Kaun (2016) | Manoj Bajpayee | Sushant Singh | Urmila Matondkar | Full HD Movie

Kaun (2016) | Manoj Bajpayee | Sushant Singh | Urmila Matondkar | Full HD Movie

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Who is it? Hi. Whose that? Whose that? Whose that? Whose that? Mother, I’m very scared. What do you mean? Why
don’t you try to come? All right.. Fine,
I’ll manage, Ma’am a. Yes, I know that there’s
food kept in the fridge. You’ve mentioned this ten times
in a span of 5 minutes! I’ll eat when I feel hungry. But, Ma’am, why did all of you
go there in these heavy showers? Do you know, it’s raining
very heavily here also? I’m feeling scared, staying
alone at home. Please come back as
soon as possible. Yes.. Yes, I will check all
the doors and windows. But please return as
soon as possible. ‘Who is the in-charge here?’ ‘Mrs. Bimla Mathur was tied
to a chair and murdered.. …when she was alone at home.’ ‘The police say that even
this is the handiwork.. …of the same murderer. …who has killed three people
in the last one month.’ ‘The police also say that this
person is mentally unbalanced.. …because he only commits
a murder; He does not steal.’ ‘He first makes an excuse to
enter the house.. …and then kills the person. ‘The police appeals to the
public to disallow.. …any stranger in their house. ‘And if they doubt anybody,
they should.. …contact this number at once. 40021, 40022. ‘And now, for the
weather report.’ ‘Due to incessant rains, the
city has come to a standstill.. Come.. come.. come. Evil cat! Do you know,
you’re scaring me? Do you dream? Do you.. We will now eat something..
What will we eat? Sandwich? Yes.. yes.. yes! And you will not get anything
because you always startle me. What will you eat? I will not prepare
a sandwich for you! Who is it? Oh hi! Is Mr. Malhotra at home? Who?! Mr. Malhotra. Malhotra? There is
no Malhotra here. What? Isn’t this B / 41, Anandi,
Hilton Road? Yes, the address is correct. Then, Mr. Malhotra lives here. I’m telling you there’s
no Malhotra here. This is Mr. Gupta’s house. Gupta? Who’s Gupta? What do you mean by that?! ..
This is G. H . Gupta’s house. G. H . Gupta? But ma’am just a sec.. just a sec. Why will Mr. Malhotra give
me Mr. Gupta’s address? Go and ask him! Why
are you asking me?! Yeah, exactly! He’s the
one I have come to meet. There you go again! I’m telling you this once. This is Malhotra’s house;
There is no Gupta. I mean, this is B / 41, Anandi,
Hilton Road. But this is Gupta’s house;
There’s no Malhotra! Please go away! Does this look like Malhotra’s
house, Sherry? – What’s it?
– Oh, it’s me again. Can I make a phone call please? No, our phone is dead. – Isn’t there another phone?
– No. And this one is dead. What’s the problem? What do you mean?! I mean, what’s the problem
with the phone? What problem can there
be?! It’s dead! I wanted to make an
urgent phone call. So what can I do? Isn’t there a phone? I’ve told you there’s no other
phone, and mine is dead! I mean, isn’t there a
phone in the vicinity? How do I know? Go and
see for yourself! You live here, so you will know
about this area, right? No, I don’t know anything!
Go and see for yourself! Please go away! Where are you? After this, I will.. What’s it now? It’s me again, ma’am. It’s me again. Ma’am, my car has broken down. I really don’t know
what the problem is. It’s pouring heavily outside,
so may I come in? I’ll leave as soon as the
rains stop.. I promise. I mean, it’s raining cats
and dogs outside. It’s really cold out here, ma’am. Despite wearing this jacket,
I am feeling cold! So, may I come in?
That’s if you say so. If you permit, if you allow. Look, if it’s so cold,
then why don’t you go.. …and sit inside your car? I don’t understand why
you are harassing me! Why are you always the one to
think? Why can’t I do the same? Thank you, ma’am. He’s a strange man! He’s been
harassing me since so long! What’s it now?! – My key
is locked inside my car! Meaning? The key remained inside the car.
– So what am I to do? No, you had asked me to sit
in the car if I was feeling cold. I went there, but the key is
inside the car. So, may I come in? Ma’am.. Hello! I am right here!
Okay.. okay ma’am. Ma’am, may I come in? Look, my husband
is sleeping upstairs. He won’t accept me letting
a stranger in! Then ask him.
I’ve told you, he’s sleeping! Wake him, I’ll speak to him. I cannot wake him up!
In fact… I cannot do anything
for you. Please! You have harassed me enough!
Now, please leave! Please go. Am I harassing you? I’m feeling cold, and
I’m harassing you?! You are very mean. A man who comes home, is like a
guest, and a guest is like God. Yes! Our sandwich is ready. Ma’am.. Ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am. I’m sorry. Ma’am.. I am famished. Can I
get something to eat? You can’t come like this! ..
You’re amazing! Look.. …I’m sorry. Even I’m ashamed
to say this, but what to do? I don’t look like
a beggar, do I? Please give me something to eat. My mother too will bless you.
It’s okay, it’s alright! Stay there. Don’t move ahead.
I’ll give you. Don’t move ahead!
So nice of you ma’am. So nice of you ma’am.
So nice of you. Don’t move ahead! – As if I’ll
Come through the window! – So nice of you.
– Take this. Thank you ma’am. Oh, cheese sandwich. You are very nice. Who
says you are mean? Thank you! Thank you! – It’s okay,
it’s okay, it’s okay. So sweet of you. I can’t believe this man. You were the only left
to frighten me! Sherry.. I’m sorry baby. Sherry.. Sherry, I’m sorry. We’ll watch TV now. Yes baby. We’ll watch TV, and eat
sandwiches, right? Come on sit here. Okay! No baby. Ma’am.. Ma’am.. Hello! What’s it now? Ma’am, no enough.. I rang the bell only to thank
you for giving me a sandwich. You’ve made it very well! So nice, so delicious, ma’am. Do you know, preparing a cheese
sandwich is also an art? The sandwich you have prepared
is out of this world! No, ma’am.. I love sandwiches. My mother
prepares it for me. It’s so balanced, so balanced. You have put the right
Amount of cheese! It’s alright! – Yeah ma’am.
Thank you ma’am, thank you. Cheese from Paris! You
don’t get it in Poona. It must be the wonder of your
hand! It’s so delicious! My baby’s gone to sleep?
Won’t she watch TV? Ma’am.. Ma’am.. Hello! Ma’am, may I watch the television? If I watch TV, I’ll forget
about the cold. Please ma’am. Ma’am.. Fine! If you don’t want to
draw the curtain.. …at least increase the volume. I’ll think it’s the
radio playing. This is Radio Ceylon. In this music programme
of listeners’ choice,.. …we’ll first listen to
the request of Poonawala. He’s got caught in a place
named Hilton Road.. …due to the heavy
showers and cold. He sends his request,.. …and sings.. “Look, it’s raining.” “It’s raining.. “It’s
raining.. “It’s raining!” ‘My heart weeps..’ “It’s raining.. “it’s raining..” Just shut up, okay! Thank you ma’am. Thanks ma’am, thank.
It’s okay, it’s okay. Thanks a lot ma’am. Thanks a lot. Shut up! Just shut up, please. Okay ma’am, I’m sorry.
It’s okay. Watch the TV. What are you watching? The TV. You were watching me just now! I swear I was watching the TV. You are lying! I saw
you look at me! No, I was watching the TV. You turned to look at me,
and I did the same. And then, you saw
me look at you. Otherwise, I was watching the TV.
– It’s okay! Watch the TV. Thank you ma’am. Ma’am Thanks a lot. Just see if your husband
has got up.. Meaning?! I mean, if he’s got up, then
send him down; I’ll speak to him. If he gets up, he will
come down, won’t he?! Right ma’am. Ma’am, don’t mind it. Your husband is sleeping
at this hour?! Meaning?! I mean, it’s.. It’s quarter past six, and he’s
sleeping?! Is he feeling fine? He’s perfectly fine! And then, he can sleep at
any time he wants to! Why are you bothered?! Please ma’am.
Okay ma’am. Sorry ma’am. Sorry ma’am.. I’m sorry. Shut up! Just shut up.
Okay ma’am, okay. Everybody’s driving me crazy! I am right here! – Your man has got up.
– Who? Your husband! How do you know? I saw him at the
window upstairs. What’s wrong?! Somebody’s upstairs!
That’s your husband. My husband is not here;
I am all alone! You’d said that your
husband was at home! I lied. – You did?
Then who is he? – I don’t know.
– You don’t? This is your house! How come
you don’t know who’s here?! Yes, this is my house, but I
don’t know who’s upstairs! Is it a thief? I don’t know. Shall I check? Don’t be afraid. Easy! – Which way?
– From there. Upstairs. – There’s nobody here.
– What! Yes, there’s nobody here. You
were unnecessarily frightened. But how can this be?
I searched everywhere. Nobody’s here. But what about the loud noise? It must have been a cat. My cat was in front
of me downstairs! Really? The cat was in front of you. Would it be hiding beneath
the floor then?! Meaning?! You’re too much. You
said you saw someone upstairs! I never said I saw someone.
I only said that.. …I saw the curtain move,
and it could’ve.. …been caused by the wind too! The wind? You don’t understand.
It’s not because you said so. Since morning, I’ve been
feeling that there’s somebody home! You’re too much ma’am. This is a figment of
your imagination! – What!
– Yes. When I rang the bell the
first time you’d said,.. …your husband was at home. I knew that there was nobody
home, that you were alone. In your solitude, you
kept imagining things! About a ghost, a thief, a
murderer with a stone.. You are wrong! This is not a
figment of my imagination! I had heard the sound
for myself.. I didn’t want to tell you but I
think I don’t have a choice now. What is it? Actually, I threw a stone
and broke the window pane. O my God. Ma’am.. Ma’am, I’m sorry.. I’m sorry. Please understand. You were
not letting me in,.. …and it was so cold out. So I thought, if
I hit a stone,.. …at least your husband
would wake up. Please listen to me. Put
yourself in my shoes,.. …and think for a while. Then what happened? You were alone here,
so terrified. I was wondering how
to tell you about it. Do you understand? Ma’am, I’m sorry. Look.. I’ll bear the cost of the glass. Ma’am, okay. Or I’ll get a worker,
and have it fixed. You need not worry. Okay? Ma’am can I sit here. I’m dry. Don’t look at me, like I
am going to eat you raw! I will not do anything.
I’m just here. Relax ma’am. May I make a request? I
know you will be angry. But I am feeling so cold! .. Can I get a cup of coffee? One cup, please! Thank you ma’am. Ma’am, one spoon sugar. Thanks a lot. The house is beautiful! Beautiful.. Ma’am, I was only looking at it
because my mother has a similar one. Did you think I was
going to kill you? Do I look like a
murderer to you? Do I.. What the hell are
you doing here?! I thought I ordered
you to bring coffee. Then I felt I should help you,
so I.. There is no need!
You should not have come here! Okay.. okay.. okay! Here goes your knife. I have no knife now. Look this is not funny. I’ve been reiterating that you
should not have come here! You please go outside and sit. Ma’am I can’t believe I’m a murderer. Ma’am, my mother says that I
look like a film star. ‘Hello. The main stories
of the day.’ ‘The Indian delegation will
be represented by.. …the Secretary of cultural
affairs, Mr. R. B. Iyer.’ ‘Indian fishermen freed from
the jail in Karachi.’ ‘And, in Kashmir, the
production of saffron.. …has increased this year.’ ‘The Indian delegation will
be represented by.. …the Secretary of cultural
affairs, Mr. R. B. Iyer.’ ‘And Mr. Syed Roshan Samir.. …will represent the Pakistani
delegation.’ ‘Both the parties will find
a unanimous solution.. …to strengthen the friendly
ties in various sectors.’ ‘To relax the stringent visa
laws for cultural artistes,.. …will be the main
focus of the talks.’ ‘Also, a solution
to the problems.. …risen in the entry
of sports persons.. …is being worked out.’ ‘Talks to have fishermen freed.. …from both the nations
will also be held.’ It’s good. Please sit. – Thanks!
– Please sit. Please sit. Make
yourself at home. Please sit. ‘And now, for an
important news.’ ‘The commissioner spoke
of the spate.. …of murders in the
last few days.’ – Won’t you have some coffee?
– I don’t drink coffee. You don’t? But you prepare
coffee very well. ‘After conducting the
investigations, he found out that.. …these murders are the
handiwork of only one person.’ ‘Because he has murdered
all his victims.. …by quashing them with a rope.’ ‘Perhaps, he is mentally
unbalanced.’ ‘The officer has appealed
to the public.. …not to let any stranger home.’ ‘He has also said that.. …if a person is suspicious
about somebody,.. …he should kindly contact
this number.. …400021, 400022.’ ‘The terrorism that people
have faced in Kashmir.. …in order to keep peace.. Do you think it’s me? Me? I can’t believe it. Do you actually feel that
I am the murderer?! I think you ought to leave now. What’s wrong now? My husband will be
here any moment! But you said you
have no husband. I’d said he isn’t at home
now, he’s gone out. He’ll be here any time.
Please go! Oh, that’s great! Let him come,
I’ll speak to him. What do you mean?! Let him come. I’ll explain to
him, and he’ll understand. There is no need! Please go now! This is my house! It’s a nice house. This is no time to joke!
Please go! I’m telling you for
the last time! Suppose I say, I will
not go, then? I let you come inside,
gave you coffee. I heeded everything you said.
Please go! I beg.. Quiet! I am really a decent
man. Understand? I am really a decent man. I’ve got caught in
this thunderstorm.. …because of that
wretched Malhotra! I can understand your fear. You’ve got trapped at
home with a stranger. Okay. I can understand everything. Look, ma’am.. Do you think I am that murderer? Would you have been
yet alive then?! Would you?! Keep this! .. Keep it. Sit here with it. If I do
anything, then kill me, okay? Happy? But for God’s sake,
please be quiet! You have made a ghost out
of a man in just a second! I swear I’ll leave once
the rains stop. I don’t want to stay here!
I have a home of my own! Weird girl! Sit straight. Looking at you,
I remember Aarti. O my God. Aarti my girlfriend. You are just like her.
Absolutely chicken-hearted! When she’d be alone in a room,.. …she’d feel someone is
coming to garrote her. Any sound or thing
would startle her. Very absent-minded! If we would go for a film, she
would not travel in a taxi. And if by some chance,
she would,.. …then she’d constantly be
giving directions to the driver! I had a good time with her.. Then she died. I’m sorry. No.. I.. I’m really sorry. I used to love her very much. I have never loved anybody
with that intensity. – What do you do?
– Me? – You.
– I’m studying. What? – History.
– History. My God! Shall I tell you a
joke about History? There was a History student who
entered his classroom late. His teacher summoned him,.. …and asked him if knew
where Qutubminar was. He replied in the negative. The teacher asked him
to stand on the bench. To which he asked, ‘Sir, will
I be able to see it,.. …standing on a bench?’ Had you done the same? And what does your husband do? – My husband is not here.
– No? I mean, I am not married. I knew that! I hate cats. I hate cats,.. especially
those who like cats! Aarti used to like cats. She used to call it Catty. Catty.. catty baby. Baby sorry, baby. Catty baby, sorry baby, sorry.. I think there’s
been a power cut. Has someone outside
cut the line? Hey! I was only joking! Please bring a candle. Or we’ll be just searching for
each other’s faces in the dark! Did you find the candle? What’s the matter? Please wait. What’s wrong? What’s wrong?! Ma’am, what is the matter?! Ma’am, wait.. wait.. This man is a murderer!
He will kill me! Don’t be afraid. This man killed my cat!
He’ll kill me too! What are.. Where is the cat?
– Inside, in the kitchen. Inside! .. Go inside! I had suspected him all along.
When I went upstairs,.. Why are you hitting me? I didn’t go to the kitchen.. I know he has killed my cat! I did not.. Why are you pushing? Look, there’s my cat! But I did not kill it!
He killed my cat! Listen to me! I was
not even here! I suspected him from
the beginning! – Who is this man?
– I don’t know. Then what’s he doing in your house?
-I don’t know! He kept asking for Malhotra,
and barged in! – Who’s Malhotra?
– I don’t know. I’ll tell you!
Just shut up, okay?! I know Malhotra. I had
a deal with him. I came here for a delivery. But to the wrong address. Does he know Malhotra?
I don’t know that! Why are you asking her? I’m telling you, I had
a deal with Malhotra. Be quiet! There is no Malhotra!
He is the murderer! The one shown in the
news bulletin. He has murdered, and
is on the run! This stupid girl is
talking rubbish! Why are you listening to her? You want me to listen to you
instead! Who do you think you are?! Whom are you trying to impress? I’ll blow your brains apart! Whom are you threatening? She’s speaking the truth,
and I’m telling lies?! Perhaps, this house is mine!
Perhaps, this girl has barged in! Perhaps, I didn’t kill the cat,
and this girl did!! You may have killed it! Or
somebody else may have! Just a minute. What were you doing
outside the house? This is not your house. It’s raining. Why were
you near the door? Nobody has informed the police. How did you come here? Sit. Sit! Sit. This is Inspector
Qureshi speaking. Send a Head Constable and four
Sepoy to Anandi, Hilton Road. No. It’s a case of some
suspect killer. Yes bring. Fine. There’s a car parked outside
your compound,.. …in the middle of the road. I came to inquire
if it was yours. I was going to ring the bell
when you opened the door. The story is good! .. It’s very good!! When I asked him then,
he had no answer. He walked till here, cooked
a story, and told us. Very good, very good. You are amazing! .. This
man is absolutely crazy! Didn’t he phone the
police station now?! You are crazy and stupid!
Can’t you understand?! How would you know
if he phoned.. …or if there was someone
on the other end? Just look at him!
He’s sitting,.. …like this is his house,
not yours! And he’s drinking liquor!
Will a cop do so,.. …and that too before a lady? Look at his clothes. Ask
him where his uniform is! It looks like he has run away
from a film shooting! And look at his shoes! As if he has stolen the
shoes of some hoodlum! And you’ve studied History. Don’t History students
possess brains?! A word more, and I’ll
blow your brains apart! I’ll kill you bastard.
I’ll kill you. Hey come on. Let go of him!
What are you doing? This man is dangerous! Ma’am, listen to me.
Move away! Let go of him! Move away! Let go of him! Move away! Let go of him! Don’t you move! Ma’am.. ma’am, listen to me. If he is a policeman, what
was he doing outside? You shut up! Move away! I had parked my car on the side
of the road, not in the center. Don’t believe him! My spectacles! Give me the gun!
Don’t give the gun. If I wanted to kill
you, I’d have.. …smashed the glass
and entered in. I wouldn’t have killed the cat,
I would have killed you! Please listen to me! No, listen to me!
Give me the gun. Believe me, and not this man! You won’t get a chance again,
ma’am. Please listen to me! Okay I’m leaving. Use your head, ma’am. – Please give me the gun!
– No! You point a gun at a cop..
Don’t move ahead! I’ll kill both of you. Don’t move ahead! I don’t believe either of
you! Go and sit there! – I will.
– Sit! I’m not doing anything. Hey come on.. – Sit down.
– Sit down.. sit down. Okay ma’am. Relax. Ma’am, look… Please
listen to me.. She’s pointing a gun at
us, else, I’d have.. Stop it. Stop it or I’ll
kill both of you. Ma’am point it here.. point here. He has hit me bastard. Oh, I’m sorry. Oh, my baby.. I’m sorry. Don’t move. You are making a grave mistake.
I’m a policeman. If he is a policeman, then I’m
the super star Amitabh Bachchan! I’ll kill you, swine!
I’ll shoot both of you! – Just shut up.
– Okay ma’am. Point it towards him,
he’s hitting me.. …move that side! If I had the gun, I wouldn’t
have spared you! I thrashed you so badly.
Don’t you remember?! Remember every word you say! I’ll remember even what I have
not said! Take your hand off! You stink! Since how many
days have you not bathed? Shall I bathe you?! Bloody swine! He must have not informed the
police. Let me do the needful. No! Don’t move! Fine! You phone. She’s going to call
your father.. Look! Hello ma’am.. ma’am.. Two people have barged in
here! .. I’m fine, Ma’am. Phone the police immediately,
and ask them to come here soon! I am fine, Ma’am! .. Please
phone them immediately! Thank you ma’am, thank you. We will now know in which
division you are. Understand?! Can’t you see he’s crazy?! And
you are falling for his bait?! I don’t believe either of you! Let the police come and decide
about each one of you! Okay ma’am. I understand. When you’ll learn about whom.. …you’ve messed around with,
you’ll run home.. …straight to your mother, and
ask her for a bottle of milk.. Swine, do you know whom you
have messed around with?! Constable, you are frightening
me! I know the truth. My friend’s uncle is
Commissioner Mendonca! Don’t laugh! These are
your last moments! I’ll thrash you so badly that
you’ll be given saline! Really? Well, you’ll be
given a glucose drip! I’ll come to visit you,
don’t worry! Stop it. Stop it I said
or I’ll shoot you both. Stay away from each other!
I’ll shoot both of you! I’ll shoot you both. Stay away from each other
until the police arrive! I’ll shoot both of you!
You’ll drive me crazy! – Okay ma’am.
– Okay ma’am. Even the ghost won’t go near
him, so why should I? Stop it! What are you doing?! Cigarette. Shall I.. Do you have a lighter? Did you buy it from Andheri
railway station? Can I have one? I’m sorry. I’m sorry, take. Can I have some coffee? I mean, we have to wait
till the police come. We are sitting idle, so
let’s have some coffee. What do you say? Not a bad idea. Let’s do one thing. We’ll walk ahead of you,
while you point.. …the gun towards our backs?
Okay, ma’am. We’ll prepare coffee, and then
get it back here, okay? However, there’s one problem. I
can’t prepare coffee.. can you? Why delay? Let’s go, ma’am. Stay behind. Shall I shut this window? – Is there a dish?
– What’s that? A vessel. Pan. – Ma’am.
– It’s there. Where’s the coffee powder? –
It’s here..Wait! One of you come. Take this. What’s this?! You have to
prepare coffee, not tea. – Can you prepare coffee?
– No. Then?! What’s the matter?
I’m not laughing at you. I remembered that when
I had just come here,.. …even I’d asked for coffee. Ma’am, nothing will happen, ma’am. Move you bastard,
move that side. Ma’am, move ahead. Move you bastard. Move. I won’t harm you! I hated
to point the gun at you. But what to do? You just
don’t believe me. I had told you, he’s crazy! You bastard. You felt that he was a nice
man, and I was bad, didn’t you? Just use your head! Please, I request you. Look, Look. You are a policeman, aren’t you? In which police station
do you work?! Answer me, or I’ll shoot you! – Panvel.
– Panvel. Give me the phone
number in Panvel! Quickly tell me the number! Repeat it! Dial the number, ma’am. Is Inspector Qureshi there? He.. he says, there’s no
inspector named Qureshi! O my God. He is the same killer! You lied to me! You were lying! You bastard. You lied to me! I have the gun now! Don’t move! Ma’am.. ma’am, do one thing. Ma’am, phone the police,
and say that.. …the television
killer is here.. I’ll shoot. I’ll kill you! Ma’am.. don’t worry.. don’t worry. I’ll shoot. You bastard. Don’t move. Kill me! There were only 4 bullets, fool! Oh! Mummy.. mummy. You have nothing to fear from
me.. …I am only a thief. I came to steal,.. …I don’t
anything about the murderer. I didn’t want to fall
in this mess! Do you have a rope? Rope?..Why?! I can’t let this madman loose.
If I do, he’ll kill you! I’ll tie him for your safety.
Bring a rope. I want to leave. My suspicion has been
confirmed! He is the murderer! You don’t believe me? Fine,
I’ll leave! You can go die! No! Please! I’ll fetch the rope! You will hit me? Come here! Come out soon! Bloody swine! Can’t you remain shut?! Sit! Please listen to me. I believe that you are a thief,
and not a murderer. I take back my words. But why do you think,
I am the murderer?! Does one murder with spectacles
on? Look at my tie and clothes! And would I kill a cat if I
wanted to murder someone?! This crazy girl doesn’t
realise that.. …I’ll be killed because
of her fear! Listen to me. I came here,
looking out for Malhotra. And I got trapped. I’ve
hurt my head;.. …look at the state
of my clothes! My entire night has got ruined! I had sought shelter
from the rains. You understand.. you understand. You came here to steal,
so we are birds.. …of the same feather, right? I came to look for Malhotra. So what’s the difference
between us? Both of us have got trapped. I pleaded with the girl
for an hour to let me in. How was I to know that my whole
life would get destroyed?! I am ruined! I hurt my head! Everything
is finished! And look, she’s bringing a rope! Bastard! And I’ve killed you bastard. Now kill me you bastard. I had no choice. If I wouldn’t
have killed him,.. …he’d have killed us! Understand? Please believe me! Ma’am.. believe me, ma’am. Please believe me! You think I’m the murderer! I’ll call the police. They will
decide who this man is! This hoodlum has ruined my life! I should get out from
here quickly,.. …as I don’t want to stay here! This is an ill-fated place! I don’t want to stay here. And after that, I’ll tell
the police everything! Come on come on.. come on
you bastard, come on. Everything is faulty here! What? Come on, come on. What? I’ll tell them everything. Where is this wire coming from? I fail to understand the
technology of this.. It’s snapped! But when ma’am phoned,.. …that man was in front of me. He didn’t cut it. If it was
already cut, then who phoned? This means there
is somebody else! Stay where you are! I’m coming! There is somebody else here! Beware! There is somebody here!
Stay where you are, I’m here! Whoever you are, come out!
I have a pistol! Ma’am, Stay where you are! Ma’am, I’m coming! Whoever you are,
you can’t escape! Stay where you are! There is somebody else here! You won’t be spared, scoundrel! Stay where you are! There
is somebody else here! Don’t worry, I have a pistol. Ma’am, there is somebody here. Hey, whoever you are,
I have a pistol.. Listen to me. Please don’t kill me!
Here’s the gun. Listen to me. There’s something spooky
here, understand? That man was a murderer.
I had to kill him.. …or he’d have killed us! He would have killed us!
You’ll kill me! Didn’t you hear on TV that.. …the killer strangles
a victim to death? Don’t kill me!
Didn’t you see on TV? Listen to me. I haven’t
come here.. …to play a joke
or hurt my head. You have to lend me a hand.
We’ve got to be together. I have a pistol, …else that man.. Ma’am, listen to me.
Stay right here! Someone’s come but I have
a pistol. Okay ma’am. Don’t worry, stay here,
stay here. Ma’am, somebody was asking
for Malhotra. Yes. He asked about Malhotra. I opened the door. He saw my
face, my bloodstained shirt.. …my injured head, a
pistol.. He then ran away. Why was he asking
about Malhotra? This is Gupta’s house, isn’t it? – Gupta’s.
– Ma’am.. ma’am.. I think there is
something spooky! There’s something fishy. Why was he asking for
Malhotra in Gupta’s.. So, when I was asking
you for Malhotra,.. …this man must have been
hiding somewhere here. Some game is being played
with us. Stay right here. How did he know about Malhotra?
I was asking for Malhotra. This means, that man must
be somewhere inside! That man was inside! Ma’am, we should be together. I have a pistol. There is
certainly something spooky. There is certainly
something spooky. Stay with me. I have stayed back to save you. Else, I have no desire of.. I think she will surely
drive me crazy! I hurt my head. Why did
I ever come here?! Mr. Malhotra? Ma’am, please! I’ll go away! O my God! Please save me. I’ll hit you! M .. m.. ma’am, I’ll hit you! Don’t come close, I’ll hit you! I’ll hit you! Are you all right? Don’t be afraid.


  1. Absolute gem of a movie. The mother of twists and one of d greatest thriller suspense movies of bollywood. It rises to the level of hollywood or japanese or korean style of filmmaking with intense drama, gripping story and edge of the seat thriller. The movie will take u into itself and will seldom release u for days. At the end it will leave u spellbound of what has happened. Hats off to RGV for jaw dropping direction and subtle use of surrounded articles and creating an aura of eerieness. Kashyap is d master script writer and deserve d kudos for the plot. Background sound makes the moments more intense and anxious. A real masterpiece from RGV. Deserves a cult status.

  2. Manoj Bajpai Brilliant Man👍👍Why these Fucking Directors dont use him Much Often👍👍Thanks to Anuraj Kashyap For Making Us See this Gem

  3. The thing that got me most ticked through out the movie was Urmila was not using a bread knife to cut bread….. I mean that chef knife is good for cutting and dicing veggies and meat but not bread….

  4. What a movie
    I love to watch thriller and murder mysteries and this movie was just beyond my expectations.When I first watch the trailer of this movie I was not sure should I watch this or not but after watching this I love this movie and its one of the best no greatest movie of Bollywood . So much reall acting by all three of them Hats Off

  5. wowww….I literally enjoyed it. not even single second is wasted.highly Entertaining ….Urmila Matondkar is such a great talent… Manoj bajpayee was terrific.

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