Khooni Nadi Rohini Most Haunted Places in Delhi

Khooni Nadi Rohini Most Haunted Places in Delhi

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The Khooni Nadi of Delhi, the Bloody River in Rohini
is believed to be haunted. It is said that the river tries to pull in, whoever enters
and that many have lost their lives here. While the lives lost here have often been
assumed to be accidents and suicides, some of the cases remain mysterious. If you’re
‘lucky’ or rather unlucky, you may hear crying noises and other spooky sounds near the river. Walking past the canal, one does get a spooky
vibe, that someone is watching, even when there is no one there, some believe this is
attributed to black magic and curses, As the Munak canal, enters Delhi from Haryana,
branching off from the Yamuna, flowing through Delhi, this area marks the boundary of the
Khooni Nadi. While it is believed that the river is cursed,
during Delhi’s summer months, many kids seem to remain unaffected and take to swimming
in this stretch. Cursed or not, what do you think? If you like this video, do like and share
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  1. Excellent and eerie video! Great voice over. The voice shares some riveting creepy folklore and stories. The video also shows fantastic angles of the Khooni Nadi. Very mysterious and inviting at the same time. Perfect for those who love to ghost hunt or go on haunted ghost tours. As an American traveling to India next year, I will definitely make this a part of my stop while in Delhi!!

  2. Yaar place tho india ka hai…aur aap English bolrahehoo….hindi mein bolthe tho maza thaa….atha mazi sataklii

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