Kingdom Hearts 2 All Cutscenes | Full Movie | Nightmare Before Christmas ~ Halloween Town

Kingdom Hearts 2 All Cutscenes | Full Movie | Nightmare Before Christmas ~ Halloween Town

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No hey this is Halloweentown right Wow oh
my gosh wha-wha-wha wha-wha-wha Wow hey it’s zero have you been boy what’s that for it’s quiet Sora Donald and Goofy welcome back and
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas don’t you mean happy Halloween of course
Halloween greetings from Jack Skellington stop pumpkin King forgive me
I’m in a Christmas mood you see I’m running the show again this
year but I need Sandy Claws blessings so I’m off to Christmas town Sandy Claws
boy blankie means Santa Claus are these decorations wonderful this year
Halloween town’s going to handle Christmas too but first we have to visit
Sally she’s working on something no self-respecting Santa Claus can do
without come along I’ll show you a Halloween town Christmas want to go
check it out yeah come on hurry hello Doctor
we’re salad thank you see that I’m in the middle of an experiment hey this is way too heavy you do and
you’ll be sorry now bring it over here Sally did you finish it I want to show
my good friends I’m sorry can i I need a little bit more time
oh well that’s all right just as long as it’s ready for Christmas I best be off I’ve got to go get sandy
claws right away wonderful to see you again
goodbye for now go get Santa Claus please I’m afraid something terrible
will happen if Jack go through this simple 12y ones warm loss are those strange-looking Fellows of the
town square with you huh fellas you know the ones who wanted to spoil Halloween
and Christmas what have they called again heartless
they’re definitely not with us but Donald goofy and I can get rid of them
for you and then we can go see Santa but first the heartland now here’s this you you think leave
Valerie’s out at once by order of the mayor Jack where are you
I’m only an elected official I can’t handle this by myself we’re on it what should we bring along next time a
secondary or something even worse who’s that some old hag Highland hmmm perhaps you three could be immune
to me come along all of you I will show you the truth all right bodyguards Christmas Town is
this way the doorway is in the woods just past the graveyard here it is the
tour to Christmas Town the scoops of Halloween can get some fire from year
after year I wanted something new and I found this jaundiced door the world
filled with wonders the likes of which you’ve never seen
first I couldn’t believe my eyes everything was so fresh and exciting
come on it’s opening what cool Ram Swami limply in his workshop shall we hear to come guard loyal
bodyguard twist master one woke emma gorge we
can’t let anything bad happen to christmas that’s where Santa Claus lives well hello everyone did you come to see
if you’re on my nice list your name um Dora sir let’s see here you are well
according to my lists or seven years ago you told everyone who did not believe in
Santa Claus that is unfortunate Oh am i on your list society can it’s me
Jack you’re excusing to me what sort of trouble did you bring this time this
time it’s a long story why we have a high island well this is a
pleasant surprise that fool Jack rocks aura and the others
with him now we can deal with all of them at once who’s there it’s luck shock and Barrel not those
three I assure you they’re not with us well whatever the case they’ve been
quite naughty catch them and bring them back here they’re going to get a lecture mr. Claus I wanted to talk to you about
Christmas for it will have to wait I need to see how things are progressing
in my workshop come on Jack let’s catch those little
pranksters oh all right then I was so looking forward to destroying
that ridiculous Christmas town but now since our little dinner over here I
think a change of plan is called for revenge before pleasure the Magnificent malevolence that sounds
really bad and that’s super super bad boo people he sucks I haven’t sent
anything how intriguing and where might I find him now more
intriguing skin I believe I’ll bring your master back for you I feel like a million but I only want
monistic malevolent indeed you do okay do you remember Sora Donald and Goofy do
I remember them ah you’re too much I’ll never forget what they did to me and
what was it they did to me squash me like a bug that sounds bad and
Jack helped even worse hey creams yeah that’s right that’s
right that’s one thing I won’t be forgetting anytime soon it’s the last
thing I remember and it’s the only thing I remember until I teach those clowns
not to mess with Lestat okay buddy yeah that’s right that’s the spirit and I
have the perfect plan already in mind have you ever heard of Christmas town
mr. doggy we we want to see how bad you are huh it seems he needs more time to
recover you three stay here and keep score and the others occupied there they are on Father’s is now I’ve lost my way no this is utter foolishness
I should be getting ready for Christmas it will be superb
yes but please call me Santa Claus of course mister said cause I was hoping
I’d find you here you see it’s very important that you go back to Christmas
town I’m afraid something terrible is going to happen if you go well I am
behind on my preparations all right tell Jack I’ll be waiting for him at home he
had something to say to me about Christmas but that’s it please go home
and lock the door and if Jack knocks I’m cooking there the
large one in red all I gotta do is kidnap him that’s right lock him up at
once then begin destroying Christmas town that’s sure to make Sora and the
other fools come running and burn they’re all mine yes and in the meantime
I’ll turn Santa Claus into Santa heartless I’ve done a little redecorating wait
something’s not quite right I know what it is we just need a little more of that
boogie flare I do hope our jolly old friend is looking forward to becoming a
half oh come on zo are you still here why don’t you boogie
on back where you came from you’re pretty much dial have you already
forgotten who brought you back you insolent bag a bum hmm sorry you can’t
remember a thing very well you English you’ll rue the day
you phoned my help when flip one smiles getting good honey
ahaha you and I have a score to settle Jack same goes for your little sidekick
what are you planning to do with Santa Claus who Santa Claus I don’t know what
you’re talking about then why is this Rollie pollie red guy here
I have to go grandpa hahahahaha 20 we’re huh all right Christmas is safe again perfect
I better get down to business my friend plan yo you ought to stick to Halloween
and spooky stuff he can wonderful wife I love it
Thank You Sally but I make a splendid Santa Claus it’s a mere Josh character
who saved me in Christmas as well and for that I’m very grateful but please
promise you won’t cause any more trouble and about that suit don’t even think
about taking over the meat again I just thought you could use a little
help this year with Claus you must be exhausted from all the
preparations and come on mind a second chance to get this crispy thing right yes being Santa Claus can be tiring but
let me tell you something jack painting the happy faces of little children when
they discover the presence I brought them makes it all worthwhile
year after year after year and you Jack you love to make them past and see them
shiver with bright what if someone tried to take all of
that away from me and you both have very important jobs to do jack – to take care
of Christmas and you’ll just take em Halloween so we each have to do it very
best we can after all you’re the face of Halloween
and mr. Jack Skellington the pod contains an item right there and even
though you’re passionately Christmas Child
Halloween is your true specialty so you see children rely on both of us to do
our job Halloween is your attention and I know
Christmas needs mine urgently you’re right I am the master of terror and if
Halloween has become too routine all I have to do is think of something new
that’ll really make them scream Jack oh yeah I’ve been looking for you
everywhere we must go over the plans for make
Halloween I can’t do a thing without your food room no true good luck Jack Skellington well there you go
yes and I got lots of names to check and preparations to pitch whoa jack this is
no time for joking what’s this perhaps a bit too festive
for our Halloween need we better get going before you do surah
I believe that a friend of yours who if I recall correctly was the one who told
you there’s no such thing as Santa Claus oh yeah he did say that be sure to give
him my very best wishes I will but do you know where I can find Riku no but
don’t give up remember if you believe in Riku you will find him just as you found
me right oh nothing wrong with my design it’s
flawless there must be something wrong with the
box those imbeciles brought me I need to find better assistance perfect timing gentlemen lend me a hand the present must belong to Sandy Claws
so I thought I’d better return them you just happen to find them
for office I’m finished with Christmas fantasies you know that why he thought you pulled onto the field
what this it’s just a costume Sally worked very hard making come on
we’ve got work to do Oh wherever did you find these in
Halloweentown you’ll be needing them for Christmas right sandy of course but
these are just a few of the Christmas present that was stolen stolen oh sandy
you don’t think it was me still wearing the outfit I see I just thought I’d
dress for the occasion but if you don’t believe me
then we’ll just have to find out who really did it very well I’ll leave it to
you all right Sora Donald goofy we’re all yeah dance looks good yeah boring this one
yeah no way so you three took them
you stole the present didn’t you it was enough all right it really sounds like
fun you can’t be here me how do we found my
horrible man nobody anybody
I’m only an elected official I can’t handle this by myself Sally was white we’ve got to get the
present what a shame it looks like it was such a
nice present Jack Oh help someone help me my latest experiment is gold that’s
been stolen plan not quite there’s more don’t worry I’ll
take care of the rest did you finish making the present yep
just waiting for Jack whoa whoa where do you think we are label hmm oh I know a
good spot whenever you ready just say the word I’m back Roger should work well
for your plan now Jack what is your plan
I’ve got it all figured out you do of course and I also have a
wonderful idea if we catch the thief with you I would be honored to deliver
the Krugerrand on that know I will be going well islami Donald patient’s friend where Gorge was that you how come we
have to be the date your plan a yeah Oh dr. Finkelstein’s experiment did
it we did it the mystery is solved did you catch the thief not surely I
just can’t figure out why the doctor’s experiment would go around stealing
Christmas presents his experiment the thief
it was a moving puppet made by dr. Finkelstein hmm the doctors made a
moving puppet I see he is always tinkering with things now
listen jack I’d like to thank you and while delivering presents is something
only I can do I can give you an idea of what it’s like sandy call is all that
poor puppet wanted was a heart ohoho interesting
so the puppet wasn’t stolen after all it ran away on its own in other words my
experiment was an overwhelming such as Santa Claus thinks maybe less because it
was trying to find a heart that’s quite possible unlike my Sally
it wasn’t equipped with a heart but if it weren’t a heart why was it going
around stealing all those Christmas presents
maybe because presents are a way to give your heart to someone special hmm when
you put it that way I feel sort of bad for it happy Halloween what a nice present I
don’t understand there’s no box no ribbon tied in a bow Jack it’s not about
the box of the ribbon it’s about what’s inside the box no Sarah what really
counts what’s really special is the act of giving the gift to wish deep in your
heart to make someone else happy right of course Thank You Sally you’re
absolutely right wait what’s this I feel so strange so very happy Jack that must
be Sally’s present really this wonderful feeling Oh Sally you’ve given me the
nicest present in the world and I have nothing to give you in return what would
you like just name it absolutely anything the
nicest present I could ever ask for Jack is just to be with you you don’t even have to ask for that ah maybe I never gave her a real present
after all well well I bet Kyrie would like most
anything you gave her I know that’s what made it so hard to decide
and Frank plonk clonk slaps one more rock my heart
yeah well I’m home oh how well as long as she can be with you what else does
she need


  1. 2 things

    1: *Happy holidays everyone!!!!!???????❄?

    2: What do you think would happen if Jack didn't walk through the Christmas door, but instead the 4th of July door???

  2. I expected all the monsters to jump out and start screaming This is Halloween…
    Disappointed but I still love this
    EDIT: Omg… does this take place when Jack was still in his Christmas phase thing? If not, YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME

  3. Everyone’s talking snout how cute Sora looks and I’m just confused as to why DONALD IS A SNOWMAN.

    And Jack’s emotions and voice are the best
    And Oogie’s voice too omigush I love this movie way too much

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