Meow (2018) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Raja, Urmila Gayathri, Hayden, Baby Yuvina

Meow (2018) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Raja, Urmila Gayathri, Hayden, Baby Yuvina

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Let’s go. Buddy, will we get
good food to eat here? A woman named Shakuntala
cooks delicious food here. You will like the food cooked by her. Let’s go then. Come on. What else? Sir, what will you have for lunch? – Cauliflower potato for me.
– Okay sir. – Cheese and peas for me.
– Okay. – I will have cottage cheese Tikka.
– Okay, sir. – Listen.
-Tell me, sir. Who is that girl? She is daughter of the cook Shakuntala
about whom I had told you yesterday. Her name is Komal.
She is a very sweet girl. Whatever you are
thinking is not right. She is a not a city
girl but a village girl. You will not succeed here. She may belong to anywhere
but she is a girl. From today my countdown starts. In just five days I will
be successful in wooing her. It is a challenge.
Just wait and watch. Mother, do you cook food? -Yes, child.
– It was so delicious. I felt as if I am eating
food cooked by mother. I am very happy to hear that. As it is few people come here. And those who come here
do not talk properly with me. You are very nice, son. This is not a big thing. You are staying here since long. It has been 10 years
since we both came here. Komal’s father passed away three
years ago because of heart attack. That is why Komal had to leave school. If I ask her then she says
that she would stay with me. Komal loves that cat, right. She loves all the animals. Someone like you gave her a cat. Since then she keeps playing with it. You have a beautiful daughter. I will leave, son. I have some work. Okay, fine. Where is the girl?
Why can’t I see her? Buddy, I have cleared half the way. I have done friendship
with her mother. But I cannot understand
how to meet that Komal. In this way you will
not be able to do anything. You will have to
make a plan to meet her. Yes. But what plan should I make.
She always stays with her mother. She comes alone on cycle every day. Just stop her and talk to her.
It is very simple. Buddy, I will do one thing. I will go to her house
and spoil the chain of his cycle. Tomorrow when she goes
on cycle then you go behind her. Then what? Automatically
the cycle will break down. You take advantage of
the situation and help her. In this way your work will be done. – Great idea. Come on let’s go.
– Yes. Let’s go. Come on. Oh no..are you okay? My name is Gautam. I am from Mumbai. Mother had told me. I know it. She had told about you as well.
Is your name Komal? Yes. Why did you stop going to school? We have no relatives.
I have to take care of mother. I find you very beautiful. I mean your nature. Okay. In two days we will leave from here. Before leaving I wanted
to say something to you. – To me? Tell me what the matter is.
– Yes. I will tell you tomorrow.
It is suspense. Okay, tell me. I will leave. Buddy, Komal has
got trapped in my plan. Yesterday when she fell
down then I touched her. She was totally shaken. She closed her eyes
and slept on my shoulder. My heart was palpitating. Do whatever you wish to but call her. I am in mood now. Before
my mood gets off she should be here. Tomorrow you have called her
here to tell her something important. – What is your plan? – Tomorrow her
mother is going alone to the temple. So Komal will be alone at home. Okay. Who told you this? I got this information
from the in-charge. Great. I think the plan will work out. I will tell her that it is
my birthday and call her to the room. Let her come first. She will surely come.
She will have to come. Hurry up otherwise someone
will see both of us. Leave it. All this is wrong. I will not come to the room.
I feel scared. I have sent my friends out.. ..because I want to celebrate
my birthday with you. – Don’t you have faith on me?
– That is not the case. If someone sees us here then
it would become matter of gossip. – Please leave it.
– Why are you getting scared? Who will see us here? Your mother has also gone to temple. Now there is no one here. Come on cut the cake
and then leave soon. Come on hurry up. Don’t worry. Sit comfortably. No, I want to go. I am feeling scared. I have never before
come into the room. Now that you have come so relax. It is my birthday today. Here is the welcome drink. Drink it. Drink it. Come on. Drink it. We will cut
the cake and then you can go. – Shall we cut the cake?
– Yes. You’ll just have this much. – What?
– Who will make me eat? Something is happening to me.
I am feeling strange. I am feeling dizzy. Nothing will happen to you. Komal I want to say something to you. – I hope you won’t mind.
– Yes, tell me. I have fallen in love with
you from the time I have seen you. I love you Komal. Do you love me? I love you. I love you a lot. Will you always stay with me? I do not know why my head is spinning. – I am feeling strange.
– You don’t have fever. Rest for 10 minutes
and then you will be fine. Hey, catch her. – Wait. Where are you running?
– Wait. Wait! Wait. Where are you running? Wait. Wait. We will not leave you. Are you tired? First is your turn. We will leave. Let’s go. Get away. Hey, pick up the cat and throw it out. Oh no.. – Hey, wait.
– Hey, catch her. Hey, wait. Hey, wait.
Where are you running? Wait! – Where are you running?
– Wait! Catch her. – Hey, stop.
– Stop! Catch her. Catch her. Now you have got trapped. Hey, wake her up. Wake her up. She is bleeding. – What happened?
– Just check if she has died. She is dead. What are you saying? Hey, I had told you
not to do like this. What will we do now? I had seen a lake.
Let us throw her in that. – Come on, pick her up.
– No one should see us. – Come on. Hurry up.
– Let’s go. – Hurry up and pick her.
– Yes, pick her up. Hurry up. Come on. Be careful. What happened, security?
Why are you coming running? Sir, there has been a problem. You throw the bottle here
and there after drinking.. people have complained about you. – So what?
– Is that so? From today no one will
drink on the terrace. Society has made such a rule. From the time we have come
here we have been hearing this. They do not like what we
do and we do not like what they do. Sir, a complaint has been
coming against you in the meeting. Jayanti madam is very
annoyed with your deeds. Listen she is beautiful looking
so that is why she is annoyed. – You are right.
– Leave that. Come here. Just wait and watch
how he messes up with him. Look, look.. – What are you showing me?
– Hey, pick up. Hold it brother. Pick up one more. Black noodles, this is for you. – Pick up another.
– I will go first. – I’ll be the first.
– Catch it. What is this Akash?
Like every time you are last again. -Your luck is bad.
-Get lost. He is.. Sir, for last few days
I wanted to ask you something. What game do you
play among yourselves? Come here.
You will understand at the right time. – Now get lost.
– Okay. Listen, security. What happened sir? Tell me that there was a
complaint against me in the meeting. What was the secretary speaking? It is between the two of you. Hey, no one is honest here. Why should he be bothered
about who comes to my house. Only boyfriends are allowed
here and not girlfriends. The landlord does not say anything. Then you too do not
listen to anything. Let everyone speak what they want to. The society people just show off.
Rest all are the same. I always get trapped
because of those four boys. The house is so big so
why don’t they drink inside. They drink in public
place so I also get trapped. Tell me. Do those four boys stay together? What do they do? Sir after they have finished college
all of them have become loafers. They are rascals. Money, it is all about money, sir. Selfie, this ball is so
nice and is of a beautiful color. – Hi, baby.
– Hi, aunty. – Your dress is very nice.
– Really? Thank you. Aunty, today you were
shooting for which ad. Today was a shoot for jewellery. – So selfie. – Aunty, can you get
my Selfie work in some ad? – Yes, why not. Surely.
– Thank you aunty. Okay child, bye. – Bye, aunty.
– Bye, goodnight. Selfie, will you do acting? “You know, you like it baby.” “You know, you like it.” [English rap song] – Hello.
– Hi, sir. Hi. Did you see what’s app? Yes sir. I just saw your ad reference. – How did you like it?
– Yes sir. it is very nice. Yes, we can definitely do it. Good sir. Okay sir, bye. Good night. Hey, you are not that beautiful
looking but still I love you. Hey stupid,
have you seen your face? Idiot! Hey, why are you trying to woo girls? Don’t you have mother
and sisters at home? Aunty, you only take the flower. Idiot. I will bang your
head with this coconut. Strange woman. Even an old
woman thinks herself to be young. – Sir.
– Yes, come in. – Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, sir. Good morning. New flat is looking superb sir. Sir when did you buy
this without telling us? Hey, my father-in-law gifted me. You are saying lies sir.
Your father-in-law was never so rich. From police flat you
have come in this house, sir. Everything will be good. Seeing this I have become emotional. – Why?
– Because you did not get promotion. 15 years ago he got married and there
is no promotion in the house yet. How will he get promotion in job? Give me my cap. I will get it sir. This year you will
surely get promotion. We both will always be with you. Look, there is no need
to be with me all the time. – Stop talking nonsense
and do your work. – Okay sir. What are you doing inside?
It is time to go. Hurry up and give me lunch box.
I am getting late. Give. You do not even close
the zip properly. Give me my laptop. Hurry up and come out.
We are very late. Come on. Okay, fine. – Okay..
– Excuse me sir. It is time to go to office, please. Come. Yes tell me. I will reach in one hour. Hurry up. Did you see sir’s neighbours? Great sincerity. – You are right.
– Great punctuality. Shall I cook chapatti
and cottage cheese for dinner? Look, if you drink and create
a scene after I leave then.. Do you remember how
you were thrashed last week? Good. Even the liquor shop does not open
before 12. There is still so much time. What a strange man he is? If he gets 5 minutes it seems
he will lose 5crores. What is this? It got punctured. Who is it? – What is it? Come on.
– Okay. Oh God! Sir, sir.. – Greetings, sir.
– Greetings, sir. Sir, my name is whatsapp money. I came to know that you
have come new to this building. Write my whatsapp number. – I will bring everything from
diaper to pad. – Yes, sir. Just whatsapp me. Once the message is delivered the
parcel will be delivered immediately. I was looking out
for a person like you. – He is so intelligent.
– Chaddha has given me the number. I will call. – Take care, sir
– Driver, start the car. I will send the parcel. – Salute, sir. Remember me.
– Salute, sir. Did you see my Sindhi mind? This is the way to increase the
business even without advertisement. Absolutely right. Let’s see new lecture of today. Do honest work with cheating. What is this brother? You are saying such a wrong thing?
Aren’t you ashamed of saying this? My grandfather says that we
should do everything with honesty. Then why did you say so? I did not say anything wrong. – You just said it.
– Do you know the old proverb? – Which one?
– Do cheating with honesty. Some knowledge is right. We will have to do
honest work with cheating. My knowledge. – Did you understand?
– What are you saying? I did not understand. I knew you would
not understand anything. That is why I am the
master and you are useless. Go, and blow the tyre. Hurry up. Friends, life has become bore
with alcohol and girls every day. We need some change. – What change do you want?
– So come on let’s do a job. – He is thinking of doing a job.
– Keep quiet. The one who cannot get up
early in the morning will do a job. He cannot sit at one place
for 8 minutes will do a 8 hour job. – It’s strange.
– Keep quiet. Take this. Just chill. – Catch.
– Give it to me. Okay guys I will leave
otherwise mother will scold me. Are you so scared of your mother? I respect her a lot. You are standing like
this in anniversary. – Go and have a bath.
– One minute. – Come on, hurry up.
– One minute. And you..will I have
to tell you separately? The entire day will
pass in making them ready. What happened? Oh no, that was my expensive sari. It is not my fault.
The cat spilled it. Throw this inauspicious
animal out of the house. So many times I told
you not to get the cat home. – But no one listens to me.
– What happened? Are you angry, child? What is this father? You spilled the
tea and you put the blame on Selfie. Now mother has asked to throw Selfie
out of the house. I hate you father. Sorry, child.
Today is our marriage anniversary. If mother comes to know then she
will shout at the top of her voice. That is why I said lies,
please forgive me. “You know I like it baby.” “You know I like it.” Very few orders have come this time. I
think I will have to cut your salary. – Hey, don’t cut my salary.
– Hello. Hello sir. Jhoomte Minar. This is your original quarter. Family, wife matter. I am feeling hot. If I drink
half then I will become cool. – At least drink this.
– Family. Wife matters. If I drink half then
I will become cool. But on whatsapp you.. Family.. Now do you want more? – Take this and go. Get lost.
– Family happy. – Okay go.
– Quarter to quarter. No matter. Come on let’s go. Selfie, come.
We will sleep inside. Please. I will take care of you. – Come, please.
– Child, Pinky. Father, please. Take her inside without
making any sound. Really. Thank you, father. Alcohol is there, cigarette is
there and even entertainment is there. But I feel something is missing. Girl, of course. If in this situation we get
a girl then it would be enjoyable. – Yes buddy, even I was thinking that.
– You are right. They do not allow drinking
alcohol on the terrace. They will never allow
us to get a girl. How does that idiot bring
a girl again and again? He is not in our list. Leave it. It is 1o’clock in the evening.
And we will not feel sleepy. The match has also got over. Let’s do one thing.
Let’s go down for a walk. – Come on, let’s go.
– Okay. Let’s go. No one saw us coming here. – What is this?
– What? – There is a girl inside. Listen.
– What are you listening to? – Is there a girl inside?
– Yes, buddy. – Oh no..
– Get back. – Look, who is there?
– Wait! Wait! Who is there? Sir, so late at night. Do you have a match box? – Match box?
– Yes. – One minute, sir.
– Come inside. What is this, sir? You barged in. So you are doing night duty. Security. You are playing
a game of lock and key. She is a maid, sir. – Hi. – Great, we were thinking
about a girl and here she is. – Great.
– Is it? Come on let’s share.
Lucky, take out the box. Hurry up. This time I am first. – Oh no, my number did not come.
– Understood. Today, I understood your game. That day you had said that
I would understand at the right time. Today you four fooled me. Friends, I think security
is in lots of tension. Look at the tension on his face. Give the imported liquor to
security which is kept in our jeep. I will handle her. – Hey, let me kiss her.
– Come on. Let’s go. Come on hurry up. What trouble is this? What is this? – You did not let me do anything.
– Keep quiet, baldy. Were you playing hide and seek? Take this. Your job as
security is going on nicely. Take this and enjoy. – Now get lost from here. Go.
– God will not forgive you. Is it done? – Listen..
– Tell me. – Give me your Facebook ID.
– For what? – Sometimes we will remain in
touch on Facebook. – Get lost. It is inauspicious. While going to
office the cat passed through my way. You should keep it at home and play.
Today my work will not be done. Hi baby. What happened child?
Why are you crying? Selfie came into the way
of Ramu uncle so he scolded her. Is it inauspicious if
the cat comes in your way? No child. All these are superstitions.
Nothing of this sort happens. In olden times while going for
the war if a cat comes in the way.. ..then soldiers used
to change their path. Because they believed
it was inauspicious. Even today people believe
in this which is not right. Only for such small reason
people are scared of cats. And try to avoid it. That’s it. Don’t worry. Okay so now stop crying. And play a lot with Selfie.
Okay child. Madam, sir.. Who is it? Lady! Finger..oh God. Leave it. What are you doing? Leave it. Leave it. I am dead. What happened?
I just sucked the blood. – Hey, go and get the doctor
from neighborhood. – Yes. Oh God, what has happened to her? Open your eyes. Please open your eyes. Doctor, check her. Did you tell the doctor
as to what had happened, Chhotu? I told him, brother. What happened to the lady, doctor? You sucked 1litre of her blood. Don’t worry.
There is nothing to be scared. I have given an injection.
She will gain consciousness. Will she be fine soon? It will take some time now
that you have sucked so much blood. I sucked too much blood in excitement. Why didn’t you stop me? Listen madam, are you new here? Yes, I am new here
and do not know anyone. – And your parents?
– They go for work in the morning. That means you are alone at home. Just whatsapp me if you need anything. – Yes, I will do it.
– This is my card. Message me if you want anything. I will bring it immediately. Okay. – Will you what’s app me?
– Yes, I will. – Will you do it without feeling shy?
– Yes. – Then should I wait?
– Sure. – Don’t forget.
– I will do it. – Otherwise I will come again.
– Go now. – Bye,
– Bye-bye. Yes, you are right. I’ll try. Hey Gautam, here she comes. What do you want? Just friendship. Hey, come. You seem to be in mood today.
What did you drink today? – Did you have beer?
– Strong. – 3.
– Is it? Tell me one thing.
Do I look beautiful? Since last few days
I have been observing.. to what you do. How you stare? I look glamorous but
I am of criminal type. Don’t mess up with me.
Otherwise I will break your leg. Idiots. What a girl she is? Who is it so late at night? Get up. Hey, get up. Look, someone has written beautiful.
Who has sent this so late at night? Who dared to do this? Hey. It is written battery full. – Sleep quietly.
– Okay. I think I could not
see because of intoxication. Let’s go to sleep. Hey, she is upstairs. – Come on hurry up.
– Come on. Let’s go. Yes. One minute.
I will just call you back. Yes. – There she is.
– Come on. Hurry up. – Come on. Let’s hide.
– Come on. Hurry up. Hey, why didn’t you call
me since last four days? My exams are going
on for last one week. I have exam today afternoon as well. I do not use what’s app
and facebook during exams. I have not touched the
mobile since last one week. What is this? We never
touched books during exam time. You study or not but
at least take care of me. What is this? You did not
call or messaged for last four days. Leave all that.
Give me a kiss for now. Don’t do this.
I have my exam. Please leave me. Hey, what are you all doing? What are you doing with them? They all are loafers. – You go and prepare for your exams.
– Hey, wait. Go. Do you have some shame? She is a small girl studying 10th std. People like you will never change. Idiots. – She insulted us.
– We will fight amongst us later. – . Let’s go and talk to her first.
– Come on. Hurry up. – Hey, one minute. Stop.
– Listen! I love her and she loves me.
What problem do you have? Love? I know what kind of love. I know about you as well.
Where and with whom do you roam with? Idiot. What do you know about me? They are worthy of this. You commit mistakes and
put allegations on others. If you say it again
then I will kill you. What happened child? What did they do? Nothing. It was a personal matter.
There is no such matter. Why are you fighting with the girl? Come on get lost from here. You stay in one building
and still fight. We will look into the
matter later. Come on. Leaving studies you just keep roaming. -What is it? Is the work over?
-Yes, madam. In 5-10 minutes it will be done. Pinky, you stay here. What do you want, child? Uncle, I want to play with this.
Can I take it? Take it child but play nearby. Okay, uncle. The cost of this chain
would be around 10,000/- Child, did you eat food? Child, how do you play
the game of snake on the phone? Teach me. – It should be played this way, uncle.
– Okay, in this way. – Is the work done?
– It is done, madam. It’s done. I am coming. Get aside. Go away. Get aside. – What happened to him?
– Save me, mother. He is going without taking the money. This is Pinky’s chain. Thief.. Poor cat.
From today I will never shout at you. Really, I am feeling angry
on what she did in front of everyone. If there was a boy then
I would have thrashed him there. She insulted me in front of everyone. And the residents of the
building are supporting her. Because she is a dancer. Don’t worry. We will get a chance and
then we will take revenge from her. She does modeling. Everyone knows what models do.
Isn’t it? Even she is not a good girl. She may do modeling or whatever
but after a girl has slapped us. We have been disgraced in the society. We have seen many kinds of
girls but her attitude is different. She insulted me in front of everyone. She is a dancer herself but.. ..why is she feeling
pity of that girl in 10th std. Let’s make a plan and kidnap her.
Only then she will realize. – We will make her realize her status.
– Leave it. Mother is very angry with
whatever that happened yesterday. I again drank today. I will leave. – Hey, wait. Where are you going?
– Wait! Listen! – Where are you going?
– Where are you going? Why do you do like this?
I made you understand yesterday. The food is on the
table so go and eat. – I am going to Kamla’s house. Okay.
– Okay. I don’t know when
this boy will understand. Get lost. Oh God, Kartik. What happened to you? Someone come
and see what has happened to Kartik. – Kartik!
– Kartik! – Kartik!
– Kartik! – What has happened to him?
– Kartik! – Who killed him?
– Kartik, say something. – Kartik, say something.
– Sorry. He is no more. – Kartik!
– Kartik! – What has happened?
– Don’t touch him. – Don’t touch till the police come.
– One minute. Hey security, call the police. – Hurry up.
– Yes sir. His report has confused us. This is a planned murder. We have found no evidence
or finger prints. Your son used to stay in
Gautam’s room the entire day. Yes, sir. Those three
loafer boys and spoiled my son. He was never like this before, sir. Sir, the truth will be revealed
if you enquire from those boys. Was Kartik with you that night? What were you four doing? Sir, I was watching TV at home. – And you? – I was also with him.
We all were together sir. Do you have doubt on anyone? Sir, I have a doubt. A model girl lives in our building. I have doubt on her.
We never got along well. One day Kartik had
a fight with the girl.. ..and she said that
she would kill Kartik. Everyone has heard
this in the building. After being popular in 120 countries.. ..CRI pumps are now
bringing CRI pipes for you. Now with these pipes.. – Sorry sir, I forgot.
– Cut, cut.. Sir, I have never seen shooting.
Shall I go and see it? – Okay, go.
– Thank you, sir. After CRI pumps they
are now bringing CRI pipes. – With new PPTS locking system.
– Okay, sir. PPTS locking system. Modulate this line properly. – Okay sir.
– Sir, police has come to meet madam. – To meet her.
– Yes sir. – To meet me?
– Yes, madam. – Go and meet.
– Sorry, sir. Just two minutes. Just play the shot and show. – Hello sir.
– Hi. Tell me what is the matter? – Sorry, I had to disturb your
shooting. – No, no it’s okay. I wanted to make enquiry about the
murder that took place in the apartment. I have heard that you
had a fight with those boys. Sir, they are loafers. They were using force with
a small girl studying in 10th std. When I saw it then I raised my voice. Then they started fighting with me. I got angry and slapped him. Where were you on
the day of the murder? Sir, actually I had a shooting
for my ad film so I was in Chennai. Okay, madam. If you come to know anything about
this murder then inform the police. – Sure sir.
– Get the car ready. Okay sir. Get the car ready. Hey, are you drunk in the morning? This camera gets me caught
and tells about my whereabouts. My wife may not watch TV.. ..but thrashes me daily
after watching CCTV camera. Hey, the camera is recording
whatever you are doing. When you go home then
your wife will thrash you. It is not me. It is not me but my duplicate. – Hello.
– Tell me, sir. Tomorrow is the opening
ceremony of our Coimbatore branch. Do you remember it? Yes, how can I forget it? All leading clients
of Coimbatore are invited. – Okay.
– You are a dancer and a model. You and your friend Ria should
make this ceremony a memorable one. Everything will be done, sir.
No issues. – Okay, bye. All the best.
– Okay sir. Okay bye. See you tomorrow. Hey don’t say bye now.
I will drop you till your house. Its okay, I will go. You are too drunk.
Come, I will drop you till home. You never listen to me. Okay. It was so much fun. – Okay, bye.
– Good night. See you. Hey, how come you are here.
What are you doing here? Get lost. I thought of saying
bye before leaving. Did you come to say bye or.. I just had a drink with you once
does not mean you can do anything. – Understood.
– Listen to me. People like you can never change. – Now go. Get out. Get lost.
– Yes. Don’t irritate me. – Get lost.
– Okay, sorry. Sorry. You sleep properly. Okay, cool. Bye. What is this? – What happened?
– Is it onion or tomato? You had brought this. Okay. Now I don’t even feel hungry. – Why, brother?
– I am not able to sleep as well. There is vibration in my entire body. – Okay.
– But why? – You must be having fever so that
is why you are shivering. – Really? Hey stupid,
you think yourself to be a compounder. What does he know about love? Brother, I wanted to talk to you.
I want to get married. – Listen
– Yes. Do you know about the
expenses during wedding? – Don’t worry. I will take a loan
from the bank. – Is it? Nowadays you get loan for car,
house and for every small thing. But you will have
to return it as well. You do not even return one rupee. -You are right. Yes, brother.
– Listen. – Bunty of Ulhasnagar..
– Yes? ..had taken loan from
the bank for scooter. – Okay. – He could not repay the loan
so they took away the scooter. But you want loan for marriage. – Yes.
– They might.. They will pick up my wife. Law is law. I am scared on hearing this. I should remain bachelor.
I don’t want to get married. Oh God, a girl’s life is saved. Boss, greetings. – What is it? – I want some
alcohol. Can I come inside? Boss seems to be angry. What happened, boss? Drunkard, get lost from here. I think boss is in tension. – What happened?
– Throw this cat out first. I will kill this cat one day. Come on. Run away. Get lost. Boss, open the door. – Open the door.
– The cat is stuck. Open the door. What is it? Since long
we were knocking at the door. Couldn’t you hear? I was watching TV inside
so that is why could not hear. – What a strange man you are? – Sir a
woman’s sandal in a bachelor’s house. What are you saying? Let me see. Who is the girl? Come out. I had told you that
girls come to his house. Sir, even the security supports him. She is my relative. Strange. Only woman relatives come.. ..and no male relatives
come to your house. On seeing the girl you
forgot your brother, boss. Won’t you speak anything now? Why are you asking him? We will have a society
meeting and take the decision. – We will tell the landlord also.
– Come on let’s go. Make me drink alcohol, boss. Drunkard. Get lost. Take this.
Deliver the things and get the money. Don’t give it on loan like every time. I understood. Baby’s message. What happened? – Will you come home?
– I will surely come. – What are your intentions?
– You come home first. Oh God! Baby, tell me why did you call me? – For last 2-3 days I am not
feeling well. – Not well? – Do you have fever?
– I cannot understand. Don’t worry.
I have special thing for you. Look at this. Amulet. Give me I will wear it. – It is not to be worn on arm.
– Then? It is worn on the waist. Only then it will work. Now that you have brought it
so lovingly so you make me wear it. The way to heart
is through the stomach. From today you are my half girlfriend. And I am your one
and a half boyfriend. – But my father will not agree
for this marriage. – Your father? Because he wants an
alliance of his status. We are rich so he
wants a rich son-in-law. Now we are one. We will do court marriage and
then tell about it to your father. – Yes.
– How did you like my idea? What can you do for me? I can do anything, darling. I will transfer my
property in your name. And after taking seven nuptial rounds
I will make you stay in a seven star. The hotel should be in Switzerland
and you will sponsor honeymoon. – Understood dear. Only then
I will come. – Done. I will kill you today.
I will not spare you. – Give it to her as well.
– Take it. – I..
– Take it. Buddy, I have a doubt on his death.
Something is surely wrong. In the post mortem report by police it
is written that he has been murdered. He has been murdered. Who is this enemy whom we do not know? We cannot understand anything
and the police is also confused. Security told that no
one had come in our society. I feel someone from our
society has killed Kartik. None of the people staying here have
that much courage. No one can do this. I have doubt on that model.
I am telling you the truth. I am feeling very scared. Do something. I am feeling scared. We will miss him all
the more if we stay here. Shall we go out somewhere
to change our mood? He is right.
We three will go tomorrow. I think it is going to rain.
Let’s go home. Let’s go. What are you doing? My drink is still left.
I will finish it and then come. – You both go.
– Okay fine. Good night. – Good night.
– Okay fine, bye. Sir, I am at the spot. Yes, sir.
Please don’t make it crowded. Get back. – Yes sir. I will call you.
– Sir. Sir. – He was my friend.
– What has happened to him? – Get aside.
– Sir, let us see. – What happened? He was my friend.
– Get back! Let me go. Within 10 days of his friend’s
death even my son died. And no proof has been found. More than you all we are confused sir. Someone has killed
yours on with bottle. Have patience. The case is open. The police is doing investigation. We have doubt on that model Suhana. We had told you that day also. You are saying the
same thing again and again. I had enquired from her. She was not in her apartment
when the murder took place. In fact she was not in the city. So what if she was not there. She can plan something and do it. We are gathering
courage and telling you. But you are not taking any step. We cannot put allegation
on someone in haste. We will take action on
getting some strong proof. But till you will find
any proof we will be dead. Sir, please save both of us. Sir, murder is taking
place one after the other. Everyone in the society is scared. Please do something quickly, sir. What has happened to him? Hello, sir!
I had sent medicine to kill cockroach. Now do you want me
to come and make it eat? – Earlier I had called when the
scorpion had bitten. – Yes. And have called now when
the medicine has spread. Okay. I will be there. These people will make me penniless. Did you get the money? No, I did not get.
The ATM did not give money. – Is there money in your
account or not? – Why, brother? Just see how much money
is there in my bank. Then there must be no money in ATM. How is it possible?
Others were getting money. Then your ATM card
must have got damaged. It cannot get spoilt as I have
got double lamination done on it. – Great. Double lamination.
– Yes. You are very strange. You have troubled me a lot. Today I will kill you. Where is it? No. Come and drink. Sleep. Now you will sleep forever. – Sir ambulance has come.
– Okay, okay. Good that with the sound
of that cat we came here. You had thrown that
cat out the other day.. – ..and today that cat has saved your
life. – What is happening to him? “Jhulelal..” How did the door open by itself? Madam, madam.. Hello, hello..whom do you want? Why are you looking up? Look down. Madam had ordered for press. Dear Khushboo. Dear Khushboo. – Coming.
– Come out. Look who has come. Whatsapp Mani. Madam, whose pirated child is he? Child? How dare you? Mani, he is my husband. – Madam, take this.
– Yes, give me. – What is its cost?
– It is cheap. Only 1500/- My neck pains when I look up.
Can’t you bend down? Only 1,500/- – Will it work, Mani?
– Absolutely. Madam is standing and asking you. Why are you sitting and replying?
Stand up and speak. – It is a very good press.
– Will it heat up soon? – More than expected.
– What is this? Does anyone talk like
this with a stranger? The old press never used to get
heated. That is why I was asking him. I will ask all that.
You go and get money from inside. Go. Take this, Mani. ‘What is he thinking?’ – Hey, what are you seeing?
– Nothing, sir. Tell me what were you seeing? Oh, God! – Are you insulting me?
– What did he say? – Do you know what did he ask me?
– What did you say? Take him inside. Hey, speak up. Tell me what you said. Nothing madam. I just said that sir is
so short and you are so tall.. ..then I thought how you
would be doing family planning. Idiot. Get lost. – He just keeps on saying anything.
– Get lost from here. Get lost. Don’t whatsapp me again. Why are you bothered as to what I do? Selfie, look your friends are dancing. Look here. This song is very nice. Hey, I will talk to you later.
I am going inside. Yes. Okay bye. – Hi.
– Hi. How is it going? Fine. “My heart is crazy, I am coming..” Sir, slippers. Slippers.. Slippers. I have kept it. – Now without slippers I will.. – Sir,
you cannot go inside without shoes. Shoes? These slippers
are expensive than shoes. Yes, tell me. Sir, I have come to the
pub following that model. She has gone inside directly sir. Then you too go inside. How can I go inside?
I cannot go inside without shoes. Buy shoes from a nearby shop. Till today I have been thrashed.
I just have 300/- Buy whatever you get
in 300/- and go inside. Okay, sir. Thank you. – Hi.
– Hi. – Sit down.
– Yes. “I am a gentleman now.” – “Now I will go inside.”
– Sir. – What happened now?
– Where is your pair? – I have shoes on my feet.
– I mean partner. – I mean to say no pair no entry.
– Partner? Come on. You come with me inside. I mean to say girl, sir. Girl? Where do I get a girl from? I remembered. My wife
has gone to her parents’ house. Any girl would do, sir. Any girl. – Will any girl do?
– Yes. What is it now? They are allowing entry
only if I have a girl with me. – What should I do now?
– Send a girl. Okay, I will send
constable Kamla there. No. Don’t send Kamla.
She is not good looking. Send Rani. I am Raja and she is Rani. Raja and Rani’s story will be made. You are troubling me a lot. – Trouble?
– I will send her. – Sir.
– For investigation of a case.. will have to
stay with Raja tonight. Sir, not Raja. He is very boring. Please send Ashok. Who do you think I am? I am giving your order
and you are not following them. No, sorry sir. I will just go. When will she come? Rani. Don’t change the
partner after going inside. Okay, my partner is here. Let me go without fear. Come, my dear. Did you see? Hey, enjoy. You wanted to talk
something important. – Yes.
– So tell me. I cannot hear anything here.
So let’s go out and talk. Okay, come. Sir, they are going. Let them go. But we had come to follow them. Listen Rani, will we able
to come to this place again? Enjoy. Sir has given 4 notes of 2000/- Just enjoy. Cheers. Bala, I want to tell you something. Murders are taking
place one after another.. the building in which I stay. I cannot understand who
and why is someone doing this? Madam, why are you getting tensed? Leave that flat and
stay in another flat. I cannot do that Bala
because police has doubt on me. I had a fight with two boys who died. That is why police ahs a doubt
that I am doing this to take revenge. If I change the flat then police
will think that I am the murderer. Madam, are there cameras installed
on every floor in your building? What if footage is checked in that? Police has checked everything.
There is nothing in that. No madam, we will check again.
We might get a clue. Yes. Kiran has fitted all the
CCTV’s cameras in your building. Okay. So shall we talk to him? I will ask him to extract
the footage tomorrow. – Our work will be done. Okay.
– Okay then call me. Bye Bala. Good night. Okay madam, good night. Sir is calling. – Sir!
– Where are you? I am in the pub sitting
behind that model. And I am in front of her. – Sir!
– Useless fellow. You are drinking in the pub. You are immediately suspended. – Keep drinking.
– No! No! Oh God. – Sir has suspended me. Come on.
– I had warned you. What happened? Are you drunk? Go. – Darling, darling..
– I will call you later. Look, what have I brought? – Show.
– Property papers. I have transferred
my property in your name. You transferred the
entire property in my name. Do you like me so much? Yes. Friday morning we both
will go to the court and get married. You wait for me at the bus stop.
I will pick you up from there. – Okay fine.
– Darling, don’t forget. – Do come.
– Yes, I will come. Bye. This is yours.
Wear a beautiful Sari and come. – Bye darling.
– Bye. Look at this Bala. – This is recording of the day when
Kartik was murdered. – Okay. Time 10:01 am. Kartik is going inside the house.. ..and his mother is
going out of the house. At 10:20 pm she went inside the house. – Look at this.
– Right. Forward it a little. – No, rewind..
– Okay. Little back. Play. At 10:21 pm her mother came
out shouting and crying. Only this much footage is there. This means when murder took place.. ..then no one entered
nor did anyone leave the house. I cannot understand anything. What is the date of murder of Akash? 28th. 28th June. – Let’s see the footage of that day.
– Okay. – June 28th.
– 9:30 pm. These three boys are
going on the terrace. 10:30 pm.
Gautam and Kiran are coming down. Strange. No one entered
even during this murder. Bala, show me the footage
of the day when Kartik was murdered. Okay. Zoom and show. Zoom it a little more, Bala. Hey, did you see Bala that
the cat went inside ant 10:03 pm. And it came out at 10:15 pm. – Bala, show me footage of Akash once.
– Okay. – Did you see something both
the footages, Bala? – What? In both the cases the cat went inside
and then came out after some time. What is cat doing
in both the footages? – I cannot understand anything.
– This can be coincidence as well. No Bala. There is definitely
something wrong here. – Shall we check other footages
as well? – Okay fine. Bala, you saw that. Did you see Bala?
This is not an ordinary cat. There is some
supernatural power in her. And she is doing all this. I agree but why is she
killing those boys only. I did not understand that.
Do you believe in ghosts and souls? You saw this video then
how come we do not believe it. Did you see that how does the cat
change with some supernatural power. I do not believe such things. But I am confused on seeing this. Surely there is some problem here. Whatever you are saying is right.
But what should we do next? I believe that cat is
the murderer and no one else. Madam, do one thing.
Tell that SI about this. Good idea. SI’s phone is not reachable. Try to call the police station. Hello. Hello, police station. Yes. – Is SI sir there?
– No, he is not here. – Who is calling?
– I am model Suhana speaking. And SI sir knows me well. So, it is you. Sir has gone out for
investigation of a case. He will come by day after tomorrow. Tell sir that I had called. Okay, madam. Who was on the phone? Model, Suhana. When sir is coming tomorrow morning.. ..then why did you
say day after tomorrow? I just said it like that.
Don’t think too much. I have thought that
we are not safe here. Do you know 5 families
have shifted from here? Even we should vacate
this house and go. Listen to me. Come with me. If we go from here
then we will be saved. – Please listen to me.
– Are you crazy? We had nothing to do with
that psycho but even he is paralyzed. But he did not die.
Only our friends died. – Hello, who is speaking?
– It is not important who I am. Please listen to what I am saying. I want to tell you something
about your dead friends. I want to meet you regarding that. Come to Kalpana Complex tomorrow. I will meet you there
and tell you everything. I will wait for you there. Hello, who are you?
From where did you get my number? You will come to know everything
when you meet me tomorrow evening. Hello.. – Who was on the line, brother?
– I don’t know. A girl had called. She said that she
knew about these murders. She is calling me to Kalpana Complex. Her voice sounded
like that of the model. We are her next target. – Don’t go close to her. – Stupid, this
is the chance to catch her red handed. First we will confirm
if she was the model. I am her next target.
We will do one thing. We will go together
but then get separated. I will call after 10
minutes and then you come. – Look, even then we will inform
the police. – It is a good idea. Hey, stop. Stop! Look that is Kalpana Complex. No one is seen at the entrance. If it is Suhana then she
will note down our car number. Do one thing. You park the car ahead. Wait there. If there is
an emergency then I will call you. – Okay, fine. Take care.
– Okay. ‘The number is not reachable.
Try again later.’ I hope they come. I don’t know why
haven’t they come yet? Sir, she has come in Kalpana
Complex and waiting for someone. Hey.. Hey, wait. Get back. – She killed my friend, sir.
– What is this? – Someone called us here.
– Who killed him? – And she killed my friend.
– Come on let us go and see. – How can you say that?
– Come on. He was killed, sir. She had called us here. Sir, he is saying lies.
I had called up you as well. From police station I came
to know that you are not there. I had called him to save his life. She is saying lies. Arrest her. Gautam, from the time you
called me I am following her. She has not committed this murder. Sir, I know what is happening
and who is doing all this. I have proof as well. Actually, I had called them here
to warn them and save their lives. But all this happened
in that much time. If you have to save him then
you will have to come with me. Please I have to
show you something sir. Just trust me sir. Sir, look at this. This is the recording of
the day when Kartik was murdered. This is the recording of
the day when Akash was killed. In both these murders only the cat
has gone inside and then has come out. Sir, I had seen this
cat near Kiran’s jeep. I found the foot prints
of the cat near the jeep. Wait, I can show you. Look at this. I am sure the cat
is doing all this, sir. Even we had seen the CCTV
footage but did not see the cat. If it was seen earlier then
this situation might not have come. Sir, this is not that easy.
It is not an ordinary cat. Its body has some soul in it.
This is not an ordinary thing. Whatever you are saying is right. Three of them have
been brutally killed. If we do something
then matters can go worst. Sir, to do away with such ghosts.. ..there is a Malayali
Tantric Unnidhan in Kerala. He can change a lion into a cat. This cat is nothing in front of her. No, no sir.
it is a very complicated sir. This cat cannot be controlled
by mantras and tantrics. What other option do we have? – I have an option sir.
– Tell me. There is an African
named Morondo in Ukraine. He is very famous
to handle such cases. Even at international level.
Luckily he is in India sir. I had read in the paper.
He is in Chennai. How can we get him here? Don’t worry about that. I
can take online appointment for that. If you don’t mind
we can go and meet him. Is it okay? “Someone give me to drink.
I am thirsty.” – Who is it?
– Do you want to drink imported? I was thinking about
it and you said it boss. This is called co-incidence. But first you will have to help me. Tell me. I will do it immediately. – The cat at the Pinky’s house.
– Yes. – You have to catch it and bring.
– Cat? Why? Can’t you do it? It is a very small thing.
But I want alcohol before that. Do the work first.
Then I will give you 10 bottles. No. What if I catch the
cat and you refuse to give? Give me one in advance. Why? Don’t you have faith in me? What is this boss? I will get it. But don’t forget
me after I get the cat. Okay go. Hurry up and go. 210 bottles to catch a cat? There is definitely something wrong. Okay. I will drink it for 10 months. Stop! – He is going to die next.
– Is he the one? We will do something
and take something from him. – What if sir comes to know?
– No. – We are taking behind his back
and not in front of him. – Okay. I will go and talk about money.
You keep standing here. – Brother, take me along.
– Okay then come quietly. Okay. My friend! We are very tired solving your case. Give us something
to rejuvenate ourselves. I know. Even I wish
to do something big for you. But you will have to do me a favor. Just tell me. You will have to catch that cat. We had come to trap you
but instead you are trapping us. It is a secret. Whosoever
will touch that cat will die. Being a policeman you are so scared.
That cat is my enemy. But it will not do anything to you.
Understood. – What is he trying to say?
– Tell me clearly. That cat is in the child’s
house but hasn’t done anything to her. – No. – There are so many
families in this society. Did anything happen to them? – No. – That means I am its
enemy and not you people. Brother, I think he is right. – Take this as advance. Rest I will give
once the work is done. – Thank you. – I will leave now.
– Thank you. Child, will that Morondo
understand Hindi? Yes sir. He is an international
figure and knows 50 languages. Hi, I am Suhana. – Hi.
– Hello. – Hello.
– Mr. Gopi. – Hi.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hello. – Sir, do you have any doubt on
the details that I had sent? – No. No problem. A very serious matter. I have a demand.
I need an empty flat. That’s all. All that has been arranged for.
Don’t worry about that. – Alright. Okay?
– Shall we leave sir? – Yes, let’s go.
– Please come. – Hey..
– Yes, brother. There seems to be some problem
in darling’s house. Go and see. Okay brother. – Come soon.
– Yes, I will be back soon. Oh God, what would be the problem? She did not come on
the bus stop in the morning. She is not picking up my phone. What is the matter?
I will try to call her. Brother, the house is locked. This cannot happen. House is locked. – Mr. Yadav.
– What happened, Mani? He is saying that
darling’s house is locked. Mani, don’t ask me. Yesterday night she
really troubled me. What are you saying? Yesterday night at
2 she vacated the house. – She vacated the house. Oh God.
– Yes. Not only did she go
but took away everything. Yes, I forgot. Yesterday night she gave
me this letter to give it to you. Hey, you fool. She has left a letter
for me. You unnecessarily scared me. Some problem might have
come up so she had to leave. Thank you for transferring
the property in my name. Your darling. Did you see? She took away everything. We only are left with this van. We are finished. And now I am going to
scan this whole apartment. The ghost that is present
here will come on the screen. You tell me who is it.
Now, first image start. Who is he? Oh God. He is Rameshwar
uncle who stays downstairs. He died 6 months ago. Next. He is Manish Sharma
who stayed on 2nd floor. Who is he? He is Suresh Kumar. Poor fellow
dies of pneumonia at a very young age. Next. – Kartik.
– Who is he? Kartik. Kartik. Next. He is Akash. Who is he? Father, he is my friend Kiran. Glenda, start the helicam. Who is she? I want that cat. Whatever you had said was right.
That girl’s ghost is in this cat. What relation do
you have with that girl? Listen to me carefully. If you tell me the truth only
then I will be able to help you. Speak, what had happened?
Tell him something. You cannot hide
whatever you have done. Tell me,
what did you do with that girl? Only then I will be able to save you. I am there. I will handle
whatever that will happen. Now tell. ‘Four of us had gone on a vacation.’ ‘We had seen her in the resort.’ ‘Before wooing Komal I trapped
her mother in my sweet talks.’ ‘I praised her cooking..’ ‘..and because of that
I became a good boy in her eyes.’ ‘I made a plan to woo Komal.’ ‘We spoiled the chain
of Komal’s cycle the next day.’ ‘Due to which the cycle broke
down in the middle of the road.’ ‘Komal fell down
and she hurt her leg.’ ‘I tried to take advantage
of the opportunity.’ ‘I went closer to her to help her.’ ‘I touched her body and she got excited
and put her head on my shoulder.’ ‘She liked me.’ ‘Next day I lied to
her that it is my birthday.’ ‘Komal was very scared
but I convinced her.’ ‘I took her in my room.’ ‘I added a sleeping pill in
her drink and she became unconscious.’ ‘Then all four friends
took advantage of her.’ ‘One by one.’ ‘Suddenly she gained consciousness
and she started running.’ ‘We followed her.
But while running she fell down.’ ‘As she got hurt on the
head she died on the spot.’ ‘All four of us got scared and threw
her dead body in a close by lake.’ ‘And we came back.’ Stupid. You planned and killed a girl. And now you are now doing
acting of being innocent. Now I cannot save you. Sorry. Sir, I know their character very well.
And he is a loafer. Sir, save my son.
I am ready to do anything for that. Tell me. Sorry sir. I cannot cheat a true soul. If it was a bad soul then
long back I would have freed it. This is a good soul and
will surely take revenge. Sir, I have only one son.
Somehow save him. I will give you half of my wealth. Please. – Okay, I will do my best.
– Thank you, sir. Forget whatever that happened. You have already taken
revenge from three people. Only he is left. Even he has changed. Spare him. ‘You are trying to release me.
Never. It will never happen.’ ‘I will not get peace of
mind without killing this sinner.’ Come, come inside the box. ‘No. It will never happen.’ If you do not come inside
the box then I will kill the cat. ‘No. I cannot come.’ If you do not come then look at this. Now in front of you
I will kill your cat. ‘Leave it. Leave that cat.’ Now come inside this box. ‘Do you know why
I have spared his life?’ ‘So that he dies everyday
because of fear.’ You have scared him
by killing his friends. As cat is dear to you
so is Gautam dear to us. Try to understand. Leave him. If you unnecessarily become stubborn
then your dear cat will feel the pain. ‘Leave the cat. I am coming.’ Yes. Come. The ghost has come in this box. It will remain in this
till tomorrow midnight. Tomorrow we will again
go to guest house.. ..and the ghost will
come out at 12 tomorrow night. We will have to release
the ghost at that time. At that time we will
have to kill the cat Only then you will be saved. How can you do this? You have captured the soul
then why do you have to kill the cat. The soul of this girl
is completely in this cat. First we will have to release
the soul and then kill the cat. Only then you will be able
to save yourself from this problem. No. There must be some other way out. – We cannot kill that cat.
– What are you saying child, Suhana? Sir, that small girl
loves the cat a lot. I will talk to the
parents of that girl. You don’t worry.
After all it is an animal. Is the life of human being
more important or that of an animal? You tell me, child. Okay sir, do whatever you wish to do. I cannot do anything in this. Rich people do not listen to anyone. Mother, will they kill Selfie? Selfie will be in pain. It is such an intelligent cat.
They are going to kill her. These people will
be cursed by the cat. They will surely see
the actual form of Selfie. Stop crying, Pinky. – Gautam, you go into the room.
– Okay sir. – I will keep giving you
instructions from here. – Okay. You wait outside the guest house.
I will call you. Okay sir. Gautam, can you hear me? Yes sir. I can hear you. Pick up those two hammers. Now sit on that box. Gautam, it is 11:45 pm at night. Exactly at midnight
the soul will come out. There are four mirrors in the room. The reflection of that soul
will be seen in every mirror. Break the mirror in
which the soul is seen. As soon as you break the last
mirror I will kill the cat here. Okay, understand. Okay sir. Gautam, time is 11:59 so be ready. Time starts now. Yes, the soul has come out. Break, break it. Break it man. Good. Very good. Now the second mirror. Break it. Break it. Very good. Third mirror. Last mirror. Hey, Gautam. Some technical problem here. Are you able to hear me? Gautam, the soul has come. – Sir..
– Oh, God! Time is out. Sir, I cannot hear anything.
I am feeling scared, sir. Oh my God.
The soul is going inside the cat. – Sir, what should I do? – Driver,
start the vehicle. Drive fast. – Priya.
– Uncle. – What are you doing, child?
– I am studying, uncle. – Are you studying?
– Yes. Did you eat food?
Tell me what you want. – No, I don’t want anything.
– Tell me what you want. – Tell me.
– I don’t want. Do you want chocolate or ice cream? – I will give you whatever you want.
– Uncle, leave me. – I want to do my home work.
– Okay, fine. Come soon. Save me.


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  8. Hum najuk animals ko dos kyu maante hai bhai ineme in kya kasuar hai agar animals ke raste kaatne par galat hota hai to sani ke lagne se kon sa sahi hota hai
    Bhaieo insaan ho insaan ki thaarh suchu

  9. Great movie hai aisey real hota na aisey insane Mara deta Jo ladki sath karte aishi sajaa Milana chadiya

  10. Cute cat๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    I missing my cat๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  11. What a stupid movie ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€โ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ

  12. What a stupid movie ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€โ˜ ๏ธโ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ

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  14. 27:13 that scene ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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