Metal Detecting “Hunted out” 1800’s House Site with the Quest X5 Metal Detector

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Testing my new detector, the Quest X5 One of the cheapest “proper” detectors on the market right now It’s the second time i’m testing it and I already
like it better than the more expensive T2 I had before. It’s something big It’s a big bucket or a can Perfume bottle.
Not too old, screw top. BREINING 100 Sugar bowl Probably from around the 1950’s First and only coin this hunt Not cleaned yet, but i belive
it’s a Swedish 2 øre (1860’s to 1890’s) Find of the day A wheel is missing Still at the same spot,
looking for the missing wheel No luck I found a 100 year old tricycle here half a year ago.
I took it home, but it ended up in the trash. Thanks for watching my video 🙂

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