Kourtney and Kendall’s Burning Questions, Andy’s Purge Haunted House, and the ‘Stranger Things’ Kids

Kourtney and Kendall’s Burning Questions, Andy’s Purge Haunted House, and the ‘Stranger Things’ Kids

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[music playing] Hey, I’m Kourtney. And I’m Kendall. And we’re both in the hot
seat to answer Ellen’s burning questions. Your first celebrity crush? Mine was Benny “The Jet”
Rodriguez from The Sandlot. My first celebrity crush
was Leonardo DiCaprio. And I used to write Kourtney
DiCaprio on all my papers in class. [bell dings] Oh my God. What creeps you out the most? I’m a trypophobic. What is that? I’m scared of tiny little holes. That is very odd. Well, what creeps
you out the most? Spiders. [bell dings] Your
favorite body part is– Your favorite body part? I would say this part,
whatever this is called. Would your eyelashes be
considered a body part? Because that would be mine. I mean, that’s a
part on your body. Yeah, sure. So my eyelashes. My legs are pretty good too. [bell dings] A secret you kept from your
parents in high school? My boyfriend. I used to like sneak out and say
I was going to my girlfriend’s house, but I really went
to my boyfriend’s and slept there every night. Before I was able to drive,
I would steal the car and drive around town. Really not around town,
like around the block. [bell dings] Which
sibling would and wouldn’t you be able to drive
cross-country with? I would be able to
drive with Khloe– no offense. And Kylie I would not be able
to drive with because I just feel like she’s too diva-like. I would not be able
to drive with Kylie because we would just
fight the whole time. And I feel like I could
also drive with Khloe. Yes. Wow. Kim. I could drive with you too. Oh, thanks. You don’t have to say that
just because I’m here. [bell dings] No, I could. A man looks sexier
when he’s wearing– Sexiest Oh, sexiest– sorry–
when he’s wearing– Tattoos? Calvins. [bell dings] If I could live
anywhere, it would be– In like Montana or something. Kendall trying to steal
my vibe all the time. We’re just super similar. But, I’ve changed it. I think mine would
be Switzerland. Like a small countryside. Like one little house in
the middle of nowhere. To each their own. [bell dings] Kourtney, Kim did an
impression of you. She’s just like, yeah, OK. What’s your best
impression of Kim? Oh, it’s Kim. It’s like, Hi, I’m
Kim Kardashian-West. Hi! Like she had like a
really high-pitched voice. Yeah, and now it’s like, hi. I’m Kim Kardashian-West. [bell dings] OK. [bell dings] Yay. [music playing] [chainsaw revving] Oh my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh my gosh! [inaudible] Dancing. Octopus. Wacky, waving, inflatable,
flailing arm tube guy. Yep. One of my favorite things
to do this time of year send Andy to a haunted house. I already showed you Andy going
through with Sarah Paulson. I also sent Andy
to a haunted house with our receptionist, Jeannie. I don’t think either of
them really enjoyed it. No, Andy? But I did. And I think you
will, so here you go. Hi, Ellen. I’m here again at
another haunted house, which I obviously did
not want to go to. But you said to me that
I could bring a friend. And so I said, Jeannie
would you go with me? And she said, I’m not your
friend, but I’ll go with you. Side by side. And she keeps telling me I have
to go side by side with her. You have to go side by side. There’s no rules! Yes, there are rules. And if there are
rules, I make them. You asked me to come! Side by side. I’ve been doing this a lot of
years, and so I’m in charge. [spooky music playing] I don’t exactly
understand the theme. See, it’s very– This is terrible. Why is there fog? And there’s fog that smells. [chainsaw revving] Oh my God! No! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! You go this way. Oh god, that’s loud! [chainsaw revving] Just go! Go! Go! Go! Oh my god! I’ve never seen this. I’ve been doing this many years. First time there’s a chainsaw. You look like Hamilton! Why so sudden? Oh my god! A woman! And a man! OK. All right. We’re not even in– OK, hi. OK, OK, OK! They don’t react to the OK, OK. I feel like. I’m hurting your arm. Oh my god! Why a drum? That’s not real. Oh, look at her. Oh my gosh! OK, are you joking me! [screams] Oh my god! No! With the body! This is awful. You cannot scream unless– [screams] These aren’t real. These are just a hanging– I’m not looking. OK, so you stay calm,
and they don’t– Oh my gosh! Let us get through the door! Gosh. [growling] Oh my gosh! They’re coming at you! We see you, and
then they still– [growling] I wish I was with her. [chainsaw revving] [screaming] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! We’re good. No more. You’re good. [chainsaw revving] I grabbed your boob. I’m sweating so bad. See I’m trying to
have fun with it. My new thing is just– [screams] You can’t have fun with it! There’s too many
of these schmattas! Is that what they’re called? [screams] I don’t want to look. I don’t want to look. We’re good. Same guy with the
two and the face. Here, breathing break. Breathing break. Breathing break. I can’t even breathe! It’s break time! Nobody come. Are we halfway through? Yes. Are we 3/4 of the way through? We’re halfway through. That’s it? Wait. Should I switch arms? I feel like you’re not
going to be able to– No, I’m here. Hold onto the guns. That’s just a thing. [screaming] Go back! What do you mean, ow? You ran me into the door frame! You need to be ready to– Ready to do what? I need you more mobile. You need to be mobile. I don’t know what that– [screaming] You weren’t supposed to be real! You came so close. The guy on the right. There’s a guy on the right. I forgot which was my right. Luna, how much longer? One eighth. One eighth? I can’t do the fractions. That is not– Yeah, you know it’s– [screaming] You cannot do– That is illegal! Two on one, illegal. Two on one? There’s two of us. You are horrible at fractions. There’s a lot– [screaming] Are you serious? [crying] Just go! I’m trying to go! You’re holding me back! [screaming] I see him Calling it
still freaks me out! [growling] OK! Back, back to the monster! Back! You don’t exist. If I turn my back,
you’re not there. Let’s just go. Just go. One is real. [screaming] It’s that one. Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! There’s only one real per room. And we’re done. Are you sure? We’re outside. Look– [screams] Got it. Good. Thank you. Jeannie, I didn’t love
that, but I was so happy that I could be there
to keep you safe. That’s it, Ellen. Honestly, I say this every
year, but we’re done. This whole charade,
this whole thing– done. Thank you. [music playing] Hi, I’m Caleb. I’m Gaten. Oh, hello, I’m Noah. Hi, I’m Finn. And today we’re
going to be playing a super special round
of Head Up, all things strange, weird stuff. I’m going to pick my partner. Like stranger things. Like stranger things, but not– All right. OK. Sync, good sync. [meowing] Cat. Little baby kitten. Meow. Kitten. Kitten. Cat. Oh, taking your
cat out on a walk. OK, yeah. Down? Down. Uh-oh. Are you flying? Oh snap. Flying. Airplane. Explosion. That didn’t look right. Whoa! Skydiving! Skydiving! Yes. I got that one. [slurping] Eating crazy. Eating. Eating Just pass. [buzzer sounds] You guys suck at that. What was that? Synchronized swimming. What did we get? Brain freeze. Yes. [screaming] Sweating. Roller coaster. Yeah. Dancing. Octopus. Wacky, waving, inflatable,
arm flailing tube guy. Yep. [laughter] Oh god. Gangnam style. Yes. Whoa! Slipping on a banana peel. Roll a seven. Dungeons and Dragons! Whoo! Jumping. Dancing? [buzzer sounds] That one’s so bad. Kangaroo. Are Kangaroo? Oh my god, we won. That was strange. Watch Stranger
Things, season two. [music playing]


  1. Honestly #Ellen this time haunted house is really too scary.. I am sorry for u #AndyLassner and #Jeane yet funny.. 😂 #sorry #andy

  2. When Kendal said," tryphobia" they showed a picture and I also have tryphobia so that's something that made me get off

  3. I love you Ellen and your show but Gosh they are so stupid I had to change the video after she didn’t know what her collar bone was called 🙄😒😂

  4. 2:04 Me: i hope one of them says something with swizerland 🙂 but i know it wont happen.. :/ 2:15 "something like swizerland…" Me:YAYYYYYYYY freaks out xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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