Kickstarter 05 – The Hunters Hunted II

Kickstarter 05 – The Hunters Hunted II

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JUSTIN: The Kindred own the night. Hi. I’m developer Justin Achilli. When Vampire:
The Masquerade first appeared in hobby stores over 20 years ago, its flawed antihero protagonists,
the Kindred, held the world in thrall under the yoke of ancient conspiracies and invisible
wars. In 1992, with Hunters Hunted, the mortals rallied against the darkness and made a stand
to take back their world. Now, 20 years later, the hunters return with
Hunters Hunted II, a book that has been designed with, and implemented community feedback every
step of the way through Onyx Path Publishing’s open development philosophy. We cooperated
with players on the outline, integrated your comments, and listened to the feedback you
provided us from the previous Kickstarters. The prestige print run of Hunters Hunted II
continues the tradition of offering a high-quality hardcopy of its title, this time with a twist.
The leatherbound prestige volume of Hunters Hunted II appears not as a black leather tome
from the crypt of a vampire lord, but more like a field manual, belonging to a hunter
on the trail of the undead. And of course, we have a variety of reward
tiers so that players can choose exactly the sort of participation with this Onyx Path
Kickstarter that they like. It’s this sort of relationship, working in tandem with the
community of Vampire players, that makes offering new books on Kickstarter such a great way
to continue support for the game. So thanks for all your help so far! And hopefully this
time, when we help the mortals take back the night.

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