MCKAMEY MANOR promo for ScareLA 2013

MCKAMEY MANOR promo for ScareLA 2013

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Brady MacDonald here, L.A. Times. As you can see, I’m bloody, stacking wet and terrified. Nobody’s going to save you…you’re all alone! No, no, no, Please Let me GO!…crying. Screaming! Help Me!!! Let Me OUT! Help Me…Please Let Me Out…PLEASE! No I Can’t Freaking Breath…Let Me The Freak Out Of Here NOW! “Body Slam” Listen to Me! Nooo, LISTEN! Nooooooo! I’m Sorry…Sorry…Sorry I Didn’t Help! Ye Ha…Let’s Go Pony…Yea. So Much Fun The Pony Is To Ride. You better Listen…Flop Like a Fish…Faster! 1,2,3…1,2,3…GO! Why Arn’t You Looking at ME! Look at MEEEEEE! Ohhh Shoot! No…Please, Please, Please, Please….Don’t…Don’t…Don’t. Why Did You Come Here…You’re All Going To Die! Stop it! Oh My Gosh…It Burns!!! Let Me Go…I Can’t See Anything…Get Me Down! I Can’t Do That…Nooooooo I Can’t…Gagging… All Right, All Right, All Right, All Right! Please, Please…Let Me Out…Please I’m Begging You. I Can’t Do This Anymore…I Can’t! I Want OUT…Crying. I…Want…OUT! Let Me Out..Let Me Out….I Want Out..I WANT OUT…LET ME OUT…LET ME OUT…LET ME OUT!!! That’s Really Intense, and I Don’t Think Anyone Knows What Their in For if They go Here.


  1. jesus there's so many butthurt in this comment section like "they're sadists" "why its even legal ?" .. listen .. those people choose to go there .. its not like the manor comes to them.. they come to the manor so its not even the manors fault.. they even signed a waiver..

  2. if I could do that which I can say I'd be scared too I'd probably just fuck around like hug the person in the casket or something like that

  3. I honestly think this is good because it’s giving you an experience actual people went through, the main difference is that your not getting killed in which the people that actually went through this got killed or got actually hurt.

  4. You sick fucking dog eating booty lucking fuck go play with barbie dolls and not with humans so fucking stop with this dumb shit u sick fuck🙂

  5. This should not be legal at all! They are actually hurting, touching, grabbing, and forcing people to do stuff they don’t want to do. I know there is a waiver that you have to sign for all this nonsense, but my local haunted houses aren’t allowed to touch you at all, and that’s the way it should be. Haunted houses should be something for a good scare on Halloween or something, not a literal torture device where people are getting physically hurt, and, they don’t even let you leave!

  6. Considering Russ's mother openly stated she'd have his sibling beat the shit out of him im not surprised the guys a fucking lunatic with this circus.

  7. This is so scary we almost went to thus place now that we saw this video were not and i didn't want to go in the first place 😨

  8. Who else almost vomited when the guy shoved that black stuff in her mouth I would never visit this haunted house under any circumstances

  9. I wouldn’t be able to go in their because 1. I’d actually have a panic attack and die of a heart attack and 2. I’d probably accidentally punch anyone that touched me in there. 😭

  10. This manor is a hell house. The owner and workers are sadists. There is no safe word, they abuse your mind and body and you literally cannot leave early unless you literally, physically cannot go on. This place is sick.

  11. Idgaf if I were to go in there and they’re hitting me or trying to do some dumb shit I’m stabbing some one idgaf

  12. No quitting wtf is wrong with you people wtf if someone needs medical attention or something people are fuckin crazy you sick fuckin people

  13. These screams aren’t even a “haha spoopy!” Or a “wow that was scary but let’s laugh it off” its true screams of terror and any man who could do such things to human beings deserve to burn in the deepest pits of hell

  14. Ok, I have a few reasons why this IS legal, and why it SHOULDN'T be:

    *SHOULD*: Bottom line is, they signed a contract.They signed up for the torture, and the contract described all of the things they'd go through. It might have left out a few things, but they should've known by what others said and what they read about this place that it was the worst experience they'd ever go through.

    *SHOULDN'T*: The contract left out numerous descriptions of some tortures, and McKamey lied about most of it, like not waterboarding his victims when clearly he does. McKamey Manor should NOT be legal because of the illegal signs of assault, abuse, and more that go on in there. They have no safe word as of now, and the more they scream and beg to be let out, they will not be freed until the end.

    I supported both sides, if I left anything out please reply to this comment with it. 🙂

  15. Literally the guy who made this and the people who participate in the creation of this are just trying to fulfill their own sick "needs" in a way that is "legal"

  16. Psycopaths! Come to our haunted house its legal for us to torture people here!! This is not even scary thats just disgusting who wants nasty stuff shoved into their mouth dats not scary its just gross this place is wack

  17. Can i say i have a haunted house an just torture people to my pleasure 😂 I mean might almost kill sum ppl "almost" but its ok its legal lmao this man is sick an needs help

  18. This place is horrible and I don’t know how it is legally acceptable. People scream to get out but they don’t have to nor will they let them out. The crew behind it can do whatever they want with you as long as you sign the waiver and as long as you are still alive. Which means, they can temporarily drown you, make you eat weird things, choke you, and gag you. If a psychopath got to work at this place or at worst a serial killer then it would be a different story.

    This place is legal torture and mentally ill people could work here and kill, rape, or physically/mentally disable you.

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