Keep Watching Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

Keep Watching Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers

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Told you you should’ve pee at the airport. – Hey hey hey, hold on the rack suitcase out of the way. Come on. DJ, no food! Almost eleven. (Inaudible) What’s going on? Someone is watching us. Call the police. The phone’s are gone. Dad please, please come back upstairs. Dad! Please come back upstairs. Dad! Nooooo. Dad! Dad. Nooo! Kill or be killed. They want us to fight back. Go go go. Why are you doing this to us? Why are you doing this to us? Because… it’s fun!


  1. hold up, she was using a laptop at the start, couldn't she have called or at least emailed someone? Honestly there were about 20 different things to help them in that situation.

  2. seems unfair.. so they just have to use their house stuff as weapons while the mask killer has who knows how many advantages..

  3. This movie was a good concept that was put into the hands of people who had absolutely no ide what they should do with it. Pretty bad movie.

  4. فيلم رعب جميل

    قصته عن : قتلة يتجسسون على المنازل ، ويضعون أجهزة تصنت وتصوير فيها ، ثم يبدأون بلعبة : أقتل أو تقتل ، فيقتلون أفراد العائلة فرداً فرداً ، حتى يقضون على الجميع ، ثم ينتقلون لمنازل الضحايا الأخرى بنفس الطريقة واللعبة .

    مضمون الفيلم بإختصار عن :- خطر وسائل التواصل الإجتماعي ، والتجسس على الناس والمنازل ، وغريزة القتل .

  5. I mean it’s different I’ll give it that, but idk man … reminded me of that movie where they lock up all there employees in the building and make them kill each other.

  6. I watch this movie because I see carl from TWD and the guy from fantastic4.
    But this is not good. Worst acting from the other cast.

  7. Wow I wasted 2 hours ofy life watching this it's basically the purge home invasion not very original either plot was done in movie called Untraceable this is just torture porn horror, Ratting this one ?

  8. stupid movie…..stupid cast ..why they accept this kind of acting……even they know they will fool lots lots of people….and most of all stupid director… money to produce good movie.. ????

  9. It’s about some people watching this from all the camera in their home and they think it not real but it’s real

  10. Back on those year I really love Bella So much ( I don't know but this movie set in 2014 ) so now Bella ……??

  11. It's a game.. they have to kill the intruders with the gifts or get killed by the intruders if they can't fight back.

  12. Guys did you know that this movie is actually not a movie I mean that those people aren’t acting there dying am serious ??

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