Kanye West – Monster ft. Nicki Minaj Parody! Key of Awesome #33!

Kanye West – Monster ft. Nicki Minaj Parody! Key of Awesome #33!

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WELCOMEE This Is annoying I am enjoying Playing with this voice changer toy Now here’s a silly elephant noise Rick ross and I’m up first, I didn’t get a whole verse, they only gave me one line, goodnight folks, that’s my time Nonsense nonsense, loud and obnoxious Everybody know I’m a narcissistic monster I’mma need a closeup on my grill, can ya feel me? *mumbled*
I’mma need a closeup on my grill Eh I admit I love the smell of my own farts Tweet pictures of my face and my naughty parts Swear again that my head’s the size of texas The president even said I was a jackass I just spanked it to my own reflection I’m such a manslut I shoulda used protection Scratch it, scratch it, lower, you got it that groupie had a rash and I think I must’ve caught it Dracula, frankenstein, the blob, jaws too Those are movies that are on my netflix cue Yeezy you be thinking you’re a monster of ego I’m a slam-dunk of self praise, at best you’re a free throw I invented christmas, sex, and blueberry pie Talked about myself until this girl committed suicide Let’s settle the argument, quit this silly bickering. I am the greatest thing Why am I whispering? Beep beep beep i’m coming through. I’mma girl but I can say the word monster too My cat went into his box and did a monster poo Mad cow disease can give you a monster moo Here’s the part where I sound innocent and sweet Then I start screaming like a Jamaican freak


  1. Y'know the commenters gave Mark a hard time about slapping other ladies butts and stuff like that in these videos and for a little while his Wife Staisa said she was okay with it, but all that suspiciously stopped when she started to get into the vids more.

  2. this is the first time I saw this and it's been around for awhile Cookie Monster killed it lol you need to do another video with Cookie Monster in it

  3. So no ones going to mention that the nikki in the chair is someone with a long sleeves brown shirt on under a dress, like are brown girls that scarce in NY? 😂😂

  4. "me sneak into your house, me leave before dawn your daughters will be pregnant and your cookies will be gone 😂😂😂

  5. Hey guys,
    Can you please make a parody about his LAME song "Famous" to make fun of his stupid jerk face?
    Thank you,
    Liliana Cengarle (also called Lili!😉).

  6. I love watching these before I watch the actual video because KOA cleverly writes as close to the real lyrics as possible. So I end up memorizing the parody lyrics and laughing at the real song that takes itself so seriously.

  7. Its sounds like the old W.Bush time.
    So its not compatible with world wide. Just reflected all American House in Story of Time.

  8. 'Monster
    Kanye West Jay Z
    Rick Ross Bon Iver
    Regis Philben Cookie Muncher
    Frankenberry Count Chocula Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift Barack Obama George Washington
    Charlize Theron Matt Lauer Kenny Loggins Dixie Chicks
    Barbra Streisand Peyton Manning Ira Glass Rachel Ray
    Glenn Close Colonel Sanders Mr. Pibb Barbarella

  9. Everyone who said the Nicki part was the best part are you high? The Cookie Monster part is clearly the reason to watch this over and over

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