Killer snail Halloween makeup tutorial

Killer snail Halloween makeup tutorial

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We’re gonna create snail eyes and begin with heating Polymorph Plastic You can also use tin foil wrapped with tape Roll it up into a thin sausage And then we need an eye We found a button that looked like an eye. Use your imagination Push it there properly Elli is folding up the edges around the button to secure it in place Then we need to flatten the base of the antenna so we have a surface to attache it on That went pretty fast Now wee need teeth and we use Polymorph Plastic again but you can use clay as well Roll the plastic and then cut it diagonal, like this This way you get a pointy shape directly We bend them a bit And remember you have to make a lot of teeth Flatten the end, like this, then let the plastic cool off If you make them pointy they will be very sharp so be careful This weeks shout out goes to sfx emily 11 years old and creates really cool things, check her out! This time Julia will become the snail Begin be marking out where you want the teeth And remember we’re doing one inner and one outer ring of teeth Then we paint the mouth red After that we create na inner lip thing with cotton pads and latex Don’t get latex in your eyes Then continue with black in the middle of the mouth And fade it out to the red Then we continue attaching teeth to the inner teeth row, or circle Add cotton to the base of the teeth to attach them easier Continue to pain the gum around the teeth with red We need to dirty up the teeth as well And elli is using a brown tone but it’s your creation to use what you like And guess what, now we repeat everything on the outer teeth circle And with larger teeth we need more cotton on the base to attach them properly Here elli is folding extra cotton around the base of the teeth This take time in Swedish is Detta tar tid When that’s done get a little blood on them and dirty up the teeth We lost the footage from one angle so the next step may be difficult to see We’re gonna use a large piece of dried up latex to create a mouth opening Cut a large hole in the center and apply latex around your teeth Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit. We will cut it in two pieces. One upper piece and one lower Secure it with liquid latex And there you see we cut it in half Then attach the lower part. We know it’s hard to see. But we know you can do it! And to really make it look like a snail we need to paint a snail pattern on the model Snail in Swedish is “Snigel” and a snail is not complete if it’s not gooey so we add olive oil in her hair Then we continue with foundation Covering up the latex Match the colours on the antenna eyes to attach them we cut holes in the latex in the forehead And get it in under the latex add support with cotton pads on the base if needed It’s kinda tricky Use a hair dryer for faster drying times Then we continue with the pattern When the antennas are in place Add more colour to them Then some blood Oil on your skinn and then you’re about ready You are a snail A killer snail If you like this we have more creatures And if you really liked it, share and subscribe!


  1. I fornd a site that sells FANGS that are perfect for this and any other Mask or Sculpt..they even have Glow in the Dark…You can reshape with a Heat gun, Shape w a dremel , And even paint them…

  2. You better watch out you better not fail because in your garden is a killer snail. Best start to a video ever.

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