LAST ONE SCREAMING | Short Horror Film

LAST ONE SCREAMING | Short Horror Film

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(scraping) (buzzing) (footsteps approaching) Hello, Ashley. My name is Dr. Warren, I’m here to ask you some questions about the incident. I already went over everything a hundred times with the police. Why do we have to do this again? Haven’t I already been through enough? Great, the Feds sent int this fancy pants head doctor. We’re gonna be here all night. Right, and I’m missing America’s Got Talent for this shit? I’m a friend, Ashley. I’m here to listen. (Ashley scoffs) It’s up to you whether or not you go home. All you have to do is tell me the truth. It’s not like you’re gonna believe me. They didn’t. (detectives chuckle) But it’s the truth. You might find I’m more open-minded than the officers you talked to. Fine. Here we go again. It was supposed to be a fun weekend, just wanted to get out of town and blow off a little steam after finals. Jenny, Mark, my brother Mike, his girlfriend Sarah, Tom, and me. Mark’s family had a place in the White Mountains, just a little cottage, nobody around for miles. (eerie music) Perfect place to get away and enjoy being in nature. Enjoying nature, sounds like a teenage orgy party. You ever been to one of those? I got poison ivy in the woods. What? Poison ivy. What? (chewing) God dammit, stop talking. Dude, they’re talking. Go on. At first everything was fine, we were just having fun. (eerie music) We decided to go for a hike in the woods around the property. About an hour into the hike we stumbled upon this cave. (voices whispering) I just wanted to keep hiking, but of course the boys had to see what was inside and the other girls followed them in. The cave was a lot bigger than it looked on the outside and the smell, god, the smell was horrible. That’s when you found the bodies? Three of them. Looked like they’d been there for awhile. We were all really freaked out, but Mark took it upon himself to take a closer look. (dramatic music) One of the bodies was still holding on to this thing, some kind of puzzle box. It had inscriptions all over, symbols and words in another language. Did you recognize any of the symbols or words? Maybe Sumerian, Native America, Kandarian? What? I’m getting a bullshit philosophy degree at a community college. No. I see. Why didn’t you report this to the police immediately? We wanted to, but none of us had cell service at the cottage. We just agreed to sleep on it and leave the next morning. It’s not like the bodies were going anywhere. Fair enough. So what happened next? Oh, yeah, here comes the good part. We had a few beers and tried to forget about what we saw, at least most of us did. Mark wouldn’t stop playing with that fucking box. (voices whispering) After a while everyone went to bed leaving me alone with Tom. We just hung out by the fireplace and… talked. (fire crackling) Then we started hearing strange noises from Mark’s room. Go on. Then screams. Jenny came running in naked and covered in blood and Mark was right behind her, but he wasn’t himself. He was… I know how stupid this sounds. If it’s the truth then it’s not stupid. He was fucking possessed, okay? His eyes were glowing bright red, he had blood coming from his mouth, his skin was covered in boils and he was speaking another language. Oh, and just one other little detail, he was trying to kill us! Look, I’m not crazy. Nobody said you were crazy. Oh, that bitch is fucking crazy. Fucking wackadoo. Wackadoodle. So Mark attacked you all, he killed your friends? Yes. Well, he attacked us at least. He was gonna kill Jenny and I just reacted, I grabbed the iron poker from next to the fireplace and hit Mark in the head with it. (screaming) He didn’t stop so I just kept hitting him until, (sobs) until his skull broke in half. I was just protecting Jenny. It certainly sounds that way, but that only explains Mark. What happened to the rest of them? What did happen to the rest of them? Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re a psycho killer. He did something to Jenny. Whatever was in him transferred to her somehow. My brother and his girlfriend came in to see what was happening and Jenny attacked them. So Jenny killed everyone else? Not exactly. (eerie music) I had to stop her too. How? A can of hairspray and a lighter, (screams) improvised flamethrower. Intriguing, so everyone else was possessed too, correct? You had to stop them all? Yes, I stabbed Sarah with a butcher’s knife. (screams) I killed my brother with a chainsaw. (buzzing) Tom, poor Tom, he just wouldn’t die, even after I cut off every limb with a hatchet. He just wouldn’t fucking die. (screaming) I must have hit him a hundred times before he stopped moving. My god, it was fucking horrible. Luckily you were never infected by whatever had a hold of them. What’s she playing at? So the box, you just left it in the cottage? The cottage that you then lit on fire along with all your friends bodies? Yes. That’s a shame. I couldn’t take a chance. (suspenseful music) Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie? People always come back to kill you after you think they’re dead. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a certified, grade A wacko. (applauding) So? (suspenseful music) (scoffs) I knew you wouldn’t believe me. Actually it all seems pretty straightforward to me. Wait what? We’ve seen these cases more often than you might think. Reanimated cannibalistic corpses, Nosferatus, lycanthropy, you name it, I’ve seen it. But homicidal group demonic possession is the most common. Okay. You’re free to go. (dramatic music) Have a nice life. (dramatic music) (door closes) No. Did they just fucking let her go? (eerie music) (eerie music) (eerie music) (eerie music) (eerie music)


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  2. i was afraid it would suck like that terrible movie called 'Last Girl Standing' but this was way better than expected.

  3. Can't wait to see this film screening our our big screen, Theater number 8, 300 seats at Regal Cinemas at L.A. Live, Saturday Night November 9th…

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