Lights Out Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Teresa Palmer Horror Movie HD

Lights Out Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Teresa Palmer Horror Movie HD

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Every time I turn off the lights There’s this… woman waiting shadows I see her, too (Screams) Each one of us is been hunting by this thing Mom? Hey, Mart, what’s up? Did we wake you? What? Long time ago, I had a friendy, Diana It was something really bad happenned to her Everyone is afraid of the dark that’s what your fears on Show yourself! (Screams) (Screams) Mom! Becca? We have not time No! We need to find more time! Keeps the lights out! Síguenos


  1. Shiiit my light bill so damn high refuse to turn on my lights. It's gone be so got damn cold in my house the ghost gone pack his shit and leave and he gone cut the lights on, on the way out the door. Like i can't kill nobody in this cold muthafucka man fuck this im out!✌????

  2. Here's a solution DONT THEN THWM OFF and always stand next to the light so when she turns it off herself you flick it bck on

  3. I would just go to the airport or the hospital every night. There are plenty of backup generators and gas in those places. Problem solved and I just saw the film.

  4. My friend told me this was the scariest movie trailer ever. Watched it, got more scared by the Scary Movie trailer.

  5. ??????I read all 2k comments, and I have got to admit I have never laughed so hard reading comments. you guys are just awesome these comments.

  6. Boy: "Everytime I turn off the lights there's this woman…"
    Everybody else: "You need, like, a hint, kid??"

  7. I saw this movie like 6 months ago and then I had a trauma for the dark bc of this movie for like 4 months. But its the best and most scariest horror movie I have ever seen

  8. The trick here is to try to reason with the witch…try explaining to her that if the lights are always on the electric bill will be too high…

    …Open conversation leads to better relationships after all.

  9. First horror I've watched in a long time, where I was genuinely hooked on the story. It felt original and had me jumping out of my seat!

  10. who else was really nervous to watch this and then they saw that women at the beginning and they peed their pants !!! I'm going to like my comment 'cause i did !!!

  11. I actually really enjoyed this film. The sister and brother duo were so adorable and sweet. Loved their bond. And the girl and the guy were sweet too. Imo, the characters bonds with one another really made the film.

  12. For those looking for a really fun horror show to watch, give Ash VS Evil Dead a shot. The first two seasons are up on Netflix and season 3 is currently airing on Starz. It's one of the goriest and most original horror/comedy shows I've ever seen! It has Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Lee Majors, etc.

  13. If anyone is wondering, this movie was super boring and not very scary. Definitely not worth watching! But the idea was good, just not executed very well..

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