Kamala Harris at CNN’s Equality Town Hall: “I hear you.”

Kamala Harris at CNN’s Equality Town Hall: “I hear you.”

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Stop killing us. How do we get those men to stop killing trans
women of color? We are hunted. Systematically hunted. How can we do that? You’re right. And so — I want you to be able to talk. That’s what I’m saying. It’s a number of things. One, there has to be serious consequence and
accountability when it happens which means there needs to be a safe place for the members
of our transgender community to go when they have been exposed to that kind of harm and
we know there’s not always a safe place. I will tell you when I was District Attorney
of San Francisco, it was after the tragedy of Gwen Araujo, Matthew Shepherd, and other
cases where people were being killed. And what was happening in courtrooms is that
if the killer was caught and arrested and charged, in the courtroom they would offer
a defense. It was called the “gay or trans panic” defense. You remember that? And they would say, ‘oh, I freaked out, therefore
I don’t have the state of mind for which you could convict me of murder. And I saw this happening. So I convened prosecutors from around the
country, first-ever time it ever happened, to come to San Francisco and we created a
whole training on how to defeat the “gay/trans panic defense.” And we brought in — [ Applause ] And this was in the early 2000s. And brought in — you know, I say with pride
that we — there are a lot of the leaders in — early leaders in the trans community
who came from San Francisco and so we brought in these leaders to talk about the community,
to talk about how the issue is playing out, to talk about the injustices, and it ended
up being a model for what needs to happen around also what we do around public safety
to make sure it does not go without consequence. I hear you.


  1. Remember that time Tulsi Gabbard knocked Kamala Harris2020 from top tier status? It had a lasting and astounding effect from which Kamala will never recover. Now Kamala behind Yang in her own state of CA. THAT'S AMAZING!

  2. What happened in courtroom was a mafia run by you!.
    you should go to prison I don't know why Donald Trump cannot open your f**** file!!

  3. You did a lot of cocaine especially with ex mayor Willie Brown!.
    you should go to prison !.
    I don't know what the f**c is wrong with Donald Trump not raising your issue to the public!!!

  4. Yeah that's why I Judge Kevin McCarthy and Meghan Morgan the gay community judges was violating the citizens rights under your vision and watch!.
    Well you know what they are no longer judges!.
    but what the hell you doing in Washington DC you should be in prison

  5. Does the Constitution of the United States told you to use the Sheriff Deputy to inject inmate food with poison to cover up the court corruption so you can keep them in the mental facility to hide their illegal conviction Kamala Harris?
    Seriously you need to go to prison you are the real criminal Kamala Harris!

  6. Well Kamala Harris half of San Francisco become homeless they cannot fix the Streets in San Francisco!.
    this is what you created with your corrupt surrounding!.

  7. Women in general are being violated. Hate crimes, domestic violence against women of all communities be it black white trans or otherwise Are trans women dying in violent homophobic situations more than women who experience domestic violence or sexual assault? This is a hard one, but I truly believe the individuals who commit these type assaults are just violent persons and they choose their prey carefully…….not only will they assault trans women but they will also assault anyone who gets in their way.

  8. Transgender being killed in San Francisco because they solicit prostitution on post and Larkin Kamala Harris and there is where people shooting.
    Transgender selling sex right there maybe you can go and take a look and I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking about!!.
    Well maybe CNN can delete this video now because we provide with too much information it's going to make Camilla Harris look bad

  9. I heard people are shitting on the street in San Francisco, soooo… why are we even listening to this prosecutor that was a precursor to people shitting on the sidewalk?

  10. lol the democrats are so fucked. This is even a bigger clown show than 2016. This cultural dethroning has been a long time coming

  11. Black trans women are definitely representative of the general public and not at all a fringe minority. 🙄 Such a national emergency.

  12. I would bet that most of the murdered black trans women who are killed are killed by black males. That went left unsaid.

  13. Lying ass bitch she hates alllllllllll black people dedicated her career to locking them up and selling them for cheap labor via 13th amendment

  14. At least she doen't misgender people when she puts them in prison for insignificant marijuana offenses. And she uses proper pronouns when addressing parents when arresting them for their children's truancy. Remember when executed people? She always used proper pronouns in those cases. Kamala is the best.

  15. I love it. To watch the Democrats implode like this is truly spectacular. I feel like I've got a front row seat to a historical clown show. I'll tell my kids one day all about the time the internet was the wild west & the time I witnessed the Progressives descend into bat-shit insanity.

    Keep it coming.

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