat! Let me see! Beat! Hey! Give me the stump! Hey, rascals! Are you surprised why
I drew a circle around me? Look, dear. You should consider
fighting too as one of the sport. If anybody from you can come here.. ..and throw me out
of the circle then you win. If I thrash you badly after you
enter the circle then I will win. Are you ready? Come on! Come on! I know you will not come. You will look at
the guy next to you. You did it correctly.
Come! Come! Come! You are finished! Come, dear! Go! What are you watching? Go! Come on! Come on! Wow! Hey! You played with them like kids!
I am the man with guts! I like it! I like it! Whoever overlooks talent
will never prosper. Whoever respects and encourages
talent will become great! Take it, student. Now you go! – Hey! Who are you to tell
me to go and beat him? Move! One more ball please! Six! Six! No ball. No ball? Then you are.. Hey! Why are you watching like that? Take out the money
and start dancing! Stop it, boss. Boss, how can you do it without me? Hey, buddy! How can we
do without you? You are late. Hey, come on! Cheer him! Come on! Dance! Come on! Come on! Hey, what is it? I will lift him. You? Him? I will hit you! Ramu, have you seen it? Self confidence is important
to a person than hands and legs. Give water bottle. Take it. Drink. You don’t lack anything. You
can do anything if you concentrate. Come on! Come on, get up! Come on, Ramu.
You can do it. Come on. Don’t fear. Get up. Yes! That’s it! Come on! Come on! Come on! Very good! Come on, Ramu!
Come on, Ramu! That’s it! Well done! Superb! Our Raghava enjoys a lot during
the day but he is a coward at night. Because devils, ghosts
and vampires are seen at night. Come! Come! – Leave me! Uncle, we are asking you
to tell a story since long time. But you are escaping
without telling the story. Tell us a story, uncle. Uncle, you should tell us story. Which story, children?
– Devil story! You both will get frightened
if you hear devil’s story. Therefore I will tell
you a different story. – No! We want devil story. You tell us devil story. After that we will see who
gets frightened. Is it you or we? Really? – Yes. I am not frightened. You will get frightened.
That’s why I am telling you. Okay. Should I tell you? – Yes. I will tell you. Once upon a time in a village.. Dear Raghava! Mother! Sit down! What are you doing, son? I am telling story? You? Which story are you telling? De..Devil story. – Devil story? You are afraid of devils. You never watch devil movies,
never hear devil stories.. ..so how can you tell devil stories. He will not let me sleep tonight! There was a village.. For how long will you say village? Come to the story directly. Wait. Why are you in a hurry?
Devil always comes slowly. Okay. You both come here.
Come closer. – Okay. You shouldn’t get frightened
when I tell the devil story. You will not get frightened
if you sit closer. Where did I stop? There was a village..- Okay. Okay. I will tell you. I will tell you. Listen to me. If you want to go to toilet then
don’t go alone. Take me too with you. Otherwise you will
get frightened. Okay. Where did I stop? There was a village..- Okay. There was a village.. you don’t know to tell the story. I will tell you. Listen to me! Hey! Why? Why? Why are you making DTS sounds? The devil that you are talking
about has two hands and two legs. The devil that I am talking
has ten legs and ten hands. Hey! I pee if I hear about
devil with two leg and two hands. Does this devil have ten?
No! Leave me! No! You remain silent.
I will take care of uncle. You are telling is just a story. What I am telling you is true. That devil let her hair loose. What is it? Tongue! It is very big. Big tongue has blood all over it.. ..and it fell on you. Started! Started! I will see!
I will go and see! – Leave me! Come! Come! Come! Mother! Raghava! – Mother! Is this good for you? – Why? Why do you fall on me whenever
a person frightens you? One day my back will break
if you come and sit on me like this. My back will break down
and bend like a easy chair. Hey, am I telling you a story.. ..so that you listen
to it by sitting on sofa? Get down! Get down! Mother-in-law! – Mother! What is it, Raghava? Raghava, I am unable to
bear your nuisance every day? What is my nuisance? Every time you put me to
sleep and fed me in my childhood.. ..you frightened me
saying devil is coming. So why do you call it nuisance now? You are the reason behind
my getting frightened. Okay. Okay. Go to toilet. Don’t wake me up in the middle
of the night and tell me to come. Why are you sitting?
Come! Where? Why do you ask like that? Come. I don’t want to go to toilet. Whether you want to go or not,
you should come. I cannot come. – What? I cannot come. – Will you not come? Hey! What will others think if they see
a grown up boy is afraid to go to.. ..the bathroom alone. Mother, who will come
into the room and see? Let anybody see. It is okay.
Mother, you come. Come. Come! Come! Come, mother!
– Leave me! Leave me I say! Go and pee. Mother, sing a song. Do you want to hear
a song for peeing? Sing, mother.
I can do it quickly. – Okay. Mother! Did you find only this song?
Isn’t there any other song? This is a very famous song. That is for you.
Mother, sing one deviational song. Devotional song in bathroom? It is okay, mother. Sing. Okay. Okay. Close the zip. Hey..What is this? They should be outside.
Why are you throwing them inside? What happened to you? Didn’t you tell me in my childhood.. ..that if we do all this
then devil will not enter inside. You were a small kid when I told you
stories and now you are grown up. Mother, devil doesn’t care
if a person is small or big. It will catch a person of any age. Nobody can change you in this life. Have you seen it? No devil will
cross all these and enter inside. What will you do if any devil
crosses all these and enter inside? Will you shut your mouth? I made other arrangements for it?
– What is it? Hail Lord Anjaneya!
Hail Lord Maruthi! Lord, you have to save
me from devils and ghosts! He will save! He will save! How is my arrangement? I had never seen a coward like you? Will it enter inside?
Will it enter inside? How will enter inside?
– Enough. Sleep now. Mother.. Yes. You wake me up early
morning at 5 o’clock. Why? Sister-in-law’s younger
sister Priya is coming tomorrow. I will go and pick her from station. You remember how many footwear
you threw around this bed. I will beat you with all
of them until they wear out. Shut up and sleep.
Drive will bring her. If she comes to know that I am
waiting for her then she will act smart. Therefore I will enter inside
and come out in a casual manner. Sister! How are you? – I am fine. Mother-in-law..- Bless me. How respectful you are!
How respectful you are! Priya, you are better that
your sister in giving respect. Mother-in-law! Janu, it is my luck that
you are my daughter-in-law. Hi, aunt! – Hi, children! Look, Raghav has come. He is coming as if he knows nothing. Hi! Hi! – Hi! When did you come?
What is this suddenly? – It is.. Janu, what is this? Doesn’t he know
that Priya is coming? Don’t you know? Mother, how will I know it? I dressed up casually
to go out and saw her here. Who told me to wake up
at 5 o’clock in the morning? Your dressing sense
is very nice. Superb! You didn’t say thanks. Thanks. Your dressing sense is really nice. Always wear like this.
It is very nice. – Okay. Will you dress up
like this when you know.. ..there is a young boy in the house? Why didn’t you wear a sari? Sister, I wore more clothes
because I was coming to your house. Actually I never wore
so many clothes anytime before. Correct! I like wearing
this kind dresses more than saris. Why don’t you like it?
Why don’t you like it? What is wrong with the dress? Mother-in-law,
dress is too short I say. Yuck! Shut up! If she doesn’t wear them at
this age then when will she wear it? Mother, you said it correctly. Anyway I was not lucky
to wear such clothes. My husband,
your father didn’t let me wear. Mother, you and this dress.. Raghava, imagine how
will I look in this dress. Raghava! – Mother! How do I look?
– You look like Mummy part 2. Hi! – Hi! Hi! Why did you gather here like
this without coming to play cricket? They say a building
will constructed there.. ..so they are telling
us not to play? Building?
Did they say not to play? – Yes! Should we sit idle
without playing cricket? If we hold the bat once then we
should hit either six or four. – Yes! Come! Let us decide something. Buddy, why do you take tension? There is a huge empty place
near my friend’s house. – Fine. If we clean it then
we can play happily. So what is the need to feel sad?
Let us go! Let us go and see it. Buddy, how is the place? Superb! This is the right
place to hit six and four. But the ball will be
lost if we hit like that. So keep three to
four balls extra. Okay? Come! Come! -Yes! All of you clean it properly. Okay? Remove the grass. Okay? If we sprinkle water here,
we can keep stumps here. Is it okay? Carry on! Carry on! This is nice.. Give the stump. Hit with the bat. Hit it! Hit it! Hit it! Hit it! Give it. Hold this. What is this?
Ground is very hard. Hold this. Take it, buddy. -Yes. Now keep it. What is this?
– What is this sudden breeze? Keep the other stump too. Leave it. Let us play. What is this?
How come there is rain suddenly? Maybe there is a devil. – Devil? We don’t want this ground. Let us go
to other ground. Come. Come. – Come. Hey! Stumps! Come fast! Come fast! Wait, I am too coming. Come. There was a heavy breeze
when we started to play. Have you started the nuisance? Your style and looks are superb. Enough. Enough. Sit. Sit. Janaki! Come here! Apple? – Coming. Coming! Coming! What is it? What is this dirty smell? Hey, I don’t know anything. I am not saying it is you. There is some bad
smell coming from here. Yuck! There is bad smell! Not from me. Something smells bad here. I will see to it.
Don’t worry. Go and eat food. Should I eat food in this dirty
smell?- It does not smell there. My fate! My fate! It is okay. Eat it. – Sit down. Do you want puri? – Banana? Yuck! Raghava! Raghava! Wait.. Yes, sister-in-law. Why did you keep it here?
Your bag smells dirty. Bad smell coming from my bag. There is no chance,
sister-in-law. No. We went to play at a new ground.
That’s why it smells bad. Hey, what are you doing there? Sister-in-law,
you go i will see to it. – Okay. What is it? Why is it red? Oh! Red soil. Fine. Dirty smell is lost. Who is it crying? Will a devil enter this house? I am a big devil of this house. Will another devil
come when I am there? This is my illusion. Nothing..Nothing.. Did I get scared after
watching my shadow? Yes. Even the shadow looks
like devil when we are scared. Gauri! Gauri! Gauri! Madam..- What is it?
Why are you standing here? I heard weeping sound in
our house and therefore I came here. I don’t remember
anything after that. When we are scared then even a dog’s
cry will look like a person crying. Go. Go and sleep. What? Did I come after
hearing the dog’s cry? What else then? Is it devil? I am a devil. So the real devil
will run after seeing me. Madam! Madam! Madam! God! I am Janu.
You came to my room asking for me. I came to ask you what happened. And you got frightened
after seeing me. Like a small kid. I will peel your skin.
Be careful! – Sorry, mother-in-law. Lift me! – Get up! Get up! That is my leg!
Hold my hand and lift me! Get up slowly. Slowly.. What are you doing here
at late night, sister-in-law? Gauri said she saw a devil. Hey! – Stop it! Devil! Stop! Don’t shout! If Raghav
hears it then he will come running. I beg you! – Mother! He is coming! He is coming! Devil! Where is it? Did you get scared? Someone shouted devil! It is me. You? Raghava! My back is paining.
Please get down. Sorry, sister-in-law. Sorry. I thought it is my mother.
Where is mother? Mother! I will kill you
if you lift your legs. I sat on the floor because
you will jump on me. Raghava, maid is fat and good.
Try with her. Where? Where? Pass! Pass! Why are you watching like that? I liked yrou figure
and shape evry much. – Hey! Children, come here. – Yes, uncle! Why are you playing
without eating breakfast? Go and eat breakfast. Go. Go. We have understood! You have become
matured at small age. Do you this kind of
dress even while playing? I am a model. Whatever I do, I do it like a model. I am mass.
Whatever I do, I do in mass way. Hey, keep quiet. Hey, don’t talk in hindi.
I don’t like. Why? – Because I don’t know hindi. Right time to impress her You look very beautiful
when you laugh. You look even more beautiful
when you cover your face like this. You look really beautiful when you
don’t show your face and turn around. Enough. Please! You really look beautiful when you
say please. I am telling the truth. Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law!! Yes, Raghava. It is not possible by you.
– What is it? It is not possible with you.
Leave it. Raghava, come here.
Now tell me the matter. Your sister.. Sister.. Your sister.. Sister.. Hey, what did you do to her? I love her, sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, I love your
sister deeply. You have to help me. What did you say? Get up first. How dare you say that
y ou love my sister. See what I will do to you. Will you love my sister? How dare you! Raghava, don’t just love her!
Elope with her! Do you really say that,
sister-in-law? What is it, sister-in-law?
You scared me suddenly. Thanks a lto.
Thanks. – Be happy! Be happy! Wonderful sister-in-law
and wonderful brother-in-law! Are you giving him ideas
to make him fall in love? Why shouldn’t I give? What does he lack? My sister should be lucky
to get a husband like him. Tell her like that, sister-in-law. He is frightened to go and
pee alone. He is such a coward. She is very bold. Dashing! Are you a mother? Are you a mother? Don’t scold her, Raghava. – What
is it, son? Anybody might watch it. Your husband was a coward, right? Yes. – I am born to him.
Go and ask him. Raghava, don’t scold her. Keep quiet Sister-in-law, I can tolerate anything
but not if someone calls me coward. Okay. Okay.
We will not call you. Leave it. You love her.
It is fine. Does she love you? Do you think she came here
without taking leave from college.. ..if she doesn’t love me? Her looks, smile and
words say that she loves me. But she is afraid to
express her love. That’s it. That’s why I made a good plan. What is it? Tell me. Let our family go
to a picnic with Priya. I will bring a beautiful
girl there and dance with her. And then Priya will feel jealous by
watching it and then she will hug.. ..as she cannot
control her feelings. How is the idea? – Superb! Stop it! Raghava, what is your intention? I came here for you? Why do
you dance with them by ignoring me? Will you beat me if I dance? No! I will kiss you. Do you know how painful it is? Sorry. Will the pain get
lost if you say sorry? I love you. Plan has worked. Whistle and wink! Have you seen it? Dear! Dear! Dear! Dear! Dear! Dear! Get up! Do the pillars,
slabs and then the house is ready! Oh my god! I am frightened and you
are talking of pillars and paints. Get up! Get up! What is it in the
middle of the night? Dear, horse is moving
on its own in our house. Who brought racing
horse without telling me. Oh! Not racing horse!
Wooden horse is moving! The wooden horse in
our store room is moving. Come! Come! Is it Michael Jackson to move around
in the middle of the night? Sleep! It is not that..
It is moving on its own. Dear! Come! Come! Hey! Hey! Hey! I didn’t push you
deliberately. You fell down on your own. I am sorry. I am sorry. Don’t tell anybody in
the house that I fell down. I swear on god,
I will not tell anyone. – Follow me. Come. Have you seen it? Have you seen it?
It is moving on its own. You made fun of it by
calling it Michael Jackson. Don’t go! Don’t go!
I am frightened. – Stop it! No! Have you seen how it is moving? Hey! Don’t go!
Don’t go by leaving me. I am frightened of watching
this horse. Come! Come! Horse stopped moving! You closed the door and
the horse started moving. Wooden horse. – Yes. It moved due to breeze. – Yes, dear. It stopped moving after
closing the door. – Yes. Why did you wake me
up when you know everything. Every night you dream stupid
things and trouble me. You! Sorry! Sorry! You have learnt this very well.
You touch my feet for everything. If you do this again then
I will beat you. Move aside! Every night there is some nuisance! I woke up from sleep.
I think this might be illusion. It was good that nobody has seen it. You? What is it? Why did you leave me alone and come? Don’t tell anyone
that I got frightened. I swear I will not
tell anyone. – Come. Mother, these are the
weapons to be worshipped today. Keep them near god
and offer prayers. Hey, Raghava. Break this coconut. Hey! These tiles are very costly. Where do you want
me to break it, mother? Break on my head, son.
– Okay. Super idea! Hey! Stupid person! Fool! Go and break it outside. Mother, what should I break it with? Oh! Take this. Go. Best idea! It will break in one
shot. Wait, I will be back soon. My fate! Will you break it in
one shot or more than one? Whether it is coconut or pumpkin,
I will hit only one host. – Let me see. What will you give
if I break it in one shot? Smile implies agreeing. What a power! Raghava, are you done?
Give me the coconut pieces. What is it? Why do you give me small
pieces when I ask for half piece? Aunt, your son has great power. Coconut is broken into
pieces with one shot. – Pieces? Mother, I was not aware
of the power I possessed. Hell with your power! I should be going to temple.
I am already late. What should I do? Priya, go and bring another coconut.
– Okay, aunt. Go. Will you show your power
on coconut instead of love? I thought so. Priest, camphor blew out
when I thought of seeking blessings. Mother-in-law,
I think our time is bad. Don’t fear. Wait a minute. I will be back soon. Take it. Keep this near the feet
of goddess and offer prayers. Keep this under the pillow while
sleeping. Everything will become fine. Okay. Greetings. Janaki! Open the door! Janaki! Come fast! Open the door! Why is she calling out loudly? What might have happened? – Janaki! Yes, mother-in-law. Mother-in-law. Mother-in-law. Mother-in-law. Throw the lemon given by priest. Otherwise your husband
will not return alive. His dead body will return. Priest! Priest! Ghost had come to
our house last night. It held my neck
and didn’t leave me.. ..until I threw the
lemon you gave to me. Why is this happening in our house? We should know it. – Yes. You should tell us. Lord Shiva likes the
lemon with three eyes. Yes. You make a wish.. ..and keep this coconut in the
centre of your house and pray to god. If there is ghost
in your house then.. ..this coconut will point
towards the direction.. ..of the ghost and stop. If you do as I say then
it is proved fifty percent.. ..that there is ghost in your house. Only fifty percent? Priest, what should we do if we
want to know little more than that? I will tell you. As an offering to god, cook the food
after taking bath and keep them.. ..in the centre of
the house for cow to eat. We should feed the cow. If the cow doesn’t eat the offerings
and run away with fear then.. ..it is proved to seventy five percent
that there is ghost in your house. Mother-in-law,
this is only seventy five percent. Ask him about full percentage. Priest, what should we
do to know it hundred percent. Madam, blow all the lamps
in your house..- Blow them out and.. Light only one lamp in the
middle of the house. If you, or she or anybody from.. ..your family stands near the lamp.. ..and offer one drop of
blood in front of that lamp. Look, listen to me carefully. Keep quiet, mother-in-law. After doing it, you shouldn’t
stay there anymore and.. ..leave from there immediately. You should close all the
doors and windows of your house. If you do like this it
will be proved hundred percent.. ..whether ghost exists
in your house or not. Hundred percent?
Priest, it is very difficult. If there is any easy and
short route then tell that. No, madam. No. There is no option. My hands and legs are shivering. Mother-in-law,
you are holding it properly, right? Keep it in the centre. Keep it. Keep it. Mother-in-law, pray to it. Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Hail! Lord Shiva! Janaki!- Mother-in-law! There isn’t any ghost on our house. There isn’t any ghost. I feel our house is rotating. Mother-in-law, I am frightened. Mother-in-law, it is confirmed
that there is ghost ion the house. What next? Conduct the next test. Mother-in-law! Cowboy! Come with the cow! Come! Come! Come! Cow! COW! Please eat this offering
and kick out the ghost. Cow! Cow! Eat it, cow! Mother-in-law.. Make it eat. Make it eat. Come! Catch it! Catch it! Madam, there is
something in this house. Vacate this house immediately. We know it.
Shut your mouth and leave. Mother-in-law!
Mother-in-law! Cow is gone! No eat! Only running. – I am afraid. Mother-in-law! Mother-in-law! It is seventy five percent confirmed
that there is ghost in the house. We shouldn’t stay
in this house anymore. Come. Let us go. I will not come. You go. Why? My house built this house.
Only one more test is left. – So what? If we conduct it
then it will be proved.. ..hundred percent that
ghost doesn’t exist at all. After that all of us can
live happily in this house. Janu! Janu! My sweetie! My darling! Hey! – What? Co-operate with me! I will do. Come. Come! Where are you going by leaving me? Wait! I am switching
off the main button. God! You only should save me! God! God! God! God! God! God! God! God! God! God! God! God! Mother-in-law!
Leave me! Leave me! – Don’t go! I will not give!
I will not give! Janaki! – I will not give! I will not give! Hey! I will not give. If you give only one drop
of blood hten our work is finished. Didn’t you find anybody else?
Did you find only me? Fate! Fate! I will give. Wait, here is the pin. Pin is not there.
It will be on chain. See there. Where is the chain?
Where is the chain? Your chain! My chain..My chain.. I found it. Oh! I think I will die before
this old woman takes out the pin. Take it out soon! It is not coming! Why did you beat me?
– Take out the pin and die! Die? I am your mother-in-law!
– Old woman! Forget the ghost,
I lost my respect in this house. Do you want respect
when I am dying here? Will I get my life back if I die? Die! Die! Die! You die your death! My head is spinning
when you are beating me? Where should I pierce it? Should I tell that too? Pierce it anywhere and die. I will pierce it! Here! Close the door! Ghost! There is ghost in the house! Look there! Something is coming! Hundred percent confirmed!
Ghost is here! What happened? Why are you crying like this? Stop crying!
Listen to me. Stop crying. Madam, first remove
the sari from your head. Stop crying. I am asking what happened. What is the use of
crying unnecessarily? Priest, I have seen
it with my eyes yesterday. Ghost licked the blood! Priest, I beg you. Do something and
throw the devil out of our house. Look, madam. I am not one who will extort
money from you by saying.. ..I will throw the devil out. There are many people who can get
rid of the devil. Go and meet them. What is it, priest? When we asked you about the devil,
you gave us clear explanation. So how can you now
escape in driving it out? Madam, when I don’t know
something then I should say it. What else should I say? Maybe he too is frightened of devil. What is it, madam? Why are you saying that I am
afraid by sitting in front of god? Go! Go away from here! Go I say! Go! Let us go! Stupid people. Greetings. – Greetings. Jai Jawan! Jai Kisan! – Come. Come. Goddess Kalika of Kukatpally
and Goddess Maredamma of Maredpally! Who are they? Our relations. Is she your mother?
– She is like my mother. Swamy, anyway priest didn’t help us. You come inside and drive
away the devil at any cost. Definitely! Come! Come! – Come. Last night we were
thinking of how to survive. And by morning, we got the answer. Is there so much demand
for people who drive out devils? Yes, boss. That’s why we got
this big opportunity. – Hey, fool! Call me boss in jail! Now you are my assistant and
I am your head. Did you understand? Follow me! Come, Swamy! Come. Come! Why did you bring
us inside from back door? Front door is occupied by the devil. If we open it then it will catch us! That’s why this is
the safe entry for you. They both are mentally strong. Yes! Houseful! Swamy, we will be waiting
outside with money. You drive the devil out and come. What is it? Why did they
close the door by pushing us inside? Watching this house,
I think there is devil in the house. Guru, I think you are going to
call the devil by talking something. First let us pray to god. After that we will pretend
to drive the devil out and escape.. ..after taking the money. Is it easy to drive the devil away? I heard only sound. You didn’t kiss. I kissed you. I didn’t take it. So I must have kissed
the devil for sure. Let us escape! I will not come without payment. We should say prayers
and drive the devil out! I said sit down. I think you will
not let me stay alive. Okay. Carry on. Do you know to chant
sacred syllables? That’s why I brought
a book for safety. If we chant these sacred syllables,
any devil will escape. Devil doesn’t have legs, right? Is that necessary now? You go ahead! I am for you and you for me! Dreamful night. Come, darling! Hey! Has the devil caught you? Why do you sing film songs? I know only that. Okay. Take out the book containing
sacred syllables and chant them. Why did you tell me to stop? Guru, I heard you saying something. Who else is there? Fatty, I am afraid I will die.
– Me too. Guru, if your death benefits others
then there is nothing wrong.. ..if you die. Who are the people
who will get benefitted? My wife, my two children and me. Hey! Hey, I beat you. Who beat me? Guru, I didn’t beat you.
Who beat you? I am frightened. Did you trap the devil?
– Yes, we did! Did you catch is so quickly? Do you want to show it? – No! No! We have seen it many times. It means devil will
not enter our house again. Devil will not come out.
It is bottled up. Where are you clothes? How can I say if you
ask it suddenly like this? Devil likes saffron clothes,
so we gave it to them when it asked. Did you understand? We helped this country a lot. So can’t we help you? Mother-in-law! Oh god! What is this? Why did he fell down like
a crow that got electric shock.. ..for sitting on electric wire? Madam, don’t talk
bad of this fat guy! It costs bit more than
what we asked for in order .. ..to maintain this body. Give it. Okay. Okay. Take this 10,000.
And another 10,000 extra. Take it! Take it! Go! Go! Go and do your work! Be careful!
Don’t leave him like that! Okay! Fine! I will take care. Come fast! Fatty! Fatty! Get up! You fell down
anywhere and settle down. Where am I and what I am doing? Are you showing your performance? Are you acting smart with me?
I will kill you! Look at me! Full payment? Is everything for me? Everything for you!
Come. I will give you. Fatty rascal! Come to my room. Let us go. Mother will wake up.
I will not come. Will you come or not? Raghava! If you don’t come with
me then I will not talk to you. I will go to my place. Enough! Leave it! From where
did this love come from suddenly? Tomorrow I am going.
Are you sleeping happily? Okay. Okay. – Leave me! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I said sorry thrice. Give me on kiss!
Pelase. Only one! Just one! – Go. Hey, you? Raghava, what are you doing here? I am asking you. Tell me. Leave it. How is that
you are coming from there? Why did you come here at this hour? What will mother
think if she sees it? What did you say?
What does she think? I was sleeping happily and you
woke me up and threw me on the bed. And now you are
entering from bathroom.. ..and pretending
as if you know nothing. Well, are you doing some magic? What? Did I call you? It seems your love
for me has turned crazy. Like how heroes see
only their lover everywhere. They are short.
Not lengthy like this. Yes, your love for me is
long and strong. That’s why. Now go. Priya, is this indeed
my madness of your love? Raghava, now go. Anyway I came. Why don’t
I give one kiss for coming? Priya.. Why did you come again?
– Tomorrow you are leaving. Kiss me once before leaving. Raghava! – Priya, please! Just one! Just one kiss, Priya! I will not spare! I will not spare! I will not spare! Priya, call me after reaching. Take this.
Study well. Did you understand? Write your exams well. Janu, why do you talk all the time? Let them both talk for some time. Sorry! You talk to her. Talk. What is there to talk? You go. Isn’t there anything to talk? We talked all these days.
What is there to talk now? What happened, son?
Did you both have any fight? Nothing like that, sister-in-law.
She is going to write exams. So what is there to talk? Driver, start the car. Sister, you don’t tell him anything. I will not talk to you until
you come and talk to me on your own. Good bye! Driver, start. What happened, son?
Did you fight with her? No, mother. Leave it. Look, tomorrow is your brother
and sister-in=law’s marriage day. We are going for shopping.
Will you come? Then come. Tell me. Show some saris. It doesn’t matter if they are costly. It is okay if it costs 500. Why do you watch like that? Roadside sari. 150. Isn’t it good? Then we should have gone to roadside. Why did we come here? You are correct. It doesn’t matter if it costs 50,000.
Show them. See this. Madam, this is latest. This color is very nice. Madam, see this. Did you like it, sister-in-law? Border of this one is nice. Which color do you like,
sister-in-law? It is.. Show that red sari. This one.. – See it. Sister-in-law, this sari is nice. Mother, this sari is nice. Show that red once. Here.. Sister-in-law,
this sari is nice, right? Mother, this sari is nice, right? Sister-in-law, this is very nice. Hey, show that red one. Here.. Sister-in-law, this is nice. Right? Hey, why do you ask for only red? Hey, do you like red? You shut up! What if she
doesn’t like. I liked it very much. See how nice it is. Mother, this is nice, right? Sister-in-law, this is nice, right? Show that red one. That one.. red color sari. Show that. Show them all!
Show all the red saris. How nice it is? Sister-in-law, this is nice. Raghava, crack jokes at home.
We are in the shop. What happened to you, son? Why do you talk like a woman?
– You shut up! Don’t disturb me. – Raghava! Excuse me! I have to try this.
Will you move aside? Why do you watch my face? Move aside! How is this sari? It is nice, right? How is the border.
It is beautiful, right? Why are you watching like that? Go. Hwo is it? It is beautiful, right? Hey! See how good it is. What si it?
Why are you doing like this. I wore sari after long time.
It is good, right? Raghava.. Everybody is watching.
Leave that sari first. Say that sari is good. Hey, what is it? Why are
you asking about sari like a woman? It seems you don’t like
my wearing sari. Go away! Go away! Did you beat me? Yes, I beat you. Why did you beat me? What is all this? What is this? Are you having
fun by making me wear sari? Hey, Raghava. Are you mad? Will you humiliate
me in front of everyone? I came here to select a sari for you. So will you make me
wear this sari and have fun? Come. I will see you. Dear! Dear! Dear! I can hear some sounds.
Get up! Get up I say! Have you seen it? Red bangles. They are nice. See it. Red bangles. Red bangles are good on me. Isn’t it? Red bangles. See them! Red bangles! How are they? Are they good? Dear! Dear! Wake up fast! I cannot do it anymore.
Leave me for today. You always think of it! Get up! Get up! What happened? What happened? Do you know what your brother did? What is it with you? Yesterday you said horse was moving. Today you are saying
my brother did something. By the way, what happened? I told you that my
bangles are missing. Today your brother is wearing
the bangles and scaring me saying.. How are my bangles? Hey! If he is not doing that.. ..then I will teach you
a lesson after coming back. Do something! First come and see. Where is he? Where is he?
Where is he? He was here only. Where is he? What is with you? – Sorry! Where is he? I am too asking the same.
Where is he? He was somewhere here.. I know where he will be. Come, I will show you. Come. Come. Come. Slowly! It is dark! See. He is sleeping like a small kid. I will beat you! Sorry! Forgive me! – Come! Come! What happened to her? What happened to her? It is her habit to wake up in sleep.
You come. She too? Raja. – Yes, brother. Where is Kavya?
She didn’t call from morning. Go and see where she is. She said you called her up and
told her to come to the guest house. When did I call her?
I am here from morning. Go and see where she is. Okay. No call from her.
Don’t know where she went. Sister-in-law. Hey! Why is he calling now? Sister-in-law, come here once. I am coming. God! Save me. What is it? Geezer is not working in my bathroom. Can I talk bath in
your bathroom today? It is okay. Do it. Wait. Now you are talking so softly. What happened at night? Why did you wear my bangles
and frighten me in the night. Did I wear your bangles? – Yes! Did I frighten you? Go and see a good doctor. I should see a doctor. Sister-in-law. I am coming. Now you go and take bath. What is it with him? It seems he has thrown
the entire turmeric on floor. Raghava! Has he started
taking bath by applying turmeric? Dear! What is it? Why are you shouting like that? Will you not allow
a person to work in peace? Last night you said Raghava wore
bangles and scared you on terrace. Today you called my office and said.. ..he took bath by
applying turmeric and.. ..told me to come home. What happened to you?
Why are you killing me? Why are you scolding her?
She is telling the truth. Mother, he must be kidding.
That’s it. I too thought like
that in the beginning. She took me to the bathroom
and told me to see him taking bath. See her. Entire bathroom is
filled with turmeric. Wherever he walked,
his footsteps had turmeric marks. Is this kidding for you? Where is he? – Who knows it? When will he come? Don’t know when he comes. Let him come. Will a man take baht by
applying turmeric on his body? Yes. – Where is it happening? Let it happen. – First let him come. If I come to know that he
didn’t take bath with turmeric.. ..then I will see both of you. I will forget you
are my mother and wife. I will leave the house and flee. Should I give one more? He is there. Raghava, come here. Where did you go? To friend’s house. It seems you are very tired. Not yet. – Go and take bath.
After that come and eat food. Wait a minute. Raghava, you said the geezer
in your room is not working. We didn’t get it repaired. Hot water is there in my room.
Take bath there. Go. Dear, he is going. Come. You finished eating food, right?
Go. Go and sleep. Good night, daddy.
Good night, mother. Good night. Good night. Dear, come. Come. Come. Now the movie will begin. Watch it. Slowly. Slowly. I can’t see anything. My fate! He is always the same!
How did you bring up your son? Move! Slowly.. Slowly. What happened? What is he doing? He looked at the turmeric and looked
around to see if anybody is there. He will take the turmeric in hands.. He will look around.. When he sees nobody is around.. ..he will apply turmeric
all over his face. After that, he will apply
it on hands and take bath. You shouldn’t miss this scene.
Watch it completely. Completely.. – Watch it. Dear.. What happened? Why are you shivering like this? What happened? What are you doing? What is it? What happened? Stand properly. My legs are shivering. What kind of a person you are. Janaki, you are correct. My brother is becoming
a different person. The entire respect
of this family is lost. Lost! It is lost! – I too will see
what is happening inside. Will you see? Okay. Move aside. Move aside. Stand properly. – Hold properly. Slowly. Give me a chicken piece. I will serve. Enough, sister-in-law. – Okay. Raghava. What is it?
Are you playing some drama? Why, brother? By watching your beahviour,
I feel something like that. In fact I wanted to ask you about it. Sister-in-law says that
I wore her bangles and scared her. And you are asking
if I am playing some drama. What is it? Do I like a joker ot you. You are thinking everyone as jokers. Why did you apply turmeric to legs. Why are you watching like that? I am asking you.
How come there is turmeric. I don’t know. I am asking how come your legs
have turmeric without your knowledge Brother is asking you. Answer him. Answer him! Answer him!
Your brother is asking. Answer him. I said I don’t know. You are lying. I saw you taking bath with turmeric. Yes! I too saw it. Everyone saw it. Give reply. Open your mouth and talk. Brother is asking you.
Answer him! – Tell me! Tell me! – Tell me.
Why did you apply turmeric? Tell us. – Tell us! Tell me why you applied
turmeric before talking bath. Today I will not spare you. You should reply us. Why did you take bath with turmeric? Will you tell me or not? Tell me! Will you lift your hand on me? Dear! Dear! What happened? Dear! Dear! Will you lift your hand against me? Will you touch me? Touch me! Will you touch me?
Watch me! Watch me! Touch me! Touch me! – Leave him! Leave him! What happened to you? Touch me! – Leave him! God! – Janaki! She is coming and
asking what happened! He is touching a woman. Rascal! Will you not get angry
of anybody touches you. He is touching a woman. Rascal! Who cooked the food? Me.. Me.. – Not me.. Janu.. – Its me. It is very nice. Raghava! Raghava! Raghava! What happened to you, son? You scold others if they
eat food without washing hands. And why are you
eating with left hand? We should eat with that hand.
We should at with right hand. Raghava!
Listen to me! Don’t do like kids! You are grown up.
Anybody might watch you.. Shouldn’t I eat food? Tell me! Raghava, do you know hindi? Will a hindi speaking person
talk in telugu? Tell me? No! No! No! Mother-in-law. I am eating after many days. If anybody says anything then
I will not spare anybody’s life. Okay? Yes! Yes! Did you understand? – Very good! Stay calm! Janu! Janu! Food is very tasty. Old woman, food is very tasty. Did you cook it? I cooked it.. I cooked it.. I cooked it.. Yes, son. Eat slowly. Who is he? So many kitchen pieces!
All for me! All for me! Kitchen 65! Hey, it is not kitchen.
It is chicken. Chicken! Chicken! Is it necessary now? Kitchen piece! Kitchen piece! Kitchen piece! Kitchen piece! Daddy, I will not eat here. – Son.. I will go and sit upstairs
I will eat there, okay? Okay, son. Hey, Ramu! Come. Mother-in-law! Daddy! – Yes, son. I want to pee.
I will pee and then eat kitchen. Go to the toilet and eat, son. Okay. You open the sip.
Otherwise it will get stuck. I am coming. What is it?
Zip is opening on its own. Okay. Okay. – Come, son. Daddy. – Yes, son. Somebody is lying here. Hey, move aside. Dear, get up! Get up! Dear, it seems he
will kill you. Get up! Hey, why are you crying? My husband.. Are you supporting your husband? Wait, I will teach you a lesson. Go up! Hey! Shut up! Should I send you too there? Very nice.. very nice.. Please bring me down, Raghava.
I beg you. Why are you crying now? I feel as if I am going to die. Please bring me down.
– Are you supporting him? Whom? Yuck! I don’t know him at all. Please bring me down, Raghava.
I beg you. Will you leave him them? Yes, I will leave
him and do as you say. Bring me down fast, Raghava! Forgive me. Forgive me. Go! Kitchen you stay here.
I will pee and then come to eat. Daddy. – Yes, son. AB is finished.
Should I make C? – Yes, son. Do it. Shut your mouth and remain silent
because today I you complain saying.. ..I wore sari, bangles.. ..flowers, turmeric and
everything then I will kill you. I have an important work.
I will finish it and go. If anybody troubles me before that.. Did you understand? Shut up and watch! – Okay. I will go. – Where? For this? Don’t go anywhere. Stay here. My tank has become full.. ..for sitting like this all tank.
It might get burst. Hey! If you leave from here.. ..then I will forget you
are my mother and I will kick you. My dear son! He is better than you. He requests me when he wants to go
to the toilet but you are abusing me. Get lost my son! Mother! Mother, please don’t
leave me and go. I am afraid. I don’t know what
I am talking in fear. Why are you frightening
me by showing different effects? Dear, don’t get frightened.
Forgive me if I did something wrong. Mother-in-law,
you are the head of this family. How can you get frightened like this? We should take Raghava to some.. ..holy place in order
to get rid of the devil.. ..that caught him. Come. Let us go. Me? Please don’t go by leaving me! Mother-in-law.. Only your mouth is moving. Where is the sound?
Did you lose your speech? Who? Me? Yes, you. Raghava. Loud. Raghava! Loud! Loud? Hold it! Raghava! Mother, why are you standing here? Yes, mother.
Why are you standing here? You know I get frightened
when I am alone. Fear and him? What happened to brother?
Why are his hands and legs like that? Why did he mark his
forehead like that? Mother, why did you too do that? Your brother saw something
yesterday and got frightened. Mother, what did he
see and got frightened? Mother, what did he
see and got frightened? Mother, what did he see
and got frightened? Tell me. Son, it is nothing.
Your brother is not feeling well. That’s why we are taking
him to Darga and get him treated. Will you too come, son? Mother, I too will come. My whole body is paining. I feel as if ten people
are beating me together. Ten people beating him?
We got thrashed by him. Will you come, son? Come. You walk in front. You walk in front. Come. Come. Mother. Come, mother. Come. Be careful. Mother-in-law, I will go
and bring articles for prayers. Articles for prayers.. What about me? Come, Raghava. Come. Raghava, pray to god. Come. Go! Go away! Come inside, son. Why did you stop? Come inside. Come inside. Come inside I say. Can’t you listen? Come. Hey, call him inside. Hold him. Hold him tight! Come! You said you will take care
of everything and what is it now. Why are you going back? Why are you sleeping like
that as if you are sleeping at home? Come! Come! Come! Come I say! Come! You came till here, why do
you now say you will not come inside. I will not come inside! Leave me! Raghava! Come! Raghava! Come! It has come! It has come! Sir! Sir! You should save him! Hey, come. I am calling you! Come! I will not come! Come! I am calling you! I am calling you! Devil! Did you get
scared and run away! Go! I know what to do to you. What happened? Devil got scared and fled. What should we do now? Do as I say. Thank you. Come on, darling. We got the same room that
we take every time. – Okay, dear. See there. Everything is blinking. Yes. There must be some loose connection. I got scared by
thinking it something. Who are they? They are my relatives. I am scared. I will leave. Go! Go away! Get lost! Will you go if I say to go? I too will come. I am afraid. Come fast. Let us go. What if it comes again? Come! Wherever you are, come. Today you cannot escape from me. Come! Come! Stop! Yes, mister. Don’t you
have any work in the mosque? Are you having fun here
by leaving your prayers? What is it? Are you surprised to see.. ..that I escaped from mosque
that day and have come now? That is mosque! This is my place! Hey! Stop the chanting! Hey! Stop the chanting! Hey! Stop the chanting!
I say stop it! Hey, you know who Salim bhai is. Your stay at house number
20 in Gandhi nagar, street number 2. Today you’re your daughter got
married and sent her for first night. If her first night were
to take place properly then.. ..you should stop changing here. Will you stop your chanting.. ..or else I will show the
first night of your daughter here. Will you see? Will you see? My daughter! Daughter! Daughter! Firs stop your chanting! Don’t stop!
Continue it! It will nto do anything. God! My daughter! God! My daughter! I will hold your feet.
Don’t do anything to my daughter. Yes, do as I say. Daughter! Why are you still sitting
here without going to your daughter? Go! Leave me my daughter! Salim Bhai! Don’t go!
This devil will not do anything. Salim bhai! You chant with me! Kareem bhai!
What are you watching you? You too have a daughter?
What about her? Kareem bhai! Stop it! Get up! Run away! No! No! Spare me! I will go! Spare me! I will leave! Kareem bhai! Kareem bhai! What is happening to him? Mad devil! You frightened
them and sent them away! You can kill me too! But you have to answer
to this sacred water of god! No! No! This is everything! Leave his body! Come out! Sit there! Come out! No! Not possible! Hey, stupid!
There is no way to escape! I have encircled this house.
Leave that boy. Go and sit there! Don’t sprinkle on me! I will go! Don’t sprinkle on me! Raghava! Raghava! Raghava! Come here! Mother, you come. I feel very tired. There is devil. Come here. What is it, mother? You are always.. It is next to you.
Watch it. – Where is the devil? Devil! – Come fast! Come fast! Sit here! Nobody should talk! Who are you? I am asking.
Who are you? Tell excuse me. My name is Kalpana! Look at the face! Geeta! I don’t know anything!
I don’t know anything! I heard you are talking
bad of her by saying.. ..a eunuch is going to college.. .. and studying medicine. Touch her now. She thinks she is born
with some curse and therefore.. ..wants to achieve
something by herself. Hey! Because of perverts like you,
the world is looking down on us. We shouldn’t spare people like you. No, mother. No! Leave him! No, mother. No! Leave him! No, mother! – Kalpana, stop it! Put the stone down! I am telling you.
Will you throw it or not? I am telling you to throw the stone.
Throw it! Throw it! I don’t listen to anybody
except Akbar bhai. Hey, get out! Because my family threw me
out of the house in my childhood. Will you wear bangles
when I tell you to wear watch? Will You wear skirt when
I tell you to wear pant? Will you apply turmeric
when I tell you to apply powder? However I beat you,
will you not mend your ways. Father, sometimes when you beat me.. ..I feel there is something
wrong inside me and.. ..want to correct it but
it is not happening with me. Father, I have referred books.. ..and internet as why
I am behaving like this. Change in hormones
is the reason behind it. Please, father.
Don’t send me out of the house. Are you preaching me? Science! Science!
Science! – Don’t beat me, father! Get out! – Father. I fell on streets and
was roaming around hungry. And then Akbar bhai helped me. Are you hungry? I didn’t understand
the language he spoke. But he understood my hunger. He took me to his house. Father, I want to pee.
Remove the zip. You remove it. It will get stuck if I remove it. Okay. Go. Father, I drew A.
Should I draw B? – Do it, son. Do it. Are you surprised to see
him peeing inside the house? He is not like us.
He is mentally unstable. Eat. Eat, son. Eat. Why are you crying, son? I told him.. ..that my father threw
me out of the house.. ..because I didn’t possess manhood. I will tell you something.
Remember it well. If you are born as
a man then Lord Shiva.. If you are born as a
woman then goddess Parvati.. But you are born as both,
you are both man and woman. What is your name? Karthik. No. From today your name is Kalpana. Akbar bhai provided me shelter. But I didn’t understand something. Why does my parents
and society shun us? Many people like me are
clasping hands and begging. They are doing bad things. I decided I will not do all that. After seeing bhai’s hard work,
I couldn’t ask him to educate me. My dream was to become doctor. And I decided to help a eunuch and.. ..make him a doctor
and see my dream come true. Krishna is the eunuch whom I helped. I took him to bhai. But nobody was willing
to admit Krishna in school. Bhai, this is not possible. If we admit him in our school.. ..then everyone will
say ours is a eunuch school. And then others will
not admit their children. Sir, please don’t say like that. I wished to become a
doctor but I couldn’t become. That’s why I want to educate him. Give one chance to people like us. I will hold your feet. Okay. That day I fell at
his feet and requested. Headmaster agreed with it. She studied well and
was doing Inter second year. That day we were
waiting for her results. And then we received good news. Hello. Is it? Geeta. Greetings to all. I want to tell some
truth to everyone. That day I said it is not possible
to admit Geeta in this school. If we admit eunuchs.. I said everyone will make
fun if we give ammission to Geeta. Geeta whom I denied admission
has brought laurels to our school. This is the first time that eunuch
has secured first rank in the state. Today our school is number
one in the entire state. And Geeta is the reason behind it. I am really proud of you, Geeta. Please give her a big hand. Geeta’s mother dreams to
see her become a great doctor. That day I denied admission to Geeta
and today I apologize for it and.. ..therefore I have decided.. ..to repent for the mistake
by sending her aboard.. ..to pursue medicine for which
the expenses will be borne by us. Now I call Ms. Geeta to come
up onto the stage and say few words. Come, Geeta. Say a few words. Respected Chief Guest,
headmaster and my teachers. I am very happy.
I don’t understand what to talk. My mother is the
reason behind all this. Mother, come on stage. Kalpana, go. Go. Greetings to everyone. If there is something great
in this world then it is gratitude. Now I should thank three people. If Geeta and I are here then
Akbar is the reason behind it. Had he not accepted us and
provided shelter to us that day.. ..we both would have
become orphans that day. Therefore I thank Akbar bhai for it. Thanks, Kalpana. If Geeta was not
admitted in this school.. ..then all this wouldn’t
have been possible. For giving admission to Geeta and
for helping her in higher studies.. The second person
whom I thank is HM sir. Finally for making
my dream come true.. The third person I thank is Geeta. I wish to tell you only one thing. Government provided us many resource. Society call us .5,
eunuch and transgender. It gave us the name Hijra
and has shown respect to us. But my parents have thrown
me out of the house by thinking.. ..it is a shame if
I stay in the house. They beat me with footwear
and ignored that I was a small kid. Had they understood my emotions.. ..that day and brought
me up with love then.. ..I too would have become a great
doctor and stood in front of you. What grave mistake did I commit? Did I smoke cigarettes,
drink alcohol or gamble? Or did I roam in the
streets like hooligans? If I had done it
then it is a mistake. Is it a mistake to
take birth like this? This is also a life. A kind of life. Like me, Geeta too was shunned by her
family and throw out of the house. But today she achieved a lot. Not only Geeta.. ..Natarajan who achieved great
success in dance too belongs to us. Kalki who is achieving success
in IT field to belongs to us. Anchor Rosy, MP Revathi in UP.. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, social
workers and many people belong to us. They achieved great heights. Not only that, Sridhar Rangarayan.. ..who achieved great
success in film world too.. ..is a hijra. Don’t forget it. It we want then
we too can achieve it. Sister Kalpana! Super! I request only one thing from you. If there is someone like us in your
family then don’t throw them out. Don’t destroy their lives
by making them orphans. Nurture them with love
and give them respect. If I said something
wrong then forgive me. Please forgive me. Bless me, mother. Be happy, dear. Geeta, I washed utensil
and worked hard day and night.. ..so that you become a doctor. I sold flowers. I did all works and earned
25 lakhs that I saved in bank. But HM sir said he will bear
your education cost for medicine. So what should I do with that money? Mother, I have a wish. What is it, dear? Tell me, dear.
Say it without any fear. Kalpana will fulfill your wish. Mother, I want to built a
hospital and provide free treatment.. ..to the poor after
studying medicine. I feel very happy
for hearing your words. We shouldn’t think anymore. We will buy a land with our money. As you wished, we will built
a good hospital on this land and.. ..help everyone get
free treatment. Okay? Okay, mother. According to Geeta’s wish,
I bought a land. Geeta, there is a good news for you. I have seen a plot.
I bought it in your name. Are you happy? I was happy by thinking everything
was happening as I wanted. Sister Kalpana! Sister Kalpana! Someone has grabbed your land.. ..and have put up a board
saying it belongs to them. This land belongs to Das. Das, I will see you! Hey! Who is it? Go and see! Who are you? Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Am I an infant baby so that
you will hold me in your arms? You will learn the lesson
of your life if I thrash you! Come! Are you a man?
You are beating from behind. Who is Das? Tell me! Sister, it is not Das.
This is MLA Shankar’s work. I don’t have any link with it.
Spare me! Are you MLA Shankar? Don’t you have shame?
What are you eating? Hey! What are you watching? Come, rascals! I worked hard and purchased a plot.. ..but you forged the
documents and grabbed it. You will get destroyed! Who are you in-between? Are you his pet dog?
Don’t you want to stay alive? Get out of this issue! Hey, rascal!
I thought Kalpana is a woman. Why didn’t you tell
me she is a eunuch? Do you know the grave
mistake we committed? Her one curse will
ruin us for seven lives. Don’t you have shame? Yes. We don’t need their land.
Give them their land. I am telling you without any shame. I grabbed your land
because she wanted it. Now she is saying
that she doesn’t want it. I too don’t want it. You take it. Kalpana, you will not face
any trouble from me hereafter. Sir, I committed a mistake
without my knowledge. I thought something before coming. But I didn’t think
you are such a good person. I acted in haste
and committed a mistake. Please don’t mind. Give me the file. Kalpana, take it.
These are your papers. Wait, I will give them. Wait, sir. I will take them. Go away! Kalpana! Kalpana! What happened, Kalpana? – Mother! What happened? – Tell me! What happened, Kalpana? Bhai.. He wants to grab the
land that we purchased. What happened, mother? Mother! Mother! – I went
to tell him that it belongs to me. He pretended to be good.. ..and thereby cheated me. He cheated me! Father! – Son! Bhai! – Mother,
they are killing father! Bhai! – Mother, look at father. Hey! Will you kill my father! Wait! I will kill you! Bhai! Hey! Will you kill my father?
Why did you kill my father? Tell me! Why did you kill my father?
I will not spare you. Tell me. Why did you kill my father? Tell me! I will not spare you! Son, do you think this is true? Yes. Son, we are playing a game. Really? Is it a game? He is acting like a dead person and
I am acting like I am going to die. Is there such game? Will you too play? What is this? Gun. Plastic gun.
Now you will shoot me first with it. And then you should shoot yourself. Shoot.. Should I shoot you? You don’t fear.
Nothing will happen. Shoot me. Should I shoot you? Yes, it is okay. Shoot me. Should I shoot you? Shoot me. Nothing happened! Did you see it? Shoot yourself now. Shall I shoot myself now?
– Yes, do it. Do it! Shall I shoot myself? – Yes, do it. No! No! No! Nothing will happen.
Go ahead. – Mother, keep quiet. This is a game. No! No! No! Shoot quickly! Finished! I will not spare you! I will not spare you! Hey, we loot people who are normal. So is it necessary to
ask about people like you? Brother, should I throw
these dead bodies in the ocean? Why? Should I run around
courts if the dead bodies float? Poor Kalpana!
She worked hard and bought that land. Bury her in that land!
Her soul will rest in peace. Correct. I wanted to build hospital. They buried three of us. You tell me! Tell me. Is it justice for us? Look, you have been cheated.
I too agree with it. But I cannot quit my duty. Hey! This family
came by trusting god. Whoever trusts god,
god will never leave them. Come! Enter this! No, bhai! No! Don’t bottle me up in it!
Today is Chaitrapournami. Somehow I will kill MLA Shankar. Geeta will get that
land only if she dies. Then only it is possible
to build hospital in that land. After killing them,
I will leave this people. Bhai, please help me with this one.
That’s it. You have to enter this!
I swear on god. Okay! Okay! – Come fast! Call that boy. Madam, this is safety amulet.
Tie it on his hand. Tie it! Tie it! Why do I need it, mother? I will make arrangements
to drown this soul in the ocean. This amulet shouldn’t be removed from
his hand for three days at any cost. In case if it is removed then
the soul will again enter his body. Be careful! Greetings. You will not come out of this! Go, devil! Go! MLA Shankar! I will not spare you. Today is Chitrapournima. She swore that she will
kill you on this day, right? Yes, Swamy. There is only one
option to kill that soul. Today all eunuch will
gather near the sea shore.. ..they will offer
prayers to goddess.. ..on the shore and will
ask her to fulfill their wishes Later on they will sing and
dance and they leave from there. After that, your take the three dead
bodies of the people you killed and.. ..throw them in the fire
where they offered prayers. If you do it then the soul
inside the bodies will be finished. Don’t delay it. Take the
dead bodies that you buried. Go. Go. Okay, Swamy. Go. – Okay. Okay. Hey! Are you taking us to burn us? Somebody save us! Bad smell! Keep them inside! Fast! Who are you? Kalpana. Why did you come here? Don’t you know why I came? Tell me so that I can understand. Hey! It seems something
is going to happen here. I am afraid.
Come. Let us leave immediately. Everybody left. Now get down. Take them out! Fast. Fast! Come! Come! Come fast! Come fast! Come! Come! Hey! Throw them in it. Kalpana! Run! He is coming! No! No! Mother, give me. I will rotate it. Leave me! Person born in soil
has returned to soil. Go! Take out the vehicle fast! How will I do?
Keys are in his pocket. Then why did you come?
You too go and die. Hey, come here! What? It has been many days since
I killed you. I will kill you. What did you say?
Will you kill me? Me? Hey, fatty! Father, did I bite him? No, son. Don’t worry. I am there. You go inside.
I will see him. Okay, father. One shot! Two pieces! Finished. Finished. Narasimha! Hey. Hey, Kalpana! Come. Come inside! You cannot come inside. This is Lord Narasimha’s temple. If you come inside then you will die! If you have guts then come. Come I say! Come! Come! Come! If you have guts then come.
Come I say! Lord Narasimha, you give justice
to all. Is this your justice? Criminal is inside.. I am innocent and I am outside.. I will come inside.. If injustice were to
win then burn me into ashes. If justice were to
win then pave way for me. Pave way for me! Narasimha Swamy, pave way for me! Narasimha Swamy, pave way for me! Narasimha Swamy! Hail Narasimha Swamy! Narasimha Swamy! Finished! You are finished! Come! Come! Don’t kill me! Spare me! Don’t do anything to me! Spare me! Narasimha Swamy, I will not kill him. Tell me why? Because you
have me place in this holy place. I will not make this place
impure by killing him here. Spare me! I will take him
outside and finish him! Come! Come! Come! Don’t do anything to me! Spare me! Come! Come! Come! Come! Come! Spare me! Spare me! Spare me! Don’t do anything to me! Spare me! Raghava helped kalpana. Kalpana helped Raghava
whenever he faced problems. Raghava fulfilled Kalpana’s wish. Stop! Stop! One minute! One minute! One minute!
Close your eye and get down. Now see. Kalpana hospital. Did you like it? Come. Take it. Congrats. Brother.. Brother, thanks a lot
for fulfilling Kalpana’s wish. What did I do so that
you should say thanks? God has done everything. Like how you achieved it,
I wish everyone like you achieves it. All of you should be happy. You help everyone. But you forget me. I know how to bring you to me. Devil! Devil? Where? Where is the devil? You sat on everyone all these days. I shouted like that
so that you sit on me too If I don’t sit on you
then on whom will I sit, dear?

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