King Kong (6/10) Movie CLIP – Kong’s Rampage (2005) HD

King Kong (6/10) Movie CLIP – Kong’s Rampage (2005) HD

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Somebody! Somebody help me! Go! Go! Get out! Go! Go! There they are. (man)
Wait for me! Go back! (man #2) This way! (man #3) Help! (man #4) No!


  1. Carl Denham: The whole world?will pay?to see this?. We’re millionaires?, boys! I’ll share it with all of you. In a few months?, his?name will be up in lights on Broadway! Kong?: The Eighth Wonder of the World?.

  2. 0:49 That face he makes, he's staring right at Jack, the man who, in his mind, stole the only friend he ever had. He's basically saying, "WHERE IS SHE?!"

  3. I have to old is king kong im this mean sure he's probably lived alone for the entirety of his life on skull island.but he hasent slowed down physically.he's still pretty strong in to crush chrome steel chains like they were sticks.and lift 9 ton v rexes with just one arm.thats pretty impressive.but just how old is he??

  4. Lol haha she ehh AHHA did you see Kong’s face when he escaped wow it’s not like he’s seen New York before lol haha HHE hehe haha

  5. Human fault
    1) they should capture the Kong
    He belongs to wild
    2) they shouldnt shoot and kill Kong
    Atleast use cloroform or sleep bullet
    And release him back to the wild

    Rip will be missed❤❤

  6. to be honest even though it may not look like it kong seems to be more scared of his surroundings than the humans are of him.

  7. 0:24 – 0:26 This part reminds of the Phantom of the opera when the Chandelier falls and everyone is getting out of their seats and run away

  8. This wasnt rampage,fix the god damn title….he rampaged vs the 3 t-rex….this was walking in the park…im bad with english but god damn u…use ur words right…

  9. Kong: picks up girl
    Kong: ur not Anne throws her away

  10. Today if this happened there would certainly be people taking pictures with phones and even selfies with Kong in the background.

  11. Aww???? he just threw the poor white woman out the way. She was not the type of girl for him because she screen too much

  12. King Kong now does not need too use his hands too move around and he’s way taller now he’s like 50000m tall

  13. I mean he didn't intentionally hurt anyone.. He was just bitchslapping anyone who got in his way..

  14. King kong vs godzilla? Kong could fit in a stage godzilla is even bigger than buildings? That would lool like a man vs a fetus?

  15. 0:29 Sir RUN AWAY!! (Kong steps the man) Oh-ho-ho-oh……… I’m sure he’s fine. Hahahaha?hoohoohoo?!

  16. The one they don't show very often is the 1976 version with Jeff Bridges & Jessica Lange. Could it be that Kong climbed the World Trade Center?

  17. I've done a Dynamics analysis on the four frames where Kong grabs Ann at 0:13. She experiences an acceleration of approximately 24.59 G and if this were in actuality she would have died rather gruesomely.

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