LOOK AWAY “Dark Side” Trailer (NEW 2018) India Eisley, Teen Horror Movie HD

LOOK AWAY “Dark Side” Trailer (NEW 2018) India Eisley, Teen Horror Movie HD

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We have a screwed up daughter she has no friends she has no confidence , he’s mine you know Maria let me help you let me be there for you self improvement it’s a jungle out there are you sure you wanna go to school looking like that? What? I really didn’t mean to do that Maria who are you , Don’t you remember me? we have a screwed up daughter she has no friends he’s mine ya know she has no confidence this is your time to shine I can fix things let me help you Trust me let me be there for you Instead of you , Morning ice queen what? am I not fun anymore hi dad You’re dead why are you doing this? self improvement I’m sorry, I’m not that they’ve sent it’s time they learned about look at me see me


  1. Some people seem alienated by a beautiful girl like India Eisley being portrayed as a bullying victim with no friends, but school bullying isn't always as simple as "pretty and popular ones going against ugly and unpopular ones". Back in my days I remember some of the worst female bullies were fairly plain-looking and they were bullying some rather attractive girls for unknown reasons.

  2. Loved the trailer. and how could those parent so such things about their daughter,not just any daughter but a gorgeous one at that 🙁

    I hope this comes out before my exams

  3. india eisley is everywhere these days..

    guess being olivia hussey's daughter does gives a huge advantage.

    then again i'll watch it because she's cute

  4. I want to watch this, just so i can see that little lipped cunt bully at 2:00 die. I hate little lipped ugly pieces of shit. He looks like an ugly joffrey lannister. Yes i am going to watch this.

  5. Actually this movie is stolen from the egyptian series !!! Called * eshek case* because that series was released in 2015 !!! & this movie in 2018 & the writer's name of the movie is Assaf from Israel & the Israelians always watching our movies & series in Egypt because they can speak Arabic as well as Hebrew !!!! It's the same story but just a few details are deleted !!! Check the movie on Wikipedia & you will see the writer's name is Assaf from Israel !! & it's not the first time for Israelians to steal arabian artists idea they stole a music song from a lebanies singer called Mariam fares !!!!

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