Last Bus Latest Telugu Full Movie – 2017 Telugu Full Movies – Avinash, Narasimha Raju, Megha Sri

Last Bus Latest Telugu Full Movie – 2017 Telugu Full Movies – Avinash, Narasimha Raju, Megha Sri

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Smoking is injurious to health.
It causes cancer. Smoking causes cancer. Smoking kills. Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health. Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health. Am I myself? Are the experiences I underwent lies? What I believed in all these years… Is it a lie? Is this true? Or dream? What to believe and
what not to believe.. I don’t know. “In the heavy rain,
travelling by boat..” “Where is the seashore, where
is the destination, don’t know..” Hey, you? Where have you come from? Hey, I’m asking you. Are you deaf?
– Me? I am coming from up.
– Are you God.. come from sky?
– No, sir. I lost my way. My friends and I came from Hyderabad. We came on trek. We trekked that mountain. Oh, you all came for trekking? My goodness! That’s fine. You too know English. I want to go to Vishakhapatnam.
– Go. How many hours journey from here?
– Four hours. Is there any bus available from here? Bus?
– It may or may not come. ‘Railway news.’ ‘Godavari Express from Vishakhapatnam
to Hyderabad is eight hours late.’ Is there any train from here? Yes. Didn’t you see railway
tracks while coming from top? There is an airport too in this area,
on mountain top. Bus stop is also there. If you show your hand,
plane will come and stop. You be strong. Go to the court
tomorrow, I’ll manage everything. God! You be with my daughter! No use of scolding you. Had you listened to elders then you
wouldn’t have faced this situation. Marry the boy chosen by elders if
relationships were to remain forever. Where is the bus?
– Wait, its coming. Bus hasn’t come yet. No! Oh! Oh! Sangita, what are you doing here? I’m going to Vishakhapatnam. No… going to Vijayanagaram. Did you see my sister Rita?
– No, I didn’t see her. What’s the matter, brother Joseph? We sent her to
Vishakhapatnam for studying. You know what she did there?
She fell in love. Let her come! I’ll teach her a lesson.
Will she try to escape? I’ll see how she will escape from me. Hey Sambaiah! Time is 4 PM. I don’t think bus will come.
Come, let’s go home. Rataiah, you know the
troubles I am facing, right? I get money only with dramas, right? We can go only if bus arrives. We can reach only if we can
cross the jungle route by evening. Rataiah! Bus has arrived! Come! Come! Get it! Hey buddy! Hey guys! How are you?
– I am fine. How’s your daughter? She’s waiting for you. Come soon and marry her. Has everyone boarded? Uncle, tell her I’ll come at night.
– You are acting smart. “Have fun a night!
I’ll come at night.” “I’ll have a blast.” Bus has arrived. Oh! Finally bus has arrived. Hey, stop! Stop bus! Hold on! Hold on! Tata!
– Upendra! Have a nice journey! I’m going! Bye! Hail Bajrangbali!
– Anybody left? – You get in! If I can reach
Hyderabad then its fine. Ticket! Ticket!
– One ticket for Vishakhapatnam. This bus will not
go to Vishakhapatnam. This is the last bus for Araku. Araku? Will this bus not go to Vizag? If you go to Araku from here, you’ll
find many buses to Vizag from there. You can catch any bus and go.
– Okay. One ticket for Araku. One for Araku.. Boss, I’ll give the change later.
– Okay, boss. Hello! Hello! Hold on! Hold on! Araku! Araku! Araku!
Come! Get in! Fast! Be careful.
– Bye, father. Get in fast! Right! “Read to go! Read to go!
Read to go! Last bus!” “Read to go! Read to go!
Read to go! Last bus!” Bus arrived! Hold on! Hold on! Come! Come!
Last bus for Araku! Last bus for Araku! Come! Come! Fast! Thank you so much!
– I’ll call you after reaching Mumbai. Thanks a lot for saving. Bye!
– Have a safe journey. Come on! Come on! Thank God! Ticket! Ticket! Hey! Singa! Hey! Sita! I have come! I have come!
Come slowly! Sita! Be careful! Come slowly!
You’ll fall down! Singa! Why are you watching like that? Eyes will burn. Killing with looks! Eyes don’t burn upon watching you,
its soothing. Good at sweet talk! Stop talking and
start the vehicle first. Sita! Where are you going? Anantagiri.
– Why? There is nobody in Rayudu
sir’s house for three days. Rayudu sir called me for help,
so I’m going. “On top of the mountains.” “In the midst of clouds.” “Move like a snake,
take left and right.” “Bus is moving ahead.” “Carrying the dreams.” Stop! Stop! Nobody should move! I’ll kill if you move! Sit! Nobody should fear. They are bird hunters. “Passing through various routes.” “Journey of many people together.” “Ready to go! Ready to go!
Ready to go! Last bus!” “Ready to go! Ready to go!
Ready to go! Last bus!” Hold on! Hold on! “Oh Goddess! Save me!” Everybody listen! Bus will halt for 10 minutes. Anybody
wants to go to toilet, please go. At how many places will you stop? It’s like a bullock cart ride. You already stopped at 24 places.
– Hello, we should stop here. There is a dangerous place ahead. This is a very important place,
you know. Hey, where are you from?
What’s your name? Mamata. Bheemili. My name is Sita,
I belong to this place. I’ll come next to you, wait. You stay at Sunkaramutt?
– Yes. How much time will
it take to reach Araku? We will go, it is only two
hours journey from here, that’s it. So why did they stop here? Gudimbiswari. Gudimbiswari temple. Without Gudimbiswari’s blessings.. ..we cannot cross this jungle. Village deity of this place. Mother Gudimbiswari! Save us from our troubles. Mother! Now I got courage. It’s all your blessings. Why are you late?
– Had flat tyre on the way. That’s why we are late, Swamy. Okay, okay. You know the forest
route I go by, right? Everyone knows about it, Swamy. Why late? Start! Brother! Stop the bus! Driver! Stop the bus! Please stop!
– Driver! Stop the bus! Stop the bus! Brother! – What’s your nuisance?
Where do you want to go? Town. – Don’t you know that bus
doesn’t stop here. It’s already dark. We should reach this place by then. Don’t know where they come from. You come only to give us trouble. Where are you going in such hurry? Sister, I have exam tomorrow.
– Where? Vijayanagaram. What Mamata? Why are you looking dull? Nothing.
– It’s okay, tell me. If I don’t attend the court tomorrow,
I will not get my Vasundhara. Is Vasundhara your daughter? Where is your husband now? We got separated. You have licence to this? What is that? Fool!
– I have, sir. Since I have so we are hunting. Very nice! Which animals you hunt for?
– Tell. We? I will tell. Rats, bandicoot,
rabbits, we hunt all dangerous ones. Don’t we hunt others? Should we come in this route or not
tomorrow? – We hunt wild bulls too. Is it a dense forest? Yes, dense forest. There are dangerous devils in this forest?
– Dangerous means? My mother used to tell
that devils shout in this forest. I heard many times. Once it gets dark… Shouting is heard from inside. Anjaiah, what happened?
Why is he shouting like that? Driver! Stop the bus! I’m telling you. Stop the bus. Hey, stop!
– Singa! Stop the vehicle immediately. Don’t you understand
when I tell 100 times? Take it and leave quickly. Anjaiah, give him water.
He will become fine. – Oh no! Why do you give him water? He can’t have anything. He seems to die any moment. He’s working very hard. Why are you making fun? Singa, you start the vehicle.
It’s waste to stop for him. Mind stops working when
there is an end nearby. Well said, Singa! Anyway, his story is very dangerous. Nobody will enter
this forest after dark. By knowing it,
this elderly man did a brave act. He entered the forest
in greed of sandalwood trees. He didn’t listen to anybody.
After seeing the devil.. ..he got scared and
fell down right there. Since then he’s become like this. Nobody cared. We showed him to many exorcists. He still didn’t get well.
It’s been 18 years. He doesn’t eat or drink. It doesn’t matter if he lives or dies. Only God can save him. 18 years! How he survived
without food and water? Singa!
– What man? What happened?
– What’s this ill-omen? Our time is bad. Don’t know whose face
I had seen in the morning. Why did it happen like this? Tree fell down. How come such a big tree fall down? What to do now? Singa, this is indeed devil’s work. It’s not good to travel ahead.
Turn the bus, we will go back. Bus will not move
even an inch from here. Come! Come!
I’ll turn the bus, we’ll go back. Will you say that we will
turn the bus saying tree fell down? We are so many, let’s do something. Let anything happen,
you should take me there. Singa, will you not start the bus.. ..even if I tell you? Sita, why do you also talk like them? You know about this
jungle route, right? Look Singa. Mamata should be in court by tomorrow. Otherwise she will
not get her daughter. Driver sir,
I’ve exam tomorrow morning. We need to cross the jungle.
– You fool! Where will you go? If you wait for some time,
it will get dark and devil will come. You die if you want. I don’t like to die in its hands. Let’s go back. Singa, can’t we reach
Araku by other route? There is one more route in
this forest, it’s very dangerous Route leading to the
devil’s place, right? It’s not a good idea
to take that route now. What is not good?
Give the vehicle keys. I will drive.
You are quite troublesome. Can’t you understand when I tell you?
Is this your grandfather’s bus? This vehicle neither belongs
to his grandfather nor your father. You go back if you want,
we all need to go to Araku. It’s a big headache with you all. Why don’t you understand when I tell? No! You first stop crying. It’s my responsibility to take you. Trust me, I’ll take you all safely
and drop you there. Singa, if you want then
you go and die with them. I’ll not come with you. Anjaiah, come, let’s go back. Come if you want to come with me,
or else leave. Your wish!
– Wait, give my change and go. Hey! Don’t go!
– Come and take tomorrow if you are alive. You are going to die for sure. Come, let’s go and survive. Somehow we will reach the village. Okay, let them go. You go and sit
in the bus, I’ll take you to Araku. He’s showing lot of attitude. I will teach him a
lesson if I meet him later. Let anything happen,
we should enact the drama today. Sambaiah, we can perform
100 dramas if we are alive. I think it’s better
to get down and leave. Let’s go. “On top of the clouds, in the fog.” “Moving like a snake.” “Taking left, right…
bus is moving ahead.” “Bus is moving forward.” “Carrying the dreams.” “Ready to go! Ready to go!
Ready to go! Last bus!” Stop! Stop!
– What happened? Wow! Super location! Right? Hey! Where are you going?
– Where did we find him? Wow! – Why do you go inside
when I’m calling you? Hello! You! Nature is very beautiful. We came from different places. We met in bus
and will go back to our homes. But nature’s beauty
will be remembered forever. In spite of having many problems.. watching nature’s beauty,
we will forget our entire problems. Somebody laughed now, right? Oh! That one? Maybe some devil. Singa! Singa! Singa! Singa!
– Singa! Singa! Singa! Where did he go? Singa! Singa!
– Singa! Where are you, Singa?
– Where are you, Singa? Singa!
– Singa! Singa! Singa!
– Singa! We forgot in the moment of happiness. See the unfortunate incident
that happened in the meantime. How did the accident occur? Hello! Help!
– We don’t have time to get into details. First find out where
the driver is. Come. No, I am afraid of seeing this forest. It’s better that we all go back. He came for us despite
knowing its risky. Help me! – We have to save him. How
can we leave him when he’s in problem? Don’t be selfish, guys! Sita!
– Come on! Let’s go! – No, sir. I’ll not come, I’ll stay here only. Yes, you all go. I will stay with him.
– Okay. You be careful, let’s go.
– Come, let’s go fast. Singa!
– Singa! Where are you? Singa! Where are you?
– Help! Singa! Singa!
– Singa! Singa!
– Singa! One minute!
– Help! His voice is coming
from this side, come. Help! Singa! Where are you?
– Singa! Singa!
– Singa! Singa! Singa! Where are you?
– Singa! Where are you?
– Singa! Singa!
– Singa! Singa!
– Singa! Singa! Voice is coming from that side. Come, let’s go. No! No! Sita! Wow! Amazing beauty! If I were to build a new house.. I will build like this only. No! It’s not good for
us to enter the house. What rubbish are you talking?
You seem to be a PT master. Saying not to go inside or come out! I’m saying not to go.
– Why shouldn’t I go? What’s the reason? I cannot tell the reasons, that’s it.
– Swamy.. I’ll refer you to a big TV channel. You can cheat the
public and earn a lot. Morning show with 1000 legs! Okay? Nobody answered me back till now. Oh God!
– Come on, let’s go. Singa!
– Singa! Singa! – Singa!
– “Pinky pinky ponky.” “Father has a donkey.” Singa! Don’t play this hide and
seek game with me? With me? O Singa!
– Singa! O Singa! Singa.. I heard the voice till I came inside. Now I can’t hear. What is it, Singa? Singa! Hey Singa! Who has done this?
– Who tied you like this? We can give Oscar award
to superstar Singa’s acting. Singa, you have passport?
– Stop the jokes. First untie him. Oh, yes. Why have you tied
yourself like this? Any new game? He didn’t come here by himself.
Someone brought him here and tied him. Swamy, who will tie up him
like this in forest? – Singa! Singa! We will talk about it later.
First open your eyes. – Speak, Singa! Hey, Singa!
– Singa! What happened to you? It’s been long time
since everyone left. Don’t know if the
driver is found or not? I can’t understand anything. Sister Sita!
– Sita! Help!
– Where are you? Singa! Open the eyes.
– It’s me. Sita. Open your eyes. See here. – Get up! Talk!
– Singa! Sita… how did I come here? Who brought me here? We came to your aunt’s house
to see a girl for you. Tell what happened to you. Prithvi! I don’t know what happened
after bus has hit the tree. I am seeing you all
after opening my eyes. So why did you shout
saying ‘sister Sita’? Me? Not me.. I didn’t shout. Who could have called?
– Somebody help! Where are you?
– Sita! What happened? – What happened?
Why are you shouting? Why are you shouting like this?
What happened, Sudhakar? Sudhakar, tell me what happened.
– Relax Mamata. What happened?
– We were waiting for you at the bus. Suddenly bus started moving and then.. old man with white
beard got down from the bus. He was carrying a knife. Singa! – I am finished!
– Singa! I said no but you brought me inside. I would have lived as a labour. Like the saying goes.. ‘The braying donkey comes
and disturbs the grazing donkey.’ Everything happened because of you.
You are all great people! Singa! Talk with respect. I came by listening to you.
I deserve this. Brother Singa, I have exam tomorrow,
please bring the bus. Go away, you kid.. Hello Singa!
Why are you taking so much tension? Call your people
and tell them to send another vehicle. We will be waiting there.
– You all will go peacefully. What about me and the bus?
My owner will not keep quiet. Singa, why are you talking
like this unnecessarily? I’m there. It’s your owner, right? I’ll manage him.
First you go and make phone call. You will manage,
but who will manage me. I will talk because you
are telling me. Give the phone. Phone…bus..
– Somebody give the phone. Take it, sir. Talk to your owner. You asked for phone, right? Now talk. What phone is this?
No network, no charging. I’ll call from my phone. 7701.. Move aside! Brother.. it’s me.. Singa.. Brother, can you hear? Hey, you? Give the phone to brother. Give the phone, need to talk urgently. Unable to hear properly,
give the phone to brother. Let us catch some bus and go. I’ve to be in the
court tomorrow morning. If we don’t get this bus..
– We got in accident.. Don’t talk like that, Rita. I want my daughter. It will take another hour for the bus
to arrive. Until then you stay here. I’ll have a look around this house. Sleep.. Sleep.. Wow! Old times modern art. What is this?
Everyone is looking that side. Hello people! Turn your faces!
You! Hey Sudhakar, why are you afraid?
It’s me. Where are you? Singa!
– Open the door! I am telling you! Singa!
– Open the door! Driver! – Singa!
– What happened? Prithvi, someone bolted
the door from outside. They are not opening.
– Where is Singa? He’s not seen. That fraudster did something. I will kill him if I find him. Help!
– It is Singa’s voice! Yes. – Yes.
– Let’s go and see. – Sita! Help! – Singa!
– Singa! Singa! Hey, Singa!
– Singa! – Help! Sita! Help! Help! Singa!
– Come and open the door! What happened?
– I don’t understand anything. – Come fast. Singa!
– I was talking when I was pushed here. Sita! Sita! Sita! Help! – What’s happening?
– Somebody come! Singa!
– Help me! Somebody seems to
be pulling me inside! Sita! Help me! Sita! Sita!
– Singa! Come fast! Somebody seems to be
pulling my legs from down! Sita!
– Singa! – Sita! Sita!
– Singa! – Sita! Sita!
– Singa! Singa! We couldn’t save Singa. Poor man!
– We are unable to save ourselves. So Singa..
don’t know what to do now. I know another route. Follow me! Fast! Let’s go. Came from here just now. What is this?
It opened properly just now. What happened now? This door is also closed.
– I came inside from this side. Somebody bolted the door. The moment we entered this house, someone
seems to have closed all the doors. It seems someone
has trapped us wantonly. Who will gain by locking
us in this bungalow? Sudhakar got scared after seeing
me when I entered inside just now. Sudha… – Sudha…
– Sudhakar! Sudhakar! – Sudhakar!
– Let’s go and see. Today is full moon day. Big full moon day that
occurs once in 100 years. This is my day. As I wanted, six people.. trapped. Don’t know which is the entry and
exit in this house. I didn’t taste blood for 100 years. Sudhakar!
– Son! Today is my festival,
I’ll kill those humans. We got trapped inside,
there is no way to go outside. I will play my game now,
they cannot escape me now. Sudhakar.. Su.. Sudhakar.. We are all trapped.
– What Guruji? Son..
– Sudhakar, where are you? Sudha.. Yay!
– Yes! Yes! Superb! Yay! History! You are very hot. Yes! Yes!
– I did it! Really superb! Mallika! You are amazing. You’ll get the best anchor award
for this year. – Steve, run the promo. ‘First time in the history
of Indian Television..’ ‘in the midst of nature’s beauty..’ ‘..coming to you
with human emotions..’ ‘..mystery thriller
reality show ‘Last Bus’.. ‘Passengers travelling to Araku
are the characters in this program.’ ‘They enter a dilapidated
bungalow without their knowledge.’ ‘The experiences and
trauma they undergo there..’ ‘..emotions,
watch them to feel the experience.’ ‘Most important part of this program,
there are no auditions.’ ‘They will participate
without their knowledge.’ ‘In the middle of dense forest,
100 years old..’ ‘..and dilapidated bungalow,
they should spend one night in it.’ ‘Their suffering and
troubles in that place..’ ‘..we are going to telecast
them for our viewers.’ ‘Psychological thriller
real reality show.’ ‘Get the thrilling experience.
Last bus.’ Sandy, you are a genius my dear. I know that. With this show, our channel’s TRP will
break the TRPs of all other channels. No doubt!
– Yes, sir. Your TRP will rise drastically. Sir, I am quite famous in my village. If I appear on TV then
my entire village will watch. I have lot of fans, sir. Fool! Why did you come here? I told you not to come out.
Why did you come out? This show will become utter flop
if they find out you are alive. Sir, they pulled me inside,
ants entered inside the pant. Your make-up guy helped me. I came till here to say him thanks. You both should be
felicitated for sure. You fooled the people inside,
you will do the same if we trust you. It’s my wish to act in TV and movies. I tried a lot for it,
but no fool gave me a chance. If the villagers find out..
I’m afraid a lot. Don’t worry man!
By the time show ends in the morning.. ..I’ll give everyone one lakh rupees. Who will give you one lakh
in your village for one night’s work? Everyone will come and thank you after
receiving the money. Keep watching. Sir, I look like a hero, right? When a bus conductor
can become superstar.. ..then if a driver becomes hero..
– Thank you, sir. If you too give me hand.. Makeup man! You too! Mamata! What happened, Mamata? Mamata! – Sudhakar..
– No! Get up! What happened to you? Sudhakar is dead.
– Sudhakar, get up. Don’t say that, Mamata. Please Mamata. Don’t get over excited. Is it a forest or amusement park? It is very dangerous.
Sudhakar, get up and talk something. I said not to come inside.
You only brought them forcibly. Hold tight. Slowly.. Slowly.. Sudhakar..
– Make him lie down. Why are you crying? He didn’t die. Just unconscious, that’s it. Nothing happened to him. He will become normal
if we sprinkle water on his face. You keep quiet.
– Yes, Prithvi, we need water now. Guruji, take care of him. Rita, let’s go. Come. Sudhakar.. Sudhakar.. Sudhakar, nothing will happen to you.
– Wow! This is wonderful.
– Sir, Sudhakar is injured. He needs help. Goddess!
– Yes, sir. Poor man! Let one of us go and give water.
– Shut up. You are all fools. Don’t give
them water or food till morning. Let them starve like that. Record their entire feelings. We want the same content,
don’t be emotional fools. If something happens to anybody,
others cannot come by leaving them. We will record it.
It will become a viral video. We can sell it. That is the greatness of our show,
and also our career. Prithvi, will Sudhakar
survive if we give water? Why do you say like that? Is he dead? Why does all girls talk the same? Will he die if he is unconscious?
– Sorry. – It’s okay. Well, do you know where
water in this house is? Please! Did you imagine that
you will enter this house today? Let’s try. They went long time back. Don’t know whether the members
of this house found water or not. Mamata, why do you
talk ill-omen all the time? Water will be found, you keep quiet. Sita, the moment I stepped here,
suddenly.. ..there was a heavy wind. It stopped when you all came. This house is very strange.
House in the forest.. ..or forest inside the house?
I don’t understand anything. Only the Goddess knows.. ..when and how she will trap anybody. Rita, you want pizza or burger? We will get anything
we want in this bungalow. There is well for water,
water inside the well.. ..there is chain
too for drawing water. Give the chain. Rita.. Rita.. Rita.. Tonight is very
important for all of us. Even if we sleep for a moment, our
entire work till now will go waste. That’s why you all
should be very careful. Nobody should become
emotional at any cost. If we become then our
working in media is waste. If we melt for everything then
we will not get anything in the end. That’s why be brutal. Ruthless. Tell me if you need something. Feeling sleepy? Tired? Don’t relax. Drink coffee, tea.. But stay alert. Sudhakar! Sudhakar!
– Sudhakar! Sudhakar! Sudhakar!
– Get up! Get up! Talk!
– Sudhakar! Get up!
– Come on! Sudhakar, what happened to you? Sudhakar! Speak up!
– Sudhakar! Open the eyes!
– Sudhakar! – Sudhakar! Sudhakar! Speak up!
– What happened? Sudhakar!
– Oh God! What happened? Stop! What happened?
– Sudhakar! What happened? Speak up! What happened? Sudhakar! What happened, Sudhakar? Tell! What happened?
– That beard man in the bus.. the photo..
– What are you talking? Who? Sudhakar..
– Whom did you see? Speak up!
– Tell what happened? Let’s go. Come!
– Stop! This twist is good. Singa.
– Yes. Don’t move from here at any cost.
– Okay, sir. Sir.. what about this? Sheetal, give him adult diapers. Do everything in it. Here? Concentrate. I had seen him. He came out of bus. True. He came out of bus.
What did you see? Whom did you see? When we were at the bus.. ..he came out of the bus, right? Died in 1943. Means 67+14. Means 82 years since this person died. They said they had seen this man in
headgear near the bus carrying knife. You all are believing his story. How come there are
sudden twists in our show? Yes, madam. The tree with
sign board collapsed suddenly. Yes.
– Is it? Yes.
– Really? How did the accident happen suddenly? Where did the beard guy come from? I don’t understand anything. My head
is breaking. – Oh! I don’t get it. I need a break. Beard guy? Beard guy! Him? He’s not a bearded guy,
not even a exorcist. He’s a junior artist. I only told him to act like that. If our shows our these surprises.. ..our show be become highlight,
that’s why I arranged. Sandy, you are too much. Come, I will introduce him. Hey, Gita, come. Don’t fear. Looks like
a pumpkin with beard, right? I only took his photo and
kept in the haunted bungalow. Give him money and send him away. Maya.. Maya.. Maya.. Mayamma.. Mayamma’s uncle!
This is Mayamma’s house. I won’t stay here. Stop! Stop I say! What is this? You made me wear
this getup from morning. I have another call sheet,
I need to go. Our call sheet is over,
I will leave if you pay money. Wait! You are irritating
me from morning by asking for money. Will I buy some land with your money?
– Money? You get the work done
but don’t like to pay money. What madam? You are telling
from morning that you will pay. Gave just now, right? To me? When did you give? I am with him from morning.
Ask him if you want. Yes, madam. He’s with me from morning. He’s cribbing by asking for money. Give him money, madam. – Madam,
give soon, I’ve another call sheet. Take.. – Thanks, madam.
– You get your money. Why are you still standing here?
Come. Bye, madam.
He tortured me for money. Are you happy now?
– Something is going wrong with us. If anybody finds
out then show will stop. It’s enough if we manage one night. God! Please be with us. Singa!
– Windstorm started. Mayamma is coming. Will kill us. We all will die. Where are you? What’s this nuisance? Swetha! Don’t cry. Nothing will happen to you. Don’t do anything to me, Mayamma.
Mayamma.. Mayamma.. Mayamma! Leave me! She came..
now none of us will stay alive. Sita.. what happened?
– Mayamma came. Must be paining! Untie first. Fast! I am telling you! Do it fast.
– Sita, what are you talking? He is telling new stories
saying he saw the dead. Brother, I had seen in real.
– Shut up. You? Showing off a lot
when a thorn pierced you. Who is the devil? New story? Mayamma brought all of us here. Mayamma is making us play this.
– No! Mayamma used to live in this house. Whoever came here.. ..didn’t go back alive,
I heard my grandmother say this. They talk of Mayamma even now. She hunts for people
for drinking blood. She throws bait and
makes humans fall trap. She turns elixir into poison. Nonsense! Is it to be believed? Prithvi, just listen to her.
She could be right. Please, will you shut up?
I don’t believe in these stories. You have to believe, Prithvi. Whoever doesn’t believe it,
she will make them believe. Whoever doesn’t believe,
she kills them. This is happening because
we entered inside. Sister, let’s leave from here. Isn’t there any way
for us to get out of here? What is your nuisance? Even rope looks like
a snake to us in dark. We should have the
sense to differentiate. It’s my responsibility
to take you all out. What is he talking? How will he take us out? Guruji, why don’t you talk something? Maya! Will you play with me? Coward! You have
to look after them. Bye. Maya darling! I am coming. He’s a queer fellow. Is it time to have fun?
– What a stupid he is? What fun are you making now? God! I almost died. What is this fun now?
– Hearing her words.. ..I feel that he only brought us here
and playing with our lives. Guruji. Nobody should talk. Be silent. Oh Goddess Mahadevi! Save us from this trouble! Mahakali! Mayamma.. don’t do anything to us. Goddess’ offering,
everything will be fine. I went against my parents by thinking
I should lead a happy life with Santosh. I should be in Vizag tomorrow morning. Otherwise he will go
to Mumbai by leaving me. I can never meet him again. We won’t get married anytime. Mad girl!
Why are you talking like that? You trust your love, right? You will definitely get Santosh. True love never faces defeat. It’s enough if we get out of here,
everything will be fine. Do we really get out of this place? My Guru always said.. Sahasrapada, one night of your life.. will go through help. It’s not possible
for anybody to escape it. As he said.. ..this is the same time for us.
– 100 percent correct. Dry sticks are found,
we need to lit fire. Light will be there
and we can warmth ourselves. Guru, give the stick. I asked the stick for fire. Fold it and.. Sudhakar! Come and help. Guru, you have matchbox
for lighting fire? I don’t have. Not to light beedi or cigarette.
At least keep for lighting lamp. You and your sharp eyes! Hello! Hello Mister!
What are you doing? I have lighter with me
but there is no gas in it. What are you talking?
– How will there be fire without gas. I am just trying. I think he’s creating nuisance. Don’t know what’s all this! Will there be fire with chanting? Sudhakar, shut up! Let him do anything,
we just need fire. This is Mayamma’s plan. Whatever you do,
it is of no use in front of her. Fire God!
I am unable to tolerate his torture. Come fast if you want to come. Fire God! Fire God! Fire God! Fire! Fire God has blessed us! Fire! Hey, hello, excuse me. If fire is lit with chanting.. ..then why they invented lighter,
matchbox, lighter and gas. Belief is okay,
but superstitious is not okay. Did you get it?
Understand the difference and live. If you don’t change.. ..your life will be like this only.
– Where Prithvi? Swamy is going to lit fire. I will go and bring country hen.. ..we will cook biryani and eat. Guruji chanted mantra and fire is lit. No! No! I didn’t bring this fire. I am not linked to it.
Goddess! What is happening here? I will tell you something
which none of you know. I saw something after
I entered the house. What did you see?
What did you see, Guruji? In the north east side of this house.. ..there are ten dead bodies. You saw so many dead bodies.
What’s the specialty in it? It is there. All the ten
people died on the same day. 6.6.1966. All died on same day? Mayamma must have killed them all.
She must be around here. After I went to the dead bodies.. ..there was heavy storm. I had
never seen such heavy storm till now. It is dangerous to enter inside.. ..wind has given signs of it. After that I entered
inside and fell trap. Our life and death.. in the hands of the Goddess.
– Mahesh. Sir..
– Are you grazing donkeys? That bald fellow saw ten dead bodies. Don’t you have sense
to keep camera there? Who hired him? Have you decided to ruin this show? Sir, I too want our show to be good. I fixed cameras at every place. You only scolded the person who came
to fix the cameras and sent him back. He fixed them as he wanted. Why will he listen to you? Sir.. Will you answer back to me? How dare you! Will you teach me work? Go and fix the camera first. Get lost! Sandy! This is not fair. Are you the only one working here? Your work has become easy
because of the team. – Is it? Your team, your channel,
your show, you only manage it. Sandy!
– Go away! 6.6.1966. Today is 5.6.2014, right? Means it is 100 years since they died. 6.6.2014. Wood is burning fast
because of heavy fire. I will go and bring the wood.
– Prithvi. Sudhakar!
– Sudhakar! Sudhakar! Sudhakar!
– Sudhakar! Sudhakar!
– Sudhakar! You broke the cradle. See what happened now? We need wood now,
let it be swing or cradle. We need fire, that’s why I did this. Don’t consider
all situations to be same. Bear little..
– Sudhakar! – Sudhakar! Nothing will happen to you. Listen to me. Steve, what’s happening there? Sandy, your behaviour is getting rude. Why are you getting so much anger? I lost my patience long back. I can’t control my anger now.
– Come on, Sandy. It is not good that you sacrifice
others because of your stubbornness. You have responsibility
to work for channel, right? Responsibility to your channel?
Bullshit! Don’t you think how responsible
you are towards the channel? You will go to any extent for TRP. Your business is important to you,
for my success is important. What are the failures you faced now?
– Come on, Gita. Are you alright? You come and sit.
– Me? – I am going. There is indeed a devil in that house. Steve!
– 10 years back.. ..I was top rated director
in Television field. I came as a program
assistant like you. I shifted from TV to cinema
to become cinema director. But your movie became
a super hit then, right? Bullshit! What did I gain with it? Every fool would come
and tell me to do remakes.. ..and make movies that suits the image
of heroes. I’m not such director. Nobody will understand the
struggle I underwent for six years. You came to Television again, right?
Aren’t you happy here? Yes, I am back, but with a bag. I will achieve on TV only. My show will become a huge craze.
– I will definitely become, Sandy. It should happen.
You should co-operate for it. This show doesn’t depend on budget. I need to relax for some time now. If you don’t mind, where is Mallika? Caravan. Sandy! Don’t do anything
stupid with her. Who else is here? Romance with you is over long back. Sahasra.. Sahasra.. Sahasra bada.. where are you? Come.. come. Come. Me.. Who is it? Rita.. Rita.. Who? You want Santosh? Not me? Sita.. Maya.. Maya..
– Me.. Where are you?
– Here. Hi sweetheart! Sir, you here.. Mother.. mother.. Sweetie.. Take me away from here. I’ll stay with you, mother. Sahasra bada.. How will you die? How will you die? Won’t leave..
Mayamma won’t leave. Don’t cry. You want Santosh? Come. Come. Come.
– Who is it? Maya.. No.. Mayamma is a lie. Mayamma is a lie. Mayamma is a lie. Am I lie? Mayamma is not a lie. Sudhakar.. Sudhakar.. Who? Is it painful? It is paining a lot, right? Don’t cry. Nothing will happen to you. Sleep.. Sleep.. Sleep.. Oh my God! It’s getting too dangerous. Oh my God! It’s getting dangerous. Need to stop the show immediately. All this happened
because of fool Sandy. We all will land up
in jail because of him. I was feeling very romantic. What do you mean? All this is usual.. Sir, I don’t like all this. Who asked about your likes? 50,000 rupees per episode. Come on, Mallika!
All this are included in the package. Sir.. sir.. Prithvi.. We all will die for sure
if this show is not stopped. Please let’s go. Let’s go! Mallika.. let’s go. Where?
– Something is happening in the house. Nobody from you can
go out on your own. Mallika.. Mallika..
What happened to you? Don’t do anything to us. Guruji! Sudhakar! Somebody come and open the door!
– No! Rita! Sudhakar! Guruji! No! No! Don’t do anything to me.
– Mamata. Don’t do anything to me.
– Mamata! I am Prithvi! Where is Sita?
– No! – You! Where is Sita? Where is Sita? Guruji! Guruji! What happened?
Why are you shouting like that? What is happening here? Sita.. I found the way to go out. Come, let’s go. Sita, why are you crying? Where is Rita?
What happened to Sudhakar? Sita, I am asking you. Sudhakar! Rita! Sudhakar? Sudhakar.. Sudhakar.. Sudhakar.. “Sleep..” “Sleep..” “Sleep, son.. sleep..” “Sleep.” “Sleep under the moonlight…” “Sleep..” “Sleep”.. “Sleep”.. “Son who slept in the cradle..” “Son who slept in the cradle..” “The peaceful sleep of kids..” “Sleep..” “Sleep..” “Sleep..” “Sleep..” “Sleep..” My parents.. ..became greedy for Landlord’s money.. ..and got me married when I was young. I was living as a labour. They threw me in
this house as a bride. I gave birth to a sweet child.
My son and I in this bungalow.. Sudhakar. “Sleep..” “What’s the strange incident..” “..which happened that day.” “What’s the strange incident..” “..which happened that day.” “You went even when I said no.” “You went even when I said no.” “Went too far before regretting..” “Speech is lost in a moment..” They didn’t need me,
they wanted my son. They separated me from my son. You know my suffering? I begged them to give me my son. They killed me brutally. Will I spare them? I killed the people
who entered my house. I’ll kill you too. “My heart…my heart
turned into tears..” “My heart…my heart
turned into tears..” “My heart has gone dumb..
it’s filled with grief..” “Show mercy and keep me safe,
O mother..” “Keep me safe, O mother..” “Keep me safe, O mother..” “Mother, you love the entire world..” “O mother, you love them all..” “O mother, you love them all..” “Sleep my son, sleep..” “Sleep under the moonlight…” “Sleep my son, sleep..” “Sleep under the moonlight…” “Sleep…sleep..” “Sleep..” “Sleep..” Sudhakar! Sudhakar! Sudhakar! Sudhakar! Sudhakar!
– Sudhakar! Sudhakar! Sudhakar!
– Sudhakar! Prithvi! Somebody hold the
chain and pull! Fast! Pull! Pull! Fast! Pull! No Sudhakar!
– Sudhakar! – Sudhakar! Sudhakar!
– Sudhakar! Sudhakar! Get up! Sudhakar!
– Sudhakar! Get up! Get up! Sudhakar! – Sudhakar!
– Open your eyes and see. Sudhakar! Sudhakar! Get up! See me!
– Sudhakar! Sudhakar!
Talk! Open your eyes and see. First Sudhakar and then Guruji. And then Mamata.. Mamata! Sleep.. Sleep.. Sleep.. Sleep.. Sleep..
– Mamata! – Sleep.. Sita..hey, Sita. Come, Sita. Mamata!
– No! Don’t come closer.
– Why are you afraid of me? No!
– Mamata! Come! Come I say. Come, dear. Why are you afraid? Come near me. Mamata, I am Prithvi.
– No, don’t come closer to me. You are not Prithvi.
– Mamata, see me. I’m Prithvi. Hey, Sita. Why are you watching like that? I am here only. Come. Hey, do as I say, that’s it. No! No! No! Come, Sita. Come soon. Don’t do anything to me. Mamata! Mamata! I feel frightened upon
seeing this jungle. – No. It’s not good to enter the house. Let’s bring the wood,
light fire and leave in the morning. No! I didn’t start this fire! It will make the
non-believers believe it. It will kill the non-believers. It’s not good to break the cradles. It is okay with believe
but superstitious is not okay. Mayamma is a lie. Mayamma is a lie. ‘Mayamma’s soul after losing
her son and everything..’ ‘When will it find peace?
How many more will it kill?’ “Hopes are dashed.” “My breathing has stopped.” “What’s the language of darkness?” “What’s the meaning of light?” “This night is spent in fear.” “Earth is drenched with tears.” “Injuries have become songs.” “Life is at stake.” “There is no hunter.” “Hit by arrow.” “In the abandoned well.” “In the deep waters.” “Moonlight is lost.” “Hopes are dashed.
My breathing has stopped.” “What’s the language of darkness?
What’s the meaning of light?” “Hopes are dashed.
My breathing has stopped.” “What’s the language of darkness?
What’s the meaning of light?”


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