Kirksdale | Scary Short Horror Film | Screamfest

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I’m not crazy. I’m not. Never said you were. Your parents signed the form. Come April I turn eighteen. Then they can’t control me anymore. Right? Yeah. Right. What are you doing? Maybe I can help you. Oh god. Stop. I said don’t! Just relax. It’ll be okay. Get off of me you creep! What the hell? Jesus Christ! The hell was that? She’s supposed to be fixed Is that a cat? Kirksdale You’re from the hospital? Put her down I’ll take you for a ride alright? Don’t put him in here with me He killed a cat! Hush It’s just up the road a bit. He’s a psycho! He could kill me! Shut up! Hey Hey!! Hey Don’t-don’t leave me alone with this guy! Hey Please “Patient name: David Weber he’s been exhibiting hostile behavior towards myself and the staff “Kirksdale hospital is not equipped to handle such cases” “please consider for transport to a more… secure facility. Hello Welcome! W-were you scheduled for an appointment? I-I’m sorry I’m officer Pearl. Here to drop off Molly Walker Of course come in, have a seat I have some paperwork for you to fill out. Uh, she’s out in the car. I’ll go get her Have a seat. I have some paperwork for you to fill out Okay Sure I notice Some of your patients are outside? Fresh air is the cure-all of tomorrow yeah well I picked one up Walking. Few miles away from here Must get out. Must get out. Sorry Gramps It’s a cop car It’s locked from the inside If you wanna get out, you’re gonna have to break the – Parents caught her trying to run off with some boy. Guess they’re trying to teach her a lesson She’s got the bad legs What? Bad legs. Said she runs off right? Yeah I can fix bad legs What? Know what… Do you have a problem with your ears? No. No I do not They’re fine. You mentioned some paperwork? O-of course. It seems you do have a problem Get back! You stay Officer Pearl, you’ll only make it worse. Stay! Ma’am Ma’am. One of your goddamn patients One of your goddamn- I can fix it Jesus Christ You must let me finish There Just hold still Ah… just the thing… We’ll have that ear problem of yours fixed up in no time. Oh no… no please please please please please no no please No no no no no oh nooooo you m************ Little girls shouldn’t run away You know, you remind me so much of her. Only this time… this time, it’ll be different you’ll see this time… this time’ll be just fine Just relax It’ll be okay I’m sorry I’m sorry How are you doing today David? I’m fine Dr. Ekhart Last time we met, we talked about your… sister Yeah Yeah I helped her But you didn’t “help her” David. You hurt her. Very badly She was broken Broken? Yeah she had clumsy fingers. I-I tried to fix ’em What do you mean by “fix?” It was my first time I couldn’t get ’em back on David have you… “fixed” other people since then? yeah How many? Oh… dozens And not just people; animals too. We’ve been through this David. It is not your responsibility to “fix” people. That’s… That’s what doctors are for. Like you. Well yes, like me. Do you have a problem with your mouth Dr. Ekhart? No? I’m not sure what you mean I can take care of that for ya.

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