“King Dorian” – Cartoons about tanks

“King Dorian” – Cartoons about tanks

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How dare you disgrace your family. You were defeated by some miserable mutant Let me explain my brother It was completely unusual monster This iron giant has incredible abilities Be silent! No one can defeat the monsters like you and me! But let me explain I said you – keep silence! You are guilty! You are sentenced to exile Get out of here, You miserable wimp! Never come back! Our tribe is only for merciless monsters!


  1. OH.MY.GOD!!!!

    King Dorian is MASSIVE.will the mighty King Dorian fight the the destroyer of cities Dorzilla?

  2. Damn that was good Valhalla toons keep doing what your doing man these keep getting better and better

  3. Hay ini kau najil aku pake HP Aku yang 2 1nya tablet samsung HPnya vivo satunya jadi aku pake ini ngomong-ngomong banyak banget si dorian tank dan juga
    Ko ada king dorian yah

  4. Вот посмотрим когда етот король сам лично
    Встретится с Дорзилой 2.0
    И посмотрим тогда
    Єсле он такой
    Пусть сразится с ней!!
    Вот тогда все ясно будет и понятно!

  5. Этот Король Дориан пусть сначала сам сразится с этим монстром по имени Дорзилла и победит его, а потом уже возмущается.

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