Love Haunted House Movies? 8 films for fans of ghosts & horror!

Love Haunted House Movies? 8 films for fans of ghosts & horror!

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If You Love Haunted House Movies, I Highly
Recommend These 8 Films Over the past century stories and legends
based on haunted houses have long appeared in literary fiction, which in turn
have been adapted into movies where unsuspecting victims being terrorised
has become a staple amongst the horror genre. Haunted houses are usually recognised as some
form of residence that�s inhabited by a ghost or spirit – who may have
been a former resident or someone who�d died within close proximity
of the house. this week I�ve tried to find a varied selection
of quirky and spooky films that hopefully some of you haven�t seen yet.
And for those of you new to my channel, I often try to avoid picking super
obvious movies, so films like The conjuring & The Shining won�t be making
an appearance. Director Jennifer Kent�s Drama horror – the
babadook 2014 Amelia a widowed mother is plagued by the
violent death of her husband. Struggling with her hyperactive son’s fear
of an imaginary monster- everything starts to turn for the worst when
a book call the Babdook mysteriously turns up at their house. where
Amelia slowly starts to realise that there might be more to her sons story. Heavy on atmosphere & easily one of the scariest
movies of the past decade the Babadook relies on real horror rather
than cheap jump scares to keep you on the edge of your seat. It�s use of foreshadowing
with it�s first act is really well done as it compensates for the films
slow pacing. However I would say that if you want to get
invested in this movie you have to get past the first 15 minutes as the son
Samuel in my opinion is extremely irritating. Director Nobuhiko Obayashi Comedy Horror – Hausu
(1977) A schoolgirl called Gorgeous is excited about
spending her summer holiday with her father. But decides to go to her
aunt’s house, when she finds out her father is bringing his new girlfriend. Taking
six of her classmates with her from the moment they arrive the girls slowly
begin to realise Gorgeous� Aunt, may not have their best interest in mind. With a surreal & insane quality to it Hausu
is a psychedelic and completely silly film. Apart from saying WTF did I just
watch, I�d say that this movie has some of the most inventive film making I�ve
ever seen. That�s combined with the greatest oddball transitions in the history
of cinema. And I have to say I loved it! I would recommend Hausu if you want to watch
something extremely left field that will have you thinking, rewatching and
debating it for hours. Director Paul Golding�s Sci-fi Horror – Pulse
(1988) Follows a boy called David who�s staying
at his father and stepmothers for the summer. One night while alone David begins
to see weird things happening to his TV set but when he tells his family they
don�t believe him. However when other electrical appliances start acting up,
they realize that there is more to these electrical Pulses than meets the eye. The movie that made me scared of showers as
a kid – Pulse has a fairly creepy concept. I mean what would happen if
the electricity in your home was trying to kill you, good luck trying to sell
that house. Ok Pulse is not particularly scary but It�s
memorable and pretty original. While I wouldn�t call it a classic, at least it�s
entertaining, different and clever for its time. Director Tim Burton�s comedy fantasy – Beetlejuice
(1988) When Barbara and Adam die in a car accident
this recently deceased couple find themselves stuck inside their home. Leaving
their now-vacant house to be invaded by an unbearable family who they can�t
stand. Desperate to find a way to rid there beloved home from the living,
they hire Beetlejuice a sleazy bio-exorcist. Beetlejuice is easily one of my favorite films
where I find it hard to believe this was Tim Burton�s second time in the
directors chair- it�s great blend of upbeat humor and creative horror is truly
unique and unforgettable. And Michael Keaton’s performance as a lunatic
ghost really adds to the movies overall enjoyment. If you want to watch something bizarre, clever.
and quirky that really is a one of a kind film then check out Beetlejuice. Director Jack Clayton�s mystery Horror – The
innocents (1961) Set in Victorian England an uncle of two orphaned
children appoints a new governess to look after them at his estate
in the countryside. Soon after her arrival the governess slowly becomes more
and more convinced that the house and grounds are haunted by mysterious
spirits. A spooky and atmospheric mystery the Innocents
feels ahead of its time where its cinematography really does look
great and the acting in general is first rate especially in regards to the children
who�re perfectly sweet in one scene and yet become unexpectedly creepy in
the next. Is this film is scary? not really, however
it still builds a lot of tension and suspense till its very end where I would recommend
it to those of you who wants to watch a classic that is purely driven
by a great story and solid acting. Director Stuart Rosenberg�s Horror The Amityville
Horror (1979) Follows Newlyweds George and Kathy Lutz, who
have just moved into their dream home, despite knowing that it was the
site of a grisly mass murder, a year before. Everything is fine until their
dream home starts to become a nightmare after they�re tormented by the
evil that still inhabits their house. A classic that bread a generation of haunted
house films The Amityville horror is an interesting movie with quite a few surprisingly
creepy moments. I’m pretty surprised at how low the ratings are
for this film, perhaps it�s just my childhood nostalgia taking hold but I honestly
think this is a genuinely scary movie. I would recommend this film for someone who
wants to get into the horror genre as I�m assuming that hardcore horror
fans won�t find it that scary. But that doesn�t necessarily mean that this
is a bad movie Director Takashi Shimizu�s Supernatural
Horror Ju-on the grudge (2002) When Nishina Rika a volunteer home care assistant
steps inside the house of a patient’s, she discovers a door that has
been sealed shut with duct tape. Opening it she inadvertently releases a mysterious
spirit. And discovers that all the people who�d entered the house before
her have gone missing. Like most Japanese horror Ju-on excels at
creating a creepy and disturbing atmosphere. As well as being visually exciting
and accompanied by some really eerie sound design. I think this is
one of those movies that people either love or hate but I honestly don�t
think anyone would disagree that it�s a very spooky film. While some might find the story to be a bit
confusing and convoluted in places Ju-on is a classic ghost tale that�s definitely
worth watching. Director Steve Beck�s Horror Thir13en Ghosts
(2001) When a very rich collector of unique spiritual
artifacts dies, he leaves it all to his nephew Arthur. Been financially challenged
inheriting his estranged Uncles estate is a welcome surprise to Arthur, and
he wastes no time rushing over to check out his new home. But what Arthur doesn�t
realise is that he�s also inherited a large collection of ghosts. Ok I have to admit this is my troll pick for
this week. A guilty pleasure at it’s finest 13 ghosts is full off corny spirits
with over the top abilities and makeup. So why am I recommending this, well it�s
mainly due to how cool the house is! That and I love the premise and all the creative
ideas behind it. Sure it�s silly not horrifying and there
are better movies out there, but it�s entertaining and pretty unforgettable. If You Love Haunted House Movies, I Highly
Recommend These 8 Films


  1. Other Haunted house flicks I would recommend The shining, the others, insidious, 1408, the woman in black & crimson peak.

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  2. It's great that you don't pick the obvious choices, and tend to bring attention to other lesser known films. You've got a fantastic channel and always deliver some great little known gems.

  3. Although i don't believe in the bullshit so called true story surrounding the house(the hauntings not the murders) i still love the original Amityville Horror

  4. I can't watch horror movies with jump scares in them with my gf anymore she jump and screams and i shout oh god fuck off cause they irritate me. We stayed in a hotel that people said was haunted and me girl was being all paranoid about the room that she could hear ghosts in the wall i picked up a wrench and walked to the boiler in the air cupboard at the side of our room and tighten the bolts to stop the cricking walked back in she said "didn't know you could just beat ghost off with a wrench"

  5. I really didn't like the Badadook because of the irritating boy. It's not a good sign when the only thing I remember from the movie is his annoying screaming and behavior.

  6. Great film choices as always, I was wandering if you could also make list of movies that focus on specific countries or directors instead of genres

  7. You forgot Hell House, Son! That flick is the Jaws of haunted house movies. Never get tired of watching it.

  8. keep up the amazing work.. by the way is there are any other movies like those

    Parallels (2015) – ARQ (2016) – Radius (2017)

  9. Hey I really enjoy your videos! Your take on movies have inspired me more than once to check out new films! thank you

  10. Hyper drive do you enjoy The Iron Giant? Is it possible to include it in any lists? Or would you consider doing a review on it or other older classics? I enjoy your videos, narration and cinematography. However, many of the genres that you showcase are too dark for me. But I understand that you have been successful with these things so far and I just hope you can have continued success! Cheers!

  11. I think that you can make a great list of horror movies with the ghost inside regular objects. For example I love both “The Fridge” and “The bead that eats people” , you can probably skip the “Tire” movie from that list :p

  12. Love your list..i would also have included "The others" and "the Burbs"( dont know if comedy's were aloud)

  13. Excellent video. I love Haunte House stories and, if you’ve not seen it, I can thoroughly recommend The Changeling (1980) starring George C Scott. Very creepy with a good plot.

  14. One of my mates told me to turn Hausu off after about 25 because, to quote him exactly, "There's no character development" What a twit.

  15. Dude kindly do a list on films like cabin in the woods and evil dead where theme of the movie it that they go to to a Cabin that is in woods and get all that horror stuff

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